Remember the Hawk-men in Flash Gordon?

by Dr. Pelham K. Mead When I was a kid Flash Gordon was all the rage on TV. Especially interesting were the clay men and the Hawk-men in the series and of course the Imperial Ming who hated everyone. Well my movie script called “The Camarilla of the Sky.” I could not use the. term Hawk-men because it is copyrighted by Marvel comics, so I found other terms to name the winged men of the skies, i.e. the white winged Eagle like men who called themselves the “Angels of God.” Then there were the Falcon-like society and the Vulture-like society … Continue reading Remember the Hawk-men in Flash Gordon?

Run Rebels Run

by Dr. Pelham Mead The story of the Civil War Texas Rangers and how a few fled to Brazil after the war with Frank McMullen of Texas. After disembarking from Galveston, Texas 150 Confederate citizens sailed on the brig Derby. During a storm they were shipwrecked on the island of Cuba. Fortunately, some friendly Cubans helped the Americans survive. Frank McMullen rode 30 miles to Havana to seek help from the Portuguese embassy. Finally, the Brazilian government guaranteed passage for the 150 colonists on a Steamship out of New York. The 150 colonists left Cuban and headed to New York … Continue reading Run Rebels Run