By Dr. Pelham Mead

Just a short essay about the virus that is killing everyone across the Earth. We always read science fiction novels about the end of the world from a pandemic virus. Remember Thunder Dome and the more recent version of the waste lands after all humans except some wackos survive.

What have we learned? Everything in this generation is Global. No country is an island unto itself. China tried that and it did not work. China knew they had a problem but their ignorance and attempts to save face backfired on them.

Now here we are with California and New York under lock-down. Stores are closed and dining places are take-out only. Respirators are in short supply and face masks. Who needs a face mask when the virus is not air-borne? Anyway, Americans are learning to suffer. Like the Pandemic in 1916, The Spanish Flu which kills thousands , we are learning the hard way. America was fat and comfortable and unprepared to handle a fast moving national virus which shows by how slow the Federal Government acted. The stock market went down the drain and not stands at 19,000. When will it all end? Probably when we least expect.

Twelve to eighteen months to develop a vaccine? What duh? Scientists need to come up with a faster method of developing vaccines. We might not get another chance if another virus comes along and wipes out all the countries on the planet. Then what. Back to Thunder Dome?

As a Nation of People we look to our government to direct and provide for us, but you know what, the Government has no clue. President Trump asks his son in law who knows nothing about viruses to look into it. What an idiot. Jared writes a speech that forgets to tell us American Citizens can return to the USA during the travel shut down from Europe. Now Trump is angry with Jared? Why, he is a landlord of poor housing, not a virus expert.

If America had a department of Public health it might be better prepared to fight pandemic viruses. If Trump had not taken away the Emergency Pandemic Response team we might have been able to cut the virus off before it reached America. For being unprepared, we now pay the fee. Seniors are dropping like flies and young people too. Are the college kids on the beaches in Florida immune to the virus? No. They will get it when they are drunk and sliding all over one another. No one said salt water kills the virus or the SUN. When you let people act stupid they respond by acting stupid to the 4th degree.

If we ever get out of this pandemic, I hope we plan for the future and plan based on our mistakes. China too needs to get their act together and stop acting like they can do what ever they want.

The end of the world is not near, just the suffering up to it.

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