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Introduction. This is a story about a slightly autistic young man named Ralph Loggins who wins the Conn. state Power ball lottery using a formula he learned from a Brazilian scientist. I dedicate this movie to my slightly autistic grandson Evan Rivers. This is a story of a slightly autistic young man who wins $300 million dollars in the Power ball lottery and how he learns to turn his life around and give to others more than money.

ACT ONE- THE POWERBALL LOTTERY SCENE 1- INT.-RALPH LOGGINS HOME IN DANBURY, CONN. -DAY. Ralph Loggins is a tall lanky thin young man with a whisper of a small mustache, and dark, straight hair with a deep base voice. Ralph is bi-racial, with a black father, and a white mother. He was born slightly autistic.


RALPH LOGGINS (21), AUTISTIC Mom can you take me to Seven-Eleven to buy some Powerball lottery tickets? No one has won the jackpot in months, and the drawing is worth 400 million.

Jill is Ralph’s mother, and she is a white woman who’s father was a public school teacher. Jill is 5’7” tall with brunette hair and slightly heavy for her frame.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS (46) MOM Ralph you know no one ever wins the Super-ball lottery. The Odds are against you, and you are wasting your hard earned Supermarket salary money you saved.

RALPH LOGGINS Mom, it is the Powerball lottery, not the Super-ball Lottery.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Oh, well, what ever? Super or Powerball they all seem the same to me. 2.

RALPH LOGGINS You know mom that I have been working on a formula for over a year that can project what numbers might be picked. I have all the winning numbers for the Powerball back to the year 2,000 which I downloaded from the internet.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS How much have you saved to buy your Powerball lottery tickets Ralph?

RALPH LOGGINS I have $50 or $60 dollars mom.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Wow, that is the most you have ever saved. Maybe you will win? Get in the car, and I will be downstairs in a minute after I feed the dog, Peaches.


OK, Mom.



Jill and Ralph get in the family car and drive to the 7-11 store.


JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS So, how many Powerball tickets are you going to buy Ralph? Didn’t I tell you to wear pants? It is 29 degrees out in January, and you are wearing shorts.

RALPH LOGGINS You know I cannot stand wearing pants. The cloth rubs agains my legs and drives me crazy. I cannot focus or concentrate with the feel of my pant legs on my legs. You know mom, it is my autistic thing.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS You are going to catch a cold without pants in the winter Ralph. (MORE) 3.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS (CONT’D) Sometimes I forget that your tactile issues force you to wear shorts. Here is the 7-11 store. I will wait in the car for you.

RALPH LOGGINS Thanks Mom. I wouldn’t take long. I have all the sets of numbers written out to give to the store clerk.

Ralph gets out of the car and goes into the 7-11 store. The store clerk is an older white man with a beard.

7-11 STORE CLERK (40) Yes, what can I do for you young man?

RALPH LOGGINS I want to, (stutters) I want to buy twenty Powerball tickets please. Here are the numbers I want. (Hands clerk a piece of paper with numbers written down for 20 combinations)

7-11 STORE CLERK Thanks, here are the cards to mark your 20 choices. When you are done give me the cards back, and $40.00 Please.

RALPH LOGGINS OK, I will do that. (Minutes later) Here you are sir.

7-11 STORE CLERK Thanks. That will be $40.00. Two Twenty dollar bills, great. Here are your receipts. Good luck. Hope you win.

RALPH LOGGINS Yeah, I have been planning on winning. Bye. (Leaves the store and gets in his car). OK, mom I am done, and I hope my formula works making me a rich person.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Are you going to share your winnings with your family Ralph? 4.

RALPH LOGGINS Maybe. I hadn’t thought about it. I just want to win, so I don’t have to work in a supermarket all my life because I am autistic.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Well good for you Ralph. Let’s go get some pizza.



Jennifer is just a year younger than Ralph with a dark complexion and curly hair. She is a very athletic young woman and quite talkative. She is a college student attending Western Connecticut State College.


JENNIFER LOGGINS (20) SISTER Well it is Saturday Ralph, and the Powerball lottery drawing is tonight at 10:59 pm. Are you sure you are going to win Ralph?

RALPH LOGGINS I worked on all the probabilities, and if I get the Powerball right, than the other white ball numbers will have a better chance of winning. I borrowed the ideas from a Brazilian Mathematician named Renato Gianella, who developed a template for predicting the winning numbers on a lottery like the Powerball Lottery with two different tanks of balls, one for the five numbers and one tank for the Super ball number.

JENNIFER LOGGINS What are you going to do with millions of dollars if you win Ralph?

RALPH LOGGINS I want to become a superhero like Superman or Captain America, or batman or the hulk. 5.

JENNIFER LOGGINS Really Ralph? They are comic book characters, and not real.

RALPH LOGGINS They are real to me.

JENNIFER LOGGINS So you want to fly like Super-man? Or have a shield like Captain America? (Chuckling).

RALPH LOGGINS Well no, I don’t like heights, but I want to be famous for saving peoples lives. I don’t want to be a supermarket clerk all my life just because I am autistic.

JENNIFER LOGGINS You don’t have to be a super-hero to get people to like you Ralph.

Tom is the third child in the Loggins family, and the youngest. He has brown skin, and wears an afro hair style to make a statement that he is black. He is a smart, straight A student, and tall and thin like his sister and brother.

TOM LOGGINS (18) Hey guys what’s up? Ralph are you going to win the Powerball lottery tonight? I need some new sneakers (laughing).

RALPH LOGGINS You all laugh now, but wait until after I win and you wouldn’t be laughing anymore. I know I can do this. I worked on the numbers again, and again, every night for the past few years. I need to take my medicine to calm down.

FADE OUT. Later that night the entire Loggins family is sitting in front of the television watching the Powerball drawing.


TV ANNOUNCER (45) Good evening ladies and gentlemen and here is the Powerball drawing for Jan. 18, 2016. First number up is 9. The second white ball is number 40.

(MORE) 6.

TV ANNOUNCER (45) (CONT’D) And the third white ball up is 41. The fourth number up is 53 and the last white ball up is 58. Now we draw from a different tank for the Red Powerball which is 11. The multiplier number is 2. So the numbers are 9,40,41, 53, 58 and the red Powerball is 11. Good luck and good night.

RALPH LOGGINS I knew that there would be a pair in the 40’s and I picked 40 and 41. I am not sure if I picked the 11 red Powerball with that choice. I had to look at my cards. Yes, I have 11 red Powerball picked and 40 and 41 are on that card. What are the other numbers again?

Editor’s Note: These are the real numbers in Conn. That were Recorded for Jan. 18, 2017. In reality no one claimed the prize that week.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Number 9 Ralph, do you have number 9?

JENNIFER LOGGINS 53 and 58 are the other numbers Ralph.

RALPH LOGGINS Let me see, 9, yes and 50, 53 and 58 right, oh my God. Mom look at this, so I don’t make a mistake.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Ok, you have the red ball 11, and that is good. Now let me see 9, yes, 40 and 41 yes, and 53, and 58, oh no, I mean yes, yes. Greg read this I think I am going to faint.

TOM LOGGINS Did he get it? New sneakers, new sneakers. Yes.

FADE OUT. Bill is ten years older than his wife Jill. He is a proud black man 5’ 10” tall, a graduate of Delaware University on a Lacrosse scholarship. He is clean shaven with dark skin, and short dark hair with dark eyes. He works for the State of 7.

Conn., helping Learning Disabled Adults cope with their lives. His father was a Superintendent of Schools in Yorktown, New York and is now retired.

FADE IN: Bill Loggins is a tall black man with short hair and a clean shaven face.

BILL LOGGINS (57) FATHER Let me see that card. You must all be blind. Jennifer what are the numbers again?

JENNIFER LOGGINS 9,40, 41, 53, 58 and Powerball 11 times 2. Wow.

BILL LOGGINS Yes, each number checks out. (Shouting) You did it Ralph you did it. I can’t believe this is happening. Now what do we do?

Check it again Jill. My vision is blurring. Oh my God, can it be true? Good bye bills.

RALPH LOGGINS I told everyone I had a great formula for predicting the Powerball lottery, and no one believed me. See, I was right. Now if I could stop scratching. Maybe I need another pill?

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Yes Ralph, you were right, and we all apologize for doubting you. Now what do we do Bill? Do we go down to 7-11 with the winning card?

BILL LOGGINS I looked it up and we have to bring the winning ticket to the home office Rocky hill Connecticut. The cash prize is $170 million. Ralph could take $5,666,667 before federal taxes. After federal taxes he would get $4,250,000 a year for 30 years. The Cash lump settlement would drop from $170 million to 103 million. After taxes of $25,750,000 he would get 77 million 250 thousand cash total. That is a lot of Pepsi. 8.

RALPH LOGGINS I guess that makes me a rich man, uh dad?

BILL LOGGINS Yes, Ralph you are going to be a very rich man.

RALPH LOGGINS Does this mean I wouldn’t ever have to work again in the dirty supermarket?

BILL LOGGINS That is up to you Ralph.

TOM LOGGINS Does this mean I get a pair of Jordan air sneakers that cost $130 each? (Laughing).

JENNIFER LOGGINS Really Tom? Cut it out.

BILL LOGGINS I have a lawyer friend, I think we need to see to figure out what we should do Jill.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Ralph, Jennifer, and Tom, you all have to promise not to tell anyone until we claim the prize money, and take legal steps to protect the money. If any money grubbers get our telephone number of address they will be haunting us to death.

BILL LOGGINS Your mother is right. We all have to keep our mouths shut until after we claim the money. Your Mom, and I have to talk to a lawyer how to protect ourselves and be smart how we invest the money.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Maybe we can catch up on our medical bills now?

(MORE) 9.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS (CONT’D) Everyone go watch TV, and dad and I will let you know what we are going to do tomorrow when we talk to the lawyer.


Later that night in bed.


JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS (CONT’D) Bill you realize we signed a form with the state of Connecticut when Ralph graduated from high school to be Ralph’s legal guardians because he is autistic and may not be able to support himself. I know Ralph, he thinks now that he has won millions that he can just go out, and spend it when ever he wants. He had no idea that crooks will come out of the woodwork to take his money away. All his friends in school will be asking for money.

The phone will ring off the hinges.

Mark my word.

BILL LOGGINS What are we going to do Jill?

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS We are going to have your lawyer friend explain how we can invest Ralph’s winnings at the same time prevent him from withdrawing money at random. If he goes around with hundreds of dollars in his pocket he is going to get mugged or worse. You know him. Being autistic he has no concept how to save money or even the value of money. He earns less than a hundred dollars a week at the supermarket working part-time each week. Now he has millions. The TV stations are all going to want to interview him, and when they find out he is autistic, they are going to have a field day with autistic topics.

BILL LOGGINS Go to sleep Jill. We will take it one day at a time. 10.


Good nite.



The following day Jill Loggins and Bill Loggins meet with Bill’s friend, Adam Pinkowitz Attorney at Law.

FADE IN: Adam is wearing a three piece grey suit and blue tie. He is slightly bald with a greying mustache and dark rimmed glasses.

ADAM PINKOWITZ (51) ATTORNEY Come on in Bill and Jill. Congratulations, I hear from Bill you struck it rich in the Powerball lottery with your son Ralph. Tell me how I can help you.

BILL LOGGINS Adam, we need some legal advice and council. Our 21 year old autistic son Ralph has won the Powerball Lottery for 170 million dollars.

ADAM PINKOWITZ That is amazing. Are you positive that he has the winning numbers?

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS We double checked, and triple checked the winning numbers against his ticket and he has all the numbers and the Powerball with a 2 times extra.

ADAM PINKOWITZ Well, this is exciting. I have never represented a Powerball lottery winner before. Normally, I would accompany you to the general offices to present the winning ticket along with Ralph to sign for the winning amount. Have you considered taking the 30 year payout of the lump sum payout? How much is the lump sum Bill? Do you know. 11.

BILL LOGGINS Yeah, I looked it up on the internet and the lump sum is 170 million. Taxes are about 25% . I am not sure about the rest.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Bill, and I are the legal guardians of Ralph because he is autistic, and in the Connecticut vocational training program for children of special needs. We are legally responsible for Ralph’s winnings. Being autistic he had no concept of the value of money or how to spend or save it. It will be up to us as his parents to come up with a plan or system to control what he can spend, and to insure he invests in the future for himself. We also have large medical bills from my recent stomach cancer threat, Jennifer’s liver sickness, and Ralph’s doctor bills which we cannot pay. These winnings will help us to pay off our bills, and perhaps buy a new car, and a new house?

ADAM PINKOWITZ I suggest we set up a portfolio of bonds and stocks to earn interest annually to keep Ralph’s winnings making more money for him. At the same time a portion of the money should be put in a trust for Ralph to draw from with your signature for monthly expenses that are deemed appropriate. I can have my para-legal set up the paperwork which you can sign along with Ralph as soon as you receive the check for the lump sum or yearly payment.

BILL LOGGINS I think we are going to go with the lump sum, so that we can meet all our bills, and have fluid access to money to purchase a new house and car.

ADAM PINKOWITZ Have you spoken with Ralph about your plans yet? 12.

BILL LOGGINS No, not yet because we are not sure how he will take it. Legally, he is old enough to make his own decisions, but being autistic that is not realistic. Knowing Ralph, he could be giving anyone hundreds of dollars if someone him for it. He wants to be liked, and has very few real friends.

ADAM PINKOWITZ I understand. Well, let’s set a date to take Ralph to the General office in Rocky Hill, and fill out the paperwork to claim the prize. After that we will take the check and deposit it in a special protected account which we will give Ralph a debit card to purchase things from his account which we will keep low just in case of fraud by someone other than Ralph. The large amount of the lump sum we will put into a bonds and stock market account with Chase and that will produce interest annually for the portfolio. You and Bill will be able to sign for any withdrawals from the portfolio when you find a house you want to buy and or a car. You do not have to have Ralph’s permission because you are his legal guardians. Did I make everything Clear?

BILL LOGGINS Great. Let’s go next Monday to the Lottery claim office and file the paperwork. I also want to protect Ralph from the media and money mongers, and we will depend upon you to keep his personal information secret.




The Loggins family assembles at the Powerball General Offices 13.

in Rocky Hill, Connecticut along with their attorney Adam Pinkowitz.


ADAM PINKOWITZ Good to see you guys again. Is this Ralph? Hello, Ralph. (Shaking Ralph’s hand).



ADAM PINKOWITZ I am going to tell the administrators that we are here to claim the January 18, 2017, Powerball prize. Hello Miss? My name is Adam Pinkowitz, attorney at law, and I represent the Loggins family, particularly Ralph Loggins who won the January 18 Powerball lottery in Conn., For 170 Million dollars.

LOTTERY SECRETARY (30) Yes Mr. Pinkowitz, let me call Mr. West out from his office. He is one of our Lottery Administrators. It will take just a minute. Hello Mr. West, we have some people out here to claim the January 18 Powerball lottery.

Minutes later.

Ronald is a short heavy man wearing a white dress shirt and green tie.

RONALD D. WEST (50) LOTTERY ADMINISTRATOR Good morning everyone. I’m Mr. West and you are here for a Powerball lottery claim I understand?

ADAM PINKOWITZ Yes, My name is Adam Pinkowitz, attorney at law and this is Mrs. Jill Loggins, Mr. Bill Loggins, and Mr. Ralph Loggins their son. Ralph is 21 years of age turning 22 in December. Jennifer Loggins and Tom Loggins are also here to support their brother Ralph. 14.

RONALD D. WEST Wonderful, well everyone come into my office and I will get a few extra chairs for you. (In the Office) Well, Ralph Loggins I understand you are the winner. Are you over 18 years of age Mr. Loggins?

RALPH LOGGINS Yes, I am 21. Here is my birth certificate my mother gave me.

RONALD D. WEST OK. That is good. Let’s see the receipt you have so we can match it with the winning numbers on January 18, 2017.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Ralph, give Mr. West the receipt for your winning card.

RALPH LOGGINS Here you are.

RONALD D. WEST OK, let me see, 9, 40, 41, 53, 58 they all check out, and the red Powerball number of 11 is also correct. 2 is the amount to compute the powerball amount. Congratulations Ralph you are now a millionaire. We have some paperwork to finish to process claiming the 170 million dollar pay out. Have you decided on a lump sum payment or a yearly payment over 30 years? You would get $6,745,000 per year for 30 years or a lump sum net payment of $117,317,250 after taxes of 6.99 Percent in Connecticut.

ADAM PINKOWITZ The Loggins family has informed me that Ralph wants the lump sum settlement.

RONALD D. WEST Ralph if you will sign here, and here, and if your parents will also sign as witnesses here and here on the form.

(MORE) 15.

RONALD D. WEST (CONT’D) This should take about a week to process, and we will inform you when to come in to collect your winning settlement. We will keep your personal information private to prevent fraud and con artists from harassing you. We also strongly advise you to deposit the check immediately, and do not share any information with your friends or colleagues to protect your privacy. When you collect the check there will be TV coverage at the time, but that is all we require.

If you wish to meet with any TV reports outside of this office that is your choice. Thank you for coming and congratulations. I will see you next week.

The Loggins family and attorney Ronald D. West leave the Powerball general offices and get in their cars.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Ralph, you are a millionaire. We will collect the check next week. Dad will explain tonight how we will save your money and set up a debit card for you to use to buy things. Anything over $100 you have to first discuss with me or dad to approve.

RALPH LOGGINS Can I buy a car mom?

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Yes, it you can pass the State driving test and the written test.




JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS The day has come. The presentation will be in fifteen minutes inside the Powerball lottery general offices. Ralph I want you to take a deep breath, and do no get excited when they give you the giant check. (MORE) 16.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS (CONT’D) It is only for display for the TV station filming the event. The real check will be the normal size. You will have to sign for it as well as your dad, and I have to sign since we are your legal guardians.

RALPH LOGGINS I understand Mom, I understand. No meltdowns, no meltdowns. My leg is beginning to shake.

BILL LOGGINS Ralph straighten you tie. Let’s go into the building now. Try to relax. Remember count to 10,[ and take a deep breath to control your anxiety.

RONALD D. WEST Welcome Loggins family. It is good to see you again. We have your check all ready for you soon after we do a little promo with the TV camera, and the giant four foot check for $77,250,000. A TV reporter will interview you Ralph for just a few minutes, and then we are done. You can sign the forms first along with your parents.

RALPH LOGGINS When do I get the money?


RONALD D. WEST Just sign here, here, and here, Ralph, and Mr. and Mrs. Loggins you sign here, here, and here. Great, let’s step into the TV studio for the formal presentation.

STUDIO PRODUCER (50) LOTTERY ADMINISTRATOR OK, everyone, relax and stand behind the giant check. Ralph Loggins you stand on the left and Mr. West you hold the right side of the check. The rest of the family stand behind the check.

(MORE) 17.

STUDIO PRODUCER (50) LOTTERY The TV studio lights are going to be bright, so try not to look at them. Are we ready? Camera, ready. Shoot.

RONALD D. WEST We are here today to present to Mr. Ralph Loggins a Powerball lottery check for $77,250,000 after federal taxes.

TV REPORTER SALLY SERVIN (29) Well, congratulations Mr. Ralph Loggins. Tell me Ralph what are you going to do with 77 million dollars?

RALPH LOGGINS I want to become a superhero.(Smiling).

TV REPORTER SALLY SERVIN (Laughing) Really, Ralph, a Superhero like Superman or Captain America in the comic books?




Oh my God!

BILL LOGGINS Ralph, really?

JENNIFER LOGGINS That’s my brother Ralph, Super Hero, (laughing).

TOM LOGGINS Super dude Ralph. That sounds great.

TV REPORTER SALLY SERVIN Ok, camera cut. Thank you very much Loggins family, and enjoy your millions.

RONALD D. WEST Here is your check Ralph. Congratulations. Perhaps your father should hold it for you. Good bye, and have a great day. 18.

BILL LOGGINS Jill get the kids in the car fast. There are reporters everywhere outside. Ralph keep the superhero stuff cool for now, OK?

RALPH LOGGINS Yes, Dad. Did I do something wrong?

BILL LOGGINS No, get in the car. We are out of here.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Ralph why did you tell that TV reporter you wanted to be a Superhero? Super-hero aren’t real Ralph, they are fiction in comic books. Don’t you understand that.

RALPH LOGGINS I just want people to like me Mom.

BILL LOGGINS I can’t believe you told the TV reporter that you wanted to be a Super-hero Ralph. Now everyone is going to make fun of you and us.

The Loggins family drives out of the driveway quickly leaving the TV camera trucks behind them.





JENNIFER LOGGINS Mom the phone is ringing again. Should I pick it up?

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS No, let it ring. It is probably another con artist trying to get money out of us. 19.

BILL LOGGINS How long is this phone constantly ringing going to continue Jill?

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS What do you suggest we do Bill?

BILL LOGGINS Change the phone, and have it unlisted. This is driving me insane. It is like the whole world is calling us to borrow money.

Ring (Phone rings again)

RALPH LOGGINS Phone Dad, should I get it?

BILL LOGGINS No, let it ring Ralph. I will call the phone company and have our phone number changed and unlisted today.


That Sunday at Transfiguration Church.

FADE IN: Pastor Greene is a short brunette Episcopalian Priest who wears rimless glasses and a gold cross around her neck.

PASTOR ELLEN GREENE (60) TRANSFIGURATION CHURCH Good to see you today Jill Loggins and family. I have been trying to call you, but your phone does not pick up.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Since Ralph won the Powerball lottery, everyone in the world is calling us around the clock. We had to have the phone number changed, and unlisted finally. What did you want to talk about Pastor Green?

PASTOR ELLEN GREENE I just thought Ralph might want to help out St. John’s Church with our new building addition. 20.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Ralph is not giving any of his money away to charities at this time. We are house hunting at the moment, and trying to stay away from our instant friends that all want to borrow money. Thank you, but no thank you, Pastor Green. Good day.

PASTOR ELLEN GREENE Perhaps it was God watching over Ralph that helped him win the Powerball lottery? At least have him think about donating to his church?

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS I will think about it. Thank you Pastor Green.

PASTOR ELLEN GREENE God bless you and your money.



Ralph and his sister Jennifer are sitting in the same seat on the College bus from Western Conn. University. Ralph and Jennifer are both Students at Western Conn. University. Lashonda Williams a large 180 pound, black girl bullies Ralph on the College bus.


LASHONDA WILLIAMS (19) Hey you Ralph Loggins, boy? How about giving me some of that lottery money you won?

RALPH LOGGINS I don’t have any money.

LASHONDA WILLIAMS I am going to punch your face in boy if you don’t give me some of that money.

RALPH LOGGINS Leave me alone.

Jennifer who is sitting next to Ralph gets up and faces Lashonda. 21.

JENNIFER LOGGINS Excuse me bitch. If you lay one finger on my brother I will beat you silly.

LASHONDA WILLIAMS OK, girl, I was just kidding.

JENNIFER LOGGINS Get out of my face now or I am going to flatten you.

LASHONDA WILLIAMS Goodbye then. Retard,

RALPH LOGGINS Were you really going to punch her?

JENNIFER LOGGINS Of course Ralph. You are my brother, and I have to protect you from bullies like Lashonda.

FADE OUT. Ralph and Jennifer reach their bus stop, and get off the bus. Minutes later in their house.


JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS How was college today Jennifer? How about you Ralph?



JENNIFER LOGGINS We almost had a fight on the College bus. Some big black girl tried to pick on Ralph and force him to give her money. This has got to stop Mom. Everyone that recognizes Ralph, either makes fun of him for wanting to be a superhero or asks him for money.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS I know, I know it is getting out of control with Ralph’s lottery win. It seems like we will never have any privacy again. Ralph here is your debit card, which you can use to buy anything you want under $100.

(MORE) 22.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS (CONT’D) If you want something over $100 you have to ask me or your father to make a withdrawal from the bank.


TOM LOGGINS What about me? Am I the forgotten younger brother now?

JENNIFER LOGGINS Relax Tom, no one has forgotten you.


Bill Loggins comes home after work that night.


BILL LOGGINS I am home everyone. Where are the kids Jill?

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS They are upstairs. We had another incident today with someone bullying Ralph into giving them money. What are we going to do Bill to stop this crap?

BILL LOGGINS The mortgage came through to purchase that house we were looking at further upstate Connecticut in New Town. All we have to do is withdraw some of Ralph’s money for a down payment. Ralph come down here please. Listen would you like to help us buy a new house where you will have your own bedroom, and not have to share with Tom? Take off those ear phones Ralph and listen to me.

RALPH LOGGINS Yes, dad. I heard you. When are we moving? 23.

BILL LOGGINS We have to go to the Bank this week, and withdraw some money from your account to put a down payment on the new house. You will have to sign a release form as well, as us to withdraw money from your portfolio account. Mom, and I will take you to the bank later this week. Are you alright after this girl bullied you on the college bus today, Ralph?

RALPH LOGGINS I am fine Dad.

JENNIFER LOGGINS (Listening to her father and Ralph from the other room) Are we really moving dad? Thank God. Maybe we can move to the woods and never be seen again?

TOM LOGGINS At least in another school district no one will know who we are and stop asking us for money.



Ralph is walking down the halls at Western Conn. University where he is taking courses in computer programming. Two male students are standing in the hallway as Ralph walks by.

BILL RICHTER (22) COLLEGE STUDENT Hey Ralph, Captain Superman, Captain America or shall I call you Captain Retard. Have you become a Super-Hero yet?(Laughing)

JIM BORCHERS (19) COLLEGE STUDENT Hey retard can I borrow some money from you?(Laughing)

RALPH LOGGINS Leave me alone. (Put his head down sulking posture).

Professor Tim Neil is a white teacher with a thin trimmed beard, brown hair thinning in the back of his head. He wears rimless glasses and a sports coat, dress shirt and pants and plaid tie. 24.

PROFESSOR TIM NEIL (40) Hey, boys go pick on someone else. Are you alright Ralph? Don’t listen to what they have to say. They are just teasing you because you won the Powerball lottery, and they didn’t.

FADE OUT. Later in the College cafeteria two college students are sitting together.


JILL JANSON (19) COLLEGE STUDENT (Whispering to her friend) Isn’t that the boy who won the Powerball lottery?

RONDA SCHAEFFER (20) Yes, he is sitting all alone. Apparently he has no friends?

Jill walks over to Ralph.

JILL JANSON Are you Ralph Loggins that won the Powerball lottery on TV?

RALPH LOGGINS Yes, leave me alone.

JILL JANSON I just wanted to say hello. I thought maybe you might want to be friends.

RALPH LOGGINS I don’t need any friends.

JILL JANSON Well excuse me then.

Walks back to her table.

JILL JANSON (CONT’D) He seems very strange.



Ralph answers the phone that rings in the living room.




STRANGE VOICE ON THE PHONE Ralph, Can you loan me some money? My house burnt down, and my family is homeless.

RALPH LOGGINS Ask my parents. I don’t have any money. (Hangs up).

Phone rings again.

TOM LOGGINS Hello? Who? Ralph, OK. Ralph pick up the phone.



BUSTER HILLE (20) FRIEND Hey Ralph, how are you doing dude?


BUSTER HILLE Wanna take a trip to the mall, and maybe see a movie or something?

RALPH LOGGINS It is too cold today. Maybe another day.

BUSTER HILLE I have been wanting to ask you if you could loan me a few hundred dollars until I get a job?

RALPH LOGGINS Nope, not interested.(Hangs up).

Ralph goes back to lining up little cars he has in a straight line on his desk.

Phone rings again.

BILL LOGGINS Don’t answer the phone it just someone wanting money form Ralph. 26.


OK, dad.



A month later.


RALPH LOGGINS I am missing a car in my mini-car collection. Tom did you take a minicar out of my room? Damm where it is?

Ralph begins ripping his room apart, and begins having a meltdown. He throws things across his room, and empties his desk draws looking for the mini-car.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS (Running up the stairs to the third floor where Tom and Ralph share a bedroom) Ralph what the hell are you doing? Stop it immediately. Sit down Ralph, and take a deep breath. Count to ten. Did you take your medicine this morning yet?

RALPH LOGGINS No mom. Sorry.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS What is the problem Ralph.

RALPH LOGGINS Someone stole my mini-car.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS No one stole your mini-car Ralph. You must have misplaced it. Maybe Jennifer knows what you did with it?

JENNIFER LOGGINS What is all the noise about?

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Jennifer, have you seen Ralph’s mini-car? 27.

JENNIFER LOGGINS He was playing with it downstairs last week. I think he left it there?

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Go downstairs Ralph and see if you left your mini-car there.

Ralph goes down the stairs to the living room. Minutes later.

RALPH LOGGINS I found it mom.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Great, now come up here and clean up your room.

Later that day.

RALPH LOGGINS (Counting his mini-cars) One, two, three, four, five, cars all in order. Just the way I like them all in a neat row.



Ralph’s parents use some of the money he won, and purchased a new house with five bedrooms in New Town, Conn. Ralph was not consulted about using his winnings because he parents felt he owed it to them to allow them to buy a new house.


RALPH LOGGINS Dad how come you and mom have bought a new house, and a new car, and I haven’t gotten anything. I thought I was supposed to be a millionaire now?

BILL LOGGINS Ralph you wanted to move to a new house so we bought one with the money you won. In a sense, you bought the house, and we helped make it happen. Our car was old, and broken down, and even you asked for a new car, so we bought the Cadillac we wanted.

(MORE) 28.

BILL LOGGINS (CONT’D) Now if you would take driving lessons, and study Then we could get you your own car, but you are lazy, and don’t want to learn to drive.

RALPH LOGGINS I just want to spend more money dad. It makes me feel rich. It is easier for mom to drive me around than drive myself

BILL LOGGINS Really Ralph? Do you like feeling rich? What is it you want to buy? You buy yourself clothes and shoes all the time, and that makes you happy. What else do you want to do with your life? You must have 50 pairs of sneakers by now?

RALPH LOGGINS I don’t know dad. I am just unhappy. I dreamt that I would be rich, and living on my own, with tons of money if I won the lottery, but here I am living with my parents with no job and nothing to do except play War games on TV.

BILL LOGGINS Your mother and I begged you many times to stay in college, and keep your part-time grocery store job, but you wanted to quit everything. So now what are you going to do? You almost 22 now, an adult, and you need to start thinking about a career doing something. Money alone will not bring you happiness Ralph. We have told you this again and again. You need to socialize, but you don’t like socializing with people, so that makes getting a sales job impossible and any job working with people. Maybe you could go back to Western Connecticut State College and take more courses in computer coding and computer languages? You could always become a computer programmer, and work on your own as a consultant. 29.

RALPH LOGGINS I know, I know, but making decisions is difficult for me. Sometimes I just want to climb into a corner and hide there.

BILL LOGGINS Talk to your mother Ralph. Maybe you will listen to her?

RALPH LOGGINS OK, dad. If I have to.



Jill has a flash back to when Ralph was born 21 (2007) years ago while she is washing dishes in the kitchen. She looks outside the kitchen window seeing her reflection and dreams.



JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Bill it is time to go to the hospital. My water broke.

BILL LOGGINS OK, I have the bags packed. Let me help you down the stairs. Are you OK?

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS I am fine Bill. Let’s get in the car and get to Danbury Hospital quickly.

BILL LOGGINS OK, honey we will be there in s few minutes.

Arriving at the hospital.

BILL LOGGINS (CONT’D) My wife is ready to deliver her baby. Would you page Dr. Swvenson please? 30.

NURSE (45) Sure Mr. Loggins. Orderly, put Mrs. Loggins in a wheel chair please and take her up to the third floor maternity ward.

BILL LOGGINS Thank you Nurse.

NURSE Paging Dr. Swvenson. Paging Dr. Swvenson please report to the maternity ward asap. The doctor will meet you upstairs in the maternity ward. Follow your wife Mr. Loggins. The orderly will wheel her upstairs. Take elevator A.

Minutes later.

Dr. Swvenson is a short heavy Swedish doctor with a full face beard and rimless glasses dressed in a white lab coat.

DR. JAMES SWVENSON (60) Hello Mrs. Loggins and Mr. Loggins. It is good to see you. Did your water break yet Mrs. Loggins?

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Yes, Doctor, back at home.

Dr. JAMES SWVENSON OK, Mr. Loggins take one of those surgical gowns and hats and put them on so you can enter the surgery room. I will wheel Mrs. Loggins into the surgical room. Are you feeling alright Mrs. Loggins?

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Cramps lots of cramps.


14 hours later.


DR. JAMES SWVENSON Mr. Loggins you are now the proud father a a healthy male child. Congratulations. It was a long labor but it all worked out in the end. You can see your wife, but she is a little groggy right now. 31.

BILL LOGGINS Hi Jill how are you feeling?

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS I am tired. Real tired after 14 hours of labor. Did you take a look at our little boy yet? He is in the maternity room down the hall. What are we going to call him?

BILL LOGGINS I thought we decided on the name Ralph Michael Loggins?

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS That’s right I forgot. I am so tired I just want to sleep. Go see Ralph, and I am going to sleep.

BILL LOGGINS I will see you tonight when you get some sleep Jill. I will go see Ralph now.

Bill walks down to the nursery. He peeks through the glass window looking for the Loggins tag.

BILL LOGGINS (CONT’D) Ahh, there is his name tag. Cute looking little guy. I can’t believe I am a father now. Hurray.


Flash back to two years later.


JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Bill have you noticed anything strange about Ralph? He didn’t walk until almost 2 years of age, and he doesn’t talk at all yet. What do you think?

BILL LOGGINS My parents told me they thought something was wrong with Ralph’s development. He should have walked earlier, and starting talking. They strongly suggest we take Ralph to a doctor to be examined. 32.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS I hope there is nothing wrong with him? What doctor should we take Ralph to?

BILL LOGGINS I don’t know. I will look up a doctor in the phonebook. Did you notice Ralph never looks at you when you talk to him. He is always looking down for some reason.

A week later at Dr. Allan Grossman’s Office.

DR. ALLAN GROSSMAN(55) PEDIATRICIAN Good morning Mr. And Mrs. Loggins.

Is this your little boy Ralph?

BILL LOGGINS Yes Dr. Grossman, this is Ralph.

DR. ALLAN GROSSMAN We are going to give Ralph a battery of tests and a blood test to see if we can find anything that might be affecting his development. Sometimes children have what we call arrested development, but eventually they catch up to other children.


Several hours later.


DR. ALLAN GROSSMAN (CONT’D) Mr. And Mrs. Loggins you both need to sit down. We have a preliminary diagnosis regarding Ralph. From the results of all the tests we gave him, we have concluded that he has a mild case of autism.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Autism, what is that Doctor?

DR. ALLAN GROSSMAN Well, there are all kinds of autism, but basically a child with autism has trouble maintain eye contact and various sensory issues and tactile touch problems. You may have seen the movie, Rain-man. (MORE) 33.

DR. ALLAN GROSSMAN (CONT’D) Well that man was at the extreme of autism called an idiot savant. He was a genius at math but unable to socialize or function normally in society.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Oh, my God I think I am going to faint. I have to get a drink of water.

BILL LOGGINS Let me help you Jill.

DR. ALLAN GROSSMAN The prognosis is good. Ralph may grow out of some of his autism in time. I suggest you see a specialist for autistic children for planning how to deal with an autistic child. Otherwise, Ralph is perfectly healthy.

BILL LOGGINS Than you Doctor Grossman. Jill, and I will contact Dr. Elman the autistic specialist when we get home today.

Jill and Bill leave the hospital with Ralph and return home.

BILL LOGGINS (CONT’D) I am going to have to call my parents and tell them that Ralph is slightly autistic.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS I don’t have the strength to tell my parents. I will do it tomorrow or later this week. No need to rush.


The Next week at Dr. Elman’s Office.


DR. ELMAN (60) AUTISM EXPERT Hello Mr. Loggins and Mrs. Loggins.

I have read the report from Dr. Grossman, and I have examined Ralph, and concur with Dr. Grossman that Ralph is slightly autistic. It is not something to worry about. (MORE) 34.

DR. ELMAN (60) AUTISM EXPERT (CONT’D) You are just going to have to learn that children with autism see and learn things differently than other children. You are going to have to make eye contact when you talk to him to get him to focus on what you are saying. He is probably going to have problems socializing, but we can handle that later on when he gets older. For now I suggest you enroll in our parent support group that meets once a week to learn how to properly deal with a child with autism. Every few months you will bring Ralph into my office and we will do a physical on him and evaluate his progress or lack of developmental progress. Thank you for coming today.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS When is the first meeting of the parent support group Doctor Elman?

DR. ELMAN Next Tuesday at 10:00 am.. Bring Ralph with you so we can observe how he interacts with other children. The parents will have a discussion session and we will try to introduce some methods of coping with autism.

BILL LOGGINS Thank you Dr. Elman. I will drive Jill and Ralph here next week. See you then.

Flash back skips ahead to three years later at age 5 for Ralph.


JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Ralph look at me. Ralph look at my eyes. That is it. Now I want you to put on pants not your shorts. It is January, and 25 degrees outside, and we cannot go to the mall with you wearing shorts. You are going to get very cold in shorts, and perhaps come down with a cold or worse. 35.

RALPH LOGGINS But Mom, the scratching of the pants against my legs drives me crazy. I would rather have cold legs than have the pants scratching against my skin. I am sorry Mom, that is the way it is.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS OK, Ralph, I will bring a blanket in case you get cold in the car. Let’s go Jennifer, we are going to the Mall. I have to wrap little Tom up to keep warm. OK, let’s go. Leave the dog here. Good Peaches sit, sit now, good dog.


Later in the Danbury mall.


JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS (CONT’D) What do you want to eat Ralph?

RALPH LOGGINS A hamburger I guess, with nothing on it.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS You don’t want lettuce or tomatoes or catsup or mustard on your hamburger?

RALPH LOGGINS Right. I want to put the catsup on by myself. No pickle either.

JENNIFER LOGGINS (4) I want a cheese burger and fries mom.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS One cheese burger, one small burger, and a big Mac with fries for me. You guys want soda or water.


Water. 36.




Back to the present 2017, 21 years later. Ralph is expressing a desire to have his own apartment, and move out of the Loggins family. Jill and Bill have mixed emotions about Ralph being able to cook for himself and maintain a clean apartment.


RALPH LOGGINS Dad, I think I want to get my own apartment and see if I can live on my own. I am going on 22, and I want to live on my own.

BILL LOGGINS Ralph, your mother and I have talked about you moving, and we are not sure you can handle making your own meals or buying your meals everyday. Right now you are used to your mother doing everything for you including washing your clothes. Are you going to be able to do your own wash and fold your clothes before they get wrinkled? You don’t do it now.

RALPH LOGGINS I have to try dad. If I cannot do it, then I will come home to live.

BILL LOGGINS It is not that simple Ralph. The State of Conn., requires that someone check on you weekly to see that you are doing well living alone. That is the job I do with older men that have learning disabilities. We have to find an apartment that is affordable that you can afford, and then buy you some furniture, and a television too. You have nothing of your own except your toys, and clothing. (MORE) 37.

BILL LOGGINS (CONT’D) Give your mom and I, a month to work everything out for you to move.

TOM LOGGINS Are you really moving out brother? Can I have your bed? That will mean I can have the whole room to myself.

JENNIFER LOGGINS I will come over and visit you once a week Ralph to make sure you are doing well. Is that alright?

RALPH LOGGINS Sure Jennifer.

FADE OUT. The next day Ralph is walking to the grocery store to buy some bread and milk for his mother and a large white Van pulls up behind him.


STRANGE MAN IN A WHITE VAN (Sticking his head out of the van window) Hey fella is your name Ralph?

RALPH LOGGINS Yeah, who wants to know. Who are you?

STRANGE MAN IN A WHITE VAN I am a friend of your father’s. He sent me to give you a ride home.

RALPH LOGGINS I always walk to the store. Thanks anyway.

STRANGE MAN IN A WHITE VAN Get in the Van fella or I am going to shoot you in the head with this gun.(Holds a gun aimed toward Ralph).

RALPH LOGGINS I am sorry. I am sorry. What did I do? Where are we going? (Ralph begins crying). 38.

STRANGE MAN IN A WHITE VAN Shut up, and get in the back or I am going to shoot you in the back of the head, and leave you by the side of the road. Do you have any money?

RALPH LOGGINS Please don’t shoot me. dollars.

I have two

STRANGE MAN IN A WHITE VAN Where are those millions you won?

RALPH LOGGINS I don’t have any millions. It is all in the bank.

STRANGE MAN IN A WHITE VAN Let’s go to the bank and withdraw some of your millions.

RALPH LOGGINS I cannot take money out of the bank without my day or mom’s signature. Please let me go. I have no money. I will give you my two dollars.

STRANGE MAN IN A WHITE VAN Here take this cell phone, and call your mother and tell her you’ve been kidnapped and I want ten thousand dollars in cash by tomorrow.

RALPH LOGGINS OK, OK I’ll call mom, but she isn’t going to be happy.

STRANGE MAN IN A WHITE VAN Take the phone and shut up. (The stranger is driving down the road with Ralph in the back seat).

Just then the van hits a pot hole (boom), and the back doors of the van fly open and Ralph slides out of the van during the impact.

STRANGER IN A WHITE VAN Holy shit that was a giant pot hole. Hey, were are you going. Damm the doors popped open. Stay where you are. Damm he slid out. I gotta get the hell out of here.

The van races away down the road leaving Ralph lying stunned 39.

in the road.

WOMAN IN A CAR BEHIND THE WHITE VAN. You alright young man?

RALPH LOGGINS Yeah, yeah I am alright, thanks lady. I gotta get out of the road.

I have to run home.

Ralph runs several miles back to his house. Entering the house he calls his sister Jennifer who is on the third floor.

RALPH LOGGINS (CONT’D) Jennifer, a bad man tried to kidnap me.

JENNIFER LOGGINS It is not nice to lie Ralph. Where did your get those cuts on your arms. Did your fall off your bicycle or something?

RALPH LOGGINS No. A man in a white van had a gun, and he wanted money from me. I only had two dollars. He wanted to kill me, but I fell out of his truck.

JENNIFER LOGGINS What, for real? Is that how you got these cuts? Mom is really going to be worried. I will call her at work now. (Pause). Hello Mom. You need to come home now, we have a problem with Ralph I cannot tell you over the phone. Hurray. I will wait for you with Ralph.

(Shouting) Tom are you upstairs? Go down and lock the front door quickly, and don’t ask stupid questions.

TOM LOGGINS ( Tom runs down the stairs). OK, the door is double locked with the deadbolt and the door knob Jennifer.

JENNIFER LOGGINS Good, Mom can unlock it when she gets home.

(MORE) 40.

JENNIFER LOGGINS (CONT’D) Ralph go in the bathroom and I will get a cloth to wipe the blood off your arms.


Ten minutes later Jill arrives home.


JENNIFER LOGGINS (CONT’D) Mom is that you?

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Yes, I am home Jennifer? What happened?

JENNIFER LOGGINS You are not going to believe this but someone tried to kidnap Ralph for money, but he escaped. His arms are all cut up for some reason. I washed off the blood, and put first aid spray on the cuts. Ralph is carrying on and having a meltdown over the incident. Should we call the police?

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Oh, my God. Ralph let me see your arms. What happened, and talk slowly so I can understand what you are saying.

RALPH LOGGINS I was getting the milk and bread you asked me to get at the supermarket, and while I was walking to the store a big white van pulled up behind me and asked if I was Ralph. I said yes, and I asked who he was. The man in the van stuck a gun in my face and told me to get in the van. He wanted money, but I only had two dollars for bread and milk. He wanted me to call you and ask for ten thousand dollars. We hit a pot hole and the back doors of the van flew open and I slid out of the van when van jumped into the air. The man drove the van away and left me in the road. 41.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Really? You are not making this up? Let me dial 911, and call the police. Did you see the license number on the van, Ralph?

RALPH LOGGINS No mommy, I was scared. My leg is shaking.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Go take one of your pills to calm down Ralph, and I will call the police. Hello, I need a policeman to come to my house. A man in a white van tried to kidnap my son Ralph. My name is Mrs. Jill Loggins and I live on 44 Dogwood land, New Town.

911 POLICE DISPATCHER OK Mrs. Loggins I am sending a cruiser over to your house immediately. Did your son get a license plate number?

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS No, he was too scared to notice the license number.

911 POLICE DISPATCHER Stay in your home and keep the door locked until the officers arrive.



Minutes later the police arrive and knock on the door.


JENNIFER LOGGINS I will get the door Mom. You sit down with Ralph and make sure he stays calm. I am coming. Hello officers, my mother and brother is upstairs, come in. 42.

OFFICER TIM WILEY (40) Hi I am officer Tim Wiley, and this is officer John Dadney. Your mother just called 911.

JENNIFER LOGGINS Yes she did. Come upstairs please.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Hi, I am Mrs. Loggins and I called you to file a complaint against a strange white man in a white van who tried to kidnap my son Ralph Loggins as he was walking to the supermarket.

OFFICER TIM WILEY Are you Ralph Loggins?


OFFICER TIM WILEY Tell me about what happened.

An hour later the police leave the Loggins house and inform Jill Loggins that two detectives will contact her regarding the attempted kidnapping.



The next day Detectives Charles Shultz and Peter Hommer visit the Loggins home.


DETECTIVE CHARLES SHULTZ (45) Good afternoon Mrs. Loggins. I am Detective Shultz and this is Detective Hommer from the New Town Police department. May we come in?

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Sure come on up the stairs and have a seat in the living-room.

DETECTIVE CHARLES SHULTZ As you know Mrs. Loggins we are here on the charge of attempted kidnapping or abduction of your 21 year old son Ralph Loggins. What can you tell us about the incident? 43.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS First of all let me make it clear that Ralph is autistic, and does not react the way other people do to strangers. He doesn’t see evil in strangers. Regardless, he won the Powerball lottery a year ago for millions of dollars. His face was on TV, and in the local newspapers which made him very well known in Danbury, where we used to live. Ralph told me he was walking to the supermarket to get a small container of milk and a loaf of bread, that I had asked him to do earlier in the day before I left for work. He said a white man in a white van pulled up next to him, and asked him if his name was Ralph. He told the stranger yes, my name is Ralph, who are you? At that point in time the man pulled out a pistol and stuck it in Ralph’s face, and told him to get in the van, which Ralph did. He asked Ralph for money, but Ralph only had $2.00 on him. Then he gave Ralph a cell phone, and told him to call me and demand $10,000 ransom. Before Ralph could make the call the van hit a big pot hole in the road and the back doors of the van flung wide open and Ralph slid out of the truck from the impact. The driver did not stop and drove off. Ralph sustained cuts and scratches to his arms from falling out of the van onto the road. He ran home to tell his sister who called me at work.

DETECTIVE CHARLES SHULTZ Can your son, Ralph give us any details about the physical description of the man in the van?

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS He said the man had a hooded sweatshirt on that was black, and he had a mustache and was a white man and that is all he remembers.

DETECTIVE CHARLES SHULTZ Did Ralph see a license plate number on the van? 44.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS No, he was too frightened and could not focus on the license plate. Remember he is autistic and this incident scared him a great deal and caused him to have an emotional break-down. We cannot get him to come out of his room today. He thinks the police are going to arrest him for some reason.

DETECTIVE CHARLES SHULTZ Do you think we can have him identify the man if we have a lineup at the station.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS It is doubtful. Autistic people want to please everyone and he will be conflicted in such a situation.

TOM LOGGINS Mom when are you making lunch?

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Later Tom. I am talking to the detectives right now. You will have to wait.

DETECTIVE CHARLES SHULTZ I understand Mrs. Loggins. We will have a patrol car come by your neighborhood just to be safe. Because your son has such a high profile in winning the Powerball lottery, you are going to have to be more careful because there are a lot of crooks out there that would like to steal your money. If we get any leads we will keep you informed. Thank you for your time.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Thank you Gentlemen. It has been a most stressful couple of days. Good bye.

The Detectives leave in their car.


Bill calls from work.

FADE IN: 45.

BILL LOGGINS Hi Jill, did the detectives come yet?

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Yes, they just left.

BILL LOGGINS Do they have any leads?

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS No, not having a license plate number of more detailed description of the man is going to make catching him very difficult. They are going to have a patrol car drive by everyday to keep watch on our house. I am worried Bill.

BILL LOGGINS Stay calm for now. Has Ralph come out of his room yet?

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS No, but when I make lunch his stomach may force him to show up. He is afraid of everything, the man in the van, the police, neighbors, and so forth. I will give him one of his pills during lunch to calm him down.

BILL LOGGINS How are Tom and Jennifer reacting?

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS They are a little bit scared but having grasped the reality of almost being kidnapped yet.

BILL LOGGINS I will bring home a pizza tonight so you don’t have to cook. Talk to Ralph to get him out of his mood. Bye now.





A year later Ralph has moved into his own apartment to try and live on his own. Jennifer his younger sister, has become his buddy, and protector. Jill and Bill are disappointed that Ralph wants to live alone, but they are dealing with it.


JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS (Ring) (Ralph picks up his iPhone) Hi Ralph, you haven’t been answering your phone. How are you doing? Jennifer tells me she took you food shopping again, and you are doing well with frozen meals and peanut butter and jelly.

RALPH LOGGINS Hi Mom. I am fine. Working on some ideas for a Super-hero.(Tapping The table again and again).

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Remember Ralph Super-hero’s are only in comic books.

RALPH LOGGINS Yeah, yeah, but I have an idea or an invention I think I can make and sell.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS What is it Ralph? I would love to see what you made.

RALPH LOGGINS It is a secret for now, but I call it my Captain Retro Cube.(Tapping His head again and again).

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Who is Captain Retro Ralph?

RALPH LOGGINS I will tell you the story someday. Tell Jennifer to pick me up with the car today. I have to buy some electrical supplies.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Good. Call me once in a while. Your dad says hello. Love you Ralph. Bye. 47.


Bye Mom.

FADE OUT. Later that day Jennifer comes to visit Ralph’s apartment which is sparsely filled with furniture and everything is labeled and stored. Ralph is a neat freak and that is a good thing.


JENNIFER LOGGINS Ralph I am here with the car. I see you are keeping your apartment clean. Have you eaten anything?

RALPH LOGGINS Peanut butter and jelly sandwich for breakfast.

JENNIFER LOGGINS You should eat something more healthy Ralph like cereal or an egg and bacon.

RALPH LOGGINS Cooking takes too long.

JENNIFER LOGGINS What are you working on in your living room? It looks like a rubix cube, but with buttons and wires that actually work.

RALPH LOGGINS I am working on a smart cube that autistic people can use to fidget with, and help them focus on things.(Tapping The table again and again).

JENNIFER LOGGINS What does it do Ralph?

RALPH LOGGINS It does a lot of things and can fit in someone’s pocket. This button is the vibration mode button which makes the cube vibrate slowly to calm someone autistic down. This button here, and here are squeeze buttons to determine stress. (MORE) 48.

RALPH LOGGINS (CONT’D) When you squeeze the buttons a number comes up from 1-10 with 10 being very, very stressed. Here try it Jennifer.

JENNIFER LOGGINS That is cool Ralph. Squeeze both buttons like this? Oh, I see, and it gives you a number how stressed you are. I got a number of 3, guess I am OK, right brother?

RALPH LOGGINS There is more. I have managed to build a mother board to fit inside with a CPU like they have in computers. On one side there is a memory match game where a square lights up and, you have to find one to match it by pushing a square in. It also can match sounds with each square. If you get more than 50% right the whole cube begins lighting up and flashing with drum sounds.

JENNIFER LOGGINS Amazing. What are you going to do with this cube thing?

RALPH LOGGINS I want to train people to put it together so we can have a factory of people that are autistic and learning disabled working and earning money from our profits.

JENNIFER LOGGINS All you need is an old factory building in New Town or maybe Danbury where there are many old factories that are closed? You are going to need a lawyer Ralph, and real estate people to help you rent the building. Have you spoken to dad yet. He can get some facilities people from his old job at IBM to help clean up a factory and renovate it for assembly line production. It is going to cost a lot of money Ralph. Well you have plenty, so that is no problem. Talk to mom and dad about it tonight. (MORE) 49.

JENNIFER LOGGINS (CONT’D) I will help you get autistic teenagers and adults and learning disabled people that I work with in the county learning center.

RALPH LOGGINS Thanks Jennifer. I knew you would help. Look at these cute speakers I installed to play music and sounds. Next to the Vibration Button is the Calming Sound button that plays soothing sounds like rain on a roof, a gurgling stream, ocean waves and the like. The little sun catcher charges up the battery inside the cube. See this I put in a Chinese abacus. Actually, it is a binary abacus made out of little metal beads that send out a signal to the cpu when they are moved. It is a fun kind of calculator that keeps an autistic person’s fingers busy. A digital number shows up during adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing. I programed it into the cpu, and mother board. Flash was very helpful.

JENNIFER LOGGINS What is flash? Flash Gordon?

RALPH LOGGINS No silly, never mind. I saw a farm for sale near New Town with a barn and 100 acres. I think I can be safer there than here in my apartment. Besides I need something like a barn to manufacture my Capt. Retro Cube.

JENNIFER LOGGINS Really Ralph? Do you think anyone will buy this cube thing?




FADE IN: 50.

JENNIFER LOGGINS Ralph we are going to make an offer to buy the farm house. Let me talk and you just listen. Do you understand?

RALPH LOGGINS Yes, Jennifer you are the boss.

JENNIFER LOGGINS I have a certified letter from mom and dad permitting you to withdraw $200,000 from your bank account electronically to pay for the farm house, barn and 100 acres in full.

That will mean no mortgage to deal with and you will Jennifer and Ralph go to a real estate lawyer and make an offer in cash to buy the farm house, barn and 100 acres. Ralph’s parents approve of his paying $200,000 for the property in hopes that Ralph will develop a career.

JENNIFER LOGGINS (CONT’D) Ralph I am so excited for you in buying this wonderful old farm house and barn and 100 acres. The house is going to need some fixing up however. There are no curtains, the appliances are all old and need to be replaced and all the rooms need repainting. I can hire some of your autistic friends to help paint the farm house. We can pay them $15 dollars an hour.

RALPH LOGGINS That sounds good Jennifer. You take care of the farm house with Tom, and I will concentrate on getting the parts to manufacturer my cube concept.

Days later.

JENNIFER LOGGINS Ralph I hired some autistic people to work in your cube assembly line. You remember Billy Williams from high school. I hired him to work on the assembly line alone with Sally Mc Kenna, Jake Roster, Willie Sparks, and Donna McDougal. They are all autistic and willing to work on the cube project for $15. (MORE) 51.

JENNIFER LOGGINS (CONT’D) An hour which is much more than they would get if they worked in McDonalds or a Supermarket. Just let me know when we are ready to start the assembly line.

RALPH LOGGINS Jennifer I need you to find an engineer who specializes in setting up a factory to produce products such as the cube. Can you do that for me. I don’t know anything about setting up a factory assembly line. I also need help ordering parts in large quantities.

JENNIFER LOGGINS OK, Ralph. Tom and I will research for an Engineer that specializes in setting up factories and someone else for ordering supplies for the cubes.

RALPH LOGGINS I have been testing some prototypes of the cube and they all seem to be working the way I want them. As soon as the barn is cleaned out painted, wired correctly, Lighting installed and additional power outlets, then we should be able to start training our employees how to put together the Capt. Retro Cube.

JENNIFER LOGGINS What about packaging and shipping Ralph. Do you have an image in mind for the boxes that will contain the Capt. Retro Cube? No, but I have some ideas maybe Tom can help me draw something and then hire a graphic artist to lay out the printed sides to the Capt. Retro Cube?

JENNIFER LOGGINS Good idea. More people to hire. 52.

RALPH LOGGINS It has been a month now and everything has came together. The logo for the shipping box is finished and being sent our for a printing company to complete on a folding cardboard template. The Captain Retro cube will be in a box with a character similar to Captain America with a Shield that had the Initials CR on it in Red, white, and Blue. The entire box with be a red, white and blue motif signifying the American Flag.

JENNIFER LOGGINS That sounds great Ralph. Everyone is hired for now Ralph.

TOM LOGGINS Yeah, I had to order 2 thousand boxes for now with an option to order 3 thousand more on short notice at a reduced rate.

RALPH LOGGINS Great then we are ready to set up the assembly line. I will need everyone’s help in putting the parts at the proper place in the assembly line. I ordered plenty of rollers to allow the factory workers to pass the cube down the line to the next worker. Jennifer, you and Tom have to help me show everyone what their job will be. First, I will show you guys on a chart I made where we start. Looking at the chart, Station One is taking the two piece cube out of the box and hot gluing in place the mother board for the mini-computer inside the cube. Stage two will install the CPU on the mother board by inserting it and soldering it in place. We are going to need someone who can work with small detail and be accurate with soldering the cpu to the mother board. The third station will be to insert the buttons by drilling holes in the sides of the cube.

(MORE) 53.

RALPH LOGGINS (CONT’D) Station Four will attach the wires to a power source which will be a rechargeable watch battery. Station Five is the installation of the stress buttons and spring in the middle of the top and bottom of the cube. Also included is a tiny vibration motor to make the whole cube vibrate slowly. Station Six will be putting in a tiny receptor for a solar array for charging the cube in the sun. Also included will be the receptor for a quiet sound ear phones which are extra. Station Seven will be providing some shock material to prevent the cube from being shook around. Station eight will be glueing the two shells of the cube’s sides together. Station Nine will be packaging and putting the boxes together.

JENNIFER LOGGINS Sounds like you have it all worked out. What are Tom and I going to do?

TOM LOGGINS Yeah, Ralph what is our job. I hate factory work. My mind wanders.

RALPH LOGGINS All three of us will supervise and do quality control and mailing duties. Jennifer you are going to contact the store buyers and make them an offer to sell our Capt. Retro Cubes. They get to buy the cubes at wholesale which I figure will be around $5.99. They can retail the product for $10.99 Giving them a five dollar profit on each item sold.

TOM LOGGINS Did you consider returns and repairing them?

RALPH LOGGINS No, glad you thought of it Tom. How do we do that? 54.

TOM LOGGINS The retailers will credit returns back to the customers and then take that amount and deduct it from out bill. They will return the cubes to us to refurbish or throw out. We can fix them or mark them down as a business loss on our taxes. You will need a person once in a while to check returns and indicate if we can repair the cube. That means we have to have a way to take the cube apart without destroying it. Maybe you should come up with a way to do that Ralph?

RALPH LOGGINS Great, beginning now we have to start slowly training our employees and make sure they can put these cubes together accurately. I am hoping you and Jennifer can help me do this. You know how bad I am with socializing and getting along with people so I need your help tomorrow when we start training them.

JENNIFER LOGGINS OK, We are behind you 100%. I will work with Tom tomorrow in setting everything out for the assembly line to begin. Then we will time how long it takes to put together one cube so we can estimate how many cubes we can build five days a week with the weekends off.

RALPH LOGGINS Thanks Jennifer. You are the best sister every.

JENNIFER LOGGINS The only sister you have. (Laughing).



The first day of training five autistic young adults begins 55.

for the Capt. Retro Cube factory.


JENNIFER LOGGINS Thanks for getting here on time people. Today, Ralph, Tom and I are going to show you your new factory job. Keep in mind you do not have to work fast. Just work at the speed you are comfortable with. We will give bathroom every two hours for fifteen minutes so everyone can take a break at the same time, and start again at the same time. Let’s start with station 1-Station One is taking the two piece cube out of the box and hot gluing in place the mother board for the mini-computer inside the cube. Billy you start first, and take the two halves of a plastic cube. See the two brackets in the other box. You are going to glue the brackets in place on the inside of the cube on side 1 and side 3 as shown in the model in front of you. Go ahead try it.

Billy Williams has a slight case of autism which includes tactile issues like Ralph has and he tends to stutter when talking. Bill is 18 years of age, white, thin with blond hair and 6 feet tall.

BILLY WILLIAMS (24) AUTISTIC Ok. I glue the bracket inside the cube on this side, and then on the other side. Other side, staaa de. Sorry I stutter a lot.

JENNIFER LOGGINS I forgot to tell you have a metal ruler to mark the exact middle of the cube on the inside so the mother board will be straight inside the cube. Watch me, measure half of three inches, which is 1 1/2 or 1.5 Inches. Mark the inside with a magic marker, and then glue the bracket in place, and let it dry before you push it onto the next station. Are you good with numbers Billy? 56.

BILLY WILLIAMS Sure I am great at numbers. 1 1/2 inches and mark on the inside of the cube. Let me try it Jennifer. Ma ma Measure 1 1/2 inches from the bottom of the inside of the cube. There, now I can ga ga glue the bracket in place. When they are both dry I can glue the mother board in place. There done. How is that Jennifer?



TOM LOGGINS You go Billy.

JENNIFER LOGGINS Now we are going to Station 2-Stage two will install the CPU on the mother board by inserting it, and soldering it in place. We are going to need someone who can work with small detail and be accurate with soldering the cpu to the mother board. Sally you are good with your hands, aren’t you.

Sally McKenna is autistic and has poor eyesight and has to wear high powered glasses. She is short with brown hair in a pony tail. She is shy around strangers.

SALLY MCKENNA (28) AUTISTIC Yes, I think so Jennifer. My mother taught me how to sew my clothes.

Will that help?

JENNIFER LOGGINS Sure sewing is small detail work. Great. We are going to show you how to solder. You have to wear protective gloves so you don’t burn yourself. The first thing you are going to do is put this little spider like thing called a CPU into the four holes on the motherboard Billy just got done gluing together.

(MORE) 57.

JENNIFER LOGGINS (CONT’D) After You put the CPU in place which is easy, you take your hot solder iron and drop a little bit of silver on the edge of the cpu to prevent it from falling out of the motherboard. Here watch me Sally. Easy?

SALLY MCKENNA Now it is my turn. Take the cpu and put it into the four holes on the mother board. Take the hot solder iron, and hold it to the silver solder, and let a drop land on the edge of the cpu. Done. How is that Jennifer? I am a little nervous 1,2, 3, 4,5,6,7,8,9,10, deep breath. OK I am good now.

JENNIFER LOGGINS Fantastic Sally. You are going to be real good at this station. Next is Station 3-The third station will be to insert the buttons by drilling holes in the sides of the cube. Then putting the little buttons in the holes. Jake how about you trying station 3? Just put the template with the holes already drilled on the top of the cube and use the drill press to drill four holes and insert the little buttons in each hole. Each button has a different color, Red is first, Black is second, Green is third, and Yellow is last. There is a model done right in front of you.

Here try it Jake.

Jake is a short and heavy set young man with a crew cut style hair and a clean shaven face. Jake is autistic and has many problems learning and dealing with people in general.

JAKE POSTER (23) AUTISTIC My hand shakes a little, but I can concentrate on getting it to stop. OK? Put the cube on the drill press. Lay the template on top and drill four holes. Put the buttons in the holes, Red first, black second, green third and Yellow last. How is that? 58.

TOM LOGGINS Good job buddy. You got it perfect Jake. (Everyone claps their hands)

JENNIFER LOGGINS We are doing good so let’s move on to Station 4- Station Four will attach the wires to a power source which will be a rechargeable watch battery. Willie you are going to try Station 4. Each of the buttons have a clip to wrap a wire around which will lead to a terminal where you will insert a watch battery on the mother board where these pins are to hole the battery in place.

You can wear magnifying glasses if you want to make seeing the little wires easily. Ready Willie?

Willie Sparks is a short black man with a small mustache and dark horn-rimmed glasses and short afro hair. He is autistic and his family is very poor. Willie’s father left home when he was two and his mother Mildred has to raise him and his sisters.

WILLIE SPARKS (27) AUTISTIC I like magnifying glasses. I will wear them a lot. Four wires, each a different color. Let’s see red is first, green second, blue third, and Yellow. Put the battery on the mother board and attach the 4 wires. These twisters will make is easy to pick up the little battery. How is that?

JENNIFER LOGGINS Super job Willie. Now we are up to Station 5-Station Five is the installation of the stress buttons and spring in the middle of the top and bottom of the cube. Also included is a tiny vibration motor to make the whole cube vibrate slowly. Donna we are up to you to do Station Five. Can you keep your hands steady Donna?

Donna McDougal is a short Irish girl with red hair. She is autistic too and just graduated from High school the year before. She wears glasses to read and has issues with cold and hot weather, certain foods and the need to be neat to the point of obsession. 59.

DONNA MCDOUGAL (19) AUTISTIC I think I can keep from shaking?

Let me see I make sure the stress buttons on the top and bottom of the cube are inserted. I have to put the template on the bottom and drill a hole. Now I have to insert the spring inside from button to button next to the mother board.

The tiny vibration motor attaches to the mother board at the connection here. How does that look? This looks like fun.

JENNIFER LOGGINS You will do fine Donna. Now for Station 6-Station Six will be putting in a tiny attachment for a solar array for charging the cube in the sun. Also included will be the receptor for a quiet sound ear phones which are extra. We are up to Keith Adder now. Are you ready Keith.

Keith Adder is a tall thin young man who is autistic. He talks very low and is very shy. He has problems with his emotions and has to take medication to keep calm. He has problems socializing too.

KEITH ADDER (20) AUTISTIC I am afraid I am going to make a mistake Jennifer. I always worry about failure. Do you think I can do this Jennifer? I can’t stop tapping my leg. Maybe I should go home and sleep?

JENNIFER LOGGINS Take a deep breath Keith. You can do this. All your are going to do is insert a little hole called a receptor to hook up to ear phones and tiny attachment to connect to a tiny solar array which goes on the side of the cube like the model here.

KEITH ADDER I will give it a try Jennifer. Let see put this little metal thing in a hole for earphones to hook up. Now the connector for the tiny solar array.

(MORE) 60.

KEITH ADDER (CONT’D) Boy that is cut like a little mirror made of little tiles? Yeah, I can do this.

TOM LOGGINS Let me help Jennifer. The next station is Station Seven which will be providing some shock material to prevent the cube from being shook around. Just take this soft fiberglass material, and stuff it in and around the mother board and wires. Station eight will be glueing the two shells of the cube’s sides together. Stations 7 & 8 will be combined into one station since the task is so easy. Tom Sauer it is your turn. Try it.

Tom Sauer is a brilliant autistic college student who has problems learning concepts but can memorize anything in numbers. He has issues with talking to other people and is very critical of himself.

TOM SAUER (25) It seems easy enough to just stuff the cube with this fiberglass stuff and finally hot glueing the two sides of the cube together. I like this hot glueing gun, cool. Can I wear ear phones while working. Music keeps me focused Jennifer.

JENNIFER LOGGINS Sure Tom. Ear phones are fine if you can stay focused.

Benedict Moor is mixed race with brown skin, dark eyes and he is also autistic age 19. Alice Boondals (20) is a tall white girl built like a Swedish woman. She is autistic, yet strong physically and six feet tall with dirty blonde hair. She is very outspoken and has trouble dealing with other people.

TOM LOGGINS Benedict Moor and Alice Boondals will take care of packing and shipping in Station nine. Everyone watch carefully. The box has several sides that all fold upward and the long flap goes over the top and down into the side of the box to hold the box together. A touch of glue on the seams will hold the entire box together.

(MORE) 61.

TOM LOGGINS (CONT’D) The cube goes in the display box after the sides are up and before the top flap is glued closed. We are assigning two people because they will also have to put the boxes into cartons and put them on hand trucks to pile up for shipping to retailers. Let’s take a break for now. There are donuts and coffee or soda over on the table for you to eat and drink. Nice job gang.




A year has gone by, and the Captain Retro Cube is a major success among children and adults who are autistic, learning disabled or nervous disorders. The State of Connecticut officially cited the Captain Retro Cube for excellence in the field of products for children and adults of special needs.


JENNIFER LOGGINS Ralph it have been a little over a year since we started manufacturing the Captain Retro Cube, and we are starting to make a profit, and we have doubled our working force. That is great news. Also, we got Toys and Tools, Target, Macy’s and J.C. Penny to carry the Captain Retro Cube in the toy departments.

RALPH LOGGINS I am so glad. Everyone said I was stupid to build a cube, and now they are wrong.

TOM LOGGINS What is your next invention going to be big brother? 62.

RALPH LOGGINS I don’t know, but I was thinking of a device like an abacus that can help someone predict the numbers that might come up in a lottery based on the numbers that appear the most.

TOM LOGGINS That sounds cool. If someone wins using that product we will become millionaires many times over.

RALPH LOGGINS I guess. I have to go put on some shorts. My pants are scratching me. They are driving me crazy.

A few day later.

JENNIFER LOGGINS Ralph, Ralph you have a phone call from Toys and Tools. They want to buy the exclusive rights to manufacturer the Captain Retro Cube themselves. Here talk to them.

RALPH LOGGINS Hello, yes this is Ralph Loggins.

What is your name again? Roger Fedora, CEO of Toys and Tools.

That’s nice.

Roger Fedora is a typical lawyer looking person of medium height, mustache, glasses and pale white skin. He hair is slightly long to his ears and is brown and grey.


Yes, Mr. Loggins, we would like to meet with you and your lawyer to make an offer to buy you out regarding the patent for the Captain Retro Cube. We will make a handsome offer to buy out your patent and exclusive rights to make and distribute your product. It will make you a millionaire.

RALPH LOGGINS I am already a millionaire. What about my employees? They are all autistic or learning disabled. And they depend on this job to survive. 63.

ROGER FEDORA We will offer them a severance package which will last them a year.

RALPH LOGGINS I don’t know. I will have to talk with my sister and brother and my lawyer and then call you back. Good bye.

JENNIFER LOGGINS What do you think Ralph. Toys and Tools will make you a millionaire again, based on them buying out your patent, and exclusive rights to distribute the product around the world. That is more than we could ever do. I am just worried about out employees. We told them we would take care of them forever with a job that is easy and fun.

RALPH LOGGINS You are right. I am already a millionaire, and more than making the Captain Retro Cube, I wanted to help people like me that are autistic to find a job that they could do without having stress or a melt down when it got too hard to do. I owe them for believing in me when we started. I have to think about this a lot.

JENNIFER LOGGINS Talk with mom and dad. They might have some ideas.

RALPH LOGGINS That is a good idea.

A week later Ralph goes to his parent’s house to talk to them about the buy out offer from Toys and Tools.

RALPH LOGGINS (CONT’D) Mom and dad I have an offer from Toys and Tools to buy out the Captain Retro Cube patient and exclusive distribution rights around the world for millions of dollars.

(MORE) 64.

RALPH LOGGINS (CONT’D) We just started making a profit after a year of finding retail stores that would carry the Captain Retro Cube on their shelves. What do you think?

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS That sound wonderful Ralph. Millions of dollars to buy out the patient. Amazing. What do your think Greg?

BILL LOGGINS I think it is great too, however part of the idea to make the cube was to provide learning disabled teens and adults an opportunity to work in a low stress environment and make money to live on their own. That is a commitment, I remember you told everyone a year ago would be forever. One year is not forever.

RALPH LOGGINS I was thinking the same thing dad. It is all very confusing for me.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Ralph you need to do what is best for you and your employees. Money isn’t everything. If you sell your company, what will you do instead? You don’t like working for other people and you don’t like working with people, period.

RALPH LOGGINS You are right mom. I don’t like socializing. I like being my own boss with Jennifer and Tom helping me. We are one big family and I like that. I am going to call them back. No, I will have Jennifer call them back and turn the offer down. A week later.

JENNIFER LOGGINS Hello Mr. Fedora? This is Jennifer Loggins Vice President of Captain Retro Cube company. 65.

ROGER FEDORA Yes this is Mr. Fedora. Whom am I speaking to?

JENNIFER LOGGINS Mr. Fedora, Ralph and I, and our parents have discussed your generous offer, and have decided to turn it down for several reasons. First, it provides jobs for people of special needs, especially autistic teens and adults. Secondly, It keeps Ralph busy, and he enjoys being his own boss. I am afraid we will have to turn your offer down.

ROGER FEDORA But you haven’t even met with us yet? This could be worth millions of dollars for you and your brother.

JENNIFER LOGGINS This is not about money Mr. Fedora. It is about friends and employees that depend on this product to provide them a lifetime of working and being self sufficient.

ROGER FEDORA I wish you would change your mind.

JENNIFER LOGGINS No, we are firm in our resolution.

Thank you for making the offer.

Have a good day. Good bye.

When Jennifer gets off the phone Mr. Fedora has an emotional fit, and begins throwing things around his office at Toys and Tools.

ROGER FEDORA I can’t believe that idiot would sell his patient? I will be god dammed, we are going to copy that product, and steal it from him one way or another. Sally call the inhouse lawyer Bill Sawyer. I want to talk to him about getting this product. 66.

SALLY DORMAN (34) SECRETARY TOYS AND TOOLS Yes Mr. Fedora. I will call him right away.

Minutes later.

WILLIAM SLATER (60) IN HOUSE COUNSEL Mr. Fedora, what is up?

ROGER FEDORA Bill there is a hot product on the market invented by a brilliant autistic young man called the Captain Retro Cube. It has sold millions of units in just one year after hitting the retail market. I made this young man an offer in the millions to buy out his patent and exclusive rights to distribution and he turned me down. He is loyal to his factory workers that are mostly autistic or learning disabled and totally dependent on him for a salary and a living.

WILLIAM SLATER What do you want to do Roger? We could make a close copy, and try to market it. We could reverse engineer it if you want. Or on the dark side we could hire an operative to try and steel the blueprints on how the cube is made and what is inside?

ROGER FEDORA If we have to hire an operative, I do not want my name associated with paying this individual in any way. I could be fired from my position as CEO if we got caught.

WILLIAM SLATER I understand Roger. I will work through a third party who will not identify where the stolen blueprints are going and who is paying for this operation to take place. Payment will be made in cash so there is no paper trail. Do you want me to proceed Roger? 67.

ROGER FEDORA Yes, yes, get that bastard’s blueprints so we can blow him out of the water. After all we are Toys and Tools and no one tells us no. Report back to me when you discover something substantial. Now we are going to play hard-ball.

WILLIAM SLATER Yes Sir. I will contact a third party and request he try to steal the blue prints. I will let you know what we uncover.

ROGER FEDORA Remember, we never had this discussion and make sure my name can not be traced to this third party. OK, have a nice day Bill.



Six months later Ralph, Jennifer, and Tom and other employees are busy shipping orders out to Costco, Macy’s and J.C. Penny’s from their barn house factory.


TOM LOGGINS Well that is the last of the boxes to ship out today. It took seven hours, but all the boxes being shipped to Costco, Macy’s and J.C. Penny’s are taped, labeled and ready to be shipped. I will have a UPS truck come by tomorrow to pick up the boxes. Phew that was a lot of work. Good job guys.

JENNIFER LOGGINS I wish we had robots to do this work. I have never seen so many boxes ready to be shipped. We cannot increase our production any more than we are doing right now. At times that Toys and Tools offer looks good. Only kidding. 68.

RALPH LOGGINS I cannot believe how much work there is just to ship a few thousand boxes? Man this is real work.

JENNIFER LOGGINS (Laughing) See what you started Ralph, Captain Retro. (Laughing). I’ll set the digital alarm system before we go home for the night guys.

TOM LOGGINS OK, remembered you volunteered. I am out of here. I have a date tonight with a new girl friend. See you tomorrow gang.

Jennifer goes to the master digital alarm system and throws all the switches to on including the Barn and the offices in the Farm house.

JENNIFER LOGGINS OK, 30 seconds to get out of her folks. Come on Ralph the place is in lock-down until tomorrow morning.

RALPH LOGGINS I beat you out of the offices Jennifer.

All the employee cars pull away and Ralph goes upstairs to his personal apartment to relax and play electronic games. Very carefully he sets out six glasses of soda and fills up each one as he drinks down each glass of soda.

FADE OUT. Later that evening. A truck quietly pulls into the farm property of Ralph Loggins and turns off it’s lights.

FADE IN: James Boucher is an unshaven heavy set man and a drunk. He is always smoking a cigar and wears dark baggy clothing. He was once a lawyer who got disbarred and now works illegally as a spy and thief for corporations.


Benny have you got the flashlight?

I will carry the bag of tools. We believe the blue prints for the box are in the cabinet in the office in the farm house.

(MORE) 69.

JAMES BOUCHER (50) CORPORATE SPY AND The second possibility is the factory in the barn. It looks like they have a complete alarm system with outside cameras. Benny you cut the wires to the system and plug in the fake switch box and that should prevent the alarm from going off. I have a set if lock master keys that should work, otherwise I am going to have to pick the locks. When I get into the office you take the bolt cutter and cut the locks off the file cabinets.

Benny is a small fat grubby and dirty men who is unshaven and dirty looking. He wears dark rimmed glasses and has a distinctive large nose.

BENNY DECOSTAL (50) BURGLAR I got this Jim. These guys are amateurs. The electrical system is old fashioned and will be easy to cut.

JAMES BOUCHER We will leave the car here and walk into the farm from here. I don’t believe they have a dog. The apartment is upstairs, so be quiet.

BENNY DECOSTAL Yeah let’s go, I am getting nervous.

Minutes later both thieves walk up to the farm house in the dark.

BENNY DECOSTAL (CONT’D) (Whispering) The wire is cut and the transfer box is hooked up. We’re good to go.

JAMES BOUCHER The lock is a little rusty but I got it. Let’s go the file cabinet is over there. Cut the lock.

BENNY DECOSTAL Cut the lock. (whispering)

JAMES BOUCHER I can’t find any blueprint files. Damm where the hell are they? Nothing is in alphabetical order. Who the hell filed these files, a monkey?

(MORE) 70.

JAMES BOUCHER (CONT’D) Damm, damm I cannot find anything.

Let’s go to the barn. Maybe we can find something there?

Both thieves walk quietly in the dark over to the barn fifty yards away.

BENNY DECOSTAL There is an electronic camera in front of the barn. We are going to have to cut the wire to it or it is going to film us. Unfortunately, it is 18 feet or more up on the front of the barn. I don’t have a ladder. We are screwed. Stay in the dark on the right side of the barn. I have to figure this out.

JIM BORCHERS Hurray up fool, the lights just went on in the apartment over the office. He may have woken up?

Meanwhile, Ralph hears some noise in the night and sat bolt up right listening to the sounds of the night. He puts on the light in his bedroom.

BENNY DECOSTAL Oh, shit I stepped in a water can. Damm my foot is all wet now.

JIM BORCHERS Shut up. You made so much noise the upstairs apartment lights just went on. Let’s get out of here before the cops come.

FADE OUT. The next day at the Toys and Tools corporate office in Wayne, New Jersey two hours away from New Town, Connecticut.


ROGER FEDORA, CEO OF TOYS AND TOOLS (On his cell phone) Hello Bill, how did the raid go?

WILLIAM SLATER Not good. Our agents got into the office but could not find the blueprints and when they got to the barn it has a security camera 18 feet up in the air. They got nothing. I am sorry. They almost got caught since they woke up the tenant upstairs from the office. 71.

ROGER FEDORA, CEO OF TOYS AND TOOLS This is real bad news. I was planning on copying those blueprints and putting a copy of the Captain Retro Cube into production. Now I have to nix the whole thing. Did you pay off our friends in cash?

WILLIAM SLATER There is no trace back to you. They got their cash and are long gone.

ROGER FEDORA, CEO OF TOYS AND TOOLS Let’s never talk of this again Bill.


SCENE 2- INT.-CAPTAIN RETRO OFFICES 9:00 A.M.-DAY. The next morning.


RALPH LOGGINS Jennifer I am glad you got here early. Someone broke into the office last night and cut the wires to the alarm system too. I heard a bucket falling over near the barn last night and woke up. I looked out the window and could see nothing. Should we call the Police?

JENNIFER LOGGINS Definitely Ralph. I will call 911 right away. Did they take anything? What were they looking for?

RALPH LOGGINS The file cabinet lock was cut and the draws were open but I don’t see any missing files yet. There are so many files, I don’t know what they were looking for? 72.

JENNIFER LOGGINS That was very strange. They went through all this effort to break in, so there must have been something they were looking for? Did they get into the barn?

RALPH LOGGINS No, the barn is still locked. The security camera shows two men in the darkness looking up at the camera and then running away.

TOM LOGGINS Good morning guys. How come no one opened the barn yet?

RALPH LOGGINS We had a break in.

TOM LOGGINS What do you mean break in?

JENNIFER LOGGINS Someone broke into the office, and tried to steal something, but we don’t know what it was. They cut the lock in the file cabinet, so that must be where they were looking? I called the Police, and they will be here shortly.

TOM LOGGINS Holy crap we had a real break-in. What is that all about?



Sergeant Gosling is a partially bald, tall man, 6ft.2”, with a small mustache, partially greying hair, short cut style with a Boston accent.


SERGEANT MAX GOSLING (55) I understand you had a break in last night Ms. Loggins? 73.

JENNIFER LOGGINS Yes, someone broke into the office and cut the lock off the file cabinet but nothing seems to be stolen.

SERGEANT MAX GOSLING That seems very strange. They cut the security wires and attached a device to fool the security system. Now that seems very professional to me. What is it that you keep in the office that is of great value?

JENNIFER LOGGINS We don’t keep any cash in the office because most of our business is all credit. We keep the blueprints to the Captain Retro cube locked in the file cabinet stored under a false name.

SERGEANT MAX GOSLING Has anyone threatened you or your brothers lately?

RALPH LOGGINS Hi Jennifer, is this the Policeman you called?

JENNIFER LOGGINS Yes Ralph. Ralph this is Sergeant Gosling. He is investigating the break in. Can you show the officer the video recording for the barn from last night?

RALPH LOGGINS Yeah I have it on tape. Let me bring it up on the computer. See two men were outside the barn hiding in the shadows. They are looking at the camera and then they duck into the darkness out of range of the camera. The camera is mounted 18 feet up in the air and can focus up to 50 feet in all directions in front of the barn but not the sides.

SERGEANT MAX GOSLING Can I have a copy of that recording for evidence Mr. Loggins? 74.

RALPH LOGGINS Sure I can burn it to a DVD for you. It will just take a minute.

SERGEANT MAX GOSLING I just need to take some pictures of the cut lock, cabinet and the front door lock and I will be able to file my report. Do you have insurance to cover break-ins? If so I can give you a statement for the insurance company.

JENNIFER LOGGINS Than you Sergeant Gosling. Yes, we have insurance for liability and security break-ins with New York Insurance company.

SERGEANT MAX GOSLING I will be in touch in a few days when I finish filing my report. I will as the Chief of Police to make sure a cruiser passes by your property a few times each night. Have a good day.


Good bye.



Everything in Ralph’s apartment is neatly in place. He is a neat freak and has to have everything in place so he can find it when he wants to. He is neat to the point of obsession.Ralph and Jennifer are sitting at the kitchen table and talking.


RALPH LOGGINS You know Jennifer when people called me retarded, and retro, I was very hurt that they seemed to make fun of me for being different. (MORE) 75.

RALPH LOGGINS (CONT’D) Since then I have the last laugh by making a product that is making us millions of dollars yearly, and I used that stupid name Retro, and turned it into a Super Hero product. Now what do I do? Things almost seemed to easy with all the money I have.

JENNIFER LOGGINS Why don’t we reach out to the schools in Connecticut, and teach them how to feel like a Super Hero with good work values and personal respect for themselves?

RALPH LOGGINS That is a great idea Jennifer. How do we do that?

JENNIFER LOGGINS Let’s run a State wide contest to determine a Super Hero who had done something for someone else that deserves recognition with the Captain Retro Super Hero Award. We can give them a red cape with Captain Retro Super Hero on the back, and money in the form of a scholarship to use at any school or college they wish to attend.

RALPH LOGGINS How are we going to do that and travel around the State promoting our campaign for Super-Heros?

JENNIFER LOGGINS We could put Tom in charge more and ask mom and dad if they want to get involved with the factory and shipping. We could pay dad more money than he makes from the State and allow him to become involved in something his son created. Mom is good at bookkeeping, so she could take over the accounts payable and receivable. How does that sound for a plan. Meanwhile, you and I can travel around the State to Elementary schools, Middle schools and maybe high schools? 76.

RALPH LOGGINS Can I dress up as a Super-hero?

JENNIFER LOGGINS Why not you are the CEO? Let’s show kids that they can dream, and make their dreams come true. Let’s show them the Capt Retro Cube, and allow them to invent something they can make and sell.

RALPH LOGGINS Cool, I am excited already. You are a genius Sister Jennifer.

JENNIFER LOGGINS I have a lot to do first. I need to talk with mom and dad about our idea, and then I need to hire someone to work with me on the State wide campaign for Developing Good Super Heros. We have to create flyers and send letters to all the Superintendents of School districts and school principals to generate interest. If we put something like a donation to the school of $1,000 for technology equipment at their school for participating in the Super Hero Program.

A week later.

JENNIFER LOGGINS (CONT’D) Mom have you got a minute? Ralph, Tom and I have an offer to make. We want to take the Capt Retro Cube and Personality Development program state-wide to all the public and private schools with presentations and clinics where we can encourage kids of all ages to try and invent something useful and perhaps marketable like the Capt. Retro Cube.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS That sounds wonderful. I am so happy for all three of you working together. How can I help?

JENNIFER LOGGINS Ralph, Tom and I want you and dad to join us in running the Capt. Retro Cube factory and accounts. (MORE) 77.

JENNIFER LOGGINS (CONT’D) We will pay you more than you are earning from the State of Connecticut, with full benefits.

Tom is being promoted to factory manager and we cannot travel around the State without someone we trust to take over the shipping and accounts while we travel to schools and deliver our Super Hero message for all students to allow themselves to dream and come up with inventions.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Wow, that is a great offer, but I have to talk it over with your father first to see if he is onboard.

JENNIFER LOGGINS Thanks Mom. We can be the Loggins family working together as partners in a multi-million dollar business. Did I tell you the Toys and Tools tried to buy us out by the way for millions of dollars for the patient and full access to selling the Capt. Retro Cube world-wide.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Really? I didn’t know. What a great offer. Did you accept?

JENNIFER LOGGINS No, we turned them down, because Ralph needs something to do the rest of his life and building the Capt. Retro Cube is his mission in life. We decided that we could take people laughing at a Super Hero and turn it into something positive like personality development clinics and encouraging all students normal or with learning disabilities to dream and follow through with their dreams like Ralph did with his life.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS I am so very touched at your ideas Jennifer. You make me very proud to be your mother. I will talk to you dad tonight. 78.

JENNIFER LOGGINS Thanks mom. See you later.



Jennifer, Ralph and Tom’s parents join the Capt. Retro Cube corporation and help to run the program while Jennifer and Ralph and staff tour the State of Conn. Public and private schools with the Super-Hero Personality Booster Days. A thousand dollar donation is offered each school that has any student in its school that qualifies with an invention that is accepted in the State finals; whether they win first or not.


JENNIFER LOGGINS Ralph we are going on our first Capt. Retro Cube clinic today at two schools in Stamford, Conn.

RALPH LOGGINS That sounds great. I have been working on my speech and costume. This should be fun.

JENNIFER LOGGINS We are taking two vans. One van will carry us and the music and setup staff for the clinic. The second van will carry free Capt. Retro Cubes for everyone in each school. About 1800 cubes is what we estimate. The Principal of each school will introduce you and I to the students and they I will tell them how you won the Powerball lottery and put your winnings to a good cause helping other autistic children and adults with an electronic fidget cube device.

RALPH LOGGINS My job is to explain how the cube works. Should we hand the cubes out first or after the clinic.

JENNIFER LOGGINS If we hand the cubes out before the speeches they will not be listening as they play with the cubes. 79.

RALPH LOGGINS Right, good idea. How far is Stanford?

JENNIFER LOGGINS About an hour south of New Town.

RALPH LOGGINS Did you pack the red capes with the Captain Retro logo on them?

JENNIFER LOGGINS Yup, we have 500 capes for outstanding students that the Principal and teachers have identified as helping other students and setting a positive example to other students.




PRINCIPAL TOM WATES, COLUMBUS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (45) (Speaking over the PA system) Attention students and teachers. We are having a special assembly program today at 9:30 in ten minutes. The young CEO of Capt.

Retro Cubes will be here with his support team to celebrate Super Hero day. All the students in every class that have been identified as deserving of the Capt. Retro Award will be given a free Capt. Retro Cube and a Super Hero Cape with the Capt. Retro logo on the back.

30 minutes later.

PRINCIPAL TOM WATES, COLUMBUS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (CONT’D) Welcome students and teachers. I have the proud honor to introduce the Sister of CEO Ralph Loggins, Jennifer Loggins. Jennifer will tell you a little about her brother and how special his life has been. (MORE) 80.

PRINCIPAL TOM WATES, COLUMBUS Please pay careful attention to what they have to say. After their talks we will have all the Capt.

Retro award winners come up here on the stage to accept their awards for being a Super hero to other students. And here is Ms. Jennifer Loggins

JENNIFER LOGGINS Good morning students of Columbus Elementary School. My brother Ralph and I and our support staff are happy to be here today to talk about giving to your fellow students and being a Super-hero, dreaming and fulfilling your dreams. Let me tell you a little about my brother Ralph. Ralph was born slightly autistic and the Doctors at that time 23 years ago did not know what to do for autistic children. My mother had to go to many Doctors to find out what she could do for Ralph. Being autistic is about seeing things differently than others. Sometimes clothes rubbing against Ralph’s skin bothers him. Being social is very difficult for him also. He is exceptionally bright when it comes to Math and memorizing things but Foreign Language is hard for him. Our family has always been supportive of Ralph even when he has a melt down in a stressful situation. It was Ralph who after reading a lot of articles on the odds of winning a lottery can be predicted to some extent, so he applied a formula he learned from a Brazilian Professor in an online article to the Connecticut Powerball Lottery. The formula applied a formula based on the numbers that had shown up in the last two years of the Powerball Lottery and predicted the best choices at that time to win. Ralph purchased $50 dollars in Powerball lottery tickets three years ago and believe it or not he won $170 million dollars. How about that? Let’s give Ralph a big hand. (MORE) 81.

JENNIFER LOGGINS (CONT’D) What did Ralph do with all the money? He invented a tool or fidget toy for autistic children and adults and people that had learning disabilities or just nervous habits to help them focus or destress. I am going to let Ralph explain to you how the Capt. Retro Cube got it’s name, and how the electronic functions work. Here is my brother CEO Ralph Loggins. Let’s give him a big hand. (Clapping)

RALPH LOGGINS Hi everyone. Glad to be here today. Lots of people ask, how did I come up with the name Captain Retro. Well, people used to always call me names for being autistic and different in school. They used to call me retarded, and it hurt me. Why they did not like me. They called me a retro too. When I won the Powerball lottery, everyone in the world wanted me to give them money. They were so jealous I got more, and more insults such as retard, retarded, retro, and Captain Retro. I was depressed at all the name calling, just because I was rich and they were not. I decided to take something negative and turn it into something positive, so I invented the cube for fidgeting for autistic students and adults. It also works well for nervous people. I called the electronic cube the Capt. Retro Cube to make all those names people called me become something positive instead. Here is the cube (holding it up in the air) Each one of you that have been identified as giving to your fellow students and supporting them and not being selfish get one of these cubes free today. On the top of the cube is a squeeze button and on the bottom of the cube also. When you are having stress you squeeze the two buttons and the cube reads 1-10 in a small meter with 10 being highly stressed and 1 being no stress. The Capt. (MORE) 82.

RALPH LOGGINS (CONT’D) Retro cube also has calming features like a soft vibration mode or the soft low sound mode. One side has a rough surface for rubbing your hand across or a finger to help focus. The battery is hooked up to a tiny solar sensor which charges the battery if left out in the sun. A clip is attached to one corner to secure it to a lanyard to put around your neck so you don’t lose your cube. Lastly, the cube is small enough to put in your pocket and it has a location sensor which works with any iPhone to identify your location on a map, so in case you get lost your parents can easily find you on their iPhone. Lastly, the cape I am wearing is to remind you that anyone can become a Super-hero if they dream and treat other people with respect and loyalty. Every winner of the Capt. Retro Award today in every classroom will receive a free Super-hero Cape. Maybe we can set up Super-hero day every year at your school to encourage treating your friends with respect and especially students with autism and learning disabilities. I am going to give the mic to your Principal to call up the Capt. Retro award winners to come up to the stage and receive their free cube and cape. Let’s give all the winner now and future winner a big hand. Thank you.

PRINCIPAL TOM WATES, COLUMBUS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Thank you CEO Ralph Loggins and Jennifer Loggins. And now I am going to announce the 575 students that are going to be honored today.

After all 550 students came up on the stage, and received their award a group photo was taken and the Principal thanked everyone for coming and dismissed them back to their classrooms. 83.

PRINCIPAL TOM WATES, COLUMBUS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (CONT’D) On a personal note I want to thank you Ralph and Jennifer for providing a positive image for our students to copy Your visit today has been a real positive boost for our school spirit. Thank you and come again next year.

RALPH LOGGINS It has been our pleasure Principal Wates.

JENNIFER LOGGINS Well we have to run. We have another school assembly in an hour from now. Thank you Principal Wates.

Ralph, Jennifer and their support staff pack up and leave for the next school.

RALPH LOGGINS I am so glad I managed to get my whole speech out without mumbling.

JENNIFER LOGGINS You did great Ralph. I was a little nervous too. Now Captain Retro, Super Hero has become a house-hold name. You did well brother despite all the criticism you stood up to the bullies and shamed them.


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