written by Dr. Pelham Mead

Xlibris publishers, 2018

For Sale on Amazon.com or www. xlibris.com

This historical novel is based on the Bible and historical research based on the Dead Sea scrolls and Historical commentaries. The first part of the story is based on the Holy Family fleeing into Egypt from Herod who killed all first born male infants to prevent a new King of Judea. The oral and written tradition of the Egyptian Coptic christian church tells of the eight years the Holy Family wandered from city to city with Heroes Army a day or so behind them.

The second part of the story tells about Jesus or Jeshua as he was called as a teenager and his friendship with his cousin John. Jesus and John came to be involved with the Jewish Essenes group. Jesus on Mount Carmel community and John at the Essenes living on the Dead Sea. the Bible never tells the reader how Jesus came to be a healer and where he got all the training, after all he was the son of a builder and when his father died he had to take over the building business to support his family. Jesus had many brothers that helped him in the building business which allow him to seek a more spiritual side of his personality. The Essenes like the Saducces and Pharisees were an important society in Jewish life in those days of 30AD. The Essenes had a “Righteous Leader a hundred years before, but he was killed.” They prayed for another Righteous leader to come and save them and Jesus fit the bill. The Mount Carmel Essenes trained Jesus to be a healer and medicine expert. They also trained him to become a Rabbi using their laws and customs such as Baptism daily, and praying for a Messiah or Righteous Leader to come and save them from the Romans and the evil Priests in Jerusalem . The Lord’s Pray was the Essene Prayer with on line to Mother Earth, which Jesus removed. All of the savings on the Mount by Jesus are ideas the Essenes created, turn the other cheek, Love your neighbor as yourself, pray for the poor, the meek, etc.. It was the Essenes that got John the Baptist to start his career with Baptism to remove sins of the flesh. The Christian church in the first and second century removed all mention of the Essenes from the New Testament to place the emphasis on Jesus and miracles rather than the tradition of the Essenes and their peaceful ways.

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