by Dr. Pelham Mead

When an idea comes to mind I usually write down the idea or title and later on I begin to research the topic. If it is the Templar Knights I concentrated on the facts surrounding the Templar Knights from a specific view such as a Templar Squire, who sees everything from the inside of the organization. When I read of three Nuns being murdered in Burundi, Africa in 2014, I thought about how the Vatican Holy See or the CIA might approach the solving of the murders. I read a story about a Nun what was hired by the CIA after she retired and that seemed like a catch to expand on the African murders. I began to research Burundi and found out it had many civil wars between the Tutsi and Hutu tribes over many years. I researched the monastery where the Nuns were murdered and began to formulate possible suspects and this is how I wrote my movie script, ” Sister Angelina, CIA Agent.”

The story of the Texas Rangers Cavalry division in the Civil War brought out the courage of the horse mounted soldiers that carried two shotguns and four pistols when charging the Union soldiers. The 9th division began with 1,000 in 1861 and by April 1865 there were only 250 remaining Texas Rangers. 150 Rangers decided not to surrender and slipped through the picket lines at night and headed back to Texas on their own. They broke up into small groups in order to travel through North Carolina and South Carolina and eventually across Tennessee. The actual facts of their flight makes a great story which I recorded.

At the same time I researched the Texas Rangers I fell across the exodus of the Southerners after the Civil War to Mexico and Brazil. The flight to Mexico did not work well after the Emperor was killed, however the trips to Brazil to grow cotton and search for gold were most successful. To this day Southerners still survive in river plantations from 1867 in Brazil. I knew if I could tie in the flight of the Texas Rangers back to Texas after the Civil War to the carpetbaggers and Union punishment of the southerners after the war, I would have an Epic story. So began my movie script, “Run Rebels Run.”

I always enjoyed the Flash Gordon series on TV in the early 1950’s with Ming the Imperial and the Hawkmen. How unique to have men who had wings and could fly? Years later I came up with the idea of a nuclear holocaust in which the rich and political flee the Earth to find new homes in outer space, leaving behind millions of humans to become mutants. One group beat the odds by modifying the DNA of humans to allow for a smaller body size and the wings of a hawk able to allow the humans to fly. Advance technology would then allow these scientists to float an entire city into the sky away from the radiated Earth and it’s dead and mutants. So began the beginning of the warrior birdmen who lived three miles above Earth. Since many of the Comic books had already copyrighted the Hawkmen and other birdmen terms, I had to invent new terms for the winged men, which I did. The Camarilla Warriors of the Sky movie script came about as a result. I told the story from the view of an old Hawkman, and Grandfather as he tells the stories of the past to his grandchildren.

Sister Angelina, CIA Nun in Burundi, Africa.

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