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By Dr. Pelham Mead

The Walls of Acre in 1291 were ten to twenty feet thick and there were two walls, an outer wall , a moat in-between and a second wall inside.

The Templar knights fought to the last man after the outer wall collapsed by the Mamuk mining under the wall. Some Templars escaped by tunnels to the harbor and fled on ships from the area. The Mamluks destroyed the Templar castle within Acre to prevent them ever taking over the city again. They also tore down the outer and inner walls.

Many a valiant Templar knight died that day in Acre and it was the last time the Templars controlled a city in the Holy Land.

Very little of the original Acre walls are still intact. Most of the Templar castle is under water and only the foundation is visible from above the sea.

The rock wall of Acre was a formidable defense in 1291.

Introduction to the novel, A Temple Squire’s Story.
By Dr. Pelham Mead III

The scene opens with the ocean waves splashing up against the forty foot high walls of the city of Acre. To the left as far as the eye can see is the ocean side wall of Acre. To the right is the wall of Acre that contains the southern facing Templar Knights castle within the two walls. With each wave hitting the base of the Acre wall, hundreds of Templar bodies with white surcoats and large red crosses smash into the wall. Also, Mamluk bodies with their crown helmets are afloat face down with arrows sticking out of their backs, and stomachs smashing into the Acre city wall. The ocean is red with the blood of the dead warriors. Shark fins are everywhere feasting on the dead flesh in the water. In the background are the drums of war beating and the faint roar of warriors screaming as they defend or assault the city walls.
The walls of the city run from the bedrock in the ocean straight up in the air with smooth granite stones precisely placed on top of one another. Forty feet high in some places on the wall, and over ten to twenty feet thick at other places. The is an outer wall and a moat and then an inner wall to the Acre defenses.

From the view of the walls of Acre, the camera climbs over the walls to see the many towers lined inside the walls. The Hospitaliers had their own castle inside to the north of the city, and the Templar Knights, had their castle inside the Acre walls to the south wall with the ocean protecting part of the wall. The action begins in the midst of the battle for the City Of Acre in the Holy Land. On May 18, 1291, The Egyptian Mamluks are attacking. The mountains are in the distance, and as far as the eye can see are hundreds of thousands of the Mamluk armies shining in the sun. The Mamluks had tens of thousands of cavalry, foot soldiers, archers and assault machines.

The Mamluks have breached the outer wall of the city of Acre by mining under the wall of Acre and putting pigs together to increase the burn temperature underneath the Acre wall. Al Muzaffar Tagai Ad Din leads the army of Hama, which is seen approaching the inner wall of the City of Acre toward the Templar Tower. The Templar Knights attempt to hold out to the last man to defend their tower, but once the Mamluks break though the outer wall they swarm across the city of Acre attacking all the fortresses within and opening the many Acre gates in all directions. One by one the Templars, Hospitaliers and other western organizations fall. The Templar leaders and the Hospitalizer leaders have underground tunnels leading to the Acre seaport and they flee with their treasure as the Mamluks sack the city.


After Francois is killed at ACRE Geoffrey De Villiars is taken care of by his AUNT TERESA DE COTTIERS OF TROYES.
When Aunt Teresa becomes ill she summons a Franciscan Monk to take lift Geoffrey de Villiars, grand nephew of Templar Grand Master Jacques de Molay to Cyprus. She pays father Monde in gold and silver coins Francois left to care for his son in case of his death.
Geoffrey and father Monde arrive in Cyprus at the Templar headquarters in Nicosia.
Geoffrey follows Grand Master Jaques de Molay to Paris, France in 1207 when the King of France betrays the Templars and has them arrested on Oct. 13, 1307.
The story moves onto Scotland where fifty templars help the Scottish army under Robert de Bruce win the war against King Edward II of England.
The Templars flee Scotland after several attempts are made to steal their treasure. They arrive in the New World and make friends with the local Indians called the Mic Mac.
When Mohawks attack the Templar fortress, the Templars fight them off and the go to defend their friends the Mic Macs. The Mohawks take the woman as hostages and flee. The Templars track them down and kill the Chief of the Mohawks and his tribe and free the woman hostages.
Geoffrey de Villiars marries on of the Chief’s daughters and so does Templar Knight Pierre de Romaine. They both have children.
The Templars bury their treasure on Turtle island, a flat island sacred burial ground for the Mic Mac Indians. They plant trees to protect the island from seasonal winds.
In time the island is forgotten and the location of the treasure becomes a forgotten memory.
In 1398, Henry Sinclair sails to the New World in search of the Templar treasure with 300 ships only to find out the grandson of Geoffrey as an old man of 80 has forgotten where the Templar treasure was buried. Sinclair returns to Scotland empty handed.

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