From the Notes of Dr. Pelham Mead, Director of the College of Mount Saint Vincent Title V Hispanic Serving Institution Grant 2001-2005.

These are the actual notes for Mar. 19, 2002 when I was the Director of the Teacher Learning Center. Dr. Green was the Provost at the time and Dr. Richard Flynn was the President of the College. We had 1.1 million dollars in a Title V grant to use over five years from the US Dept. of Education.

Teacher Learner Center
Rm. 412, Admin. Bldg.
College of Mount Saint Vincent
Dr. Pel Mead, Director of the TLC

Meeting on Mar. 19, Wed.

  1. 6 Month budget review Title V Grant
    a) Extensive repair problems with Cables , VCRs
    b) Delayed bills from the Facilities Department 9 months late
    c) Equipment budget exhausted and Outside contractors due to repairs and unexpected bills and no allowance for repairs in the Grant. College must assume costs for repairing VCRs/DVDs and wiring and Smart Classroom repairs.
  2. Progress in online training Web Sites
  3. The server problem
    a) Consultant hired…DNS server problem
    b) OIT to repair with Linnux box?
    c) Two months later no progress or report as to progress.
    d) Lack of communication with OIT, Andrea Joba…no meetings and no communication what is going on with the DNS server problem and the Banner project.
    e) Tawana’s position and responsibility and remainder of staff and their jobs no clear. No real communication as to who is doing what.
    Chain of command for Banner Project and the Chain of Command of Title V Grant Funds and approval procedures

4- Need for a monthly or frequent meetings between Andrea Joba, regarding Banner issues and technology related issues that overlap OIT and Shared Department of Computer Services. Year IDUES evaluation concerned with communication as to Goals of the Grant and Objectives ….Communication between departments toward those goals.
IDUES report wants to know what obstacles are preventing success in completing a goal. Web Publishing required of faculty 75% is included in the Grant.

  1. Lack of follow-up with OIT, Mike and Saber have never finished the printers in TLC office, My computer cannot print to the HP black and white laser. iMac cannot print to networked printers. Ports in TLC office never repaired and only 3 are working out of 12.

Future TLC Needs that will affect OIT

  1. 24 Laptops will need upgrading in May. 2003. 20 do not have Windows XP system installed. Most are Windows 2000.
    Two desktops are SONY ME and need to be upgraded to Windows XP to make all computers the same. We will need OIT assistance to do this.
  2. Cooperation of services, Immediate mode vs the wait mode of OIT.
  3. Future Grants planned, Renewal of Title V grant possible and Cooperative Grant sought for year V to run concurrently. Greater role for OIT or Share Department of Computer Services. Digital Divide problem with Mount Students. May apply for free laptop for every Hispanic student who enrolls at the Mount and can keep a B or better academic average the first and second years. May involve ordering 100-150 laptops a year. Part-time tech may be hired to service laptops and assist with laptop loan program.
  4. More loaned SONY laptops which TLC is phasing out may be (not definite yet) loaned to OIT to use for Smart Classroom borrowing program Fall 2003.
  5. Four Smart Classrooms installed each year for two more years.
  6. Maryvale to be designated site for 4 smart classrooms this year, however, ….must be completed before Sept. 30, 2003.
  7. Concerns about Tawana stepping on the TLC program. Copying exact titles from our programs like Web Publishing in one hour. Previously she was responsible for Staff, not faculty for instruction. Also, OIT Web site is an example of plagiarism. None of the material Tawana posted is written by her personally in the Instructional step by step materials. No credits given and no citations for permission to publish material written by someone other than herself .
    She has no authorization from the TLC to publish to profweb server which is owned by the TLC program. Profweb server is reserved for faculty and TLC use only, no staff or administrators or OIT are permitted to use it since it falls under the guidelines of the Grant.

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