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Description of the course: This is a course how to enrich the teaching delivery or pedagogy of Teachers or Professors. It is a course about change in pedagogy, student engagement, Assessment, and how to use technology tools effectively in a lecture hall or classroom. This is a course based on experience of the instructor over 12 years of higher education experience as an Educational Technology Expert at some of the largest Universities in the USA, i.e. New York University, Pace University, and St. John’s University, and at some of the smallest Colleges, i.e. The College of Mount Saint Vincent, Riverdale, NY and the NY College of Osteopathic Medicine, Old Westbury, NY.
Goals for the Course:
1- How to create and write a Course Syllabus which utilizes educational technology tools and methods.
2- To learn how to motivate students in lectures and classrooms
3- To learn how to engage students using technology
4- To learn how to use Blackboard in hybrid courses, regular classrooms, and 100% online courses
5- To develop outstanding Powerpoint presentations without becoming dependent on Powerpoint alone
6- To learn to use Student Response Clicker systems in large lecture halls.
7- To learn how to use an Electronic Whiteboard in a classroom or lecture hall to maximum effectiveness.
8- Tricks of the trade to keep attendance, motivation, student involvement, maintain required reading preparation, and developing quizzes and tests that work.
9- Learning how to use laptop computers and projectors for lectures.
10- Grading and fairness
11- Collaborative learning groups vs. individual projects.
12- Projects vs. tests
13- In-class use of laptop computers to best advantage
14- Using iPods, IPads, iPhones, cell phones, twitter, Facebook, and other social networking to support class projects and activities.
1-Each student will complete a Syllabus of a 13 week course that integrated educational technology into the framework of the course from beginning to end. This course must also include Blackboard and storage of files on Blackboard, automatic Quizzes, class e-mailings and Discussion sections
2- Attendance in class or online is mandatory
3- Each student will complete a Powerpoint Presentation of 20 slides using the Turning Point Clicker response system.
4-Each student will complete one group project with two or three other students on the best usages of electronic media in the classroom such as iPods, iPads, cell phones, twitter, Facebook and other social networking software.
5-Each student will complete a final examination or a final approved Educational Technology Project in lieu of taking the final examination an worth 30% of the total course grade.

GRADING: Grading will be as follows:
First Project-Course Syllabus=10%
Second project- Clicker Response Powerpoint Presentation-20 slides=10%
Third project-Group Project to demonstrate the best usages of electronic media in the classroom with several actual curriculum examples.=10%
Surprise online Quizzes- 10%
Student Portfolio of Work=10%
Class participation and collaboration effort=40%
Final exam or Final Project=10%

Blackboard- Documents- see uploaded articles to read regarding various educational technology usages.

See Course Evaluation form online.

Course Schedule:
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