Professors that Graduate from my Teacher Learning Center tutoring in 2001-2002 at the College of Mount Saint Vincent.

The Castle and Admissions center on the campus of the College of Mount Saint Vincent
DR. Mead
Dr. Pelham Mead III in my Columbia University Doctoral Robes
college logo
student Graduation 2002
Dr. Susan Apold 2002, and Dr. Kerrigan, Chemistry
Kathy, Barbara and Dr. Kerrigan
Smart Classroom teaching
Sister Pat teaching in a Smart Classroom 2002
John the Music Professor and College organist 2002
Sister Edward dressed up as Santa at 2002 Christmas Party
Teaching Biology
Professor Pat Grove, Biology teacher and technology supporter
Kathy and Pel Mead at Graduation 2001
Two Biology professors and a Priest
Bernadette, Professor Sociology and Py Live Sun, TLC secretary 2002
Teaching Assistant Christine working with Professor Kathy Flaherty in the TLC room.
Professor Arlene Moliterno teaching in a Smart Classroom with animated Powerpoint slides.
Nursing snack room converted into a Smart Classroom 4th floor annex, College of Mount Saint Vincent
Py Liv Sun , TLC secretary working hard in the TLC
Dr. Mead and Sister Edward
Fran, Director of Communications 2002
Professors waiting for Graduation 2002
college Provost 2002 Dr. Greene
The first Professor to teach in a Smart Classroom rm. 310
TLC web site the College of Mount Saint Vincent
Professors chatting before Graduation 2002
Bob Coleman, Dean of Communications 2002 Christmas party
President Flynn singing at the first Christmas party 2002
John, Py Liv, Christine and Pel Mead 2002
The Biology Lecture hall after remodeling as a Smart classroom thanks to the Title V grant funds. Note the large electric screen and the wall mounted TV in the background. WIFI was also installed as well as a new ceiling projector.

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