College and University Grant Writing Proposal for Title V Cooperative grant for $600,000 in 2004.

A Draft 5- Year Technology Plan for the College of Mount Saint Vincent

Submitted by Ad Hoc Committee for Educational Technology

Spring 2003 to Spring 2007

(Robert Coleman, Dr. Arlene Moliterno, Dr. Pel Mead, Dr.Bernadette Garam, Dr.Barbara Cohen, 

Dr. Fran Broderick, Cathy Ruby)

  1. Implementation of the Banner Project Spring 2003-2004 Summer
    1. Schedule of Banner module installation

                       June 2003- Finance Department

                       June 2004- Registrar and Student Finance?

                       Aug. 2004- Admissions Department?

                       Jan. 2005- All other departments?

  • Budget- Setup Spring 2003

                       Title V- $200,000 for Fed. Year III

                       Title V- $50,000 for Fed. Year IV * providing additional funds are given by USDE

                       Title V- No financial contribution, budget to small

                       CMSV 40% bill and Manhattan 60% budget and bills, over 2 years? Or more?

  • Completion of the Smart Classrooms imitative by title V Grant Sept. 2005 (Year V Federal)
  • 23 Classrooms, computer labs and art studios will have been completed
  • 23 Classrooms with LAN connections
  • 23 Classrooms with ceiling mounted LCD projectors or portable LCD projectors
  • 23 Classrooms with electric or manual movie screens
  • 23 Classrooms with a computer cart
  • 23 Classrooms with a wall mounted TV and DVD/VCR
  • 23 Classrooms renovated with newly painted walls, shades, lighting and sufficient electrical outlets
  • Upon completion of the Title V HSI grant 9 Sept. 30, 2005) it is anticipated that immediate renewal will be allowed for another Five years at around 1.8 to 1.9 million or $450,000+ per year
  • Rewriting of continuing Title V HSI to commence in May 2003 by Ad Hoc Committee of Professors (Garam, Moliterno, Coleman, Egan, Cohen and Grove). This will allow for sufficient time for an Ad hoc

         Committee of Professors to evaluate unfinished Goals of Title V HIS grant, and plan for future needs of the 

         campus, faculty, administration,         Students and staff for educational technology

  • Full Draft of Grant  to be completed by Aug. 2004
  • Final review of Grant before submission by Dec. 2004
  • Title V HSI grant to be submitted early by Jan. 2005
  • Title V HSI Grant Final due date Mar 2005 (usually first week)
  • Five year Goal “Bridging the digital divide obstacle facing our Students.” 2004-2009
  • To apply for funding from a HSI Grant called a “Cooperative Grant,” with a major goal of bridging the digital divide between the students that can afford their own laptop computers, and the Latino, minority and low income students who cannot afford a computer of their own.
  • Available funds $600,000 over five years
  • Can run concurrently with Title V, HSI grant
  • Can be applied for as of Mar. 3, 2004.(Final deadline date)
  • Writing of different chapters must begin in May 2003
  • Writing of different chapters by volunteer professors who express an interest.
  • Writing to begin the summer of 2003 to allow for plenty of time for editing and changes.
  • Could be used to supply Laptop computers to Hispanic students, and other underserved minority students

         attending the College of Mount Saint Vincent to help bridge the “digital divide.”

  1. Suggested requirements to qualify:

                                    *Must be an on-campus student living in a dorm.

                                    *Laptop Computers loaned per semester so long as the student grantee maintains a B or

                                             better academic average.

              *Must be active in at lease one campus club or sport that season.

              *Must be a Latino, under-represented minority

  • Laptop costs and contents:

           *75 to 100 Dell laptop computers costing around $1,000 each after a quantity discount 

                    with wireless cards

                                    * the highest technology available at the time.

                                    * 75-100 CD-ROMs with MS Office and other important software programs to be installed

                                    *Annual maintenance and upgrading provided each May-June of each year the TLC staff.

  • Cooperative HSI Grant would be written by Professors beginning May 2003 and completed by Dec. 2003 to be ready for submission by the Federal Final Date of Mar. 3, 2004.  $600,000 requested for five years, with $200,000 allowed for the first year only to purchase the 100 computer laptops.
  • Since it is part of the College Tradition to accept second generation children of foreign immigrants, it goes

              hand in hand to continue to support these minorities or low income families by providing them with 

              the technology tools such as a laptop computer to help to them to succeed academically.

  • The laptop loaning program would be extended only to low income and or Latino or minority CMSV 


  • To address the computer lab access and general LAN access problem on campus over five years.-2004-2009

                       To expand the current four open computer labs to 8 computer labs over five years. Funding from two                                   different grants, HSI Cooperative Grant 2004-2009 and Title V HSI Institutional Grant renewed


                       To provide for upgrading of memory, hardware and software for existing computer labs each year.

                       To provide repair funds necessary to maintain LAN connections, printers, and all hardware.

                       To install wireless access in the ceiling of the Think-tank room in Admin. Bldg., the student Lounge, 

                                Pastorini hall, Student café, each floor in each dorm campus-wide, Hayes auditorium and 

                                Spellman building, Basement level of The library (future technology area) and new Maryvale building.

                       To continue and expand the usage of Blackboard for faculty, administration and students on campus.

                       To continue and expand the faculty web, server and department web sites, as well as individual                                    faculty web sites.

                       To institute a trial academic year of Distance Classes on the modified UCLA model (limited Faculty 

                                live contact plus online assignments)

              To select a mixed committee of faculty and administrators to research and provide protection for 

                  Academic rights for Professors and a schedule of payments suitable to current Distance

                  Payment schedules for Colleges in the North East, (NY, NJ, and Conn.).

                       To permanently install Distance Learning Classes for credit for all Graduate and upper-class Juniors 

                                         and Seniors at Manhattan College and CMSV, who have an accumulated GPA of 3.0 or 

                                         better as of Aug. 2004.

  • To provide a faculty laptop incentive purchase program 2005 Oct. 1 to 2009, Sept. 

                  To help all faculty members purchase desktop or laptop computers tax free, shipping costs free 

                           and free software upgrades for the lowest market price available by bulk orders. 

                  Twelve or more laptops to be ordered at a time to get the highest discount available.

                  To provide a $200 rebate from the next Title V HSI for professors who wish to purchase a laptop 

                           computer for scholarly work and classroom instruction.

                  To encourage all faculty members to do scholarly research using laptop computers.

  • Computer labs in all dorms by the year 2009 funded by Title V HSI Grant as of Oct. 1, 2004

                  Wireless stations mounted in the ceiling on all dorm floors

                  One 24 hr. computer lab in each Dorm with security access

                  Discount wireless computer cards sold through the College Bookstore for all laptops or desktops

                  Wireless access for all students in the dorms on any floor.

  • Internet and bandwidth access to be doubled by 2005 and tripled by 2009
  • The campus-wide internet T1 lines are to be doubled by Sept. 2005 and Tripled by Sept. 2009
  • To keep the bandwidth and speed of LAN transmission
  1. To make Hayes Auditorium, and Spellman, and Smith halls major renovation projects for technology on campus 2004-2009
  2. To make wireless or laser connections of Spellman to the rest of the college network
  3. To create two or more smart classroom or smart lab rooms 
  4. To provide the best in LAN connections to all offices in PE
  5. To require that Hayes hall be used for large courses with many sections
  6. To require Smith to be used for lecture presentations using smart classroom equipment for large courses with 

              Many sections. Smith hall would have to have a wireless station, LAN connection and LCD ceiling 


  1. To establish two iMAC computer smart classroom labs for Communications and Fine Arts in the new Maryvale building.
  • To provide 20 iMac computers for Communications for a state of the art lab and 20 iMac computers for fine Arts studios in the new Maryvale building.
  • To provide the specialized software for Communications to offer advanced Video editing, Maya 3-D object manipulation, Adobe After-Effects, Final Cut Pro so the Communication Majors will be well prepared for the new wave of Digital movie presentations.

12.To make a long-range commitment to faculty development, technology instruction and Teacher Learner 

                  Center 2004-2009

  • To a provide a full-time Director of the Teacher Learning Center and full-time teaching assistant for 2004-2009
  • To continue as promised the faculty TLC 45 hr. course for full-time professors
  • To require all Adjunct Professors to take a 6 hour introductory workshop in blackboard, smart classrooms, and Powerpoint instruction as of Fall 2003 to 2009
  • To provide continued educational tech support for all faculty.
  1.  Evaluation and follow-up
  • To provide an annual review of all educational Technology and standard technology enhancements each Academic

              Calendar year Aug. to May by the Ed. Technology Steering Committee and the VP of Academic Affairs.

  • To provide recommendations to the President, Trustees and College Faculty on Educational Technology practices, new programs, new applications and new curriculum using technology.
  • To provide an Annual Review Yearbook of all educational Technology progress for College Trustees, students, faculty and administration.
  • Complete IDUES report each fall to the Federal Government as to the success of achieving Grant related goals.

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