What have we learned about General George Washington?

Did General Washington make some mistakes in the Battle of Brooklyn? What would have happened if General Washington was forced to surrender at Brooklyn in 1776? What was the numerical advantage General Howe had in troops over General Washington? How did General Howe do an an end run or flanking movement around General Washington’s troopsContinue reading “What have we learned about General George Washington?”

Sample Online Lesson Three

by Dr. Pelham Mead (c)2021. Online Lesson Plan Template SUBJECT TEACHER GRADE DATE Lesson 3 Teacher Name 11 2020 OVERVIEW We love the look of this professional lesson plan just as it is. But we also think you should have choices. To easily customize this template and make it your own, on the Design tab, checkContinue reading “Sample Online Lesson Three”

Using an Essay and Daily Diary for Writing Skills in online Teaching.

Sample lesson Plan for American History Revealed By Dr. Pelham Mead In this lesson you want to get your students to work on writing and how to properly write an essay. Go through each step online with your students and have them read to the class what they wrote. Begin with the Thesis and expandContinue reading “Using an Essay and Daily Diary for Writing Skills in online Teaching.”