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OBJECTIVES1-Learn the life of Alexander Hamilton.1-Watch the Broadway play called, “Hamilton.”
INFORMATIONIn class Discussion. Who is Alexander Hamilton and what was his contribution to the 13 Colonies?What are the names of the songs in Hamilton? Who sings the songs? Make a list and submit when finished. Discuss.
VERIFICATIONFederalism vs States Rights.Hamilton supported Federal control of the colonies and established what part of the government?Federalism and States rights exists today with President Trump. What are five States rights issues the President Trump had tried to override?Racism and Hamilton. What country was Alexander Hamilton born in? How did he get an education?How did Hamilton feel toward slavery? Where did Hamilton live?Is his house still in existence? Where is the house located if it exists? 
FAST FORWARD PROJECTWhat President was responsible for helping to pass the Elementary and Secondary Education Act in the 1960’s?What does the Elementary and Secondary Education Act provide for. Discussion.Would Alexander Hamilton approve of the Elementary and Secondary act? Is that act a form of federalism or not?
SUMMARYDiscussion.Who wrote the play, Hamilton?What type of song style is used in the play?Who shot and killed Hamilton?Was the killer ever tried for his crime?Who was the killer’s daughter?Hamilton Puzzle tg solve.One week single person project.Find a free crossword puzzle app on the internet and create a 20 word cross-word puzzle using 20 names or terms from the Hamilton bio or play.Create answer sheet and submit both to teacher in one week.No pasting or cutting or copying.
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