Teaching Senior Professors in 2020 By Dr. Pelham Mead III, Instructional Technologist For twelve years I worked as an Instructional Technologist in several New York Universities and Colleges such as New York University 1998; The College of Mount Saint Vincent 2001-2005; St. John’s University 2006-2008 and the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine.  An Instructional TechnologistContinue reading

Lesson Plan in Spanish

Plantilla de plan de lecciones en línea ASUNTO PROFESOR GRADO FECHA Lección 3 Nombre del profesor 11 2020 VISIÓN GENERAL Nos encanta el aspecto de este plan de lecciones profesional tal como es. Pero también creemos que debería tener opciones. Para personalizar fácilmente esta plantilla y hacerla suya, en la pestaña Diseño, echa un vistazo aContinue reading “Lesson Plan in Spanish”

Online Teacher lesson Plan

Courset: ___________Section_______ Dates: _________________________ Unit : ______________________________________ Summary of Unit Online Games or special activity: : Objectives: Resources: Books, Internet articles, Youtube, Other Lesson 1 Title: ____________________________________Time ______________________ Lesson 2 Title: ____________________________________Time ______________________ Lesson 3 Title: ____________________________________Time ______________________ Lesson 4 Title: ____________________________________Time ______________________ Lesson 5 Title: ____________________________________Time ______________________ Assignment and Activities: Assessment: ___Total participation; ___Continue reading “Online Teacher lesson Plan”

Adobe Photoshop online Projects 2020

Project Three- The Desert Coyote is another copyrighted photo from Adobe.Com. I take no credit for this photo. This project is found in all the Adobe Photoshop classroom books from version 4 forward. Instructions: This project uses more of the Adobe photoshop tool bar found in the left side of the program. Previously, we usedContinue reading “Adobe Photoshop online Projects 2020”

Adobe Photoshop CS online instruction series.

Project Two is copyrighted by Adobe Photoshop, so I am giving them credit for creating Mr. Melon. It is the perfect beginner Project for cutting objects and lifting them to past on a melon layer. This is all about beginner layers. The bottom layer is the melon. Make sure when you copy the photo worksheetContinue reading “Adobe Photoshop CS online instruction series.”

College Lectures a Thing of the past.

Welcome to the pandemic of 2020 and the revolution of Colleges and Universities worldwide. In the Boy Scouts we used to have a motto, “Always Be Prepared.” Well, Colleges and Universities never dream they would have to shut their doors due to a virus. This lack of preparation is from resistance from Faculty in recordingContinue reading “College Lectures a Thing of the past.”