The Basics of Developing a Good Powerpoint Presentation

by Dr. Pelham Mead

To do a good powerpoint presentation start with a template that has embedded motion. These templates are more attractive to students and will get their attention.

Next find some free .wav files you can insert to give sound to a slide.

Find all the clip art and Vector art you can that is free on the subject. In the Washington powerpoint slide show I worked on I loaded real and cartoon clip art of General George Washington to appeal to the humorous side of students interest.

Always apply transitions of slides at the end of the project and don’t over do them.

Animation needs to be kept simple and use clip art with white backgrounds on a white background, not a colored background for realism.

Edit and reveal the show several times looking for errors.

Limit the amount of text on a screen.

Use current hip hop music or other music the students identify with.

Keep it short.

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