Sample Lesson plan 2 for Adobe Photoshop curriculum

by Dr. Pelham Mead Ed.D.

Adobe Photoshop 5.0 Session II -Assignments

Your password to has been assigned by Dr. Mead. e-mail him or ask in class what your password is to gain access.

The second week we will be using two scanners which will take some time and a third station will be working with a digital camera and saving the .jpg pictures on your floppy disk. This will take a considerable amount of time, so as each student rotates around from one of the scanners to their own computer, the following work needs to be done on Adobe Photoshop:

  1. Scan and crop at least 5-10 pictures
    and lighten them if necessary.
  2. Dr. Mead is going to come around and work individually with every student in the class and help each adult with the assignments.
  3. Go back to the orange Rose picture on the cd-rom and color in the petals, save to your floppy.
  4. Using the Lasso took, cut out the Lillypicture, loaded on this site or get it off the cd-rom or a floppy in class.
    move the lilly to another frame and fill in the background with black using the paint can icon. Remember to click the bent arrow to change the front and background color squares.
    5.If you have a personal picture that has something distracting in the background try to color it out by enlarging the picture, select the brush and shape and color and carefully color out the distraction. Be careful to match the color by eye or use the eye dropper to sample the color of the background object.
  5. Please save all your pictures so you can show them next week to Dr. Mead. Some pictures can be sent to Dr. Mead via e-mail to save time in class if you have e-mail.

Make sure you are comfortable with the lasso tool, the marquee tool, the magic wand and the pick tool (move tool) since these tools will be used Week Three for the Mr. Melonhead project.

If you have the textbook or otherwise read the instructions at home about the Mr. Melonhead project so You are familiar with what is being done. Look at the completed picture in the book. The completed picture has been removed from the cd-rom in class but it will be shown on the screen during the entire class so you can see what you have to create.

Bring pictures pre-scanned in the future or on cd-rom to save class scanning time. We will not be able to have everyone scan every week or we will never get anything done, so what ever you can do in advance to get your pictures saved digitally at home in .gif format or .jpg format compressed.

Any questions at home…e-mail Dr. Mead..

Orange Rose Picture Magnify the picture, and use the paint brush to color in petals Save as a .jpg and export as a Gif
Bear Mountain Picture Use the crop tool and crop out the black line on the right Save as a .jpg and export as a .gif also.
Iona Island Picture Crop out the bushes, darken the sky Export as a .gif
Orange Frog Using the Lasso tool, outline and move Ctrl.key and mouseRemember to create a second picture to move the Frog . Save as a .jpg
10 Personal PicturesScan at least 2-5 picsBring the rest in on cd-rom or computer disk. Crop, lighten or darken, and remove any spots with paint brush. Edit our distracting objects or background. Export as .gif
Print ONE only in color if time allows. Color printer prints very slow so don’t wait till the last 30 minutes to print.
Yellow Lily picture Create a blank box first, then Lasso practice, outline and move ctrl. Key and Hold mouse button. Save as a .jpg
Yellow Lily of the fields Once you move the lily color the background any color and hold down the Alt. Key and the left mouse button and a copy of the lily will be created. Create a field of lilies. Save as a .jpg and export as a .gif
Practice Use of Lasso and marquee tools on Personal pictures.
Try to finish all these assigments Today Session II
Session Three– Mr. Melonhead project-Mar.31st See Lab Manual Instructions Print out in color the final product

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