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This plan uses the Broadway Musical, “Hamilton,” as the basis for learning about Alexander Hamilton and his life.

OBJECTIVES1-Learn the life of Hamilton.2- Learn about Aaron Burr.3- What happened in the duel?4- How did Burr end up after killing Hamilton”5-Who was Burr’s daughter?6- How did Burr die?1-Watch the Broadway play called, “Hamilton,” in parts. Introduction. Where was Alexander Hamilton born?
INFORMATIONIn class Discussion. Who was Alexander Hamiliton?. What historical importance was he to the Colonies?What major contributions did Hamilton make in his career?What did he do for General George Washington?What is Federalism?Project:1-What are the names of the songs in Hamilton? Who sings the songs? Make a list and submit when finished. Discuss.
VERIFICATIONFind Sections of the Hamilton broadway play that support some of the questions asked above.Student Discovery activity
FINAL PROJECTList the songs in Hamilton?What song did King George sing? Student at home assignment due next week.
SUMMARYWhat did you learn about Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, and Aaron Burr?Take Final Powerpoint test when finished with this unit.
Project 1Project 2Week Project 3See aboveSee aboveSee aboveBroadway show found on

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