Written by Dr. Pelham Mead. Ed.D.

Adobe Photo Course Class Guide for the Beginner Course
Instructor: Dr. Pelham Mead, ED.D.

Part I– Introduction to Graphics
Terminology, vector graphics, clipart, true pictures, images, pixels, anti-aliasing
Computer Basics-saveas important, copy and paste, reading file size in My Computer
Types of Adobe Photo programs by Adobe: Adobe Photo, Photo LE, Photo Deluxe.
20 Picture formats .bmp,.gif .tif .jpg  
Learning the Toolbar (over five classes 15 hrs. only)
Color Palettes
Vector graphics and raster graphics (pixels vs. mathematical formula)
Part II– The Input tools to learn how to use- Scanners and Digital Cameras
How to use a scanner (using Adobe Photo shop to scan) Everyone will master this skill.
Twain driver and what it is (not Mark Twain)
Converting scanner .tif file endings to .gif and .jpg  , saveas vs. export commands
How to use a Digital Camera  Everyone will have an opportunity to master this skill
Importing pictures in .jpg format, .gif, .bmp, tif , etc. differences in applications
Part III-The Adobe Photo Toolbar
Project #1-Working with the Cropping tool (marquee)
Opening a 10 photos in Adobe Photo (use sample photos if available)
Using the Marquee Icon to crop a picture (4 different icons available)
Drag the dotted box outline around the portion of the picture you want to keep.
Cropping and Saveas a photo
Practice makes perfect. Each student is to scan ten photos and save them on floppy disks as .jpg compressed pictures. Some students will be working in pairs with the digital cameral saving pictures they took in class of other students. All students will need at least ten photos to work on with cropping.
Project#2– Changing the size of a Picture to allow for a faster load time in a Web page.    Sometimes reducing the size of a picture is necessary for a web site for a faster load time. Otherwise pictures need to be reduced to fit in a newsletter or brochure.
.bmp format should never be used since they are unusually large and cannot be easily worked with.
Information about working with Palettes (developing drawing and editing skills)
The color/swatches/brushes group*The Navigator/Info/Options group *The layers/channels/paths group*The actions palette (repetitive tasks that can be played back)Selecting Palettes
Hiding Palettes
Moving Palettes

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