The Nine Wives of Geronimo, Chief of the Chiricahua Apaches.

Geronimo, The Last Free Apache - Old Pictures

1840- First wife, she had two children. Slain in a massacre in 1851 by Mexicans. She was his first true love.

1852- Second wife- Chee-hash-kish. Married for 30 years until capture by Mexicans in 1882.

1852= Married  third wife, Nana-Tha-thtith, She and her child killed by Mexicans in 1855.

1860’s-1870-  married fourth wife- She-Gha, a relative of Cochise.

1860-1970- Married Fifth wife Shtsha-she. She was with Geronimo until 1884. She was captured by whites and died in captivity.

1882- Marries sixth wife. Zi-yeh (a diminutive Nednal girl).

1885- Marries seventh wife. IH-tedda. A captured Mescalero Apache.

1905- Married eighth wife, Sousche, a 58 year old apache Widow with a grown son.

1907- Marries nineth wife. Azul also called Sunsetso. A Chiricahua woman.

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