by Dr. Pelham K. Mead

When I was a kid Flash Gordon was all the rage on TV. Especially interesting were the clay men and the Hawk-men in the series and of course the Imperial Ming who hated everyone. Well my movie script called “The Camarilla of the Sky.” I could not use the. term Hawk-men because it is copyrighted by Marvel comics, so I found other terms to name the winged men of the skies, i.e. the white winged Eagle like men who called themselves the “Angels of God.” Then there were the Falcon-like society and the Vulture-like society who had other winged strengths.

The story all begins with mistakes made by countries in Africa who in the 30th century had nuclear missiles and accidentally sent them to other African countries that threatened them. Some missiles struck Egypt and other countries, Italy and eventually Russia and the USA along with South American. The nuclear bombs wiped out the Earth and the rich and political people of the Earth escaped on space ships for the unknown to repopulate a new planet.

Left behind were trillions of humans who died from radiation or became mutants. A hundred years before the nuclear disaster a society of scientists were working below the Earth on a project to modify the DNA of humans to provide a species of men and woman with wings that could fly. The idea was that in case of radiation a new society could be established three miles above the Earth in the clouds with flooding cities. Hence the Hawk-men, The Angels of God, The Falcon-like men, and the Vulture-like men. Back on Earth for centuries the human mutants lived underground mining zinc and iron and other minerals. The Hawk-men needed zinc and iron to balance their diets to they traded with the mutants by giving them fresh green vegetables in exchange for zinc and iron. It was a good exchange until an outcast Angel of God organized the mutants into armies of men on gliders to attack the winged men of the sky. The Hawk-men, Angels of God, Falcon-men and Vulture-like men struck back with armies of winged men and bows and arrows attacking the mutants on Earth. The wars came to an abrupt end when both sides realized that they could not live without the other. The winged men and women died by the thousands lacking zinc and iron. The mutants died by the thousands when they could not get fresh green vegetables from the winged ones. A truce was arranged in the end.

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