by Dr. Pelham Mead

The Curse of the Samurai- base on the true story of Samurai Taira No Masakado born 900 CE and died 940 CE in the first Century Japan. Masakado conquered all of the Northern provinces in Japan as his Uncles and cousins tried to steal his father’s ranch and horses.
My Angel Friends– A young college student is saved from death in a car crash on Long Island, New York, to become the go between for the Angels of God as they go about their duties.
The Night is a Child, A Story of Africa- Usiku Ni Mtoto-The CIA hires a retired Nun to investigate the brutal murder of three Nuns in Burundi on Sept. 14, 2014.
The Lion in the Carpet-A fantasy tale of animals that come to life from a bathroom carpet for a young boy stricken with Polio.
The Dean of Students-A funny story based on true events of Pelham Mead, Dean of students at Kakiat Junior high in the 1980’s.
The True Templar (Stephen de Stapplebrigge)– Based on a true Templar Commander and his life as a Monk after being tortured.
A Teacher Goes to War (Joshua Chamberlain story) Civil War epic defense of Little Big Hill in the 1863 Gettysburg Battle.
Camarilla Commanders of the Sky-Hawkmen of the sky.
My Five Reincarnations– A spoof on reincarnation.
Captain Retro, Super Hero– An autistic young man wins the Powerball lottery for 300 million.
Jesus and John -Movie script
I saved President Lincoln’s Life (The Story of Kate Warne).
Jesus and John (novel) (The early years)

The Fairytale Adventures of Tom Wolf-A funny tale as told from the viewpoint of the Wolf.
A Templar Squire’s Tale– A story about a young templar squire who was related to Templar Grand Master Jacques de Molay and how he witnessed the fall of the Templars.
The Junior High 1960’s-1980’s (Based on the true story of Kakiat Junior High, the East Ramapo Central School District, Spring Valley, New York.
Tom wolf – The story of how a wolf saw the three major nursery stories.
Destiny (A science fiction story of the future and past time line)
Autumn Winds Over Okinawa 1945 (Based on a true story of Chief Petty Officer Ken Mead on board the USS Antietam ,cv-36 aircraft carrier)

Don’t Be Square– A funny and dramatic story of Kakiat Junior high teachers in the 1960’s and 1970’s.
Jesus and John (The Early Years)– Based on the Coptic church of Egypt for the Holy Family and the Essenes effect on training Jesus aka Jeshua and his cousin John.
The Chinese Crystal Ball (Novel)-The theme is if you could look into your future would you try to change it?

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