My Years at the College of Mount Saint Vincent as Director of the Teacher learner Center and Coordinator of the Title V federal grant for 1.1 million.

Dr. Pelham Mead, Director of the College of Mount Saint Vincent Teacher Learning Center 2001-2005.
Dr. Pelham Mead at CMSV graduation with Sister Mary Edward Zipf, Sisters of Charity and Biology Professor.

The College of Mount Saint Vincent Biology Building 2002

The College of Mount Saint Vincent administrative building 2002.

Communications Department. Sister Pat

My hard working assistant Mrs. Py Liv Sun at the CMSV Teacher Learning Center 2002-2005.

Professor Kathy Flannigan, Nursing Professor.

The first Smart Classroom presentation in 2002 Fall, room 210.

Dr. Mead and Kathy relaxing at the monthly TLC graduate dinner at the College of Mount Saint Vincent. Kathy was one of the first Professors to complete the TLC tutoring program.

Christine Servano, my TLC teaching Assistant

Christine the TLC teaching assistant working with a Business Professor.

Professor Arlene Moliterno teaching in a Smart Classroom 2002.

Smart Classroom with electronic movie screen, TV mounted on the wall, overhead projector and LAN access with portable Laptop computer.


Py Liv Sun and Professor of Sociology 2003.

Dr. Pelham Mead attending College ceremonies in the fall of 2001.

Professor Pat Grove, Biology in her Office 2002.

The Biology Classroom 2002.

Christine TLC teaching assistant helps Professor Moliterno.

Professor Barbara Cohen, Nursing Graduate Professor 2002.

TLC Assistant Py Liv Sun and Christine Servano working at their desks in the Teacher learning lab 2001.

Newly renovated smart classroom -Biology Lecture hall, With the help of Sister Mary Edward, Biology administrator we completed the upgrade in September 2001. The old projector was taken down and a new $5,000 projector was installed. LAN access was installed and the Chemistry counter was removed. An electronic movie screen was installed and a 37 inch TV mounted through a brick wall to the right.

Dedicated Biology Professor.

Biology Department Chairperson in 2001.

Professor Jim working with students in Biology.

Dr. Green, Provost in 2001.

Professors Kathy and ….

Three female Professors at CMSV graduation in 2001.

Professor Fran and Sister Pat talking during the line up for Graduation 2001.

Director of the TLC- Dr. Pelham Mead and Professor Kathy.

Professor Arlene Moliterno, Teaching Professor at CMSV graduation 2001.

Dean of Communications, Bob Coleman, 2001.

Professor John, College Organist and Music Professor, graduate of TLC program using a Smart Classroom 2002.

Professor teaching in a new Smart Classroom 2002.

Sister Pat teaching in a smart classroom for Communications department. Notice the TV mounted in the background.

The Nursing Annex Smart Classroom. Previously a snack room. The floor was black from years of dirt. I had it sanded and resurfaced. The walls were cracked and had to be repaired. The overhead movie projector can be seen in this photo which was installed. The entire room was repainted after repairs. Outside the room a roof leak was also repaired. This room was a major unmaking but successful in the end.

Director of Nursing and Later VP, Susan at Graduation.
Professors at CMSV graduation 2001.

Bother, Professor of Communications 2001.

College of Mount Saint Vincent Castle seen through the trees.

Fran, Department Chairperson for Communications 2001.

CMSV department TV studio 2001 before the new one was installed in 2003.

Christmas party of 2001. Sister Mary Edward celebrating in Santa outfit.

Professors Celebrate at Christmas CMSV party 2001.

President Flynn and others sing at the Christmas Party 2001.

Dean Bob Coleman relaxes during the Christmas Party of 2001.

CMSV administration building from parking lot view.

Statutes in front of the CMSV library 2001.

Chapel of CMSV from the rear of the administration building.

The Business building under construction 2004. Maryvale was upgraded to a Fine Arts labs and Communication labs and classrooms, partially with Title V funds.

Maryvale construction. Before demolition.

Maryvale construction 2004-2005.

Front porch of Administration building. Before the old porch fell down, the Sisters of Charity had a porch going from end to end of the front of the administration building.

Another view of the administration building.

Maryvale construction pipes.

Sisters of Charity cemetery at the top of the hill.

Another view of the cemetery. All Nuns that taught or lived on the grounds and Priests are buried here.

Winter view of the great lawn from the Administration building.

2002 Spring View of Castle on the College of Mount Saint Vincent campus.

Winter view of Campus with Hudson river in the background.

Finished Maryvale 2005.

Road into the College of Mount Saint Vincent. 2002.

Gazebo on the back lawn behind the castle on the CMSB campus 2002.

CMSV auditorium and gymnasium building 2002 , spring.

Biology Building 2002.

Road to St. Vincent’s Point on the other side of the RR tracks on the shores of the Hudson river. Used to be a train station here in the old days.

Blackboard menu. Blackboard was installed by Title V and administered by Dr. Pelham Mead for three years until Manhattan College took over with a full time administrator.

Angel statute on campus.

Outdoor angel in the CMSV garden

Children praying to the Mother Mary.

Angel statute on campus

CMSV college logo

Female students exercise class at CMSV

Female CMSV students working out.

Exercise room at CMSV.

Fall leaf

Castle view from the administration building.

CMSV bell in the tower

Top of the administration building over the chapel.

Castle view.

Hudson river view looking toward the Tappan Zee bridge from the tower.

View from inside the bell tower on top of the administration building.

View of the road from the bell tower.

Administration building roof.

View from the roof.

Graduation Tent for 2002 goes up.

Stages of graduation tent going up on the great lawn. CMSV 2002.

Graduation tent covers the entire great lawn.

John, College Organist and Music teacher, Py Liv Sun and Christine Servano 2003.

Dr. Pelham Mead, Py Liv Sun, Christine Servano and Professor John.

College of Mount Saint Vincent chapel organ 2002.

College organist, John plays on the organ.

Organ view in chapel.

College organist John.

President Richard Flynn 2002 graduation.

Sister Mary Edward.

Faculty procession 2002 graduation.

Faculty procession 2002, Graduation.

Faculty entering Administration building.

Faculty leads student procession.

Student process in 2002 graduation at the College of Mount Saint Vincent.

Graduation 2002

castle door on CMSV campus

Faculty ascend platform.

Construction sign 2005 graduation

Faculty gather before graduation. Fran from Communications in background sitting.

Faculty graduation 2002.

Fran, Sister Pat and Brother chat.

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