by Dr. Pelham Mead

My Ten best High Concepts are: Proseries 60- Pelham Mead

1- Solar Space Pirate– Jake Johnson is an international playboy, and Hawk Space Academy drop-out who reunites with his ex-girlfriend, Veronica Green, from the Academy, and helps her to chase down a Space pirate, Count Von Wertz, who uses a stolen Solar Sailing Space ship called the Green dragon to intercept gold ore cargo space ships traveling from Mars to Earth.
2- I Saved President Lincoln– Based on the true story of  Kate Warne, the first female Pinkerton agent in history, who discovers a plot to assassinate President Elect Abraham Lincoln, and helps to convince President Elect Lincoln to change his train schedule to avoid being killed.
3-Don’t be Square– A story about teaching junior high in the 1960’s and 1970’s amid all the social issues of the civil rights movement, free drug era, free sex era, and the conflict between the administration and the teachers.
4– Captain Retro– An autistic young man plans for, and wins the Powerball lottery for four million dollars, and hopes to become a Super-hero, but that is not in the cards for his future.
5-The Glaive of Light (Sword of Light)- A fantasy story set in Celtia, Ireland, 100 b.c. where a small person, Kenkenny, becomes the Keeper of the Glaive of Light by the Good and Bad Gods and sent on a mission to find a good person of pure heart to use the Glaive for the good of mankind.
6– The Personal Diary of Anne of Cleves– A personal diary of one of the most famous Queens of England and how she survived not getting her head cut off by King Henry VIII.
7- The Seabury Chronicles– A modern day Genealogist and College Professor attempts to track down the personal secretary of his great, great, great Grandfather who lost millions in negotiable bonds when the secretary stole all the bonds, disappeared and was never caught. He takes revenge on the descendants of the secretary when he discovers where they are living.
8– A Teacher Goes to War– Based on a true story, a College Professor from Maine, with no military training, joins the Northern Army in the Civil War, only to find himself in the middle of the Battle of Gettysberg defending Little Round Top Hill.
9-Sister Angelina CIA Nun– Based on the real murder of three Nuns in Burundi, Africa, an Ex-Nun is hired by the CIA, and the Vatican Holy See to investigate the murder of three Nuns in Burundi, Africa from inside the Kamenge convent.
10- Destiny- A Robot self manned space ship heads to the Alpha Centuri system with specimens of the best sperms and eggs mankind could offer to replant a new population on another planet, only to get turned around in a black hole in space, and sent back to Earth in another time. The Robot following its Prime Directive and is confused, and attempts instead, to fertilize major leaders in history to change their original time line.

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