Please note Cucamonga is the fictional name for Kakiat Junior High school which did not appear in the original novel to protect innocent teachers and students and administration.

Pelham Mead.

Many Kakiat JHS students remember John Carucci, Social Studies teacher; Rick Knapp, Science Teacher, Pelham Mead, Phys. Ed. and Health Teacher, Al Malden, Social Studies teacher; Ricky Bernstein and Naomi Newman, Female Phys. Ed. teachers, Mark Katz, Football coach and PE teacher, Gerald Levitus, Coach and PE teacher, Becky Mason, Music Teacher, Tom Spalding, English teacher, Phil Spina, English teacher, Julia Tilley, English Teacher, Rhonda Schaeffer, Special Ed. teacher, Ellie Carucci, Special Ed. teacher assistant, Frank DeCarlo, Dept. chair of the English department; Bob Dilley, Basketball coach and PE teacher; Herman Stoval, Guidance counselor, Henry Cozart, Assistant Principal, Gerald Pollak, Principal; Ray Chisamore, Principal; Nina Agresta, Art Teacher and many more.

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