The Nine Wives of Geronimo, Chief of the Chiricahua Apaches.

Geronimo, The Last Free Apache - Old Pictures

1840- First wife, she had two children. Slain in a massacre in 1851 by Mexicans. She was his first true love.

1852- Second wife- Chee-hash-kish. Married for 30 years until capture by Mexicans in 1882.

1852= Married  third wife, Nana-Tha-thtith, She and her child killed by Mexicans in 1855.

1860’s-1870-  married fourth wife- She-Gha, a relative of Cochise.

1860-1970- Married Fifth wife Shtsha-she. She was with Geronimo until 1884. She was captured by whites and died in captivity.

1882- Marries sixth wife. Zi-yeh (a diminutive Nednal girl).

1885- Marries seventh wife. IH-tedda. A captured Mescalero Apache.

1905- Married eighth wife, Sousche, a 58 year old apache Widow with a grown son.

1907- Marries nineth wife. Azul also called Sunsetso. A Chiricahua woman.

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  1. TOM R ILSLEY JR Avatar

    My wife, before she died in 1981 from murder, told me she was a direct descendent of Geronimo. I Have been sick for a long time but now I’m doing better and would like to find out about her heritage for our children & my grandchildren but I don’t know how.

    1. skyking119 Avatar

      Hi Tom, Geronimo was a great Native American who lived beyond the Wild West days. He surrendered only because his braves missed their families. The Federal government broke their promise to him and shipped him off to Florida and later Oklahoma. He got involved with the Wild West show and made some money selling his autograph and personal items. He lived well past 1900. Regards, Dr. Mead

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