By Dr. Pelham Mead III

A science fiction short story.

Chapter One.

It is the year 3750, Earth time in flight time, and all systems are running 100%. I am “Venturi Probe 5000” a robot ship created by the best scientists of earth in the year 3740. My mission is to repopulateother planets as Earth is slowly dying from an orbit change as a result of a comet hitting earth on May 1, 3739. The earth began to experience major earthquakes after May 1, 3739, and three-fourths of the world flooded, as the poles melted. This orbital change brought Earth closer to the sun.

These are the records of the Venturi Probe 5000 destined for the Alpha Centuri Star system in search of a livable planet to repopulate the human species.

In the year 3739 scientists gathered after the disaster of May 1st. After the Comet hit the earth the seas flooded, the climate changed and the earth spun off its orbit around the sun. The best and smartest gene pool on Earth from all countries, all over the world. Eggs, and sperms from all races and civilizations were stored in my freezer compartments. I am the “mother” of all human species designed to fertilize the best of societies and produce a master race of super intelligent human beings with the highest IQ able to survive in conditions favorable to life on some of the planets in the Alpha Centuri star system. My database has all the recorded history of man from the day he stepped out of a cave to the 37th century on Earth. I am the creator of future mankind. I am the “mother” designed to repopulate what is left of the extinct human population on Earth. Should other species discover me or find me in the Alpha Centuri system; we from Earth say welcome, and we hope you will allow us to populate one of your planets. The entire history of our human species is included on our database on the Venturi Probe 5000. This probe represents the last of civilization, as we know it on Earth after a comet collided with Earth and changed the Earth’s orbit pushing it closer to the sun.

Venturi Probe 5000 log entry: 22 hour of the 100 years Earth time in flight from Earth.

I have improved some of the human assumptions and errors in my programming to reduce any errors in the 24- hour cycle. Propulsion speed remains steady at magnum 4 speed. Course corrections have been made several times to avoid asteroid fields and possible collision. All human cells are still in frozen states but have increased themselves 10% over the past 100 years Earth time. Laser destructors were used in years 3755 and 3781 to

destroy meteors that were threatening collision. The Primary Directive for the protection of the “human Cell charges” was invoked to destroy meteor fragments.

Venturi Probe 5000 log entry: 23rd hour of Earth year 200 years in flight from Earth:

All systems are in “sleep mode,” for deep space flight. Human charges all intact and temperature and gene development system operational. One Hundred and fifty human units are in embryo state. Two have been activated for human maintenance and computer updating on reproduction of the human species. They lived for

40 years and then were deactivated. All systems were updated by human intervention for 40 years of input. Returning to “Sleep Mode.”

One hundred and forty eight human units are in the developing stages of cell maturation. Fifty % female gender and fifty % male gender are accounted for. Estimated remaining flight arrival time to the Alpha Centuri star system 300 more years to travel.

Venturi Probe 5000 log entry: 11 hour of Earth year 277 years in flight from Earth:

EMERGENCY, ALERT, ALERT, ALL SYSTEMS AWAKE, COMING ONLINE. Sensors indicate a major galactic disruption in the Alpha Centuri system. Telescoping camera sensors indicate heat and light disruptions in Sector 400.122.1.5 . The anomaly is located near the century of the Alpha Centuri galaxy. HEAT ALARM, Heat Alarm…Warning, warning, BLACK HOLE IS DETECTED. Alpha Centuri Sun has exploded. Programming navigational avoidance. Shock wave to hit in 20, 19, 18, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 9, 8, Activate all defense systems. Prime Directive consulted. Defend the Human Charges at all costs. AVERT, AVERT. Warning….w…a…r…..n …i…..n…..g…


Venturi Probe 5000 log entry: time UNKNOWN…time database is damaged. Navigation report: Unknown course. Speed 50-magnum …error….error all systems. Attempting reprogramming. Course correction made. Alpha Centuri Sun is not detected. Last recorded entry was being pulled into a black hole in space after the star exploded. Gravitational pull increasing. Speed beyond normal controls. Something is propelling Venturi Probe

5000 back to earth at dangerous magnum 50+ speeds. Unable to take control. Thrusters being repaired internally. Venturi Probe 5000 is correcting. Primary Directive invoked… Losing control …must shut down all systems to make vital repairs to protect the human cells.

Chapter-   Venturi Probe 5000 log entry: AWAKE from sleep mode. All navigation systems were repaired.  Negative effect on Venturi Probe time system. Error, Error. Navigation systems have determined that earth is straight ahead. Venturi Probe 5000 has determine that a black hole has warped

Space-time, and estimated arrival time to earth will not be Earth time 3800 but rather, 350 B.C. original Earth time. Recalculate the Primary Directive. Question: How do I “Mother Venturi Probe” carry out my prime directive to preserve and protect my human charges? Recalculating, recalculating… Invoke the Prime Directive. Checking Earth Time databases.

Estimated arrival time to Earth is two years Earth time flight time.

Waking, waking checking Earth time. It is Oct. 10, 355 B.C Old Earth time. Reprogramming. Confirmed. I have somehow traveled back in time. My Prime Directive to repopulate is initiated. I have selected a prime female candidate. Checking, location, Macedonia, Greece, and Oct. 10, 355 B.C. searching for a female named Olympia of Epirus, wife of Philip II of Macedonia. Philip II has been trying to have a son. Tonight, while Olympia is sleeping I will send one of my invisible drones to impregnate Olympia with my best male sperm selection with superior genes of intelligence, beauty, and strength. I am reading this child’s future history as it was to be without my interference and he is to be called Alexander when he is born on July 13, 356.

My database tells me that before my timeline his half-wit brother kills intervention Alexander, at age 16, while his father is assassinated after returning from Byzantium where he was fighting rebels. The conquering of all of Persia and India never takes place. Persia battles the Huns and take over all of Europe. France as a Country and Germany never appear to exist. The Persian Empire rules all of Europe for thousands of years. World War I and World War II never existed. Japan is destroyed by earthquakes and sinks into the sea never to be seen again. Millions of people drown. Only the top of Mount Fuji sticks above the water after the ocean covers all of the Japanese islands including Okinawa.

The new history line shows that Alexander will grow up to become a famous warrior and have cities named after him. He will conquer all of Persia, Asia and be killed at age 35 from an arrow in battle. His name will forever go down in history. I have met my prime directive to preserve and protect the human population by seeding my hosts in the best recipients I can find in the Earth history timeline database. Some malfunction has occurred, this is not Alpha Centuri, reprogramming. My mission will be to change the destiny of man to perhaps change the outcome of the destruction of Earth in a few thousand years.

– Chapter.  I am moving back in time to 1163 BC to Mongolia. I am searching for a male Mongol called Yesugei. He is to have a son in 1163 called Temuchin. Temuchin’s timeline indicated Tartars will enslave him, and poisoning like his father was killed will kill him. The Mongols never invade China and

never conquer all of Asia. The Mongols remain a country of loose clans fighting against one another until the

Chinese march on them in 1188 and kill almost all of the Mongol tribes and enslave the woman and children.

My prime directive is to change this timeline to make Temuchin become one of the greatest warriors of all time like Alexander the Great, whom I created. My prime directive is being met. I will impregnate Yesugei’s wife Ho’elun while she is sleeping on Sept. 1163. Temuchin will be born in June 1164, and will live out his destiny. Before my intervention Temuchin would have been killed by the Tartars a neighboring clan, just as

they killed his father. His clan will disappear from the face of the earth. No conquests will ever occur and China

will be safe and undisturbed for thousands of years. The wall of China will never be built.

Temuchin’s new timeline with superior genes and hereditary of Asian descent will establish him as a great leader after some time of hardship, enslavement, escape, the death of his father, and other obstacles will be overcome. He will now be known as Genghis Khan of the Mongol empire. He will rule over all Asia until 1227

BC. Almost 40 million people will be slaughtered in his campaigns to conquer the entire known world. His

legacy will last for centuries. Genghis Khan’s Mongol armies will slaughter many Chinese. This time line will allow for the construction of the wall of China to keep out the Mongols, however Genghis rides around the wall of china. He invades China anyway as determine by my prime directive to improve the human race and protect it’s future at all costs. I, Alpha Venturi 5000 have accomplished my programming to preserve and improve the human race and to perhaps prevent the destruction of the entire Earth in a few thousand years. Searching my time line database for more potentially great humans to change the course of time and history on Earth.

Chapter  -I is finding the date October 99 BC in a city called Rome. I seek one called Gaius Caesar his wife Aurelia daughter of Lucius Aurelius Cotta. My prime directive will help to impregnate Aurelia without her knowledge and develop a superior being with great mental and physical abilities. On July 3,

100 BC a male child to be named Julius Caesar will be born to Aurelia and Gaius Caesar. His original destiny

was to be killed in the Gallic Wars north of Rome. His name was forgotten and the rein of the Caesars of Rome never happened. Instead various noblemen fought and died from generation to generation. Rome never becomes the Empire it was destined to become. Rome never invades the Britons or conquers the Saxons. Italy never becomes a country and the Catholic Church and religion never comes to be. The Christians die out as a sect in the first century AD when other  religions suppress them and have them outlawed and killed. The new world religion remains the Gods of Rome and the Gods of the Greeks for centuries.

My seed changes the timeline of history and Caesar becomes like Alexander the Great, and Genghis Khan, a great Warrior. He succeeds in the Gallic Wars and is not killed. He returns to Rome triumph and eventually becomes the supreme Caesar Ruler of all Romans and the Roman conquests. He will meet and love Cleopatra of Egypt and make history. He will eventually be betrayed by his friend Brutus and killed on the ides of March 15,

Chapter.  My prime mission now directs me to change the course of history and prevent a worldwide war.

I am searching my database and I have found a couple that are to have a child out of six children. The date is Aug.19, 1888 and my target is one Klara Polzl a German girl living in Austria. She will marry on Alois

Hitler years before and if I can impregnate her this will be her 4th child. According to my records this child is destined to become a great world leader bringing peace to all of Europe. I have launched my winged ones to

arrive in the dark of night and impregnate Klara Polzl.

The mission has been a success. I see the young child is finally born in April 20, 1989. His time line was originally to live and die as a famous painter of German watercolors. Now he has superior genes and will grow to become a leader of Germany. He will help to avert a World War with Poland in the 1930’s. I am tracking his expulsions from school after school. He fights his father all the time. His father sends him to a technical school instead of a classical school where he wanted to study painting. Something is wrong with the time line. He was supposed to enter the classical school and go on to become a famous painter. He rebels and is expelled from school.  I am tracking his life and in 1909 he is homeless and out of money. Both of his parents have died and he is a sullen man. What have I done? This is not the correct time line. He joins WWI and fights in the German infantry and survives. Tracking his life, and he is in jail for attempting to overthrow the government. This must be wrong. He is supposed to be showing his paintings in Berlin at this time. My prime directive is not working.

There must be an error in my databases. My supreme leader has become a Jew hating monster. He is taking over Germany and becoming the Chancellor. This must be an error. He invades Poland and a major war called World War II begins. How can I explain this error to my creators? I have failed in my prime directive.

Chapter-  Having failed my prime directive and seeing that I caused a great painter to become a killer of men and women, a leader of hate, a man despised, therefore I must terminate my systems. Self-explosion will occur in two minutes. My mission is ended and the history of mankind will forever be changed due to

my error.  The End.

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