Sample Lesson Plan Adobe Photoshop-Lesson Five.

Adobe Photoshop 5.0/5.5Project 3 Homework over the vacation period Download or copy the coyote picture start04.psd from or your cd-rom Adobe Student Copy under Adobe 5.5 Lesson 4. Download or copy the 04End.psd to see the final product. When you finish viewing the finished coyote minimize it to the desktop. Tools to be includedContinue reading “Sample Lesson Plan Adobe Photoshop-Lesson Five.”

Sample Lesson plan 2 for Adobe Photoshop curriculum

by Dr. Pelham Mead Ed.D. Adobe Photoshop 5.0 Session II -Assignments Your password to has been assigned by Dr. Mead. e-mail him or ask in class what your password is to gain access. The second week we will be using two scanners which will take some time and a third station will be workingContinue reading “Sample Lesson plan 2 for Adobe Photoshop curriculum”

Original Adobe Photoshop Course at BOCES NYACK

written by Dr. Pelham Mead, Ed.D. This is the original BOCES Course I wrote and taught back in the summer of 1999 in Nyack, New York. The course was intended for Beginner Adults. I used some of Adobe’s Tutorial and inserted my own photos and methods to make the process of learning Adobe Photoshop easier.Continue reading “Original Adobe Photoshop Course at BOCES NYACK”

Adobe Photoshop Course

Written by Dr. Pelham Mead. Ed.D. Adobe Photo Course Class Guide for the Beginner CourseInstructor: Dr. Pelham Mead, ED.D. Part I– Introduction to GraphicsTerminology, vector graphics, clipart, true pictures, images, pixels, anti-aliasingComputer Basics-saveas important, copy and paste, reading file size in My ComputerTypes of Adobe Photo programs by Adobe: Adobe Photo, Photo LE, Photo Deluxe.20 PictureContinue reading “Adobe Photoshop Course”

Press Release for the Novel “Jesus and John,” by Dr. Pelham Mead III

141433 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Were Jesus & John Essenes? New novel demystifies tantalizing Bible mysteryDr. Pelham K. Mead III puts things in proper historical and human dimensions to shed amazing new light on the subject with vital new fiction EL CAJON, Calif. – Were Jesus and his cousin John (later known as the Baptist) membersContinue reading “Press Release for the Novel “Jesus and John,” by Dr. Pelham Mead III”

Five Year Plan sample for applying to a Title V Federal grant-Hispanic Serving Institutions.

This is a sample of what you encounter when you want to write a Title V Federal Grant. The College of Mount Saint Vincent grant of 2000 was 168 pages long and took several Professors and the Dean of Students to write. I did not come onboard until May 2001, six months after the GrantContinue reading “Five Year Plan sample for applying to a Title V Federal grant-Hispanic Serving Institutions.”

Teacher Learning Center Curriculum 2002

College of Mt. St. VincentTeacher Learner CenterDr. Pelham Mead, Director2004-2005 TLC Curriculum update Spring 2005-Teacher Learner Center Professional Development Course outline- Revised and upgraded by Dr. Pelham Mead- May and Aug. 2004. Tutorial Session- Week 1 -Session 1- 90 min. * Instructors- please note if you have any missed classes they must be made upContinue reading “Teacher Learning Center Curriculum 2002”