Online Instruction Can Be Valuable if you Use Real life Examples.

By Dr. Pelham Mead One of the secrets to success with online instruction is to make it real by using real-life examples. There is nothing better than real life case studies that show things are never perfect as they are in theoretical situations. When I began a Gymnastic Instruction program in Fall of 1972, IContinue reading “Online Instruction Can Be Valuable if you Use Real life Examples.”

New York College of Osteopathic Medicine Learning Outcomes Assessment 2009-2010 January 2009 Taskforce Members John R. McCarthy, Ed.D. Pelham Mead, Ed.D. Mary Ann Achziger, M.S. Felicia Bruno, M.A. Claire Bryant, Ph.D. Leonard Goldstein, DDS, PH.D. Abraham Jeger, Ph.D. Rodika Zaika, M.S. Ron Portanova, Ph.D. Pre- Doctoral Data Post-Graduate Data Career data Pre-Matriculation Table of ContentsContinue reading

Consider Mobile Learning for the Future. We have the device right there in our hands, the iPhone or similar electronic phone. With the capability of logging onto the internet almost any student will be able to download information with having to go to the school library. The personal touch of a motivating teacher will nowContinue reading