Slide 1This is what TLC Instructors will use as a guide for the new fall 2005 course. The hours are reduced from 45 in the Title V grant to 30 hours with 15 hrs. of tutoring for ten weeks and 15 hrs. credited toward an personal project using all the skills learned. This is the curriculum for new full-time faculty or new adjunct professors that do not know how to use Smart Classrooms, Blackboard, and Powerpoint. 
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Slide 3Review the rules and guidelines for the course. Laptops can only be used by the professor they are signed out to for the semester. They are not to be put on a cart and shared with the entire department. They are not to be used or loaned out to students. They are not to be loaned to other faculty to use for whatever reason. If a professor loans a computer to another professor and that professor accidentally drops the laptop and breaks the screen, then the professor who borrowed the computer is responsible for the replacement costs of the laptop screen which is around $700 plus labor. Not all the laptops have full coverage insurance. The 4100 series Inspiron for Dell is not covered. All the other Dell laptops have full care coverage which goes beyond warrantee. If a laptop is stolen there is no replacement insurance and the professor is responsible for the replacement cost of the laptop at current retail cost. 
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Slide 5Blackboard costs Manhattan and the Mount $8,000 a year rental usage fee. Also the program must be stored on a dedicated server so as not to interfere with other programs. To activate each account the professor must log on to the internet webmail system and change the password. After ten minutes the new password should allow them to log on and access Blackboard.In addition by default all courses are not available when posted. Faculty have to go to the control panel and then down to course availability and check yes to make it visible to all enrolled students. 
Slide 6Announcements should be timely. Remove old announcements that are out of date.The documents section is where all files, articles, word files, PDF, movie clips, sound can be stored. It is advisable to create folders firstTo store the files in to organize the material for students. 
Slide 7The Grading program can be set up from scratch and is especially good for weighted grades. For weighted grades use 100% for each category to make it easier to computer. The testing program allows you to create online tests using true or false, multiple choice or matching in addition to fill in the blank, and essay. The short answer are automatically graded instantly by the program. The essay and short answer will wait for you to grade them until they post the final grade in Blackboard.E-mailing the entire class is a distinct advantage. You can remind your students to bring a textbook to class or that a project is due that day. You can also send e-mail to one or several students at one time.E-chat is for live discussion online and although a great program, it is rarely used by our faculty.If a student tells you they were online on blackboard and got the files to downloaded and studied from them but did poorly on the text, they check the statistics section. I will show you when they logged on, where they went and what they did and for how long. 
Slide 8Computer Basics are critical to success.Floppy disks should never be used since they can carry a virus which will attach any computer. A CD-R is not interactive and cannot therefore be attacked by a virus. A CD-R is read only. Likewise, a DVD-R or DVD+R are read only. RW indicates read and write.CD+RW disks can read and write so long as they stay in the computer. Once they are taken out they become read only.The Windows XP operating system has the burner CD program built into the program. Simply copy the files, paste them on a CD-R disk and then using My computer burn them to the CD as step two.  Only the Dell 5150 laptops have DVD burners. 
Slide 9Laptops have an Fn key which desktops do not have. This helps the laptop to send a signal up to the LCD projector.If nothing appears on the movie screen or laptop screen hold the Fn key down and the F8 button for Dell, F7 for SONY, F4 for Toshiba. 
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Slide 11Keep it simple stupid KISS 
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Slide 24Sample wav files, horn, typewriter, clapping 
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Slide 26Mpg is compressed sound 
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Slide 42To learn this tools download Mr. melon head from http://www.profweb.ws.   Also download Lilly, rose, Bear mountain bridge, Fish church in Conn and Scotland girl. 
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