The years have come and gone like water under a bridge,

The stars remain the same, but on Earth trouble brews. We are

Destroying our environment with Global warning and no one is


Our President is running amuck, lying, cheating, name calling and not acting

like a President should. Time will tell what his destiny is to be?

In the twilight of my life after seventy some odd years, a full 31 years as a Health

and Physical Education teacher, and fifteen more years teaching technology in Colleges

and Universities and now an Author in retirement from teaching. Looking back because looking forward is never fruitful.

I always seek meaning to my life, and meaning is difficult to find. Sometimes in a flash like the two years I participated in a Senior free food delivery program in San Diego, I found most rewarding.

Too bad it could not last forever. I sold my pick-up truck, threw away my files and moved on with my life. Still seeking meaning in my movie scripts. I could have written twenty books with the many movie scripts I have written. Some are still unfinished and in outline form only, pending more insight or research. I finally finished my movie script, “The Curse of the Samurai.” I even submitted it to a movie script contest.

So as I look back at the muddy waters of my life, I see my wife of 42 years and all the ups and downs we shared together. She was my sweetheart from High School and she helped me get through college and graduate school. She typed and edited all my writings and she brought into the world our son Dean Michael and later in 1970 our daughter Heather Elizabeth. And so live moves on our of poverty as a school teacher into a better life full of debt and credit and the yearning to be wealthier. To own a house, which I never did until my mother died. Surprising to become a Doctor of Education at Columbia University late in my teaching career. Retiring and leaving Junior high behind and starting a new adventure at New York University where the Director of the Faculty development program was corrupt and a sham. She hired her lover and best friend to be the field director, even though her friend had no experience. She was sued for racial harassment for treating a black secretary badly. She was an ex-Nun who got bitten by the wealthy bug and spent every cent given to the organization and NYU.

As a matter of fact every supervisor that I worked for was dishonest. At the College of Mount Saint vincent, I undiscovered many administrators that stole from the college and misused funds. At St. John’s University, the President stole funds for the University and I had nothing to do with that. My supervisor did not want me, she wanted a Fillipino Grad. female student instead who took a $10,000 and ran way to the Philippines with the money. So much for her honesty. My partner was harassed out of his job, but I got him a better job in Northern Texas for double his pay. It cost me so I had to move on after three years with most of the Title III goals done. Hello, New York College of Osteopathic Medicine. He too my supervisor was dishonest. He being the only male supervisor I worked for and being a Dean who was an alcoholic and abusive toward personnel, particularly me. He used to curse at me in front of the Secretary all the time. He seldom came to work before 11:00 because of his drinking. He was divorced. He was failing at his job at Academic Dean because his approach to a medical school in Ohio did not work in New York. New York medical students are different and do not like surveys and assessments jammed down their throats during the final exams. The students hated my boss and he could not avoid a 12 count citation from COCA the national acrediting agency for Osteopathic medical schools in the USA. Half of the citations had to do with Assessment. The College of Osteopathic Medicine had only half of an assessment plan and it’s numbers were all lies. They claimed to lose only ten percent after graduation. The real number was twenty one percent, counting medical leaves, family leaves, drop outs, failures, interventions, removals and financial.

My point is looking to the present, I can only hope some Producer likes my creative approach to my movie scripts and offers to buy my script or lease it. That remains to be see in the present and future. See my scripts on

Lieutenant General Joshua Chamberlain, the hero of the Battle for Little Round Top in the Battle of Gettysburg July 3, 1863, I wrote a movie script called, “A Teacher Goes to War.” Joshua saved the Union from being flanked by the Confederates that day at Little Round Top. Almost out of ammunition he and his sergeant shouted, Byonetts charge! Down the hill into the Alabama and Texas regiments who were regrouping at the time. Chamberlain rose from Lieutenant Colonel of the Maine 20th Volunteers to Colonel and then Lieutenant General by the end of the war. He was shot five times and lost equally the same number of horses under him. One shot to his leg left him with a limp the rest of his life. He went back to Bowein college after the War and eventually become Governmor of Maine.

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