The College Adjunct vs. Full Time Professor Syndrome

Adjunct Professor in Colleges or UniversitiesAdjunct Professor in Medical CollegesFull-time College and University Professors
Not an on campus commitment or availability to studentsNot an on campus commitment, available only for lectures since they are Medical Doctors with their own practice that makes hundreds of thousands of dollars.Available office hours, accessible to students and able to provide guidance for those that need it.Involved in college or Univ. committees.
Whip in whip out mentalityWhip in whip out mentalityGenerally stays after lectures and in no hurray to go elsewhere.
Seldom serve on college committeesSeldom serve on any college committees.Always serve on college committees to achieve tenure
Seldom show up for graduation ceremoniesSeldom show up for graduation ceremoniesAlways there for College graduation ceremonies
Often guilty of being unprepared for their lecture or classOften present lectures that are over the heads of first and second year medical students.They have plenty of time on campus to prepare their lectures.
Underpaid and no medical benefitsSet fee for visiting lecturers which in no way compares to a Doctor’s normal income.Considerably well paid with full benefits and pension plans.
Sometimes Adjuncts lack teaching experience for colleges or UniversitiesMany Doctors have expertise in their profession but little or no teaching experience.Full time professors are full time teachers and regard themselves as such.
Out of the loop with on campus communicationOut of the loop with on campus communicationAlways in touch with on campus communication
Sometimes use Blackboard if trained to do soSeldom use Moodle or BlackboardAlways use Moodle or Blackboard to assist students
Often lacking in test construction experienceUsually unable to create well constructed medical test  questions.Experience year after year and in training courses had helped full time professors develop well constructed tests
Evaluation system by students a popularity contest and not effectiveEvaluation system of adjuncts based on department chair observations which are few and far betweenFormal evaluation system by peers and or chairmen on a regular basis with a yearly report.

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