Dr. Pelham Mead. Director of the Teacher Learning Center


Text Box: College of Mt. St. Vincent 
Teacher Learner Center 
Dr. Pelham Mead, Director 

Powerpoint Curriculum. 

Course Orientation, 
Explanation attendance policy and grading 
Lateness policy 
In class work and out of class work. 
Blackboard required 
College e-mail account required 
Blackboard ( 
Review the Announcements regularly 
Review the Documents section for important class materials you need to download 
On line tests 
Bulletin Board 
E-mail the entire class 
Digital Drop Box 
E-chat section 

Getting Started with Computer Basics: 
Copy and paste files using My Computer 
Cut and paste files 
Delete a file 
Burning a CD-R 
Burning a DVD-R if a DVD burner is available 
All about DVD formats, MPG3 formats, etc. copying problems 
No floppy disks will be allowed to avoid virus attacks 
Save all your work to a CR-R or use the Electronic dropbox 

Introduction to Powerpoint 2003 
Changes in Powerpoint 2003 from XP version 
FILE, NEW, Format, LAYOUT, blank slide, then…. 
Jump start Powerpoint– Control key+D– duplicates slides rapidly 
Planning using the Powerpoint template guide or story book form. 
Style guidelines– How to load them. Download IBM style for project I 
Conciseness is the key in Powerpoint- keep it short and sweet. 
Getting use to the Menu layout of Powerpoint. What icons mean what? 
Project #1- 10 slide Basic Powerpoint Slide show with no transitions or graphics to be completed by the next session. Theme– A quick analysis of IBM quarterly report up 12.2% Why? How? 

Powerpoint Review of basics 
Powerpoint Project work- Project #1 ten slides due 
Using styles, 
Layout format 
Basic Powerpoint skills- See Powerpoint Manual. Editing, inserting Graphics and images . 
Demonstrate transitions in 2-D and 3-D. If 3-D plug-in is available. Crystal Graphics. 

Powerpoint project II- Create another slide show or use the same slide show and insert graphics and images on some of the slides. Apply some text transitions and one 3-D slide transition. Add 5 slide to a total of 15 slides. Due next week. Theme assigned– see blackboard. 

In-class Assignment 1– Creating a Table and researching the top ten search engines in the world. 
What happened to Compuserve and Netscape?  Who rents Google? Where can you find speeches and educational Journals online? What mega-site hosts 20 search engines? Print and hand in. 

In-class Assignment II– Drawing with a graphic table– Drawing the back of a desktop computer. Label all the connections. Discuss the names and uses. Print and hand in. 

Review some of the skills necessary for project II- 

Review how to Connect wires and use the remote; trouble shooting with LCD. 
Work on editing, deleting and adding slides into an existing slide show. 
Adding sound to transitions 
Adding sound to slides automatically and manually 
Using the Custom Animation Menu, Entrance, Emphasis, Exit and Motion choices.  Add one of each of these to an existing slide show. 
Review burning a CD-R and save Projects #1 and #2 to a CD. 
Review wireless connections for a laptop 
Review Printing a Powerpoint slide show, Setup, Preview and Print. 
Do not print full page color or you will use up all the color ink 

Project III– 20 slides including graphics, transitions, picture and wordart, see Blackboard for specifics. 

The future with MS Explorer and Apple’s Safari? 
Internet downloading of pictures, gif., jpg 
Cartooning Techniques vs. Motion menu in custom animation 

Project IV- Cartooning Assignment- Increase your previous Powerpoint slide slow by 15 slides to allow for a Cartooning effect done manually. Due next week. 

Week 6 Session (90 min.)-Powerpoint-3-D graphics, 3-D drawing, 3-D title slides from Crystal Graphics 

Learn how to Add 3-D title slides, 
Learn how to Add 3-D transitions to a few slides 
Learn how to use Webtricity Program to create an animated .gif logo 
Insert animated logo into Powerpoint slide show. 
Learn how to draw a square or circle and add 3-D effects to it. Change color. 
Project #6- Apply 3-D effects and special animated logo from Webtricity Simply 3-D program to your existing Powerpoint 25-30 slide show. Complete by next week. 

More Advanced Skills for Powerpoint 
Hyper-linking in Powerpoint to another show 
Hyper-linking in Powerpoint to an Internet URL 
Flash styles available free for PowerPoint 
Special Animations styles available for Powerpoint 
Inserting CD music in the background 

Introduction to Adobe Photoshop CS or 7.01 

Toolbar basics: Lasso, marquee, magic want 

Assignment-A1  Mr. Melonhead, download from Blackboard or 
Assignment A2  Coyote 
Assignment A3– Chalk  girl 

Working with photos editing: 
Lighten and darkening 
Saving as .jpg or .gif or .psd 

Final Powerpoint Project or Mid-term Exam….50 slides plus on an approved topic . Include all skills learned but still be concise on content. No cutting and pasting of anyone’s text or protected photos. Do not violate any copyright. Due on time, no extensions of time. 

Note: This Powerpoint Course outline is subject to change depending on class ability level, time to complete projects, and other unforeseen incidents. Spring 2005.
To be continued

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