College of Mt. St. Vincent
Teacher Learner Center
Dr. Pelham Mead, Director
2004-2005 TLC Curriculum update

Spring 2005-Teacher Learner Center Professional Development Course outline- Revised and upgraded by Dr. Pelham Mead- May and Aug. 2004.

Tutorial Session- Week 1 -Session 1- 90 min. * Instructors- please note if you have any missed classes they must be made up with your professor student. The grant mandates 45 hours for the course, and does not allow for any less.

• Course Orientation, Review TLC Manuals and Powerpoint Manual
• Explanation of laptop computers and equipment. TLC professors are personally responsible if a laptop they have is stolen or damaged. They must be very careful about not leaving the laptop around or not loaning it to students or other faculty.
• Laptop loan program and TLC policies. See the Manual provided.
• Title V Goals, and how they relate to the TLC Course. 80% of the faculties are to be educated in Technology in the Classroom over a five year period.
• 15 hour personal project in addition to weekly projects. Usually most professors select 50 slides + in Powerpoint for their personal project. It should include all the skills they have learned. Graphics, transitions, cartooning, sounds, movie clips, special effects, word art, pictures, animation, clip art, etc. and styles.
• 90 minute tutorial session each week for 14 weeks.
• Blackboard participation is required, therefore, review with your faculty student about changing the e-mail password to activate Remember, to then use the menu at the bottom of the screen to activate each course. They are deactivated as default.

Personal Sessions-(90 min.) How to upload courses to Blackboard (
• Activate you account by changing the e-mail password for the first time
• Activate all your courses by logging on and activating the course
• Review the Announcements
• Review the Documents section
• Things you cannot do such as delete a student or add a student
• Grading program
• Testing program
• Bulletin Board
• E-mail the entire class
• Digital Drop Box- great for secure student projects being sent
• E-chat section is now called Collaboration.
• Looking at the statistics for each student as to their activity

Week 2 Session (90 min.)- Getting Started with Computer Basics:
• Copy and paste files using My Computer
• Cut and paste files
• Delete a file
• Burning a CD-R (Burning CD-RW or formatting takes 80 minutes)
• Windows XP is copy files, paste them to the CD and then click the burn files to CD selection on the menu.
• Burning a DVD-R if a DVD burner is available- Yes for all the new Dells only.
• All about DVD+RW for copying movies, other formats, MPG3 formats, etc. copying problems
• Emergency problems with laptops, FN key and F-8 function key when working with LCD projectors to send a signal to the projector. Dells only.
• Emergency shutdown procedures. Hold start button down 5 seconds or more.
• Control –Alternate- Delete Keys
• Caught in a loop and cannot get out, remove the battery and put it back.
• Importing pictures with a digital camera

Begin Introduction to Powerpoint 2003 (see curriculum detail in Powerpoint Guide)
• Changes in PowerPoint 2003 from XP version- Mostly menu changes, better organization of clipart and all media, side pop up menus for Clipart, and other features.
• Jump start Powerpoint
• Using the Powerpoint Manual written by Dr. Mead
• Planning using the Powerpoint template guide- using the story board chart organizes your efforts.
• Style guidelines- One Million Styles CD handed out by TLC
• Show your student how to load the styles from the CD. BROWSE to CD at the bottom of the styles menu.
• Conciseness is the key in Powerpoint- keep it short and sweet.
• Getting use to the Menu layout of Powerpoint. What icons mean what?
• Project #1- 9 or 10 slide Basic Powerpoint Slide show with no transitions or graphics to be completed by the next session. Due week three.

Smart Classroom orientation- At sometime in the first 4 weeks.
• Take a trip to a wireless smart classroom on the 4th floor, and practice setting up a wireless laptop. Capture the signal.
• Take a trip to a regular hardwired smart classroom. Rooms on the third floor not including rooms 314 and 312. Practice hooking up the wire and LAN wire in these classes. Use the remote to turn the projector on and off.
• Sign-out procedures for Remotes, portable LCD projectors and other equipment.

Week 3 Session-3 (90 min.)- Powerpoint Review of basics
• Powerpoint Project work- Project #a Due. Go over the project and how well they did or did not do.
• Review using styles,
• Review using Templates,
• Review Layout formats, the title layout, 8 lines, 4 lines, bullets, graphics, text and graphics, etc. and blank slide.
• Basic Powerpoint skills- See PowerPoint Manual. Editing, inserting Graphics and images.
• Demonstrate transitions with text and clipart. Right click a text box and use the Custom animation menu. Entrance, Emphasis and Exit menu choices. Try them out to see what effect they produce. Why teachers do not often use Exit transitions.
• Project #2- Create another slide show and insert graphics and images on some of the slides. Apply some text transitions. Add 5 slides to a total of 15 slides. Due next week 4.

Week 4 Sesssion (90 minutes)-Powerpoint presentation in a Smart Classroom setting.

• Review how to connect wires to the laptop, and use the remote; trouble shooting with LCD.
• Mention about Digital video filming requirement of the Grant. A ten minute digital filming merely as a record, not for evaluation.
• Work on editing, deleting and adding slides into an existing slide show. See Powerpoint Manual.
• Adding sound to transitions
• Adding sound to slides automatically and manually
• Using the Custom Animation Menu, Entrance, Emphasis, Exit and Motion choices. Add one of each of these to an existing slide show.
• Review burning a CD-R and save Projects #1 and #2 to a CD.
• Review wireless connections for a laptop
• Review Printing a Powerpoint slide show, Setup, Preview and Print.
• Printing Handouts to students- three slides with note lines.
• Do not print full page color or you will use up all the color ink
• Options for instructions to print out for students
• Project #3- Create a 20 Slide Powerpoint Presentation- Use graphics and wordart as well as pictures in this 20 slides or more show.

Week 5 Sessions (90 min.)-
• Browsers, search engines, top 25 search engines
• Review the top 10 search engines
• Google, Yahoo (used to rent google), altavista,, Ask Jeeves, (journals and speeches for a slight print charge);
• Safari (MAC),,
• The death of Netscape and Compuserve- bought out by AOL
• The future with MS Explorer, and Apple’s Safari? Monopoly??
• Internet downloading of pictures, gif., jpg fast and slow .bmp?
• Cartooning Techniques vs. Motion menu in custom animation
• Review how to cartoon
• Review how to create special effects in Powerpoint.
• Caution of using white text on black background. Cannot see text when Powerpoint highlights the text box in black.
• Project #4- Cartooning Assignment- Increase your previous Powerpoint slide slow by 15 slides to allow for a Cartooning effect done manually. Due week 5.

Week 6 Sessions (90 min.)-Powerpoint-3-D graphics, 3-D drawing, 3-D title slides from Crystal Graphics

• Learn how to Add 3-D title slides, if available. Get the new Powerplugs update disk. 2003 does not work with the old Powerplugs programs.
• Learn how to Add 3-D transitions to a few slides
• Learn how to use Webtricity Program to create an animated .gif logo Make sure you have Webtricity installed.
• Insert animated logo into Powerpoint slide show.
• Learn how to draw a square or circle and add 3-D effects to it. Change color.
• Project #5- Apply 3-D effects and special animated logo from Webtricity Simply 3-D program to your existing powerpoint 25-30 slide show. Complete by next week.

Week 7 Session (90 min.) ½ way point in the course- Begin work on 50 slide 15 hour project. Include all the skills and special effects learned in the course in this one show.
• Hyper-linking in Powerpoint to another show
• Hyper-linking in Powerpoint to an Internet URL
• Flash styles available free for PowerPoint
• Special Animations styles available for Powerpoint
• Inserting CD music in the background
• Apply to previous Slide show
• Movie clips and how to hyperlink to them. Quicktime vs. DVD movies for linking.

**Most professors will finish Powerpoint by week 6 to 8 at the latest. Do not let them fall behind.

Week 8- Session (90 min.) Begin Publisher 2003
• Introduction- to Publisher newsletter templates
• Tri- brochures course requirement
• Learning to do a one page flyer.
• Project 1 and 2- Develop a Tri-brochure and Newsletter
• How to create Business Cards

Note: Some professors may still be working on Powerpoint projects. Regardless, start the Publisher 2003 unit.

*Advanced Work for Professors who are up to date and moving faster than others-

*Digital Movie Camera Unit- Take short movie clips of students or projects or classes

*Digital Camera Unit- Learn how to use a MAC iPhoto program and Adobe Photoshop CS for importing digital photos

*iMovie Digital Movie Editing Unit- a short 30 minutes session in editing digital movies on a MAC

Adobe Photoshop CS Unit- See Manual and online Tutorial also
Assignments: Mr. Melon Head; Chalk girl, and Layer Slicing project with hat and logo, see Project Disk or manual.

Week 9 Session (90 min.)-Web Basics, Ftp process, avoid Browser control
Personal Sessions (1 hr.)-Work on tables, Gifs to control placement use Publisher for web templates for beginners or more advanced Frontpage 2003.

Week 10 Sessions (90 min.)-Web Site Publishing 3 Pages, response form, URL page, and main content page. Begin basics of more advanced programs like FrontPage 2003
Personal Sessions (1 hr.)-Create 3 Page Web Sites with Publisher 2000

Week 11 Session (90 min.)-Photo Graphics for Web Publishing, Adobe Photoshop-Introduction to Publisher 2003 Web template or FrontPage 2003.
• Practice Adobe Photoshop skills with pictures for Web
• Crop, edit, and save photos
• Insert digital photos into Web Site

Week 12 Session (90 min.)-Adobe Photoshop or FrontPage 2003 or Dreamweaver MX 2004
Work on Project on two pages Front Page 2003 or Dreamweaver MX 2004 Web Site

Week 13 Session (90 min.)-FrontPage 2003 or Dreamweaver MX 2004- Last week of course instruction.

• Response forms
• Adding a CGI script to activate the e-mail for the form
• Publishing to the Web via ftp

Week 14 Session (No actual session this week due to exams)-
FrontPage or Dreamweaver MX 2004-

Personal project should be completed 50 plus slides in Powerpoint

• Work on commercial add-ons such as Web page counters,
• Banners, see register and copy script.
• Pop up voter,
• marquee,
• Hover buttons.

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