Written by
Dr. Pelham Mead, Western Writers Association 2015.


Written by

Dr. Pelham Mead III

(c) 2015

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Tom O’ Bedlam 1800’s Poem By Anonymous

Note: The poem is to be read by a narrator with a deep voice and slowly with emphasis.

From the hag and hungry goblin That into rags would rend ye,




The spirit that stands by the naked man.
In the Book of Moons defend ye, That of your five sound senses

You never be forsaken,
Nor wander from your selves with Tom.
Abroad to beg your bacon,
While I do sing, Any food, any feeding,
Feeding, drink, or clothing; Come dame or maid, be not afraid, Poor Tom will injure nothing.

Of thirty bare years have I Twice twenty been enragèd, And of forty been three times fifteen.

In durance soundly cagèd
On the lordly lofts of Bedlam, With stubble soft and dainty, Brave bracelets strong, sweet whips ding-dong,
With wholesome hunger plenty,
And now I sing, Any food, any feeding,
Feeding, drink, or clothing;
Come dame or maid, be not afraid, Poor Tom will injure nothing.

With a thought I took for Maudlin And a cruse of cockle pottage, With a thing thus tall, sky bless you all,

I befell into this dotage.
I slept not since the Conquest, Till then I never wakèd,
Till the roguish boy of love where I lay
Me found and stript me nakèd.
And now I sing, Any food, any feeding,
Feeding, drink, or clothing;
Come dame or maid, be not afraid, Poor Tom will injure nothing.

When I short have shorn my sow’s face,
And swigged my horny barrel,
In an oaken inn I pound my skin As a suit of gilt apparel;

The moon’s my constant mistress, And the lowly owl my marrow;




The flaming drake and the night crow make,
Me music to my sorrow.
While I do sing, Any food, any feeding,

Feeding, drink, or clothing; Come dame or maid, be not afraid, Poor Tom will injure nothing.

The palsy plagues my pulses
When I prig your pigs or pullen, Your culvers take, or matchless make,
Your Chanticleer or Sullen.
When I want provant with Humphrey I sup, and when benighted,
I repose in Paul’s with waking souls
Yet never am affrighted.
But I do sing, Any food, any feeding,
Feeding, drink, or clothing; Come dame or maid, be not afraid, Poor Tom will injure nothing.

I know more than Apollo,
For oft, when he lies sleeping
I see the stars at bloody wars
In the wounded welkin weeping; The moon embrace her shepherd, And the Queen of Love her warrior, While the first doth horn the star of morn,
And the next the heavenly Farrier. While I do sing, Any food, any feeding,
Feeding, drink, or clothing;
Come dame or maid, be not afraid, Poor Tom will injure nothing.

The gypsies, Snap and Pedro,
Are none of Tom’s comradoes,
The punk I scorn and the cutpurse sworn,
And the roaring boy’s bravadoes. The meek, the white, the gentle
Me handle, touch, and spare not; But those that cross Tom Rynosseros Do what the panther dare not. Although I sing, Any food, any feeding,
Feeding, drink, or clothing;
Come dame or maid, be not afraid, Poor Tom will injure nothing.




With a host of furious fancies Whereof I am commander,
With a burning spear and a horse of air,

To the wilderness I wander.
By a knight of ghosts and shadows I summoned am to tourney
Ten leagues beyond the wide world’s end::
Yet will
Come dame or maid, be not afraid, Poor Tom will injure nothing.


it is no journey.
I sing, Any food, any

drink, or clothing;



It was a dark and gloomy night as the horse and carriage traveled over the cobblestones of Moorfields in London, England. There was a crescent moon that night that lit the pathway to St. Mary of Bethlem hospital, also called Bedlam. It was a notorious mental hospital having been rebuilt in the late seventeenth century. As the carriage entered the grounds of St. Mary of Bethlem Hospital, the crescent moon shown on the two human statutes of wracked with suffering named “Melancholy,” and “Raving Madness,”near the peak of the main building. The statute called “Melancholy” appeared with a blank, and vacant stare lying sideways and naked.






“Raving Madness” the second human statute is bound in chains and shows fury on it’s face as it lies naked in the night.

The massive size of Bedlam was most impressive, as it stretched on for many meters. The horse and black carriage entered the half circle path in front of the main building. The driver and his assistant got down from their bench on the carriage, and unlocked the door of the carriage. Inside was a decrepit man bound in chains, and dressed in rags. His hairy arms and legs stood out like a fur coat. His face was contorted, and hairy with a full black and grey beard. His eyes were dark and small. He howled with pain from the shackles and chains. The driver and his assistant dragged the poor wretch from the carriage up the marble steps to the main building at Bedlam Hospital.

Crashing through the doors the men dragged the poor chained man into the huge lobby which was surrounded with pictures of famous doctors who had served at St. Mary of Bethlem Hospital before.


How may I help you gentlemen this evening?


Aye, you
seems to
claims he is a wolf, and howls all night long. We have been asked to remove him from the London prison and take him here for evaluation as to his mental condition.

may. We have here a
from the public jails who have lost his mind. He

BEDLAM ATTENDANT What is his name?


I believe his name is TOM WOLF or

that is what he told us?

BEDLAM ATTENDANT Alright, I will put his name down

as TOM WOLF. How old is the prisoner? Ummm patient that is?

We don’t know, but we estimate him

to be in his forties.

BEDLAM ATTENDANT Where does the patient live?

CARRIAGE DRIVER We do not know. He was found

drunken in an alley in London.

Well then, let’s take the chains

off of him, and put him in a room for the doctor to examine tomorrow morning.

Give me a hand in unlocking these locks on these chains. Easy, that

is it. They are all removed.

BEDLAM ATTENDANT Thank you. Now let’s take him to

his room for the night. We will give him a showe,r and de-lice him tomorrow when we have more attendants on staff.

Aye, let’s throw him in this room.

He is heavy and my partner and I

are tired. Be gone with him now.
NOTE: The carriage driver and his assistant dragged the unchained wretch to a room with a thick metal door with a small window. They open the door and throw the wretch into the room.

CARRIAGE DRIVER (CONT’D) Our job is done. The hell with ya.

We are in need of a drink at the pub. Goodbye to ye.


I will lock the room. Thank you for

coming this late at night. The patient will be fine here I am sure. Dr. Von Hess will see him in the morning.

note: tom wolf had a very hairy face and long nose and beady eyes with grey and black coloring).


Ahhhh, my ribs are killing me. Someone help me. Is there anyone there? Help, help.



After a long night of sleeping on the floor TOM WOLF awakens to find himself locked in a room with a steel door and a tiny window high above the floor with bars on the window. The sun is creeping through the window bars and casting a shadow on the floor. Tom looks at the stark dirty white walls with cracks running through them and roaches running everywhere on the floor. There is a rusty drain on the floor in the middle of the room and a privy seat in the corner. Suddenly, a man dressed in white knocks on the door.



NOTE: BENJAMIN’S APPEARANCE.A tall black man with a bend over spine and short black hair.



Up and at ‘em lad. Doctor Von Hess wants to see ya. Come on get up now.

TOM WOLF Where am I?



Hospital called Bedlam for short. Come let me help you get up. Easy now. Stand up. That is good. Now let us go and see the Doctor. After you meet with the Doctor you will get your breakfast porridge.

My legs are killing me from the

chains. Why am I here? All I did was have a few drinks at the local pub.

BENJAMIN MEDLEY HOSPITAL ATTENDANT Never ye mind. Come lad and let’s

talk with the Doctor. Doctor Von Hess this is the new patient brought in last night from the London jail. His name is TOM WOLF.

FADE TO BLACK. Note: Dr. Von Hess appearance. Spoke with a german accent,

and wore rimless glasses, and had sideburns to his jaw.


What is your name lad?


DR. SAMUEL VON HESS Wolf is it. TOM WOLF, is that

right? Where were you born Mr. Wolf?

I do not know. Why am I here?

No need to get upset. Perhaps after you have had some porridge you will

feel better? Attendant take this patient back to his room and give him a bowl of porridge and some water.





Note: TOM WOLF is taken back to his room and given a small bowl of porridge and a small jug of water.

BENJAMIN MEDLEY HOSPITAL ATTENDANT (CONT’D) Here is your porridge and water. I

will come back in a few hours to take you to Doctor Von Hess again.

DR. SAMUEL VON HESS (Speaking to another attendant)

Let’s give Mr. Wolf a sedative to calm him down. I will meet with him again this afternoon.

FADE OUT. Note: Second attendant’s appearance. A short nondescript man

with horn rimmed glasses under six feet tall and overweight.


Yes, sir. I will take the pill to him right away.

Later that day.

BENJAMIN MEDLEY HOSPITAL ATTENDANT Tom it is time to visit with Dr.

Von Hess again. He wants to see what is bothering you. Can you walk by yourself?

Yes, thank you. I am feeling less

dizzy now. I can walk on my own.


few minutes later) Doctor Von Hess, Mr. Wolf is back to see you again.

DR. SAMUEL VON HESS Welcome back Mr. Wolf. How are you

feeling now? I gave you a pill to make you feel better. Are you more relaxed now?





I will have a nurse bandage those sores on your wrists and ankles from the irons and chains. Now let’s talk about your previous life and why you are here. The jail guards said they you told them that you were a wolf in real life. But

your name is Wolf. Was misunderstanding here?

TOM WOLF No, Doctor. I was once prowled the forests of

there some

a wolf that England.

DR. SAMUEL VON HESS Really? How is that possible. You

seem very human to me. Where are your wolf teeth, and wolf face with the long nose?

TOM WOLF It is a long story.

DR. SAMUEL VON HESS Well, I have all the time in the

world. Tell me Mr. Wolf how it is that you think you were at one time a wolf. Are you a Werewolf by any chance?

No, Just a plain old wolf who lived

in the woods.

DR. SAMUEL VON HESS How is you know yourself to be a

wolf in another life?

It all began when I was a Wolf and

I met a rich family called the Swine family who lived on a hill near my town. The father was named William Swine, and his wife Julia had triplets called Sam, Sally and Sanford Swine. I sold farms for a living, and I came to know the Swine family when William Swine was very old, and fearful of dying soon.




He told me he made out a will to give his riches to one of his three triplets who showed him the best business sense in buying a farm, and building a new manor house on it. He asked me to help his children find the land they needed to build their manor house.

DR. SAMUEL VON HESS Did not Mr. Swine feel strange

dealing with a wolf?

Not at all. I was a wolf, but

respected in the community because I did not eat or kill sheep or children. Most of the towns people trusted me.

DR. SAMUEL VON HESS I see. That is strange?

The first triplet I met was Sam

Swine who was in his twenties at the time. I showed Sam a farm that used to raise wheat and straw consisting of 200 acres. The farm was hundreds of miles from the brick factory or the hills where the stone quarry was. Sam Swine bought the 200 acres cheap because the farm was so far away from the town or the brick mill.

DR. SAMUEL VON HESS What did Sam Swine build on the

farm land?

He was cheap to the bone, and

realizing he could not get brick to his farm without shipping it hundreds of miles and paying a fortune for it, he decided to build a manor house out of straw and mud.

DR. SAMUEL VON HESS Straw and mud you say?


Yes, straw was already being grown

on his farm land and was dirt cheap. This way he could save hundreds of dollars in building costs. I was jealous of his wealth and was happy that he was so foolish.

Did you encourage him to build his

manor house out of mud and straw?

Of course, I did not want him to

receive the fortune from his father. I suggested the straw and mud would be the cheapest way to build a manor house, and he believed me.

DR. SAMUEL VON HESS So what happened next?

Well, Sam Swine had his manor house

build by local masons and he paid them little for their services. One day a severe storm hit the straw and mud manor house, and all the mud washed away, and the house collapsed on Sam Swine killing him under a ton of mud and straw.

DR. SAMUEL VON HESS Really? What about the other Swine

children? What did you do for them?

I met with Sally Swine, and we

talked about what she wanted to buy which was a large farm near the town of Lakeview in Northern England. The property was about 200 acres of unused farm land with a forest on a portion of the land. The brick mill was over 200 miles away, and so was the stone quarry.

DR. SAMUEL VON HESS So, did you sell Sally Swine the



Yes, I did with joy, because I knew

she would make the same mistake her brother had made because she was cheap. Since she did not want to pay for shipping the brick or stone hundreds of miles she decided to use wood to build her manor house from the forests on her property.

She decided to build her home with

wood instead of brick and stone?

Yes, she did with my help. I told

her she would save hundreds of dollars by cutting down her forests and building her manor house with wood.

DR. SAMUEL VON HESS And did the wooden manor house


No, I lit a fire to the manor house

when Sally was inside. She burned to death.

DR. SAMUEL VON HESS Really? Then you are guilty of


Yes, and No. Normally I would have

eaten her, but instead I cooked her. Ha!

DR. SAMUEL VON HESS Attendant, take Mr. Wolf away, and

put him in a cold treatment tank for a few hours. I will prescribe a heavier dose of medicine because he is suffering from hallucinations.

2ND BEDLAM ATTENDANT Yes Dr. Von Hess. Cold tank for

several hours and more medicine. Come on Mr. Wolf back to your room.




So TOM WOLF was put in a cold therapy tank for four hours to cool him down and was then given a stronger dose of medicine.


The next day Dr. Von Hess met with TOM WOLF again.

DR. SAMUEL VON HESS Hello Tom. Do you remember what you

told me yesterday? Do you still believe you were once a wolf?

Yes, but you did not let me tell

you the best part of the story. The third child, Sanford Swine, came to me and told me he wanted to buy land the same time that his sister and brother wanted to buy some land. I suggested many farms, but he was smarter and realized that he needed to buy a farm near a brick mill so he could build his manor house of brick that would last forever. So, I reluctantly sold him 200 acres of farm land for grazing cows, and the brick mill was close by the land.

DR. SAMUEL VON HESS So what happened next?

Well, Sanford Swine was so happy he

held a party for his father and surviving members of his family and myself. His father was most proud of Sanford, and since Sam and Sally were dead, and had spent their money foolishly, William the father, decided to leave all his money to Sanford Swine for building and investing his money most wisely.





The problem was Sanford built only one door, the front door in his brick house and there was no back door or side door to escape in case of fire or danger. Seeing this mistake, I invited my wolf friends to attend the party with me, and we killed and ate all the Swine ourselves having trapped them in the brick house with no escape door.

DR. SAMUEL VON HESS Really, you killed and ate all the pigs? I mean all the swine family?

That make you a murderer again.

That is why I was a Wolf. Wolves

know only killing and eating, not being nice to pigs.

DR. SAMUEL VON HESS Attendant take TOM WOLF away and

give him electrical shock, and chain him to the wall in his cell until he admits he was never a wolf.

BEDLAM ATTENDANT Come on Tom, time for a little

charge of electric to refresh you mind. Then we will hand you up on the wall in your room.


So TOM WOLF was taken and tied down and given electrical shock to get him to admit he was not a wolf, and all his stories were just fake. Tom howled and howled when given the electrical shock, but never relented that he was once a wolf. The attendants took Tom to his room and chained him to the wall in a standing position with his arms over his head to torture Tom into changing his mind about being a wolf.





A week later, Dr. Von Hess again called for TOM WOLF to be taken to his office.

TOM WOLF Where are we going?

DR. SAMUEL VON HESS Hello Tom. How are you today? Is

your thinking clearer now? How are the medication pills helping you? Do you still think you were once a wolf?

Yes, I am what I am, a Wolf.

Do you have anymore tales to tell

me of your Wolfing days Tom?

Yes, when I met the love of my life

Little Red Riding Hood. Her real name was Rodalia Green, and she was a little rich girl from Greenwood Glen. I first met Rodalia in the forest on her way to her Grandma’s house. I stopped and asked her where she was going, and what was in the basket around her arm.


Rodalia Green-Little Red Riding Hood


My name is Rodalia Green, and I have a basket of sweet buns for my Grannie who lives in the forest. Who are you?

My name is TOM WOLF, and I live in

the forest too.

RODALIA GREEN-LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD Really? I have never seen you



That is because our paths have

never crossed before. That is a beautiful red riding hood you are wearing. Where did you buy it?

RODALIA GREEN-LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD My Grannie made it for me out of

sheep skin.

I knew there was something familiar

about the smell of the red riding hood. Can I walk with you to grannies house?

RODALIA GREEN-LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD No, that will be fine. My mommie

told me not to talk to strangers. Besides I am late to Grannies house now.

Alright, well maybe we will meet

again. May I call you little red riding hood? You have such a beautiful little red coat.

RoDALIA GREEN-LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD If it pleases you Mr. Wolf. Good

bye for now.


Rodalia skipped away into the forest leaving Tom Green standing there.

DR. SAMUEL VON HESS What did you do next Tom?

Well, I gave it a lot of thought

and decided that I liked Rodalia Green. I knew she might never get to like me because I was a wolf. I devised a plan to win her affection. I planned to meet with her again.





A week later Tom met Little Red Riding Hood in the forest again.

Hello Little Red Riding Hood, I

mean Rodalia, ha..laughing.

RODALIA GREEN-LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD Well, it is you again Mr. Wolf. How

are you today?

I am fine and how are you little

I am off to see my grannie with

fresh in my

Can I hood?

baked buns, and sweet things basket.

join you Little Red Riding


RODALIA GREEN-LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD No, My mother told me not to talk

to you. Sorry. I am off to grannies house.



Seeing that he was getting no where TOM WOLF decided to take a short cut through the forest to get to Grannies house before little Red Riding Hood got there.

(Knocking on the door of Grannies

house) Hello, hello, I am a friend of Rodalia. Open the door please.


Who is there?

It is me, Rodalia’s friend Tom.


Well alright then, come on in the

door is unlocked.


When TOM WOLF entered the house he hit Grannie over the head and knocked her unconscious. Tying her up he put a gag in her mouth, and put her in the basement of the house. Quickly, before Rodalia came to the house he dressed himself up in Grannies clothing.

RODALIA GREEN-LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD (Knock, knock) Hello Grannie it is

me, Rodalia.

Come in my dear, I am in bed with a


RODALIA GREEN-LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD Grannie, I have brought you some

hot buns, and sweets that my mother baked for you. How are you feeling?

I have a cold and a horse throat my


RODALIA GREEN-LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD I will make you some tea grannie to

make you feel better.

TOM WOLF Thank you deerie.

RODALIA GREEN-LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD Grannie here is your tea. My what a

big nose you have grannie.

The better to smell you with my


RoDALIA GREEN-LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD How is the tea grannie? My what big

ears you have Grannie. Is the cold making your ears swell?

Ahh, the better to hear you with



RODALIA GREEN-LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD Grannie, what big eyes you have. Is

the cold making your eyes big?

No, they help me better see you my


RODALIA GREEN-LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD But, Grannie why are your teeth so


The better to eat you Little Red

Riding Hood.


Just then TOM WOLF jumps out of the bed, and attempts to catch Little Red Riding Hood. They race around the house, and Little Red Riding Hood runs out the front door, and into the forests yelling for help.

RODALIA GREEN-LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD Help, help, the wolf intends to eat

me. Help.

Nearby was a HUNTER and he heard Little Red Riding Hood crying for help in the forest and he ran to help her.




Hello, hello, I am here in the forest little girl. Who is chasing you?

RODALIA GREEN-LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD Thank God you can save me. The Big

Bad wolf is chasing me and he wants to eat me.

I have a gun little girl, do not be

afraid. I will shoot the wolf when I see him.



Just then TOM WOLF jumps out of the bushes and attempts to attack the HUNTER, and Little Red Riding Hood. The HUNTER grabs his rifle and shoots.

Back away Mr. Wolf or I will shoot

you through the heart.

Do not be afraid, we are only

playing a game of tag.

I am giving you two seconds to turn

and run away before I shoot you dead Mr. Wolf.

Thinking about the possibilities I

think, I will run into the forest instead. Maybe some other time little red riding hood.

DR. SAMUEL VON HESS Well, that was quite a story Tom.

Once again it seems you escaped again. Do your still believe that you were a wolf in another life?

Yes, I do, but no one, including

you, Doctor, believes me.

DR. SAMUEL VON HESS Attendant come in here. Take Mr.

Wolf and put him in a straight jacket and hang him upside down in his cell for a day or so. Mr. Wolf is delusional and needs more therapy. I will triple the dose of medicine for him also.

Yes, Dr. Von Hess. I will take care

of it.





Here Tom put your arms in this straight jacket so I can tie your arms at your sides. Come with me to your cell.


Taking a hook handing from the ceiling the attendant lowers a rope from the ceiling with a hook and attaches it to TOM WOLF’s feet that are tied together, and he hoists Tom into the ceiling upside down and leaves him there for two days.




After two days, the attendant returns to TOM WOLF’s cell and lowers him down from the ceiling and takes off the restraining jacket from Tom.

Come Tom. Dr. Von Hess wants to see

you right away. How are you feeling? Do you still think you are a wolf?

TOM WOLF Howling….

DR. SAMUEL VON HESS Hello Tom. How are you feeling

today. Do you still think you are a wolf? Did the therapy help you focus on whether you are a man or a wolf?

TOM WOLF No, really doctor.

Do your have any more silly stories

to tell about your life as a wolf?

A few stories if you are




DR. SAMUEL VON HESS Really? After all the therapy and

medicine we gave you. You still claim to be a wolf?

Once when I was in Russia, I met a

boy named PETER who lived with his grandfather in a little cottage in the middle of a Meadow.

DR. SAMUEL VON HESS Really, Russia you say?

Yes, PETER had many animal friends

in the Meadow, THE DUCK, THE BIRD and the cat. Everyday he would play with his animal friends. THE BIRD in the tree would chirp, “All is well PETER.” Then his friend THE DUCK came waddling around. PETER was told by his grandfather not to leave the gate open because of the bad wolf in the forest. That day PETER forgot to close the gate, and from the edge of the forest I could see THE DUCK heading to the lake to take a swim. Ducks taste very good. THE BIRD and THE DUCK got into an argument. THE BIRD asked what kind of bird are you when you cannot fly? THE DUCK said, what kind of bird are you when you cannot swim? Suddenly PETER noticed some movement in the high grass nearby and was worried. It was a cat.


That little bird is busy arguing with THE DUCK. I will just grab him while he is busy!


Very carefully the cat crept forward in the high grass.

PETER (15)


The little bird flew to safety in the tree.

Look out!



Quack, quack, go away cat. I am in the middle of the pond and you cannot swim.


Suddenly, PETER’s grandfather came out of the house.

GRANDFATHER (60’S) PETER what are you doing? Why did

you let THE DUCK out of the yard and the fence open? The Meadow and forest are dangerous, because the wolf lives there. If a wolf should come out of the forest, what will you do? You would be in great danger.

It is OK Grandfather. I am not

afraid of the wolf.

Take my hand PETER and lets us go

into the house, and lock the gate behind us. Come on duck, get into the yard behind the fence for your safety.

Just then I came out of the forest

looking for something to eat for dinner.

Help me. I am going to climb up the

tree. The wolf cannot get me high up in the tree.

Help me, I will fly away to safety

from the wolf.

Help, I forgot to come inside the

yard. I cannot out run the wolf. Help Grandfather.

It was easy pickins for me to catch

up with the big fat duck and I caught him and ate him on the spot, leaving just feathers.


Grandfather. Look out the window.

The wolf has killed THE DUCK because he did not come into the yard behind the fence for safety. What should we do?

Stay in the house PETER. The wolf

is too big and mean for you.

I am not afraid of the wolf but I

must make a plan to kill him. Little bird, come here, I have a plan. Go and fly around the wolf’s face and taunt him into chasing you. Meanwhile, I will take a rope and make a lasso and lay it on the ground under the tree outside the cottage.

I will fly around the Wolf’s head

as you suggest PETER THE BIRD chirped.


Flying around and around the wolf’s head, THE BIRD distracted TOM WOLF

into following THE BIRD tree, where at the base which PETER had placed.

Now when the wolf steps

to the
was a lasso

into the lasso I will pull the rope over the

tree branch and pull the wolf up into the air by his tail.

Come here you little bird. I will

get you and eat you for sure. Just slow down so I can bite you. Oh, no what has happened I am hanging upside down by a rope. Help.




Just then the HUNTER came out of the forest. He had been tracking TOM WOLF, and wanted to kill him.

PETER Wait, wait, do not take the wolf in a


kill him. Let us cage to the zoo.


So the HUNTER lowered TOM WOLF into a cage and took him to a local zoo for the rest of his life.

Is that the end of the story Tom?

Yes, I was fortunate enough to be

spared being killed by the HUNTER and brought to a zoo in Russia. Later on the zoo in Russia traded me for a Siberian tiger from the London zoo, and that is how I was found in London, after I escaped my cage in the London Zoo.

DR. SAMUEL VON HESS Really? That was quite a story Tom.

I am going to have to put you in a dungeon cell and chain you to a wall until you change your story.

Oh, please Doctor. Don’t put me in

a dungeon. I have tried to be truthful and tell you the whole story about my life as a wolf and you still do not believe me.







Suddenly, it was dark out and a full moon shone over Bedlam hospital with light seeping through the windows in Dr. Von Hess’ office. Suddenly, Tom’s face began to change and grow hair. His body became bent up and his legs became hair also. Before Doctor Von Hess knew it, Tom had changed into a Werewolf right in front of him.

DR. SAMUEL VON HESS Oh, my God. What the hell?


Just then TOM WOLF became a Werewolf and jumped at Dr. Von Hess’ neck and bit him.

Well, this ought to convince you

Doctor Von Hess as I bite you in the neck.


With that Tom leaped out Doctor Von Hess’ office, and ran off into the distance never to be seen again.



A Year of a Pandemic and lessons learned

by Dr. Pelham Mead, Ed.D.

Well it is July 2021 and the pandemic is winding down in most States. California learned many lessons from the pandemic. Catholic schools tried to go on their own and have face to face instruction, only to be closed weeks later from students coming down with the virus and teachers too.

Public school learned that they were completely unprotected from a mass epidemic. Dealing with the annual flu was one thing, but this virus spread 3 times faster than the average seasonal virus.

Many districts tried to go online and bought canned courses from third party companies. Other districts tried to force their faculty to learn how to teach online with small clinics. Just like back in the 1980’s when technology was just developing, school districts expected teachers to learn MS Word on their own time. Laser disks were introduced but never purchased. Librarians became the new audio experts for schools. None of these approached worked.

Here we are in the year 2021 after making the same mistakes as in the past with regard to technology. Wearing masks is a major problem with children but not impossible. Keeping social distancing requires desk further apart and partitions set up. Expensive but doable for schools. Did the schools ever train their faculty how to teach online. NO. They assumed like in the 1980’s they would teach themselves. Some teachers adapted and others change professions and quit.

What have we learned from the Pandemic?

1-Be prepared for the future by training teachers to adapt and use both online teaching and unperson teaching.

2-Have administrators trained how to make schools virus free and have infrared air treatments and filtered air flow. Cleaning goes to a whole new level with classrooms needing to be sprayed down with anti-bacterial spray every night in addition to floors moped and windows cleaned with antibiotic cleansers.

3-Parental communication is vital. Many parents tried to form their own study pods because they did not trust the local school districts.

4-School districts must plan for the future when more viruses attack society and how to be prepared for more pandemic problems in the future.

5-The Role of the teacher has changed over the past fifty plus years. Learning is a combination of remote, in-person and self-driven. Students must learn how to use technology to make their work careers easier. The needs of the future are based on improved technology and how well we as humans can adapt to our own inventions. Look what the cotton gin did for cotton farming and picking cotton. It turned the whole industry around. Hundreds of pickers were no longer needed when on machine could do all the work.

6-Politics and finances ofter play a negative role in School Districts and the States have to get them to tow the line and follow State guideline, not try to do things their own way.

The 23rd Psalm

by Dr. Pelham Mead, Published 2012 by Xlibris publishers (c)

No portion electronic or otherwise of this novel is to be copied without the express written permission of the author Dr. Pelham Mead. This novel is protected by US Copywrite laws and was registered in 2012.

This is a work of pure fiction and does not represent any person or place.

Dedicated to my friend from Freeport High School, George Schandel of Mystic Beach, Long Island, New York, and my best friend from college, Paul Renfrew of Boxborough, Mass. Both men helped in editing this novel and joyfully helped with feedback about the novel. 

Preface-    (A Comet collides with Earth in the year 3050)

In the year 3050 the Earth was almost destroyed after a comet the size of the moon collided with Earth. The impact was so severe that it caused the Earth to move out of its normal orbit around the sun. The Earth was million miles closer to the sun after the impact of the comet. The explosion was so great that when the comet hit the southern part of the Pacific Ocean, off of South America, the south polar cap melted down almost immediately.  The ocean surge covered South America completely leaving only the Andes Mountains showing as islands above the waters. In a week Europe, and North America, were under water, and the north polar cap began to melt. The Asian continents suffered the same fate, except the Himalayan mountain range that stuck out as islands in a vast new ocean. All of the mountain ranges around the world became islands jutting out the ocean that rose above 7,000 feet, survived the initial flooding. 

The sea marine life did survive, however, despite the temperature rise. The entire populations of penguins eventually were washed away toward the mountains of the Andes thousands of miles away. Few of the penguins survived.

As for the human race, those that survived were those that ran to the high ground or happened to be living on high ground to begin with. The floods came so quick that all of California, and the west coast were covered in salt water in less than a week. The same fate became the East coast of the North American continent, and it flooded across all the states until it reached the high peaks of the Adirondacks Mountains. 

The only humans known to survive in the western part of North America were a small group of Old World Christians on a religious retreat at Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Mountains, and a small group of Old World Jewish Community Members who were vacationing in the Sierras. Neither community knew that the other had survived until months after the disaster.  In the year 3050 religions had changed to a new order of spiritual life. The World Corporate Order discouraged religions to be practiced. The emphasis was on giving everything to the controlling Corporations of the World, and old world religions got in the way.  Many religions centuries old had begun to die out from the persecution, and threat of arrest by the World Corporate Order.  The original Christian movement that survived 56 thousand years was now called the Old World Christian movement. Likewise, the various Jewish sects were called the Old World Jewish religion. In many ways religion had been replaced by the World Corporate Order.  Nationalism in each continent such as North America, Europe, South America, Middle East, Asian, Far Asia, and Africa had formed over the past few centuries (21h century to 31th century AD).  Old World Buddhism, Old World Muslims, Old World Hindu, and many other religions suffered the same fate as the Old World Christians and the Old World Jewish sects, and were reduced in size and popularity, and considered illegal to practice in public.  They had all become secret religions that were not approved by the World Corporate Order of the 31st Century.  The World Corporate Order frowned on the free worship of any religion in the year 3050. The old world religions met in secret, and kept their membership closed, and in secret fear of corporate punishment by the World Corporate Order that controlled all the continents on Earth.

Chapter 1- “The Lord is My Shepherd, I shall not want…”

The date of the apocalypse was September 4, 3050 AD.  It was in the middle of the day that the first emergency broadcast was sent out by virtual beam, old-fashioned radio, shortwave radio ham radio, and virtual television. “EMERGENCY, this is not a drill, REPEAT EMERGENCY…attention all citizens of the Corporate World Order. This is an EMERGENCY. Our scientists have determined that a comet is about to collide with Earth in about 48 hours. DO NOT PANIC. Try if possible to head to high ground above 5 or 6,000 feet above sea level.  Go to the mountains in you region if possible. Leave now and do not delay. “ End of Broadcast.

For the next 48 hours every person’s anti-gravity vehicle (AGV) was headed toward the closest mountains in every country. Anti-gravity Vehicles had replaced cars thousands of years before. The AGV’s were similar in size to cars, but ran on electro-magnetic waves that bounced off a track buried in the venues (roads).  Venues were blocked for hundreds of miles as millions upon millions of people of the Earth fled to high ground to avoid the impact of severe flooding.

Year 3035 Anti-gravity Vehicle that ran on embedded magnetic road strips

Lake Tahoe, California

In the quiet Sierra Mountains in northern California, near Lake Tahoe, there was a group of forty “Old World Christians,” of the Church of the Sunrise, on a religious retreat. 

Most of the Christians were couples married or singles in a relationship.  Pastor Swift, a short chubby man with a full head of grey hair, was just finishing a lesson on the 23rd Psalm about “how the Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want…” After the service as the small group of the Church of the Sunrise walked toward their cabins one of the young boys named Billy came running toward Pastor Swift. “Pastor Swift, Pastor Swift, there is an emergency warning being transmitted. You need to come quick, the young boy exclaimed. “Alright, All right everything is fine. It is probably a fire emergency being broadcast. I will be right there,” said Pastor Swift. As he approached his cabin there were several people standing outside with long looks on their faces. Something big was up, and Pastor Swift could not tell what the emergency was going to be. As he entered his cabin a virtual broadcast was loud and clear, ”a Comet was going to hit the Earth in less than 48 hours.” Oh My God,” Pastor Swift exclaimed. “Billy, run and get Colonel Jim Shepherd, and have him meet me here as soon as possible,” Pastor Swift shouted.  A few minutes later, retired Colonel James Shepherd, a tall man with a military style crew cut and a long grey mustache, appeared at Pastor Swift’s cabin with his wife Elizabeth Shepherd. 

Elizabeth Shepherd was a retired Biologist from UCLA.  “Jim, as you may have heard we have a major emergency on our hands. I have just been informed that a comet is about to collide with the Earth in less than 48 hours. There is a strong possibility of flooding around the entire Earth, especially if it lands in one of the oceans or hits the north or South Pole. We need to get to high ground fast before others do, and stake out or claim 

to land higher than 7,000 feet above sea level. We know Donner’s Pass is 8,700 feet above sea level, and that is just down the road from here.  I suggest we head for North Star Mountain that is just above Donner’s Pass, and we are close enough to get there quickly,” said Pastor Swift. “I am not a military man, nor do I pretend to know how to handle this emergency, so I am putting you in charge of our church, and it’s survival,” Pastor Swift exclaimed. “I will ring the emergency bell and have everyone assemble immediately,” said Pastor Swift. “OK Jim, I will take charge and get us safely to high ground by the end of this day, said Colonel Shepherd. A million questions when though Colonel Shepherd’s mind at the moment but he suppressed these thoughts to focus on the emergency.

Pastor Swift’s Cabin at Lake Tahoe, California

The bell rang loudly again and again and everyone assembled quickly in front of Pastor Swift’s cabin. “Brothers and Sisters, we have limited time and a major life threatening emergency has developed both here, and world-wide. A comet is about to collide with the Earth in 48 hours. This comet is estimated to be about the size of our moon. There was a hushed silence for almost a minute, and then women began to cry, and men were cursing under their breath. “Retired Colonel Jim Shepherd is going to organize our evacuation to higher ground immediately. I want you to listen to him carefully; he will be in charge of everything. Remember what I said in the bible study group, “The Lord is our Shepherd, and we shall not want,” paraphrased Pastor Swift. 

“Alright everyone keep calm. This is what I want you to do. Return to your cabins, and stock up your AGVs with all the food you have. Remember to pack blankets, and any survival equipment like light sources, batteries, solar energy collectors, water, medicine, axes, old weapons, knives, and any ham radios, or battery or sun operated radios,” shouted the Colonel to the group. “Are there any questions? “ he asked. “Oh and bring any portable laser cutting tools to cut trees and wood also, “ the Colonel commanded.  No one asked any questions.  There were some women crying softly from fear in the crowd, but no one spoke out loud.  They all walked away rapidly to their cabins, and began to gather all they could pack their AGVs with and still have the vehicle move along the ground. “Come back here with your AGV’s loaded within two hours, and we will assemble in front of the mess hall, “ shouted the Colonel to the group as they departed.

Two hours later all of the Old World Christians had assembled with their AGVs fully loaded down with everything they could take. Colonel Shepherd addressed the group again. “Brothers and Sisters, Pastor Swift will lead us in prayer, but first I want to tell you where we are going. We are headed to North Star Mountain, above Donner’s pass, down the road from here. I will personally lead the group in my AGV, and everyone will follow in a single line. When we get to the site we will begin to organize an encampment to survive the comet collision with the Earth.” “Pastor Swift if you will,” the Colonel said. “Let us pray. Dear Lord guide over and protect us and all the humans and animals of the world during this apocalypse. Guide us on our way to North Star Mountain, and keep us safe and secure from the possible flooding. We ask this all in Jesus’ name. Amen” Pastor Swift finished. “Amen,” the group responded.

All the AGVs were started up, and the trek to North Star Mountain began in a long single line of about 40 vehicles. An hour later they had arrived at the base of North Star Mountain and departed their vehicles and began to climb the open trails up the mountain. Anti gravity vehicles were made to follow a magnetic line embedded in the road and usually ran on solar power or an electric grid. Once the vehicles went off the road they were useless. They could not travel over the ground or rocks and leaves. Everyone had to put their supplies on their back or pull them on makeshift drags.

Chapter 2- “He maketh me to lie down in green pastures, he restoreth my soul……”

At a green pasture, about three-quarters of the way up the mountain, they decided to make their campground. One of Colonel Shepherd’s major concerns was security, just in case other crazed human tried to steal food or attack their campsite high on the mountain. 

He posted men around the site during the night just in case, to prevent any wild animals from causing problems or crazed humans running in fear of the flooding. They did not have any weapons, and there was only one form of communication, and that was an Army pocket whistle.  There were only a few hours of daylight left that day, so they did what they could to cut trees down with laser cutters that were brought along. Centuries old two-man saws were also put into use cutting down trees to make lean-tos. Even small hatchets, were used to build shelters and cut wood for fires to keep warm.

Day two came fast, and only 24 hours remained before the comet collided with the Earth. Pastor Swift made sure there were plenty of prayer sessions to calm everyone’s fears about the end of the Earth. There was no communication with the outside world. No one knew what the rest of the world was doing. Their only focus was to survive the impending comet collision with Earth.

Colonel Shepherd held take charge of inventorying all the food and equipment.

Colonel Shepherd had everyone inventory all the food and equipment.  They had to centralize all the food so they could cook for everyone, and conserve food and energy in so doing. They had no real weapons, since police and the military only used weapons. Just antique weapons such as crossbows, bows and arrows, spears that were hanging on the cabin walls were brought. No one knew if they even would work. 

Xiaolin was a woman who knew success in the corporate world.

Colonel Shepherd delegated Xiaolin Tan, a Chinese-American women, and 

Corporate administrator for a North American World Corporation.   Her boy friend was Professor Ken Mooney, a College professor at UCLA. 

Professor Ken Mooney of UCLA who taught Biology and Biomechanics

Another volunteer was Marcus Green, a black man with a lot of technical experience, from working on AGV’s.  Marcus was 6 ft. 4 “ tall and a strong and able-bodied person.  Ms. Mary Moon, a widow and mechanical engineer, offered to find some birch trees for a fire. Ms. Judy Ann Walsh a dark haired Irish beauty of 28 years of age was Marcus’ girlfriend.  She and Marcus offered to collect other small trees for making shelters. Others were delegated to cooking and preparing food. The rest of the forty Christians were assigned to revolving guard duty with binoculars to search for any trouble with wildlife or crazed humans fleeing from any fires or flooding. At that point in time they had no real idea whether there would be flooding or fires or volcanic activity after the comet hit the Earth. One person that was not satisfied with the camping arrange was Steven Moss, an 

Electrical engineer, and a single man, in his early thirties. Steven was always the group complainer. If everyone decided to do something, he would always find fault. Steven was the doubter of the Old World Christian group.

Stephen Moss was the doubter right from the beginning.

Mrs. Judy Swift, the Pastor’s wife, took charge of the women organizing blankets, and dry shelters for everyone to sleep in. The air was thin and the temperature on the cool side, 40 degrees at this high altitude of around 9,000 feet above sea level. Everyone in the Church of the Sunrise took on a responsibility in preparation for the “apocalypse.”  Steven Moss was the only exception to the rule.  He spent all of his time building his own shelter and helping no one else in the community. “I am going to build my shelter first and the hell with everyone else, “ Steven commented. No one paid attention to his ramblings. “If it rains at least I will be dry, “ Steven went on to say.

At the end of the second day ten fires were well established with plenty of dead wood found in the forest. The women were preparing the easiest meal for a large group of people with limited resources, and that was stew. The meat was all frozen, and rapidly defrosting, so with the vegetables they brought, and the cans of chicken broth, huge pots of stew were being prepared. Some of the children even found wild onions, and safe mushrooms to add to the stew. Darkness would soon be upon the mountain so all the work crews stopped, and the Christians sat down together to consume their meal of beef stew. Blessings were said, and everyone held hands.  Beef stew never tasted so good. Many people secretly worried how long their food was going to last, and where they would find more food when their food ran out? Anxiety was high in everyone’s mind. Prayer groups were praying all day long.

The inevitable came the next day almost to the hour. The comet collided with the Earth, just before dawn. The impact was so great that everyone was knocked to the ground, 

and some people were thrown up against trees and knocked unconscious. The force was so great that the entire Earth shook. The Comet hit the Pacific Ocean with such force that steam rose from the heat of the comet to block the atmosphere from getting any sun for months. The collision caused a tidal wave so large, that no words could describe it. As the comet sunk to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean it was like a large stone being dropped in the middle or a lake, the ripple effect covered the entire earth. Volcanoes erupted everywhere, and the Earth’s crust cracked. The south polar cap melted in a week, and so did the Northern polar cap a few weeks later. All the continents were covered in ocean water up to 6,000 feet above sea level on average in less than a month. Only mountains tops survived as islands in a water filled planet. The human race was practically wiped out in one sweeping catastrophe. Only pockets of humans survived around the earth. No time for political maneuvering. No time for rockets to blast off to other planets. There was simply no time to prepare for anything except death.

This little group of blessed Old World Christians managed to survive on a mountaintop in the Sierra Mountains. A second small group of Old World Jews from “Temple Beth El” had also survived at Boreal ridge Mountain, a few miles away from North Star Mountain. It seemed like a miracle that God would spare just these two religious groups out of the millions of people in the western portion of North America.

The oceans quickly washed over San Francisco, and Los Angeles flooding all the low land areas, and rapidly climbing to cover the San Gabriel Mountains east of Los Angeles. In Northern California the ocean surged up route 81 taking trees, rocks, houses, transport vehicles and everything in its way.  Donner’s pass at 8700 feet above sea level became a river between the mountain ranges. All the mountains below 6,000 feet sea level were submerged in a matter of a few weeks.  Dead human bodies by the millions were everywhere floating on the top of the ocean waters. Dead animals, dead birds, dead everything was floating, and stinking on top of the oceans that blanketed an entire mountain range. New York the City was leagues underwater, and the ocean swelled over Manhattan, Bronx, Westchester, Putnam counties until it reached the Catskill Mountains.  The ocean eventually covered these low mountains, and continued on to the higher Adirondack Mountains.  The coast of California, Oregon, Washington State, and Canada were gone. Now they were a memory like the city of Atlantis, thousands of leagues under the sea. Sea creatures of all types were washed upland with all the other dead human bodies. Sharks were seen hundreds of miles inland, and whales, as well as millions of other marine life was uprooted and literally flushed over the lands.

A thick steam mist covered the entire earth blocking the sun. Darkness was shadowing the entire Earth.  The few plants that survived on mountaintops were beginning to wither from the lack of sunlight and lack of oxygen. Everyday was a dark day, dark in emotion, dark in light, and dark in spirit. Survival of the few remaining pockets of humans seemed doubtful at the time. Would the human race 

disappear, just like the dinosaurs did millions of years before? Time would tell the story.

The first week went by quickly, and there was no sign of other humans near North Star Mountain. Only dead carcasses of animals, and humans washed ashore everyday. The smell was beyond description, and everyone had to wear a scarf or cloth around their mouth and nose to reduce the smell. Colonel Shepherd assembled the parishioners of the Church of the Sunrise in the darkness of the mid-day of the first week, and they prayed and planned what to do. No one was sure they would survive. All they could see from North Star Mountain was ocean in every direction.  “People our survival is based on what we can scavenge everyday from anything worthwhile that washes up on our shores. Do not touch or go near the dead bodies of humans of animals, since they will be diseased. If you cannot carry scavenged materials tell someone to come and find help. Floating cans of food is a treasure, and any useful wood, and construction materials. If we wish to survive we need to save everything we find,” said Colonel Shepherd. “When is this darkness going to stop,” Steven Moss complained. “We do not know yet since none of us are scientists, “ Colonel Shepherd answered. There was a general fear throughout the entire community that the end was near and they would never survive.

People do strange things when they think it is the last day on Earth.  All of the couples made love as if it was their last day on Earth. It was the strangest thing the way people react when death seems near.  Everyone was fearful of dying from a comet collision, yet at the hour of doom, love seemed to be the most important thing. Even Pastor Swift and Judy Swift spent an unusual night cuddling together. The Jewish Rabbi and his wife Ida had made peace with God, and prepared for their last day on Earth. The sons of daughters of Rabbi Grossman spent the night with their love ones. After the first night of fear when the comet collided with the Earth, amazing the sun rose the next day, and everyone was still alive. God works in strange ways.

Chapter 3 -“He leadeth me beside the still waters,”

After a month the ocean waters calmed down a little, and became still waters, however, dead bodies were floating around everywhere.  There was garbage everywhere on the shores of North Star Mountain. Colonel Shepherd had all of the Christians collect everything they could from the waters, except dead bodies. By some good fortune hundreds of empty 50-gallon oil drums washed up on shore, and were collected, and stacked up higher up the mountain. These empty oil drums could be used for fireplaces, and eventually to make a raft to navigate the oceans should the time come for that adventure. Everyday, more and more junk washed ashore of the small mountain top island of North Star, and the Christians spent all of there waking hours scavenging. “I can’t believe they are making us work like slaves collecting all this junk, “ Steven Moss complained. “ We have no choice,” said Mary Moon, a mechanical engineer in the community. “My back is killing me but I would rather be working toward surviving than sitting and worrying about it,” commented Marcus Green a technical expert with computers and advanced technology.  Tim Dong Wo was lifting 50-gallon oil drums, and stacking them uphill from the ocean’s edge. “These drums are a blessing. We can make rafts, fireplaces, and shelters with them if we have something to cut them with,” he commented.

The daily temperature was beginning to rise around the Earth the first month after the apocalypse. Pastor Swift, as well as Colonel Shepherd noticed the change since everyone was unusually warm all the time. The days were dark and overcast from the steam moisture rising up to the highest levels of the Earth’s atmosphere and blocking the rays of the sun. The humidity, as well as the increased temperature was difficult to work in, but everyone did their best. Xiaolin Tan, and her boyfriend Ken Mooney, came to Pastor Swift, and told him that she and others had noticed that the water was still rising about 10-20 feet each Week, “Pastor I have noticed with great alarm that the ocean keeps rising everyday. Yesterday the ocean was a the edge of the trees and today those same trees are under water, “ Xiaolin explained. “Thank you Xiaolin, others have told me the same thing. I want you to monitor the amount the ocean rises each day by putting stick markers where 

the water’s edge is each day. Measure the distance between the sticks each day and we can figure what the average flooding is each week,” Pastor Swift directed.

Pastor Swift prayed for guidance in this difficult time.

Pastor Swift realized that in several months they were going to have a problem, unless the ocean water started to recede. Pastor Swift met with everyone in the Church of the Sunrise, and discussed their concerns and fears. Colonel Shepherd told everyone that Xiaolin, and several others would mark and monitor the ocean’s rise each day and keep everyone informed. In the meantime it was decided to take the empty oil drums and build large sailing rafts in case they had to evacuate the island in search of a higher mountain if the ocean did not begin to recede. Steven Moss wanted to know what they were going to do if the ocean waves reached the height of the pasture. “We will worry about that when the time comes, “ Colonel Shepherd responded.

The next day the entire group assembled all the wire and rope they could find to tie the 50-gallon oil drums together, and lash wooden poles to the top of the 50-gallon oil drums. Several large pine trees were cut down to serve as the main masts. Other smaller pine trees were cut down to serve as planks to secure the oil drums. Colonel Shepherd planned for each raft to handle 20 people. Four rows of four 50-gallon drums were secured under each raft with a shelter on the back of the raft. Space was setup for a long rudder to be placed in the middle of the raft behind the shelter area. Push-poles and oars could be used on the sides of the rafts. The women sewed together any cloth they could spare, and any fabric that washed ashore to create a square sail for the raft.  Many of the women did not know how to sew and Pastor Swift’s wife, Judy Swift, had to show them.

The raft had to be big enough to carry at least 20 people. Since the group totaled 40 people it was necessary to build at least three rafts. The first raft came together after only a few weeks of work. After the first raft was built, rope and wire were hard to find.  Natural products such as tree bark and vines had to be used. Any anti-gravity vehicles that survived the flood were stripped for all their useful parts 

like wires, wheels, and seats. Solar collectors were useful in charging batteries for lights and other equipment. The shelter at the back of the rafts was added later. The raft had to be seaworthy and special care was taken to make sure the 50-gallon oil drums were secured tightly.  A pulley at the top of a mast pole lifted the sail.     Steering was with a long pole and a rudder attached. Push poles could be 

            used along the sides of the raft.

Months had gone by, and still no sight of human survivors, other than dead human bodies by the thousands floating by everyday. Everyone was instructed to stay away from the dead bodies so as not to catch any diseases. Sticks were used to 

push the bodies away from the shores of the island. It was an impossible task since the ocean tides washed bodies in and out on a regular basis. The smell was unbearable from the dead and rotting flesh in the water.

After the third month of November, the food supply was beginning to run low and many people in the group were coming down with mysterious illnesses. They had no doctors or nurses and few of the group knew anything about first aid or medicine. The rafts were ready now, and the ocean had risen 80 feet above its original level when the Christians had started checking the water level. Fear was spreading around the group that the ocean would eventually flood over the entire island in a year. “I say we leave the island now, “ complained Steven Moss. “We need to listen to the Colonel, he knows what he is doing and he is our leader in addition to Pastor Swift,” Marcus Green responded to Steven Moss. Bill Mandor remarked, “We are making progress in collecting wild plants and fresh water containers.” “We will see,“ Steven Moss commented. 

“Dad do you really believe we are going to survive,” Rob asked his father. “I believe God has chosen us for a purpose son,” James Swift replied.  “Being a Pastor of a Church means I have to look out for everyone’s interests more than my 

own Rob,”   “I understand Dad, you have to keep everyone believing in God and that what he does is for the good, Rob replied. “You’re pretty smart Rob,” said his dad.

Mary Moon and her boy friend Bill Snedeker found themselves praying a lot more than they used to before the comet collision. “I guess we take a lot for granted Bill,” Mary said.  “I’ve been thinking the same as you,” Bill responded. “We have to have faith that all will work out in the end,” Bill commented. “You are right Bill, but I am worried,” Mary said.  Another couple down by the shore of the island was collecting driftwood when a wave washed up the half eaten body of what looked like a woman. Marcus saw the disgusting site, and threw up. “I’m sorry Judy,” he said. “I can’t take looking at all this death that surrounds us,“ Marcus said. “ I’ll carry the driftwood back to the camp,” Marcus said.  “That is fine with me, Mr. strong guy,” Judy Walsh laughed.

The supply of fresh water from the melted snow was disappearing, and evaporating from the constant heat. The skies were still dark after a month had gone by, and the Earth was slipping into a dark age of limited sunlight with increased humidity and heat. Fish and other marine life that were swept inland in the major flooding began to appear in the ocean around the island. Several of the Christians tried to spear fish from the shore with limited success until someone tried using an oil lamp at night to attract the fish. That technique worked, and many fish were speared. The group began working on a fish net by weaving vines together and shoe laces and whatever line they could find that had not been used on the oil drum rafts.

The parishioners of the Church of the Sunrise met with Colonel Shepherd and discussed some of the problems that were developing. They were facing some 

major crisis, namely, a growing shortage of food, increase sickness of many people in the community, a shortage of fresh water, and the ocean seemed to continue to slowly rise 10-20 feet each week. From the original stick markers it seems they had lost 80 feet of shoreline since the disaster. “People I want everyone to pray with me, and brainstorm as to what we should do now, and in the future,” Colonel Shepherd said. “Colonel what is to become of us, asked Marcus Green?” “ I don’t know that answer, it is in God’s hands,” the Colonel responded. Different ideas were discussed such as putting out cans or pots to collect any rain was suggested, and adopted. There was no doctor or nurse in the community so the people with illnesses had to remain on their blanket, and pray they would recover. 

The most significant observation by Ms. Xiaolin Tan was that with the ocean continued to rise, and never stop.  They might be forced to flee the island at some point in time. Everyone agreed that this scenario might happen. Xiaolin suggested that a small group of volunteers take one of the oil drum rafts, and sail to some of the other Islands within a few miles of their island and look for other survivors. “Perhaps they had a medical person that could help with the people that were sick in exchange for food or services? Xiaolin commented. The group all liked that idea so Colonel Shepherd suggested they supply a group of volunteers with food and water and have them leave the next day at sunrise. They would pack some canned goods, and blankets to trade if necessary, and explore the surrounding islands for other survivors. Hopefully, another group of human survivors might have more resources that they could combine together, to make survival more likely if the ocean waters kept rising?

The next day Colonel Shepherd asked for some volunteers to help take a test voyage on the raft to determine its sea worthiness, and to explore other islands for human survivors. One of the three rafts was stocked with canned food, and lashed down to remain in place. Water was taken in small bottles, and blankets and small items to trade.  The sail was raised, and ten volunteers including Colonel Shepherd pushed off from the island, and headed due west from the island. Boreal Ridge Mountain, and other nearby mountains were a few miles away.  The mountains above 6,000 feet above sea level would be high enough above the floodwaters to have survivors on them? The wind was strong that day at about 10 knots, and so was the tidal current.  In less than an hour an island was spotted on the horizon. They navigated the raft toward island. “Ahoy Captain, I mean Colonel, there is an island about a mile away,” called out young Bill Mandor a 16 year old teenager. “OK steady as she goes, “ said Colonel Shepherd.  Keep the rudder straight Marcus, and let out some line on the sail so we can pick up speed,“ called out Colonel Shepherd. The wind increased to 12-15 knots that day, and the raft was rolling to and fro, and moving smoothly over the ocean waters despite the high waves.

Ken Mooney, Xiaolin’s boy friend, was standing on the front of the raft as they approached the tree-lined island. He threw a rope around a tree near the edge of the island, and pulled the raft in toward the shore. The Colonel suggested that Marcus Green stay with 

the raft just in case, and the rest of the crew would divide up into groups of two each, and search the island. Remember our mission is to find other survivors, and give a friendly greeting. “Make sure you tell them we are a peaceful group of survivors from another island,” Colonel Shepherd instructed.   So the groups of two men each started searching the heavily wooded island. They brought some blankets with them, and some canned food to trade if the occasion presented itself. All around the island was garbage, and dead human bodies just like their island. There was no sound of birds that day, and no sounds of humans either. The island rose up steeply to a few rock ridges, and then broke off into several different ridges of rock that rose higher still on the island. The Christian group climbed over the rock ledges, and looked in all directions for evidence of survivors. After two hours walking, and miles from the raft, the groups decided to turn around and head back to the raft, since night would soon be upon them. They did not want to have to return to their island on the raft in the dark of night. 

When everyone arrived back at the raft they reported what they had seen, and there was no evidence of anyone living on the island. They did find an old fire pit but could not tell whether it was recent or from months or years past. Everyone got aboard the raft and raised the sail and pushed off the island to return to North Star Island, their temporary home island.  

Meanwhile, high over one of the ridges were some Jewish community survivors from Temple Beth El hiding behind some pine trees observing the Christian group with binoculars. They watched carefully to see if the people searching the island were hostile or not. They watched as the group of ten men pushed off the island, and sailed back in the direction they came from. The liberal Old World Jewish community did not have any oil drums to make a raft, and did not fair as well as the Christian community in salvaging 

supplies and resources. They did have a nurse and a retired doctor, and a limited supply of food they managed to save. They sent word back to their community living on the other side of the island from where the raft landed. Everyone in the Jewish community was surprised and bewildered that someone else had survived. There was both hope, and fear in the Old World Jewish Community as to the future.

As the raft sailed back to their island, Bill Snedeker noticed a puff of smoke coming from a fire on the other sided of the island. This must have meant that there are some survivors on the island, but it was too late to turn around and search. Perhaps another day and another trip, they could try and sail around the other side of the island to where they saw the puff of smoke rising into the air?

Upon returning to the North Star Island, Colonel Shepherd had the team tie up the raft, and head back to the rest of the Old World Christian encampment. They told Pastor Swift, and the rest of the community that they had no luck finding anyone but they did see a puff of smoke raising into the air on the other side of the island as they were returning to 

North Star Island. Perhaps they could plan another trip the next day or so, and see where the mysterious puff of smoke was coming from?  For the time being it was a job well done.

The next day the same group set out again to return to the island they had found due west of their island. Upon seeing the island they decided to sail around the to the place where they saw the smoke rising into the air. They put into shore, tied up the raft, and started to head over the ridge to see if they could find survivors. As they climbed the steep uphill ridge, someone was throwing rocks at them from behind trees on the higher ground. They had to retreat to avoid being hit by rocks. Colonel Shepherd decided not to confront the strangers, and retreat instead. They left some blankets and canned food as a sign of peace, and pushed off the island. 

They searched all day elsewhere, but all the little islands they found were very small, and no survivors were found on them. It was just an hour before nightfall when they returned to North Star Island. Colonel Shepherd reported to Pastor Swift about the rock throwing attack, and their retreat from the island. Hopefully, leaving the blankets and canned food would be interpreted as a peace overture?

After the North Star raft left the island several Jewish people found the blankets, and canned food left by the Christian group. They brought the supplies back to their Rabbi Sam Grossman. He examined the blankets and canned food and wondered why the visitors left them? Rabbi Grossman called a meeting of the Temple Beth El community to discuss the visitors that came on the raft, and why they left blankets and canned food. Mrs. Ida Grossman the Rabbi’s wife prepared some tea for the group as they assembled around a nice fire. George Mandel, a retired General of the Northern Corporate Sphere Army spoke first, and said,” I think it is a peace offering. Why else would they leave good blankets and unopened cans of food?”  Ben Gross, and Elijah agreed with George. “What should we do Rabbi?” asked Elijah. “I am not sure at this point,“ said Rabbi Grossman.  “We may have to wait and see what God’s plan is for us, and the visitors,” said Rabbi Grossman. The discussion went on for an hour, and then the Rabbi ended in a prayer for guidance. The group dismissed and headed back to their shelters.

Rabbi Grossman was the religious leader of the Liberal Old World Jewish temple.

Elizabeth Swift age 15 was Pastor James Swift’s oldest child. Elizabeth or “Liz,” as she was called was always a rebel. She refused to do what her father or mother asked her to do. She was in the prime of the teenage rebellion stage. Liz met Billy Mandor at her high school and convinced him to attend the religious retreat. Billy did not believe in God or belong to the Church of the Sunrise, but he did like Liz and that was enough to convince him to come on the retreat. Billy was 16 and his parents were killed in an AGV accident over a year before. Billy never got over their absence and was an only child. Often he would sink into depression or bury himself in some technical problem. He was very independent as was Liz. They made quite a pair, always talking about how adults mistreat them. Liz’s father had no idea how serious Billy and Liz were with each other. Pastor Swift saw their relation as an infatuation and that was all. Liz felt she love Billy but did not want Billy to take advantage of her. Billy saw Liz as a sexy little cheerleader and popular girl at school. Liz was the social on and Billy was the loner. Spending time together in this crisis brought them closer together.

Although the ocean waters had gotten calmer over time, they were still slowly rising at the rate of 10-20 feet a week.  The Jewish community was not aware of this observation at first.  It wasn’t until about five weeks after the disaster that they began to realize their shoreline was shrinking, and the ocean was still rising. There was some concern in their community about the waters eventually rising high enough to cover the entire island and drowning everyone on it.

It was two months after the disaster that the Christian group began to panic because the ocean was rising steadily without any leveling off. They decided to make another attempt at sailing back to the only know island with survivors, and try to negotiate a peace. They set sail again for the island, and within two hours they had arrived on the far side of the island. This time they set a fire and waited for the survivors of the island to come to them. The Jewish scouts warned Rabbi Grossman that the visitors had returned, and smoke from a fire could be seen in the sky. Rabbi Grossman decided that he would take a delegation of ten members of men and women to approach the strangers to see what they wanted. Colonel Shepherd waited by the fire for the survivors to approach. About an hour later a young boy holding a stick with a white cloth on it appeared in a clearing about 100 yards from the raft. Colonel instructed one of the men to break off a stick and put a white shirt on it, and wave it back to the survivor. Seeing the white flag, Rabbi Grossman felt safer and approached Colonel Shepherd at the fire. “Hello, Hello, my name is Rabbi Sam Grossman, and these are my friends, and community members. We come in peace,” Rabbi Grossman shouted. “Come ahead, “ Colonel Shepherd shouted back. In a few minutes they were all gathered around the fire. Colonel Shepherd introduced everyone in his group, and Rabbi Grossman introduced everyone in his group. After the introductions they all sat down around the fire. “Thank you for the blankets and canned food, “ Rabbi Grossman said. “We left it as a sign of peace after your people started throwing stones at us, “ Colonel Shepherd remarked. “Forty of us 

have survived on another island east of here, “ said Colonel Shepard. Rabbi Grossman commented, “ We have only 34 people that have survived the comet collision. We were visiting Lake Tahoe when we learned of the impending comet colliding with the Earth. At first we did not believe it, but when we realized it was real, we grabbed all we could pack up, and headed up Boreal Ridge Mountain to find safety on high ground.” “Out story is similar, “ responded Colonel Shepherd. “ We were staying nearby at Lake Tahoe too, and headed for North Star Mountain for safety. We have around 40 survivors in our community,” said Marcus Green. “How did you make these great rafts? “ asked Rabbi Grossman. “Well, we had hundreds of empty 50 gallon oil drums drift ashore on our island, and we salvaged them. 

We cut down trees and gathered all the wire and rope we could find to lash the oil drums together, “ answered Colonel Shepherd. “I see,” said Rabbi Grossman, “very creative.”  Colonel Shepard said, “we were hoping to trade with you for food or services. We have a lot of sick people, and no nurse or doctor in our community. Do you have a Doctor or Nurse, and that can help our sick people?”  “Yes we have a nurse, and a retired doctor in or community,” answered Rabbi Grossman. “Can we trade some food and or blankets to have them come to our island to help our sick people recover?” asked Colonel Shepherd. “I cannot speak for our Doctor, but I can ask him if he wants to help your group in exchange for some food and blankets,” responded the Rabbi. “Wait here, and I will send for the Doctor, “Elijah run back to the village, and ask Doctor Greenspan to come back with his medical bag right away,” Rabbi Grossman asked.  Immediately Elijah got up, and jogged back to the village to find Doctor Greenspan. The group talked about the terror of the comet hitting the Earth, and whether others had survived elsewhere in the world.

In about an hour Doctor Greenspan arrived at the campfire with a puzzled look on his face. “What is going on Rabbi,” he asked. “Doctor Greenspan the visitors have a lot of people sick, and have no medical attention for them. If we 

have you go back to their island, they will provide us with blankets and canned food for. Will you help them out?“ asked the Rabbi. “Sure we need to all be brothers after this disaster, and help one another survive,” said Doctor Greenspan.

Doctor Greenspan volunteered to help the Christian group

“Is it alright if you return to our island today?” asked Colonel Shepherd. We will leave the blankets we brought with us, and the canned food, as sign of goodwill,” said Colonel Shepherd. They all shook hands, and Doctor Greenspan said goodbye to his Jewish friends and boarded the oil drum raft. They sailed back to North Star Island in less than two hours. The tide was behind them, and the winds were again strong

Chapter 4- “He restores my soul….”

            When the raft returned to North Star Island with Doctor Greenspan, everyone on the island was happy knowing that medical help had finally arrived. Pastor Swift welcomed Doctor Greenspan after Colonel Shepherd introduced him. They walked back to the village exchanging thoughts about how both groups had survived. When they entered the village Pastor Swift took Doctor Greenspan around to each of the shelters that had sick people in them. Fortunately, Doctor Greenspan has some penicillin and was able to use it to cure a lot of people with staff infections. Others had variations of stress related illnesses, and he gave them vitamin B10 injections. Everyone was so grateful that they had a special dinner in Doctor Greenspan’s honor. A shelter was made available for Doctor Greenspan to spend the night.

            The next morning, after having powered coffee, Colonel Shepherd, and crew took Doctor Greenspan back to his island. They spoke of exchanging more goods and services in the future on the trip back. They also spoke of the rising water problem that had not abated yet. Colonel Shepherd told Doctor Greenspan that they had some extra oil drums available, and if volunteers from Doctor Greenspan’s community offered to help, Colonel Shepherd would assist them in building a raft or two for their community. Doctor Greenspan said he would discuss this offer with Rabbi Grossman. The waves were high that day, but the raft sailed well, and in a few hours they had returned to the Jewish community island. As Doctor Greenspan got off the raft, he promised Colonel Shepherd that they would do all they could to cooperate and help one another survive by trading and exchanging services. 

            The trip back to the North Star Island was relatively uneventful until a shark fin was sighted. The thought of sharks in the surrounding ocean sent a chill through everyone on the raft. “Steer clear of the sharks,” Colonel Shepherd yelled. Quickly Colonel Shepherd turned the raft away from the sharks tacking off in another direction. “It is better we go around the sharks rather that infuriate them by sailing over them, “ Colonel Shepherd commented.

                        The following month, the Christians treated by Doctor Greenspan all recovered. Everyone celebrated their return to good health. Pastor Swift held a daily prayer meeting stressing the importance of being positive and leaving their fate to the Lord. He spoke often of restoring their souls and renewing their lives in thanks for surviving the comet disaster. The spiritual strength of the Christian community kept them alive from day to day.

            After three months, the ocean had continually risen 20 feet each week. They had lost 60 feet of shoreline, and in six more months they would lose 180 feet that would come dangerously close to their pasture and village. If the pasture flooded, the village would flood also.  It was a fear in the back of everyone’s mind. The skies were still dark and the humidity and heat continued.

            Tim Dong Wo, a young man of Korean extraction, but born in Northern America by emigrants, was in his late 20’s. Tim had a PHD from Harvard University in Philosophy. Tim Dong Wo was also a ham radio operator for a hobby. He brought his ham radio with him when they evacuated their home on Lake Tahoe. Fortunately, his ham radio had a crank that generated electricity to charge the battery of the radio. Everyday since the Christians had arrived at North Star Mountain, Tim checked his ham radio to see if there were other survivors or any information that would be helpful around the world. Nothing could be heard on the ham radio, but static, until late in November a short message asking if anyone had survived was heard. Tim Dong Wo sent back a Morse code signal, and got a response minutes later that there was a survivor with a ham radio at Heavenly Valley Mountain, near South Lake Tahoe. The ham operator was a woman name Sue Backus, age 30. She was a ranger for the Lake Tahoe area for the World Corporate Council. She relayed information that all of California was wiped out except a few survivors on various 

mountaintops. Through a series of relayed messages from ham radio operators around the world she learned that someone reported that an eruption of the floor of the Pacific Ocean had occurred after the comet hit the Pacific Ocean. The bottom of the ocean had heaved upward thrusting high above the ocean.  The volcanoes in Hawaii had also exploded sending lava for miles in every direction. A ham radio operator in Hawaii had survived on one of the volcanoes and was broadcasting in all directions what he had seen.  He said an inter-continental bridge now spanned from the lost coast of California to the Hawaiian Islands, and onto the mountains of Northern China. Sue related that many believe that the Oceans would not recede for years until the atmosphere clears up and allows for more evaporation.

            When Tim Don Wo learned of this information, he immediately went to Pastor Swift and Colonel Shepherd, and told them the whole story. “Pastor Swift I have some important information. I finally contacted someone with a ham radio. A woman named Sue Backus survived on Heavenly Mountain above South Lake Tahoe city with her ham radio. She has been in contact with other ham radio operators around the world that also survived,” Tim said. “What did you learn Tim?” Pastor Swift asked. “All of California, and the entire North American coast are many leagues under water. Also, there have been reports of a few isolated survivors on mountaintops around the world. The most survivors are in the Himalayas mountain range, and the other highest mountains on Earth. There are also survivors in the Northern, and Southern Chinese Mountains too,” Tim commented. Pastor Swift looked worried and pondered for a moment the status of the Earth after the comet collision. He was afraid of this all along when they did not see any survivors in boats or on other islands other than the Jewish community on Boreal Ridge Mountain Island. “Let me call a meeting of the community to discuss this information,” said Pastor Swift. “One more thing Pastor, “the comet hit the Pacific Ocean, and the ocean floor erupted upward to form an inter-continental bridge between North America and China. It has been reported it may be possible to cross this new land divide which is mostly volcanic rock, and mud from the ocean floor,” said Tim. “Thank you Tim, I will take everything under advisement,” said Pastor Swift.  

                        An hour later a meeting was called of all the members of the Old World Christian group to discuss the new facts that Tim learned on his ham radio. Pastor Swift told the entire group what Tim had learned about the worldwide flooding, and how the west coast, and east coast of North American were leagues under the sea. He also mentioned an inter-continental land bridge that erupted from the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, and spanned North American to China via the Hawaiian island volcanoes.

                        They could not believe that California and the entire coast of North American were submerged. Even stranger and harder to believe was the formation of an inter-continental bridge of lava and mud. The bottom of the Pacific Ocean pushing upward, and forming a landmass higher than the ocean waters all the way to China from the North American continent was hard to believe. Many people were saddened, and shocked as to the magnitude of the comet collision. The warmer weather was discussed, and many people had theories, but no on knew what had really caused the increase in the temperatures. “Pastor Swift I noticed that we have not had any winter weather, especially when we are 8,000 feet above sea level,” asked Mary Moon. Mary was a divorcee in her late 30’, with no children. She had reddish hair in a short cut, and had strong Irish features with freckles and pale white skin. “Mary you bring up a good point,” answered Pastor Swift.  Colonel Swift, and I have discussed the climate change and we feel this is all from the comet collision causing an immense vaporization that now blocks our atmosphere,” Pastor Swift responded.  Bill Manor, a 16-year-old boy who was emancipated from his parents after they died in an AGV crash, raised his hand to ask another question. “Pastor what is our long-range plan, and what are we going to do if the ocean rises to the height of our village, “ Bill asked. Colonel Swift answered, “well Bill that is a major concern of ours right now. If the ocean continues to rise we may have to move to another higher mountain. As for a long range plan we do not have one yet.” “Thank you Colonel,” said Billy. There was a lot of discussion in the group after Bill’s question and many people were uneasy as to the future. A group vote was taken to get a group consensus what to do if the ocean waters rose to the height of the village. “How many in favor of finding another island if the waters rise to high,” asked Pastor Swift. Everyone’s hands went up. “Well then, it is unanimous and the motion is carried, “ Pastor Swift replied. Colonel Shepherd spoke up next, “I think it wise to include the Jewish 

group on the other island.  Let’s include them in our plans or at least make them an offer to combine our resources, and work together as one group of survivors” he said.  Many in the group agreed. Mary Moon asked to be allowed to speak. “Friends I agree with the Colonel, 

we are going to need everyone and every resource we can find to survive. The Jewish group has a Doctor and a Nurse and several professional people that can be a real asset to our group if we combine resources and talents. We should approach them with the idea and set up a meeting with their leaders and our leaders. “I agree,” said Pastor Swift. “ I will ask the Colonel to take another raft trip over to their island and make a proposal for a meeting of our leaders and theirs about our ultimate survival and pooling of resources and talents.” 

            The average weather was in the high 90’s all the time with some cooling off at night to the 70’s.  The unusual weather for California in the winter months with was making daily chores difficult. Everyone had to be careful not to dehydrate in the heat. The final decisions were made in the meeting, but everyone decided to meet the next day.  They wanted to make some recommendations as to what they should do to survive with Rising Ocean still a threat and food supply, fresh water supply, and the overall safety of the group a problem too.

            Food was in shorter supply and fresh water too by the end of November. December would soon be upon them, and Christmas was coming. It was hard to think about Christian holidays, and celebrations when survival was the major consideration. The next day, after the meeting of the Christian group, Colonel Shepherd set sail with his usual crew of nine men to the island where the Jewish group was living to set up a meeting between both 

groups’ leaders to discuss combining resources and talents in order to survive. When they arrive at the island they were greeted cheerfully instead of stones being thrown. Rabbi Grossman came to talk with Colonel Shepherd, and they discussed having a meeting of the leaders of both groups about long-range survival. “Colonel Shepherd, as I understand it you have determined via a ham radio operator that only a few have survived the comet disaster on mountain tops above 6,000 feet above sea level. “ “That is correct Rabbi, “ said Colonel Shepherd. “In addition we have been informed that an eruption of the Pacific Ocean floor from the comet impact has caused volcanoes to erupt, and the floor of the ocean to explode into a series of mountains of lava. A trans-continental land bridge now connects North America and the Asian continent,” commented Colonel Shepard. Ham operators around the world that survived have relayed this information from various high points around the world. We have reason to believe that this information is true, that means there are few survivors in our region, and we may well be alone except for the ham operator trapped on Heavenly Valley mountain south of here by about ten miles, “ said Colonel Shepard. Rabbi Grossman looked very concerned. He turned to General Mandel, and Betty Samson who were sitting next to him. “What do you think my friends? “ the Rabbi asked.  Betty Samson was a widow and a pharmacist. She was a short but athletic woman in her early 40’s. Betty responded by saying, “it seems obvious that in terms of long term survival our groups would do better if we cooperated, and combined our resources. If the ocean keeps rising, both of our groups will have to leave their islands for higher ground. Perhaps, if it were possible to cross the inter-continental bridge land mass, then they could all seek refuge in the Himalayas the highest mountain range in the world.”  “As crazy as the idea is about traveling to higher ground, the Himalayas it might be a sound long range plan, if we had enough food and provisions to make the long journey,” commented Elijah who was a cantor from the Jewish community. They talked for a few hours, and Rabbi Grossman agreed to meet with the leaders of the Christian Community on North Star Mountain in two days. Colonel Shepherd would bring back two rafts to sail the Jewish leaders back to the Christian village on North Star Mountain.

Two days later Colonel Shepherd set sail with two rafts, and only two men on each raft to make room for the leaders of the Jewish group. After two hours sailing they arrived at the Jewish settlement. Retired General Mandel, Betty Samson, Benjamin Gross, Elijah, and Rabbi Grossman choose to go to North Star Mountain for the meeting of the two groups leaders. “Welcome Rabbi, and General Mandel, sailing will be relatively smooth today since the winds are mild and the tide is going in our direction,” commented Colonel Shepherd. Several people went on each of the two rafts so as not to overcrowd one raft. In a matter of 20 minutes they were pushing off, and sailing back to North Star Mountain. Like clockwork they arrived in less than two hours at the Christian community island on North Star Mountain. It was a short walk uphill to the pasture where the Christian community of lean-tos was located. Pastor Swift greeted them upon entering the village. “Would you like some tea Rabbi, and would your friends also like some tea? We have birch bark tea from the local trees that is almost as good as real black tea.” 

“Thank You, Pastor we would enjoy having tea as we sit down to talk,” said Rabbi Grossman. The Jewish leaders were impressed how well organized the Christian group was with lean-to shelters built in a circle near the green pasture.

The cups of birch bark tea were being passed around by Pastor Swift’s wife Judy as everyone sat down to discuss survival. The first topic of discussion was the steady increase in the height of the ocean. “Rabbi I want you to know that our community has decided that if our village becomes flooded or is near flooding we intend to set sail with our rafts to high ground. We want you to know since your village is lower in altitude that we will support your group combining with our group in search of higher ground since your village will probably flood before our village does. We are at 8,000 feet above sea level and we estimate that your mountaintop is much lower than our mountain by at lease 500 to 1,000 feet. We cannot be sure since we do not have any technical equipment to measure the altitude. “Thank you Pastor Swift, your offer is most generous. You have helped us in the past in building oil drum rafts and with the completion of a few more we should be able to sail our community of 35 survivors to higher ground.”  Our leaders have met also and we believe the same thing that if the Lord allows the oceans to rise above our village, then we must sail to higher ground or drown, Rabbi Grossman exclaimed. “Rabbi we have a plan that might work. We thought it wise to sail south to rescue the ham operator on Heavenly Mountain, and then West to find other higher mountains with vegetation. We might even consider sailing to the inter-continental bridge land mass and try to make it to the Asian continent and a higher and safer mountain range like the Himalayas. Certainly, the Taihan Mountains in Northern China might be a good refuge before we travel down the mountain range to the Himalayas, Pastor Swift commented. “I see,” said Rabbi Grossman, “that would be a long journey to say the least. Hopefully, God will show us a mountain where we can survive in North America?” Colonel Shepherd commented, “ Rabbi we have seen the ocean waters rise 20 feet or more each week. We have put stakes at the ocean’s edge and after a week they were under water. It is our prediction that in six months we would lose 480 feet of land with the steady rise of the Ocean. We prayed God would stop the Ocean from rising but still the waters rise. 480 feet of land would put the ocean at the point where is would flood our pasture and eventually our village. We must prepare in advance and in addition we are running out of food.  We have tried unsuccessfully to catch fish but we are continuing to keep trying. We are not sure if our fresh water supply will last six months unless we get more rain. It has rained only a few times and the rainwater was black. We had to filter it or boil it to drink it.” “I agree Colonel,” said Rabbi Grossman, “our situation is bad for both of our communities.  “I will return to our community and we will discuss your proposals in depth and if the ocean keeps rising it might be God’s message to sail on to higher ground, “ said Rabbi Grossman. “You have done a great job of building shelters on your island, “ Rabbi Grossman commented. Once their meeting was finished, Colonel Swift escorted the Rabbi and his leaders down the mountain to the rafts, and they sailed back to the mountain island where the Jewish community was living.

Chapter 5- “He leads me in the paths of righteousness for his name sake”

(The community had to have faith that God would lead them in the right path)

It was time to take a new path for survival, thought Pastor Swift. Maybe they could combine forces and join with their Jewish neighbors to a combined effort to survive long-range? A week after the meeting of the Jewish leaders, and the Christian leaders, Rabbi Grossman sent a small group of five men back to North Star Mountain to tell Pastor Swift that they had accepted his offer to combine resources, and help one another if they were forced to sail to higher ground.

One of the mothers in the Christian group took some of the seeds from a few rotten tomatoes and planted them in the ground in the pasture near the village to see if they would grow. She watered the seeds everyday, and with the increased heat and limited sunlight they grew into healthy tomato plants in less than two months. There was some hope for growing vegetables in the future. The question was how long would they be there and would there be enough time to plant vegetables?

December had come and gone very quickly. Christmas was nothing more than a religious ceremony, and no one had a presents to give to one another. Instead, they prayed and thanked God that they had survived the great flood. For the Jewish group they celebrated Hanukah with prayers and services but no presents were exchanged, as had been the tradition.

January was upon them, and the weather never changed. It remained hot and humid everyday. It was the end of February, when the Christian group noticed the ocean was rising faster than predicted. The threat of their village being flooded was becoming a reality that they must deal with. Some vegetables like tomatoes had grown in the past few months but there was not enough time to plan long term crops. Scavenging everyday at the island shore for food floating by or valuable supplies floating in the ocean tides was a major resource.

Elijah the Jewish Cantor sang all the Jewish songs and psalms

Elijah was a 30-year-old cantor for the Jewish community. He sang at all the Jewish services. He was a man of slight build, 5ft. 8” tall, thick long dark chestnut colored hair and a full beard. His large nose was a most distinguishing feature on his face causing his eyes to look close together. Elijah was engaged to a beautiful Jewish woman called Sarah Shirah. Sarah had beautiful long brunette hair, green eyes, and was 29 years old. Sarah was a Social Worker for the World Corporate Forum a charitable organization.  Elijah had a vision one night. He went to Rabbi Grossman the next day to share this dream. “Rabbi, I am not a man of visions, however, last night I had a most unusual dream or vision. I dreamt that the islands that both Christians and our island were under water.  We were sailing west looking for other mountains to settle on.  I saw a man of Chinese features with a strange looking hat on his head. He held his arms outstretched. Then the dream faded,” Elijah said. Rabbi Grossman thought about what Elijah said, and then he whispered softly, “do not tell anyone else about your dream, it will only make them worry.” “Let us see if the Lord is trying to speak through you in the future,” said Rabbi Grossman. “ If you have any more visions or dreams Elijah come directly to me and no one else. Do you understand Elijah? ,” Asked the Rabbi. “Yes, Rabbi, I understand it sounds like I am going crazy. I will keep our conversation a secret, shalom Rabbi, “ said Elijah.  What troubled Rabbi Grossman was “were they doing God’s will and were they being lead in the path of righteousness?

Elijah’s first vision of mountains sunk into the ocean.

Pastor Swift worried about the same thing the Rabbi was worrying about, “were they as Christians doing God’s will, and following in the path of righteousness for his namesake?” It occurred to Pastor Swift that the verse in the 23rd Psalm seemed most appropriate at this time in their lives. “Staying on the path of righteousness for his namesake.” In a sermon that Sunday Pastor Swift asked the congregation to think about whether God had a plan and whether he was leading them “in the path of righteousness for his namesake.” He quoted the verse from the 23rd Psalm.

On the Jewish Sabbath (Saturday) that same weekend, Rabbi Grossman also mentioned the 23rdPsalm of David. He pondered the same question of following “in the path of righteousness for his namesake.” Perhaps God was trying to show both survivor groups, that he had not forsaken them. Just as God had spared Jonah from the whale in the Old Testament, and Noah from the great flood, perhaps he was doing the same with these two religious communities? They were approaching six months of survival after the comet collision. The skies were finally beginning to clear, but the heat remained and the humidity too.  The oceans had kept rising as predicted and it was inevitable that both communities would have to sail for high ground soon. Some of the women in the Jewish community made fishing net that they used between two rafts to catch fish. On the first attempt they caught hundreds of fish by dragging the net between the two rafts and sailing back and forth a few hundred yards off their island shored. The Christian community tried fishhooks and spears with limited success. The Jewish community sent some extra fish to the 

Christian community, and explained that a fishing net between two rafts worked very well. So, the Christians began to weave a fishing net they could use to catch fish. It took almost a week to complete the fishing net made from twine, clothe and wire they salvaged from junk that washed ashore. Likewise, when they dragged the fishing net between two rafts back and forth they caught hundreds of large and small fish. It was truly a bounty from God, and food that they needed badly to survive.

(A drawing of what the raft looked like with a sail)

There was enough extra fish to smoke to prevent it from rotting.  The rest of the fish were dried in the sun. There was very little to salt to preserve the fish, so they used local herbs that they found in the pasture near their village. Pastor Swift said his wife Judy, “Judy take charge of drying the fish so that we can have food that will not spoil.” “Sure, I will attend to it, “ said Judy. Elizabeth Swift her 15 year old, and Rob Swift, her 10-year-old son offered to help dry fish too. The majority of the Christian community was busy drying fish to preserve it for the future. Each fish was fileted and then laid on rocks or strung from a line in the direct sunlight. Before night all of the fish had to be collected and stored to prevent any wild animals from eating the fish. Xiaolin and Marcus Green were busy monitoring the ham radio. “Xiaolin have you heard anything on the ham radio today/” Marcus asked. “No, there is no chatter today at all, “ said Xiaolin. “OK I am going to check with Judy the ham operator at Heavenly Valley Mountain and see what she has heard from other ham radio operators around the world,” Marcus said. Billy Mandor the 16-year-old boy was busy trying to make a crossbow out of some saplings he had cut down. He had found some wire and string that he was using to help make the crossbow for hunting for food. 

The month of March was almost over, and seven months had gone by already. April was a week away. The leaders of the Jewish community and the Christian community met again and made plans to evacuate their villages before the ocean waves flooded them. The plan was to leave in a few weeks when everything was packed up and there were enough rafts to hold all the people and supplies. Cloth covers had to be made to provide shade so everyone on the rafts did not dehydrate when they were sailing. The ham Radio operator, Susan was still sending signals from Heavenly Valley Mountain. The plan was to sail south and rescue her, and then head West to find higher ground. 

One warm evening Liz Swift met Billy Mandor down by the island shore. He father did not know she was gone. She had secretly slipped away while her father was talking with parishioners from the church. For Liz it was always about rebelling against her 

father’s vision of the perfect daughter. She was more interested in defying her father than she was in Billy Mandor. Billy was an experiment to Liz and nothing more.

Several weeks later in the middle of April came the first hurricane storm they had since the comet collision with earth. Winds of up to 100 mph hit the islands, and the waves rose over 50 feet over the shorelines of the remaining islands. Both communities were surprised by the sudden, and deadly storm. They quickly pulled the rafts up on higher ground, and secured them with rope to surrounding trees. Everyone hid in their shelters that day as rain poured down heavily, and winds buffeted the islands causing trees to drop branches, and the ocean to wash up high on each of the islands. The storm lasted two days, and afterward there was a lot of damage to the shelters, and many items not tied down had blown away in the winds. Colonel Shepherd worried about being on the ocean, and getting hit by a storm on their meager rafts. The rafts were almost at water level, and any high waves would wash over the entire raft making sailing very dangerous.

Soon after the storm the ocean had risen so high than it threatening to flood both the Jewish settlement, and North Star Mountain settlement. The preparations had been ongoing for months in getting ready to set sail for higher ground and 

safety. On April 1st, 3051 the Christians set sail to join up with the Jewish rafts. The Christians had completed six rafts in all with 6-7 people onboard, and all their supplies. The Jewish group was a little smaller with only 35 people, and they built 4 50-gallon oil drum rafts to sail their people to high ground.

The plan was to sail due south, and save the stranded ham radio operator Sue Backus at Heavenly Valley Mountain. The winds were strong that day at about 15 knots.  The rafts moved swiftly across the ocean toward Heavenly Valley.  Marcus Green kept charge of the self-charging ham radio that the Christian group had brought with them. He kept up communication with Susan Backus, the ham operator at Heavenly Valley. Marcus told her they were coming to get her in a few hours, and to pack her stuff, ham radio, and be ready at the waters edge as they arrived from the north. The voyage only took a little over two hours with the rafts sailing downwind with the wind at their backs. The Ocean was rising for high tide, and that helped speed up the rafts. They approached a mountain sticking out in the middle of the ocean that they recognized it as Heavenly Valley Mountain. On the shore was a woman waving a red scarf. As they approach the island Colonel Shepherd signaled the other rafts to remain off shore as he guided his raft into the shore. “Slack the sail, “Colonel Shepherd called out to his crew. “Steady as she goes, now drop the sail completely and prepare the push-off sticks,” Colonel Shepherd commanded. The raft slowed as they approached the island. “Billy signal the other rafts to remain off-shore until we pick up Susan and then we will continue to sail westward,” Colonel Shepherd called out.

As soon as they brought the raft onto the shore, Susan Backus< the Ham Radio operator was standing there waving a red scarf.  She shouted, “Oh thank God.” “Hop aboard,” Colonel Shepherd called out. “Hi there, I am Susan, here is my knapsack, and ham radio. Be careful not to drop it. I put some plastic around it to keep it dry,” Susan yelled back. “OK, she’s aboard, push off and back to sailing,” yelled Colonel Shepherd. Marcus Green introduced himself to Susan, “Hi I am the guy you have been talking to and my name is Mark or Marcus Green. Welcome aboard Susan,” Marcus said.  “Boy am I glad that someone else is alive,” said Susan. “I hated living alone in an old ski hut without anyone to talk to,“ Susan commented.  “You’re OK now,” said Marcus. “Where are we going,” asked Susan. “Well we are sailing due west in search of high ground and safety. Eventually if we cannot find any suitable mountain islands that are high enough, we may continue to where the west coast of California used to be. We will be looking for the inter-continental landmass that you heard of from other ham radio operators, “ Marcus stated.

The waves were getting high that day as the rafts turned slightly into the wind, and headed due west looking for other islands. With the naked eye nothing could be seen that day after they picked up Susan. All the rafts were sailing in a cluster with the Jewish rafts off to the right, and the Christian rafts on the left. The rafts seemed to be taking the waves fairly well and so far navigation was working fairly well. It was difficult to sail in a straight line however, because of the cross winds over the bow of the rafts. Five hours went by and still no sight of land. 

Garbage was floating everywhere and they had to avoid a lot of dead and decaying bodies in the water. About eight hours out on the ocean a small island was sighted off to the left. Colonel Shepherd signaled to the other rafts to steer toward the small island on the horizon. “Head toward that island, “ Colonel Shepherd called out to Tim Dong Wo who was at the tiller steering the raft. “OK Colonel, I am turning the raft toward the island,” Tim responded. There was an air of excitement on the raft for this was the only island they had spotted since they left Heavenly Valley Mountain.

The island must have been five miles or more away, and it took them almost an hour to reach the island. As they reached the island, dead bodies were rotting everywhere and they were stuck in the trees and weeds around the shore of the island. They had to push the bodies out of the way with sticks. The approach to the island was full of rocks and treetops, so they had to cautiously approach the island’s shoreline. Once all the rafts landed on the island shoreline, they tied off their rafts and assembled on land to form a plan. General Mandel and Colonel Shepherd took charge and set up search parties to search the island for any survivors and a flat safe place for them to stay for the night. “Let us ask Rabbi Grossman and Pastor Swift to bless us with a prayer for our safe delivery to this island,” Colonel Shepherd asked. “Lord bless our community and watch over us and keep us safe, “ Rabbi Grossman prayed. “Amen,” everyone responded.

Meanwhile, others were delegated by General Mandel to unload the tents and food. The island was sparsely covered with pine trees, and was very rocky. It must have been the top of a very high mountain jutting out of the water. This portion of the mountain was the 

part just above the tree line that explained why there were so many boulders and rocks. Colonel Shepherd, and General Mandel assigned work groups and patrols to find level group further up the mountain.

After an hour most of the patrols returned. There was a lake in the middle of the island from melted snows probably and it was just over the ridge. Fresh water was something they needed so the decision was to hike over the ridge and camp near the lake and refresh their water supply. All seventy people began the steep climb up the mountain island toward the ridge that hid the view of the lake in the middle of the island. “Wow, a lake in the middle of the island,” exclaimed Billy Mandor. Mary Moon and Marcus Green were surprised there was a lake also. “The snow probably melted from the top of the mountain causing the natural lake, “ Mary speculated.

As everyone climbed up and over the ridge of the mountain a lake came into view, looking like a mirror, it was so beautiful. There was no evidence of any human survivors on the island according to the patrols that searched the island. After a ½ hour climb everyone descended into the canyon that surrounded the lake. Colonel Shepherd and General Mandel led the group, and assigned tasks to everyone in the group when they arrived at the lake. 

(The isolated mountain island with a lake)

“We need to collect fresh water to use and bring with us on the rafts, “Colonel Shepherd commanded. General Mandel instructed some of his community to get busy preparing a meal for everyone for the evening. They would use the dried fish and some greens to create a soup for everyone. Judy Swift and her two children Elizabeth and Rob collected seaweeds lying on the shore.

The water seemed to be fresh and pure, so they loaded up their containers with all the water they could carry. There weren’t enough trees to create shelters so the community slept under the stars the first night. Marcus and Judy were monitoring the ham radio and they receive several messages from a few survivors on other mountaintops on White Face Mountain in New York State, the Andes mountains in South America and the Himalayas in Tibet. Again they had a confirmed report about the inter-continental landmass connecting the North American continent with Northern China. Marcus reported these messages to Colonel Shepherd and General Mandel.

Feeding seventy people with soup is no easy task, but the community was in good spirits, and still positive about their future survival. Many of the Jewish community got to know the members of the Christian community as they sat around the fires and talked about the old days before the comet collision.

That night Elijah had another vision that he shared with Rabbi Grossman the following morning. “Rabbi I had another dream,” said Elijah. “What was it about this time Elijah?” Rabbi Grossman asked. “I dreamed that we walked across the entire Pacific Ocean on a land mass that connected North America with the Asian continent,” he replied. “So you too believe there is a continental bridge to Asia, “ Rabbi Grossman commented. “Yes, I truly believe that this reported land mass actually exists, “ Elijah responded. “I am going to share your visions with Pastor Swift this time, rather than keep it a secret,” said Rabbi Grossman. 

Elijah’s second vision of the inter-continental land mass

An hour later, Rabbi Grossman approached Pastor Swift who was busy taking inventory of the remaining food. “Good morning Pastor Swift,” Rabbi Grossman greeted Pastor Swift. “Good morning to you Rabbi,” responded Pastor Swift.  “ We need to talk Pastor,” Rabbi Grossman responded. “Sure, sit down and let’s talk, “ said Pastor Swift. “Pastor Swift what I am going to share with you is a sensitive secret, “Rabbi Grossman said. “You probably met Elijah my cantor. He has been having visions, and at first I doubted his new found spiritual visions, but now he has had some visions again.  So far they have become true and that is very strange, “ said Rabbi Grossman. “What do you make of the visions,” asked Pastor Swift.  “I don’t know Jim but I am concerned and confused at the same time, “ said Rabbi Grossman. “I mention this to you because he may be a visionary and he may be just confused. I do not want to cause problems spiritually 

between our two communities so I am keeping this a secret for know unless Elijah has more visions and they appear to come true, “said Rabbi Grossman. “I understand,” said Pastor Swift. “I appreciate your sensitivity to this issue, “ said Pastor Swift. “We will keep this secret for now but keep me informed if Elijah has anymore visions,“ pastor Swift commented. “Yes, I will keep you informed. Excuse me now I have to return to my people, “ Rabbi Grossman responded.

The two communities had a meeting on the second night they were on the island to decide what to do about the future. The island they found was too small to support their community, and other than the lake it had very few natural resources. Many community members suggested they return to sailing west to find better higher ground. Colonel Shepherd, General Mandel, Rabbi Grossman and Pastor Swift took the recommendations into consideration. It seemed inevitable that they would eventually have to return to sailing west to find higher ground or the inter-continental land bridge to the Asian continent.

After much discussion the communities voted to return to the sea and sailed west to try and find higher ground of the inter-continental land bridge the ham radio operators say existed. Travel to higher ground in Asia or the Himalayas seemed to be the safest long-term resolution. The group set sail on the fourth day from the little island and sailed west.

Life on a crowded raft gave new meaning to the word survival. Ocean waves continually washed over every part of the rafts. Nothing was dry including those people on the raft. In addition, everyone had to hold onto something solid, so as not to be thrown in the ocean, when the raft leaned to one side or another. Most of the people on the rafts had 

never sailed in a boat in their entire lives let alone sail on a raft. You could see the fear in everyone’s eyes as the raft rolled around the ocean waves. Pastor Swift tried to focus by praying for their safety. Everyone was sick from motion sickness, and it was impossible to not get stressed out on a vast ocean with any land in site. Rob Swift thought is was a grand adventure because he was only 10 years old. “Hey dads look at the wave, wow. Maybe we will see some whales, Rob shouted with joy. “I hope not,” his father replied. “I don’t see anything yet,” Billy Mandor commented as he looked through a pair of binoculars. The ocean look vast, empty and it seemed to stretch forever. Judy Swift, Pastor Swift’s wife slept most of the time because she had motion sickness and was sick to her stomach from the rolling of the raft.  When they had to sail at night the wind usually let up and someone had to stay up most of the night to steer the rudder. Sailing in a straight line even by the North Star was a most difficult task. As amateur sailors they did their best and for al they knew they could have been sailing in circles for days. It was in God’s hands now to deliver them from the seas.

While bouncing around on the rafts Pastor Swift and Colonel Shepherd had an opportunity to discuss their chances for survival. “Pastor Swift do you really believe that God had chosen us to survive?” Colonel Shepherd asked. “Yes, I truly believe we would not have survived had not God selected and protected us,” Pastor Swift answered. “Perhaps

we are destined to start a new human race or new kind of community for the future?” Pastor Swift proposed.  “All we can do now is have faith,” Pastor Swift commented. “I guess time will tell Pastor whether you are right or not,” Colonel Shepherd remarked with a twinkle in his eye. 

Chapter 6- “Yeah though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for thou art with me”

(The Valley of the shadow of death, the inter-continental bridge land mass)

After two weeks sailing on the ocean, the future salvation of the community was beginning to look bleak. Many of the community members got seasick from being tossed around on the rafts. The rafts were unprotected against the elements of heat, wind, and ocean waves, and many of the community were getting dehydrated and sick. “Colonel Shepherd, how long are we going to keep sailing, “ complained Steven Moss. Steven was the Christian Community standard complainer. “Patience, Steven, we have to keep sailing until we find land, “ Colonel Shepherd responded.

During the second week of the sea voyage, Elijah had another vision that he shared with both Rabbi Grossman, and Pastor Swift. Both of the religious leaders were on the 

same raft with Elijah. His vision was “that they had sighted land, and the land was muddy and black volcanic rock.”  Pastor Swift and Rabbi Grossman did not believe Elijah, but they decided to reserve judgment and wait and see if his vision was correct.

At the end of the first two weeks of the sea voyage all hope seemed to vanish in many community members minds. The food supplies were very low, as well as fresh water.  A land mass was finally spotted rising out of the ocean in the distance. It was in fact the inter-continental bridge that had erupted from the ocean bottom. The ham radio operators had been correct after all, and so the vision of Elijah became another reality. Everyone was thinking they would die at sea or flip over and drown. The overall mood of the community was resigned to their fate.

Upon reaching the inter-continental bridge the Judeo-Christian group was surprised that this new land mass rose up in the air like small mountains of volcanic rock, and dried mud. It would not be easy to transverse this land, and the ocean seas were too strong to safely sail the oil drum rafts all the way to China. A decision had to be made by the combined communities, whether this was the wisest decision to seek higher ground in the Himalayas or stay in North American. They could just sail around and see if any of the Mountaintops in North American had survived above the rising ocean waves. The problem was they had no real navigation instruments except a small compass.

It was high tide when they put into shore and the waves were splashing on the shore with a lot of force. It was difficult landing the rafts safely. “Everyone hold on this could be 

a dangerous landing,” shouted Colonel Shepherd to his raft and the other rafts along side.  Colonel Shepherd’s raft came in on the first big wave and dropped on the shore with a sudden bang. The other rafts came immediately behind his raft on the next large set of waves. Fortunately, only a few members were scratched from being thrown around on the landing.

The rafts were secured on the shore of this volcanic rock and mud landmass.  Several patrols were sent out to investigate how safe the inter-continental land mass actually was. The drying mud from the bottom of the ocean was a problem to walk on since it cracked, and anyone walking on it fell through, and had to be pulled out of the mud. The volcanic rock was sharp and brittle to walk on and made walking a slow process. The alternative was to sail all the way to the volcanoes of Hawaii using the rafts. It was decided by the Judeo-Christian group that the high seas would be too dangerous for them to try. No one in the entire group was a seasoned sailor or seamen and there was a significant fear of sailing on the high seas for a lengthy period of time with limited food and water supplies for seventy people.

Rabbi Grossman and Pastor Swift both prayed for guidance as to whether it was safe to try and cross this inter-continental land mass or not. As far as they could see the inter-continental bridge stretched into the distance and over the horizon. There were no trees on the landmass but plenty of seaweeds that had dried in the sun. Many members of

the communities helped to collect this nutritious seaweed that was a great food source of zinc. Elijah had another vision that night when he was sleeping. He saw a huge animal lying dead on the shoreline and everyone benefiting from its meat. Food was bountiful once again. The following morning Elijah shared his vision with Rabbi Grossman, and God gifted Pastor Swift who was beginning to believe the Elijah.

Net fishing

General Mandel suggested that both groups take two rafts each, and drag their fishing nets to capture some more fish for their food supply while the community considered their future. As if a “Gift from God,” a large sperm whale was beached on the volcanic rocks of the inter-continental landmass that week. When Betty Samson, a Jewish widow of 40 years of age, discovered the whale while out walking, she immediately ran back to the community settlement to tell everyone about the beached whale. “Rabbi, Rabbi, I found a beached whale, come and see, “ Betty exclaimed.  “Rabbi Grossman and Betty walked down to the ocean shore to the place where Betty found the beached whale in a small cove. “It seems the whale hasn’t been dead long,” said Rabbi Grossman. “This is truly a gift from God and amazingly, Elijah saw it in a vision, exclaimed Rabbi Grossman. “Now I am really impressed with Elijah’s visions, “ said Rabbi Grossman.

The beached whale, a gift from God

General Mandel, and Colonel Shepherd called a community meeting to discuss how to use the whale for food and oil to burn for lighting and cooking. So everyone was provided with a knife or sharp instrument, and they all followed Betty Samson to the place where she found the beached whale. Colonel Shepherd tried to keep the process of cutting up the whale blubber and fat organized, but it was an immense job cutting through the whale’s skin and lopping off chunks of whale meat to bring back to the camp. “Boy this is disgusting,” acclaimed Billy Mandor. Marcus Green was next to Bill cutting away the whale skin with great difficulty. “My knife is as dull as a butter knife,” Marcus said. 

“Colonel Shepherd, do you have a sharper knife than this butter knife,” Marcus called out. “Let me look around and see if I can find you a sharper knife, “ Colonel Shepherd said. Xiaolin and Ida Grossman were working together cutting blubber and putting it on a wood platform that they would use to carry the blubber back to the raft area. “Ida have you ever eaten whale meat,” Xiaolin asked Ida Grossman. “No, sounds disgusting to me, “ Ida responded. “It is a delicacy in Japanese culture as a gift when a couple are getting married,” Xiaolin said. “I am Chinese, by heritage but my Chinese parents were citizens of the North American Corporate Order and I was born in North America,’ Xiaolin explained to Ida. Betty Samson and General Mandel were working together as a team with Mrs. Grossman’s children Samuel and Saul helping out. “I imagine when you cook this fat down you get a lot of good burning oil,” General Mandel commented to Betty. Betty had a scarf on over her mouth and nose to prevent her from breathing in the foul smelling whale meat. Tim Dong Wo was working with Margaret Grossman and Ben Grossman’s children Samuel Grossman and his girlfriend Rebecca Silverstein, Saul Grossman, Margaret Grossman and her finance Richard Ross, and Ben Grossman eldest son of the Rabbi and his wife Jody Grossman in cutting the whale blubber. It was a team effort for everyone in the group of seventy adults, and children who were working diligently on cutting up the whale blubber. Steven Moss was the only member of the community not to participate. He claimed it was too disgusting for him to cut whale blubber. Colonel Shepherd simply ignored Steven’s complaints. Colonel Shepherd pointed out in amazement that no one had eaten whale meat in centuries and no one had boiled down whale blubber for oil since the 1800’s in New England.

Back at the camp, the blubber was being boiled down to oil in a slow, slow process because they did not have big enough pots to handle all the whale blubber. This was not New England in the 1800’s. The community was totally unprepared to deal with the ultimate size of a full-grown whale. There was some success however as some of the blubber melted down into whale oil that could be used to burn as a light source like they did in the 1800’s long, long ago. Wood was hard to find since there were no trees on the continental bridge. Only driftwood was available and many of the community had to drag driftwood logs back to the camp all day long to keep the fires going to melt the whale blubber down to oil. 

The whole process took two weeks to accomplish. The bones and body parts were very helpful in making tools and weapons. The bones could be sharpened into spear tips and the small bones could be used to make fishhooks.  The blubber was boiled down to oil that was stored in every container they could find. This valuable oil could be used as a light source by using a wick like they did centuries before in the 1800’s.  Nothing was wasted on the whale, and when they were done, little was 

left behind after weeks of cutting and sawing the huge whale into pieces. “Make sure we use those rib bones wisely in making spear heads, and for construction of shelters,” General Mandel shouted out to many of the community that were sawing the bones off the carcass of the whale’ ribs. Tim Dong Wu responded by saying, “ we have stripped the rib bones and are letting them dry in the sun on the volcanic rock Sir.” “Good keep up the work,” General Mandel commented.

The whale blubber cutting and sawing of bones consumed the entire group of seventy for several weeks. The issue of the future was put on hold because everyone was exhausted at night and not in a mood to talk about the future and making decisions about their survival.

When the whale project was finished, several fishing trips with nets were scheduled to gather in more fish to eat and dry out for the future.  Four rafts left the shore of the landmass with fishing nets. They worked in teams of two rafts each dropping the nets and dragging them through the water to catch all the fish they could. After a full day of fishing the rafts returned to shore loaded with fish of all kinds. Some dolphins were caught but released. That night they would all celebrate as they smoked and broiled the fresh fish they caught. The women had prepared the seaweed by cleaning it and boiling it as a vegetable like the Japanese do in their culture.

While the community sat around the fires that night General Mandel and Colonel Shepherd talked together about their survival and what would be the best move for the future. If they had to stay in the North American mountain area the problem was navigation. No one knew where the high mountains were in Washington State or even the Sierra Mountains. If they had to travel overland on the inter-continental bridge the going would be slow because of the mud flats and hard volcanic rock. They did not want to abandon their rafts nor did they want to risk venturing on the high seas the long distance from the North American continent to the Asian continent. General Mandel had an idea for a compromise and that was keeping the rafts but sailing them or pulling them along the 

coast of the inter-continental landmass with a small crew of two on each raft. That way they could continue to fish when they needed to do so, and also keep the rafts, in case some islands, and not a continuous mountainous landmass connected the inter-continental landmass. Getting to the Himalayas would take years, and there were no guarantees that some would die on the way or become terminally sick. The alternative was to stay in the North American continent and continue to search for isolated mountaintops that could sustain a group of seventy people with fresh water and food. “Well Colonel what do you think about our situation? “ General Mandel asked. “It certainly is complicated General and we have not had any recent transmissions with surviving ham radio operators recently,” Colonel Shepherd explained. “As I see it Colonel we have to look for a long-range solution that will protect our community, and allow it to survive generations after we pass on,” General Mandel reflected. “ It is obvious we cannot live here because there is no 

vegetation other than seaweed. We have not had red meat in weeks. Fish is good but a limited balanced diet for all the people in our community. We need to find a place that offers vegetables or grains to grow and eat. We need to find shelter from the elements, especially as the Earth’s climate has become so hot and humid now, “Colonel Shepherd responded. General Mandel went on to say, “I have asked our Rabbi to pray on a solution, and also Pastor Swift. Perhaps God has a plan for us?  We must continue to believe that God is with us always and that we will not fear the unknown, evil and death.

Chapter 7-“thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me.”

What the community needed now was weapons for protection against other humans and beasts.  Colonel Shepherd, and Retired General Mandel asked for volunteers to help make fish hooks, spears, bows, and arrows to help kill some fish to help with the dwindling food supply. They could not survive on the remaining food they had, and they needed a method for gathering food other than dragging the fishnets between two rafts. Most of the fish seemed too be large like Sharks and Tuna, but no one dared enter the ocean waters 

since the shoreline dropped off quickly to a very deep bottom at the edge of the inter-continental land mass. The only success they had so far was in using fish nets dragged between two rafts. The larger fish were too big to pull in by net as evidenced by an incident where a shark was caught in the net, and the men on the raft were unable to pull the net in with the shark in it. One person by the name of Stan Goldblatt was helping pull the shark caught in the net when he slipped off the raft. Everyone on the raft tried to save him but the shark bit his leg off with one bite and in minutes the water was completely red. The men on the raft had to drop part of the net and raise the sail to get away from the shark. If they had only brought some spears onboard the raft they might have helped. In the middle of the panic on the raft, the shark ate through the net in the end and escaped and Stan Goldblatt was never seen again. This was the first time someone had been killed at sea.

A Jewish funeral was held that evening as friends of Stan Goldblatt wailed over his death. Rabbi Grossman held the short service to remember Stan. It was a sad moment for the Jewish Community. Pastor Swift, Colonel Shepherd, and other members of the Christian community sent their respects to Rabbi Grossman in the death of Stan Goldblatt.

Another month had gone by, and with an occasional rain; plenty of fish and seaweed, the community food supply had stabilized for the time being.  Some of the Jewish and Christian community set about making large and small fish hooks out of fish bones. Others worked on weaving fishnets from old cloth and string that could be found. Spears were made from some branches that they had lashed to the rafts. The tips were hardened in a fire like the primitives did thousands of years before. Bows were made of flexible branches and tied with string strengthen with wax or fish oil. When all the fishing gear was completed a group of men went to the water’s edge, and threw in old garbage to attract the fish. At first they were unsuccessful, and no fish appeared. The second attempt they managed to collect some meat scraps of fat and sinew threw that in the water to attract fish. That got some small sharks circling the beach. A few spears missed the shark but eventually a spear to the exposed fin worked and a line with a grabbing hook on it allowed them to graft the shark and pull it into shore. They cut up the shark into small pieces and saved the inner organs to feed other fish on their next attempt. “Billy stay out of the water. Throw your spear when a fish surfaces,” Tim Dong Wo shouted. Marcus Green, Betty Samson and General Mandel were waiting on a rock outcropping that jutted out into the ocean for some fish to come to the surface to eat the food remains. Sure enough some fins broke the surface and a barrage of spears hit the water. Some connected, and some spears missed. Using a string to retrieve the spears the community members were able to pull in their catch or retrieve their spear without having to enter the dangerous and deep waters.

(The ancient cross bow, a formidable weapon)

The next day, they tried to throw a net out into the water like the Hawaiians used to do thousands of years before. It was trial and error, and the net kept washing back into shore. The water was too deep to walk out into the surf so they put foam floats and plastic balls on the top of the net to allow it to float. Then they threw the net as far out in the surf as they could and waited for it to drift out with the outgoing tied. That worked and when they attempted to pull the net it they had to get more volunteers to help since they had netted hundreds of fish. It was a day of joyful bounty for the Lord had provided with rod and staff in helping to capture fish to survive. The two rafts pulling fishing net between them was still the most successful method of catching fish. Colonel Shepherd, and General Mandel called a community meeting of all seventy community members to discuss plans for survival and their future. “Before we begin let us pray to the Lord with Pastor Swift and Rabbi saying a few prayers of thanks and deliverance for all of us,” Colonel Shepherd asked the group. Everyone bowed their heads and Rabbi Grossman delivered a few prayers and then Pastor Swift. Everyone responded with AMEN at the end of each prayer.

The meeting began with General Mandel discussing their present situation as to food supplies, water, shelter, and safety. One of the major concerns is there was not enough wood to build shelters and everyone was exposed to the elements day and night. Fortunately, the climate was still warm and there was no immediate threat of cold weather or dangerous temperatures. “We must decide today what we must do to survive now and in the future and if there is to be any future for out generations to come,” Colonel Shepard pointed out to the community. “General Mandel and I have talked at length about what choices we have and we are presenting these choices to you tonight to decide what we will do as a community to survive,” Colonel Shepherd commented. “ As we see it we have a few options. The first option is to remain here in North American and continue to search for mountain islands that we can survive on. The problem about this choice is we do not know when the ocean will stop rising. It is possible that the oceans could rise above 9,000 and 10,000 feet above sea level and flood the majority of the surviving mountaintops. The second option is to try and cross the inter-continental bridge or 

landmass that we are on now in an attempt to get to the Hawaiian volcanoes and onto the Asian continent in search of higher mountains in China or the Himalayas south of China. There is no mountain chain in the world as high as the Himalayas as you know and that would mean long-range survival. The journey could take years and it is always possible we may encounter hostile humans at any point in time. We have armed ourselves with weapons for fishing and hunting as well as defense. Unfortunately, we have no modern laser guns or weapons so we must depend on centuries old weapons to defend ourselves in case we should be attacked. The third option is actually no option at all, and that is do nothing and remain here until the ocean recedes or until there is some sign from God as to what we should do. Eventually we would have to build shelters here, and except for the whale skin, we have little to make shelters with except whale bones and driftwood.” Colonel Shepherd finished saying. There was a lot of discussion in the community when they heard these options. Ida Grossman the wife of Rabbi Grossman spoke up first, “I for one would like to see my children have a future and perhaps grandchildren in generations to come. I think we have to assume the oceans will continue rising. It might take years or decades or longer for them to recede that doesn’t help us. I have prayed about it, and I think we need a vision. We need a vision to continue on no matter what. When Moses led the Hebrews out of Egypt they wandered for 40 years in the wilderness, but they never gave up. We have come this far and we know that few people have survived around the planet, so we need a vision to prepared our future. I vote to take all the time necessary to migrate toward the Asian continent to find higher ground and more food resources. Everyone in the community clapped after Ida got done talking. “Well said, Ida, “ said Colonel Shepherd. “Who else would like to speak?” he asked. 

            “Colonel, I would like to say something, I am Betty Samson, and my husband died a few years ago. Had he been here he would have said keep going. From what I have heard on the ham radio this comet collision has completely changed Earth to a water world. Since we don’t have gills like fish we cannot live below the water like they do. We must seek higher ground for generations to come until the oceans receded. That is if they are ever going to recede. Thank you.” Pastor Swift spoke next saying, “I cannot help but feel that we are the chosen ones that God has selected to survive. It seems strange that only two religious groups of Christians and Jews survived in the western section of North America. Call it chance, or I call it a miracle that we survived. I agree with Ida that perhaps this is our voyage out of Egypt like the Hebrews did thousands of years ago. Perhaps this is out deliverance to new world and a new society when all else has been wiped out? I do not know all the answers but from what I can see here where we are staying, we cannot stay long. We will need more shelter and protection from the elements. None of us are used to being outdoors in primitive conditions in which we are now living. I suggest that we continue on toward the Asian continent no matter how many years it takes. It will give us a mission or a vision and allow us to find higher ground to survive.” 

Others said their piece, and the discussion continued for hours. “And now my friends we must take a vote as to what we are going to do. Those in favor in staying in what was North America, and looking for mountain islands on our rafts, raise your hands. I count one, two, three in favor. Regarding option two, continuing on our journey to the Asian continent how many are in favor of that choice? 66 votes. No need to discuss the third option, we will continue across the inter-continental bridge to China and the Asian continent. Perhaps we will find other survivors along the way. Tomorrow we will make specific plans as to how we are going to transport our whale oil, food, and resources. Some of it will be put on the rafts that will sail close to shore as the rest of us walk over the volcanic rock and mud toward Hawaii. I always wanted to see Hawaii. I just never thought I would be walking to get there,” Colonel Shepherd commented.

The next day was the beginning of the great journey over an unknown landmass that supposedly stretched to the Hawaiian volcanoes, and onto the Asian continent. After a few hours everything was packed on the rafts and two volunteers on each raft were to sail the rafts along the southern shore of the inter-continental landmass and stay in sight of the remaining group walking on land. There were no wheels to use or vehicles to carry goods so everything had to be carried on someone’s back or pulled on a sled. Walking over the lava rock was dangerous and a slow process so everyone had to be careful. General Mandel led the group and Colonel Shepherd brought up the rear group.

The heat, sun, and wind were very strong that day as a small group of adults and children climbed over lava rock and mud flats in search of higher land. The first day they got only ten miles before camping for the night. The rafts were called into shore and tied up for the night. The Jewish group met for evening prayers, as did the Christian group. After prayers everyone pitched in to prepare the dinner for the evening. It was the usual seaweed and dried fish and water. “If only they had flour they could make bread, Margaret Grossman, daughter of Rabbi Grossman,” commented to her brother Ben. Task groups were sent out to gather driftwood for the fires. Others helped to prepare blankets to sleep on for the evening. 

As the sun rose the next day in the continually overcast humid sky the group quickly had some water and fish and the rafts were set sail and the journey was on again. They walked for four hours, and then rested from the heat and broiling sun. Many needed fresh water because of their dehydration and had their rationed cup of water when they rested. General Mandel suggested they break up into two groups; a faster and lighter packed group would take the lead, while the slower group in the back would follow. This 

way the faster group could set up camp faster by the time the slower group arrived. The second day they traveled 20 miles and were exhausted from the slow walking over lava rocks big and small. 

The mud flats had to be avoided because they were like quick sand and dangerous to walk on. This only made the journey more dangerous and slower in travel time. Each day was the same, and after a month they had traveled approximately 600 miles by averaging twenty miles a day. Many of the community were injured, getting sick, blisters on their feet or dehydrated to the point of dizziness. Colonel Shepherd and General Mandel decided to let the group take a week’s rest before continuing. Everyone was tired and exhausted and rest was the thing everyone needed most. Doctor Greenspan was kept busy with all the medical problems that developed from walking over lava rock in the broiling sun, intense heat, strong winds, and fatigue.

As the community was settling in for the night a group of disgruntle group of Christians asked to talk with Pastor Swift. It was no surprise to Pastor Swift when he realized the leader of the disgruntle group was Steven Moss the community rebel. “Pastor Swift, I speak for the people in this meeting when I say, enough is enough. This pilgrimage is too much for people and children of all ages. We want to go back to North America, “ Steven said. Sally Thiebes another member of the Christian community interjected, “Pastor we are exhausted and injured and we cannot go any further. You must let us leave and return to North America.” Others in the group also complained that they could not go on either. Pastor Swift tried to convince them that it was too late to turn around and go back. “I will discuss it with Colonel Shepherd and General Mandel, but I cannot make any promises. Give me some time to discuss it with them and I will get back to you tomorrow. Everyone agreed that seemed like a solution and they all got up to leave Pastor Swift’s shelter.

That night under a crescent moon, Steven Moss, and the same group of ten complainers stole some food supplies, and took a raft without permission, and sailed back in the direction of North American.  They were never seen or heard from every again.

The following morning Marcus Green was the first to discover one of the rafts were missing. “Colonel Shepherd, Colonel Shepherd, come quick, one of the rafts has been stolen and I think Steven Moss and his friends are gone, “ Marcus yelled while running back to the camp. Colonel Shepherd came out of his tent cursing, “God dam it I never should have trusted that bastard, “ Colonel 

Shepherd exclaimed. He walked down to the ocean where the rafts were tied up and sure enough one raft was gone. “Dam, those fools are going to kill themselves trying to sail on the high seas alone.

General Mandel, Colonel Shepherd, Pastor Swift, and Rabbi Grossman and several other community leaders had an emergency meeting that morning to discuss Steven Moss and his defector group that stole a raft and attempted to sail back to North America.  It was decided to leave a guard protect the rafts at night from that day forward. Everyone was instructed to be aware of any rebellions in the future and inform Colonel Shepherd or General Mandel immediately so they could deal with the situation before it got out of control.

As they recovered that week Colonel Shepherd sent out one raft to 

go ahead, and scout the terrain, and to see how far away the volcanoes of Hawaii really were. The community did not know that Hawaii was approximately 2500 miles from what was Los Angeles. Based on the walking speed of the community it would take four to five months to reach Hawaii. Everyday was similar to the day before and the routine of hard hiking began to wear everyone down. Occasionally, there was a small mountain they had to walk over which slowed the group down a great deal. Two deaths occurred from extreme dehydration and age. They were two 70 and 72 year old men that were not in good health to begin with. Their names were Borus Gillette and Ronald Trees and they were members of the Christian community. They could not bury them in the ground, so they were put in a plastic bag and buried at sea by letting the ocean waves take them out to sea. The Christian group had dropped to 28 surviving members since two men had died, and Steven Moss and nine others stole a raft and left.

So the months drifted by, and the community dragged themselves over the lava rock and mud flats for over 2500 miles. “Betty are you alright,” Marcus inquired. “Yes, I am just exhausted climbing over lava rock hills,” she said. “Anyone with any ailments should see me during the next break, “ Doctor Greenspan shouted out to the survivors as they walked by where he was standing. Elijah, and Ben Gross had become closer friends as they too dragged their supplies behind them as well as on their backs. Elijah was not used to so much physical exertion, after all he was a cantor that used his voice to sing during Jewish services, not an athlete or marathon walker. Tim Don Wo, Xiaolin Tan, Marcus Green, and Billy Mandor stayed together in a little group supporting one another with positive comments. “It isn’t far now, “ said Tim. ‘Yeah, just a few thousand miles,” Marcus commented with a sense of humor to his wit. Since Billy Mandor was only 16 he was a lot healthier than most of the older folk in the community. He was able to keep up the pace and encourage others to follow. Liz Swift was usually walking next to Billy or not far behind. They had become a close couple over the months.

Pastor Swift was feeling his poor health, as was his wife, since they were in their early 60’s, and not in good health. Judy Swift tired to keep a positive attitude despite the fact that she had blisters all over her feet and walking was most painful for her. She was determined not to quit, no matter what. Mary Moon and Colonel Shepherd chatted along the trek to keep their minds off the physical wear and tear on their bodies. “You know Colonel if someone had told me I would be walking to the Hawaiian islands, I would have told them they were crazy,” Mary commented. “Well that goes to show you never know,” Colonel Shepherd responded. “ I have talked with my wife Elizabeth about predestination and whether and why we were selected to survive out of millions of people,” Colonel Shepherd responded. The Colonel had aged a lift-time from the stress of being a leader of the community.  Wrinkles had formed on his sunburned forehead. His hair had turned from gray to white and his hair was receding rapidly. Stress and aging was taking its toll on his body. “I used to think Colonel that walking a mile was a long trip, but 2500 miles or so, that seems impossible to me,” Mary complained. “Do we have a choice Mary?” Colonel Shepherd responded. “I guess not Colonel,” Mary replied.

Elizabeth Swift and Rob Swift her children were finding the heat and wind difficult and they secretly complained to one another how they could not go on. They never told their mother or dad since they were the spiritual leaders of the Christian group. Numerous other members of the Jewish community and the Christian community suffered equally in the heat, wind, and sun that bore down on them everyday. Occasionally, to cool everyone off they headed to the ocean shore where they poured ocean water on themselves to cool off. It was the only relief of the day. The heat and humidity was taking its toll and there were a lot of stragglers bringing up the rear of the group. Doctor Greenspan stayed in the rear group to help with medical problems and there were many problems. Every night a prayer group assembled in each Jewish and Christian community to pray for strength the next day, and to build up their spiritual motivation to make this difficult journey to higher ground.

One night while the group was resting another rebellion started in the Jewish community and the Christian Community. A small group of the sick, and injured could not go any further, and could not be carried. They called for a meeting with Colonel Shepherd and General Mandel. “General, the sick and injured cannot go any further, and we must come up with an alternative plan,” said Judith Gomes who was a Jewish widow at age 40. “I understand,” General Mandel explained. “What solutions do you have Judy? “ General Mandel asked. “I think we are going to have to put the injured and sick that cannot walk on the rafts, and have them sail to the 

next campsite twenty miles in front of the walking group.  If they can sail faster than we can walk they will have more time to rest and recover when we get to the next campsite. “That is an excellent idea Judy, “ commented General Mandel. “Colonel Shepherd do you agree, “ General Mandel asked. “Yes, I certainly do General, “ Colonel Shepherd responded. So the decision was made that night to put the 18 injured and sick community members on rafts each day to sail to the next campsite. This would make it possible for them to rest and keep up with the main group of community members. Everyone seemed happy with the solution.

After five long months had gone by many of the injured community members finally recovered and rejoined the walking group. The going was difficult and slow. Days turned into months, and months turned into pain. A rafting crew returned to shore with good news that day. They had spotted a volcano or mountain in the distance from the ocean.  It was off in the distance on the horizon about ten miles.

(Mauna Loa Volcano from the distance)

The raft crew signaled General Mandel that they had sighted a mountain or volcano.   The next day after walking another eight miles, the community members could see Mauna Loa volcano rising up into the sky. Mauna Loa was about 13,680 feet above sea level in the days before the comet collision. Now only about half of Mauna Loa rose above the ocean waves.  Mauna Kea was nearby in the distance, topping out at 13,800 feet above sea level by the old method of measurement before the comet collision. Mauna Loa was the first landmass that they had seen with green vegetation growing on it that they had seen since crossing on the inter-continental bridge. As they approached the huge volcano they had to climb up to a level they considered to be safe enough above the rising ocean waves. The view from the volcano was beautiful. “Colonel Shepherd, do you see the beautiful volcano? Billy exclaimed. “Yes, we can all see it Billy and it looks so green and lush compared to what we have been traveling over for so many months,” Colonel Shepherd exclaimed. When everyone saw the volcano in the distance they all fell down to the ground and prayed to God for delivering them safely. Fifty percent of the community was injured or sick and they were all going to need a long rest to recover. Later that day everyone in the community had caught up to the front group and arrangements were being made to camp in a green pasture area high above the ocean waves.

They could see the landmass in both directions from their campsite on the volcano. The only problem was the volcano was still active as evidenced by an occasional flash of hot rocks spewed up in the air. This made a lot of the people in the community very anxious. If it wasn’t for the volcano being active it might have been a perfect place to live.

So the first part of the great journey had come to an end, and the 

community was halfway to the Asian continent. Now it was a time for healing. The winds off the ocean made the air a little cooler than it was when they first started their journey. A few ham radio messages confirmed that some groups in South America in the Andes had survived, and in European Alps, and other high mountain ranges. The problem was every survivor group was trapped on their mountain island unable to communicate with other survivors except groups that had a ham radio. Other survivors were not as fortunate as the Judeo-Christian community in having use of empty oil drums to make rafts to sail the oceans. God had provided for this little Judeo-Christian community.

After having set up camp and searched for drift wood down by the ocean and deadwood on the volcano surrounding area, the community settled in to recover physically and mentally from their ordeal. General Mandel, Colonel Shepherd, Rabbi Grossman, and Pastor Swift met in a meeting to discuss their immediate plans. With so many of the community injured from traveling 2500 miles over volcanic rock and mud they knew they had to take a long recovery period on this volcano. Doctor Greenspan came to the meeting also to report on the extent of the injuries and what cases were critical and needed special treatment and rest. The leaders were

shocked when they realized how really sick half the population was after their forced march journey. They all agreed to provide special shelters for the sick and injured first to allow them to recover. Close to the ocean on the lower portion of the volcano were many varieties of Palm trees and other types of vegetation that would prove useful for building shelters. Colonel Shepherd would be in charge of the cutting down of trees for shelters and General Mandel would supervise the fishing along the ocean and the use of rafts with dragging fishing nets to secure food. Edible plants were also a high priority and Rabbi Grossman and Pastor Swift volunteered to get people to help them search for any fruits or vegetables that they could eat that survived at this altitude on the volcano plain. The discussion lasted for hours in discussing immediate needs and long range plans. It was decided that they would remain for several months until everyone had healed and regained their strength. Everyone was agreed in resting as long as possible. Since there seemed to be no seasonal change of weather there was no fear of winter winds or cold weather so where they had arrived seemed suitable for now.

Search parties were sent out to see if any humans had survived on this volcano but after a week of search no one was found or any bodies either. Secretly a lot of people hope that they would find other human survivors but that did not seem to be the case. Another accident occurred on day when one of the search parties slipped off a lava rock hill and fell 100 feet and hit his head. Tom Swells was his name and he was dead on contact. Tom was a member of the Christian community, and Pastor Swift buried him at sea the night in a special funeral ceremony.  Tom was a well-liked person, but not a leader. He followed whatever instructions he was given. Tom was a widower about 55 years of age, and his children had passed away years. He was a wonderful contributor that never complained and many of his friends felt bad that he fell off a slippery java rock to his death. Now the Christian community has dropped one more member to 27 members from an original 40 members.

The day after they arrived at Mauna Loa volcano, Mrs. Judy Swift, wife of Pastor Swift collapsed, and Dr. Greenspan was called to treat her. Her condition was unknown but seemed serious. Her temperature was high and she was running a fever. Dr. Greenspan tried to cool down her body temperature with wet rags on her forehead. Pastor Swift, and their two children Elizabeth and Rob waiting outside the shelter while Dr. Greenspan treated Judy Swift. As Doctor Greenspan came out of the shelter he said, “well I am trying to get her fever down which is very high. She may have some kind of bacterial infection? I am not sure at this time what is causing the fever. Give her fluids until tomorrow and I will check in on her again.

The next morning Dr. Greenspan and Betty Samson, who had once been a Nurse, came back to the Swift family shelter to check in on Judy Swift. “She has been up all night, moaning, “said Pastor Swift to Dr. Greenspan. “Let me take her temperature and blood pressure and see where we are today, “ Dr. Greenspan said. “Betty you can help me roll her over to look for any skin infections or redness, Dr. Greenspan said. After taking Judy Swift’s temperature, Doctor Greenspan gave her some water and fresh wet compresses to cool her off. “She doesn’t look good Betty, “ he said. “I don’t have any antibiotics or penicillin left to treat the infection, Dr. Greenspan commented. We are just going to have to wait and see if the fever breaks. As Dr. Greenspan came out of the shelter, Pastor Swift and Elizabeth and Rob rushed over to Dr. Greenspan to hear what he had to say about their mother. “I am afraid I don’t have good news. Her fever is high and I don’t have any more 

Antibiotic medicine or penicillin left to give her. We are going to have to wait this out. Keep putting wet clothes on her head and keep her covered with a blanket. I will check in on her tonight.

That night Dr. Greenspan came back, and Judy Swift was not conscious. She seemed to have slipped into a coma with a very high fever of 106. All he had to give her were some aspirins, so he crushed up two aspirins and put them in a small amount of water in a cup and poured it slowly down her throat. Rabbi Grossman hearing of Mrs. Swift’s illness stopped by the shelter to say some prayers for Mrs. Swift, and to tell Pastor Swift that he hoped she would soon recover. “She seems to be in the hands of God, Pastor Swift and I hope she recovers, “ Rabbi Grossman said in a soft tone.

When Rabbi Grossman returned to his shelter Elijah was they’re waiting for him. Rabbi I heard that Pastor’s Swift’s wife is very sick. It this true?” he asked. “Yes, she is near death,” Rabbi Grossman stated sadly. “Rabbi I had a vision of a women who was sick and needed my help. I saw her in my vision, and I held her hand and she recovered,” Elijah said. “Do you really believe you have the power of healing Elijah?“ asked the Rabbi. “I don’t know Rabbi, it was just a vision, perhaps a dream or perhaps something real as in my past visions that came true,” said Elijah. “Perhaps we should visit Mrs. Swift tomorrow morning and see if we can ask for God’s mercy,” Rabbi Grossman said. “Fine, Rabbi, I will pray for her tonight and I will meet you early tomorrow morning and we will go together to her shelter, “said Elijah.

The next day Judy Swift looked like she was going to die. Doctor Greenspan felt there was nothing more he could do. The fever was still high, and she was in a coma or unconscious and unable to open her eyes. Her skin was very pale and she did not look like she was going to survive the day. Rabbi Grossman came back again with Elijah and they said prayers for Judy, as did Pastor Swift also. Elijah sang some wonderful old Jewish songs as Rabbi Grossman beseeched God to cure Judy Swift. Elizabeth and Rob Swift joined in the small prayer group next to Judy’s body lying on a blanket on the ground. “Pastor Swift, may I reach out to your wife and hold her hand for a moment?” Elijah asked. “Sure if you think it will help, Pastor Swift replied. “Judy, Judy, it is I Elijah. Can you hear me? God has told me in a dream to reach out to you and hold you by the hand. Blessed be the Lord God. God I ask that you cure this woman and release the fever from her body. AMEN. “Thank you for that kindness Elijah,” said Pastor Swift. A while later Rabbi Grossman and Elijah left and returned to their shelters. 

It wasn’t but an hour later that Rob Swift came running over to Rabbi Grossman’s shelter shouting, “My mother is well, it is a miracle, come and see.” They stopped by Elijah Elijah’s shelter on the way back to the Swift family shelter. They were all very excited.  As they came to the Swift family shelter they went inside to see Judy Swift sitting up on her blanket looking perfectly healthy. “God Bless,” said the Rabbi. “Thank you Gentlemen, something Elijah did must have made a difference, she awoke ten minutes ago, open her eyes and sat up and said she felt fine and was hungry,” Pastor Swift said. Immediately afterward, Dr. Greenspan returned having heard that Judy was well. “Well I heard from Elizabeth that her mother was well and I am shocked and happy,” Dr. Greenspan exclaimed. “Let me check your temperature and pulse Judy,” he said. “Amazing, almost a Miracle, her temperature is normal and so is her heartbeat. I never would have guess,” said Dr. Greenspan. “I will get her some food and water,” Pastor Swift said. They all walked outside the shelter marveling at her recovery. Pastor Swift told Elijah, “I think you have a gift Elijah, a gift from God. You cured my wife when she was on the verge of dying. Thank you, bless you Elijah. We will thank God in our prayers for your healing power.”  Rabbi Grossman was also amazed but he had known before that Elijah had visions that came true, but he never suspected that Elijah would become a healer also. 

The next week several human skulls were discovered at what looked like a campsite a few miles away. No one knew why the humans that lived there died but their skeletons were scattered everywhere. The scouts that discovered the macabre scene brought back a few skulls on sticks for Colonel Shepherd and General Mandel to examine. Many were worried that this was a bad omen. Colonel Shepherd had a theory that they committed suicide since there was no evidence of arrows or other weapons.

So for the time being this was a beginning of a new era began on Mauna Loa Volcano for the Judeo-Christian community. After a month of rest, Betty Sampson, and Susan the other ham radio operator got a message in Chinese that they did not understand. They sent someone to get Xiaolin, and bring her back to the shelter where the ham radio was located. Xiaolin was of Chinese descent, but born in North America. She could speak Mandarin, and a few other Chinese languages she had learned from her parents. As the ham radio message came through again, Xiaolin wrote down the words in English from Mandarin. Bangzhu, shengcun, and Liao, which loosely translated meant “to help,” “”survive” and “end”.  Xiaolin told Betty and Susan that the message was in a Mandarin dialect from somewhere in China saying “Help, us survive, soon.” Betty took this message to Colonel Shepherd, and General Mandel. “It seemed like some survivor group of Chinese were sending a message for help,” Betty told both men. They did not know where in China or the Asian continent the message was coming from, but they were relieved to know someone had survived in China and that might be good news. “We will continue to monitor the ham radio and use Xiaolin to help translate, “ said Betty. “Good let us know if you get any more ham radio broadcasts, “ said General Mandel.

Elijah’s third vision of arrows flying through the air.

The following week Elijah had another vision in his sleep. He saw arrows flying through the air and people being killed by Chinese people hiding behind rocks. It was a fearful vision full of dread. The following day he told Rabbi Grossman about his vision. This time Rabbi Grossman decided to share Elijah’s visions with Pastor Swift.  They walked over to Pastor Swift’s shelter together, and asked Judy Swift if they could speak with Pastor Swift. “Come on in Rabbi a voice came from inside the palm covered shelter,” Pastor Swift called out. “Good day Pastor, Elijah, and I have something to discuss with you that we have kept a secret until now,” said Rabbi Grossman. “You are always welcome in our shelter Elijah as well as Rabbi Grossman, “Pastor Swift said. “What can I do for you?” he asked. Elijah then told Pastor Swift of his past visions, and how remarkably they had come true. He even told Pastor Swift that he had seen his wife Judy when she was sick holding his hand and recovering from her illness. Pastor Swift was amazed hearing this story from Elijah. In his most recent vision he saw arrows flying through the air, and some of our people falling down with arrows in their chest. This most recent vision foretold of hostilities with Chinese people and perhaps it was a warning from God?  Elijah had heard about the recent ham radio message that Xiaolin had translated as a Chinese survivor group asking for help in survival. Now his vision seemed to be more reliable. Rabbi Grossman, and Pastor Swift discussed visions, and God’s Messages and how they were to be interpreted. They decided to share Elijah’s vision with Colonel Shepherd, and General Mandel. They sent Billy to get the Colonel and the General and have them come to Pastor Swift’s shelter immediately. When they both arrived, Pastor

Swift told them what Rabbi Grossman had said, and what Elijah had seen in his most recent vision. He made it a point to explain that according to Rabbi Grossman all visions had come true.  At first Rabbi Grossman admitted that he kept Elijah’s visions a secret because he did not at first believe he was having true visions. Rabbi Grossman explained that Elijah predicted finding the inter-continental land mass and seeing us sailing on the high seas. “You know Rabbi as a man of the cloth, I cannot help but wonder how were we were chosen to survive then so many might have bee more worthy,” Pastor Swift commented. “ It is not whether we are worthy, was Jonah worthy, perhaps not yet God saved him,” Rabbi Grossman commented. “I too have thought that we have come out of a sort of deliverance and it seems strangely like the Jews fleeing Egypt thousands of years ago with Mosses, “ Rabbi Grossman explained. Rabbi Grossman’s face showed the fear and concern he had in their survival. “You know Christianity is not much different than Judaism,” Rabbi Grossman reflected. “You have found your Messiah and we are still seeking a Messiah, and it is as simple as that,” Rabbi Grossman stated. “You are right in some ways Rabbi, but over the centuries we have changed from the Jewish “People of the Way,” to Gentile Christians that have left Jewish traditions and culture behind, “ Pastor Swift reflected.

Both Colonel Shepherd, and General Mandel were very surprised to learn that Elijah had been having visions that actually came true. The vision about the hostile Chinese might well come true, so they had to be prepared for an attack now, or in the future. As the word passed around the community everyone wondered how Elijah came to become a visionary. Prayers were said in the Jewish services as well as the Christian services for Elijah’s good health. Perhaps God was really on their side they all asked themselves? Many prayed for Elijah and his visions and for God’s protection in days and years to come.

It was a beautiful night outside the camp perimeter that Xiaolin and her boyfriend Ken made love under the moonlight. Their relationship had grown stronger over the past few months. Their struggles of the community together had brought them closer than they had ever been before. Xiaolin looked beautiful in the moonlight as she took off her shirt to reveal small but firm breasts. Ken kissed her on the neck and breasts, making Xiaolin hot all over. They made love for about an hour in the warm night air and then they returned to their shelter. They felt that in many ways they were lucky to be alive.

Everyday the Christians ate and shared side by side with the Liberal Jews and they became one. They began to change and found out how important it was to cooperate in order to survive. Everyone worked as a community, not as Christians or Jews in finding food, cooking it and preserving it if possible. No one knew what the future beheld and no one wanted to guess what that might be. They had to be prepared at all times.


After resting and recovering on Maua Loa volcano for a few months many in the Judeo-Christian began to ask why they couldn’t remain on Maua Loa forever since the volcano was high enough above the ocean to be safe and the food supply of fish was more than adequate. Their attitude changed when Maua Loa began to erupt one day without any warning. The entire community had less than a day to load up the rafts with some rafts overloaded because they were short one raft that was stolen. They could not walk or run fast enough to avoid the volcano if it erupted and send volcanic ash and hot lava in all directions down it’s slopes killing everything in its path. The ocean was the only safe escape route on the rafts. Much of the campsite had to be left behind because there was a lack of space. As volcanic ash was beginning to fill the air the rafts pushed off and headed out to sea. They had to get far enough away from the hot volcanic lava to be safe. They headed straight out away from Maua Loa and tried to put as many nautical miles between them and the volcano as they could before they turned east toward the Asian continent. They had to spend the night on the raft before they were able to safely land on the intercontinental landmass a good thirty miles down range from where they had camped before. 

(Mauna Loa Volcano erupting in the night)

As they looked back behind them they watched in awe as Maua Loa erupted thousands of feet high into the air with hot red lava shooting out in all directions, and sliding down the volcano in all directions. The lava covered the area where their encampment was, and everything around it. It was the end of a beautiful, but temporary place to live. Now it was move onto the Asian continent no matter what. The Judeo-Christian community had come too far to turn back now.

After a quick encampment that night the Judeo-Christian Christian hastily broke camp the following morning to put as much distance between them, and Maua Loa as possible. Colonel Shepherd figured they could suffer a little bit one more day to gain more distance from the volcano. So it was the next day they were able to sail another 30-40 miles along the coast of the inter-continental land mass until they found a small harbor to pull in and camp for the night. Many community members missed the peace and quiet of living on Mauna Loa, but now they could see how dangerous it could be. The journey was difficult with high seas splashing over the decks of the rafts and the overcrowding forced the rafts to ride low in the water. The weight of the larger group of people affects the ability of the rafts to gain any speed while under sail. All of these factors served to prove that sailing all the way to China was suicidal. A short one or two day journey was painful and dangerous, but possible, whereas sailing day after day was far too dangerous.

Shelter on lava rock inter-continental bridge was difficult at best. Since the inter-continental bridge was relatively a new phenomenon, there were no trees growing, and it was all the more difficult to construct lean-tos for shelter. Some small plants were beginning to take root from bird droppings and the winds spreading seeds in all directions, but nothing was edible or useful.

The dynamics of the Judeo-Christian group was beginning to change. They often held prayer sessions for all community members, rather than distinguish between Jewish and Christian religions. Many Jewish community members had become close friends with those in the Christian community. Pastor Swift and Rabbi Grossman saw this as a positive improvement in community relations. Many couples had become closer due to the stressful times. Love bonds were stronger than ever. Secretly all the couples feared the worse and poured all their fear into love making.

A month after leaving Mauna Loa a sudden storm developed that caught the entire community off guard. “Pastor Swift did you notice the blackened sky in the distance, “ asked Mary Moon the mechanical engineer. “No I hadn’t, but now that you have brought it to my attention, it looks like a storm is blowing in soon,” said Pastor Swift. “Mary go and tell Colonel Shepherd and General Mandel to alert everyone there may be a storm rolling in,” Pastor Swift asked. Mary left immediately to warn the Colonel and General.

“Listen everyone, we may have a storm coming in soon so you need to prepare for heavy rain and high winds. The Pacific Ocean is known for seasonal typhoons and this may be one of them,” Colonel Shepherd announced. “Marcus, take a few men and go and pull the rafts further up on land, and double tie them off. Put some lava rocks on them to weigh them down and remove the sail cloth immediately,” Colonel Shepherd commanded. Immediately everyone scrambled to tie down their supplies or weigh them down with rocks. All of the shelters were very frail since they were made of driftwood. General Mandel suggested using the raft sailcloth as a giant cover for everyone to seek protection from the rain. They quickly went about overlapping the raft sailcloth and tying the ends together to make one large canopy. Less than an hour later, a light rain began, and then the thunder and lightning on the horizon. The day turned very dark as the storm approached. This storm looked to have a fury they had never witnessed before. All the food supplies were placed under the sailcloth canopy and everyone in the community huddled together for the onslaught of the storm.

The heavens open up with a deluge of rain and high-speed winds. Everything that was not tied down or weighted down blew away. The rafts were flipped over from the rain and lay on their sides during the storm. Muddy rivers formed and ran rapidly down the lava rock to the sea. There wasn’t a dry place anywhere in the campsite. Starting a fire under the canopy was too dangerous so everyone had to eat cold dried fish and seaweed. Some of the woman wailed and cried from the sounds of the storm that seemed to have the intensity of a typhoon. Strange sounds were heard as the winds whipped their way through lava rock canyons. It was as if large beasts were howling in the sky. Rabbi Grossman and Pastor Swift tried to keep the community focused on prayer as the winds ripped away at the sailcloth causing it to beat up and down with the precision of a large drum. The noise of the cloth flapping in the wind was deafening to everyone’s ears. For hours on end the wind whipped at the sailcloth canopy. Those hiding under the canopy were exhausted from fear and discomfort. The height of the canopy was only 4-5 feet off the ground held up by some wooden poles and weighed down on the edges with large lava boulders. “Colonel when do you think the storm will stop,” Ida Grossman asked. “I really don’t know Ida,” Colonel Shepherd responded. It was difficult to talk because of the roar of the winds and the flapping of the sailcloth canopy. Rabbi Grossman assured his wife Ida that the storm would eventually stop and they had to be patient. Doctor Greenspan was busy attending to the sick and injured community members. He had to crawl around under the canopy to get to the sick members and injured. Betty Samson assisted him in making the sick comfortable. Almost everyone was wet even if they were under blankets. The rain was blowing horizontally under the canopy and there wasn’t a dry spot anywhere. Pastor Swift called out to everyone, “pray for deliverance, pray for the storm to pass my brothers and sisters.” Samuel, Saul, Margaret and Ben, Rabbi Grossman’s children tended to the older members of the community, bring them water and food. Marcus Green was listening to the static on 

the ham radio hoping to hear something positive. The storm interfered with the radio reception and nothing could be heard. Liz and Billy kept busy singing softly in each other’s ears. For them their hearts were aflutter and little else mattered? For the other couples they hugged one another under warm blankets and patiently waited out the storm.

Later in the middle of the night Elijah had another vision. He saw the community smiling, and looking at the sun and holding their arms upward to Thank God. It seemed the storm would pass, and they would survive. He kept his vision to himself since Rabbi Grossman didn’t always so believe in Elijah’s visions. The next morning the sun rose and the winds abated.  The rain diminished to a mist. When everyone stuck their heads out of the canopy they could see the damage the erosion had done with muddy rivers everywhere pouring over the lava rocks into the sea. The rafts were on their sides and would have to be up righted and repaired. Everyone ran to find a place to relieve themselves since there was no private place under the canopy to do so. Pastor Swift stood up and stretched his arms upward, “Thank God for our deliverance, he prayed.” General Mandel spoke to Colonel Shepherd and said, “we had better survey the damage and see what needs to be repaired and what blew away in the storm.” “I will assemble a group of volunteers to survey the damage. I will ask Marcus and Tim Dong Wo to put the sails back on the rafts after we flip them back over,” Colonel Shepherd responded. The damage was extensive and many of the rafts had to be repaired. Several boxes of supplied blew away in the storm. There was an increase in driftwood that was collected for fires to prepare some hot meals. Very few people in the community got any real sleep during the storm and everyone was exhausted. They dragged themselves around trying to help with assembling their supplies and cleaning up the mess from the storm. By afternoon everyone was napping on blankets from exhaustion. The sun was beating down on their heads and the temperature rose back up into the 90’s with high humidity. Only the winds died down that day. Rabbi Grossman observed that if God wanted to blow them away in the winds into the sea, he would have done so. Perhaps they were the chosen people he thought? 

The following week they decided it was time to move on to another campsite so everything was packed up and the journey to high ground began again. Only a few sick had to go on the rafts with the rest of the community walking and carrying their supplies. Two days into their new journey a major problem developed. The inter-continental bridge stopped and a few islands were seen on the horizon. For whatever reason the Pacific Ocean had poured though this gap in the inter-continental bridge, and the only connection to the Asian mainland seemed to be a series of mountain top islands. The Judeo-Christian community would be forced to use the rafts to travel to the islands. This meant the rafts would be over crowded, and sinking low in the water as they attempted to transport everyone in the community to the islands across the ocean.

            It was at this point in time that Sarah Shirah, finance of Elijah, decided it was time for them to get married. Elijah and Sarah had been discussing getting married over the past year but there never seemed to be a right time. “Rabbi, Sarah and I would like you to marry us,” Elijah asked. “Congratulations my son, this is a wonderful opportunity for you and Sarah to tie the knot,” Said Rabbi Grossman. “Since time is short I will arrange for the wedding ceremony tomorrow. We will have to build a Chuppah and dispense with the traditional mikah-cleansing bath for the wife, “ Rabbi Grossman commented. “We do not have any wine, however we can substitute another fruit-like drink,” Elijah responded. Immediately after their meeting Elijah went back to his shelter to tell Sarah the good news.

The next day the Jewish wedding took place. The “chuppah “(wedding canopy with a cloth canopy on four poles) was in place. Elijah was to be the groom (chosen) and Sarah was to be the bride (kallah) as per Jewish tradition. Everyone gathered around mid-day for the wedding ceremony. The ceremony began with a symbolic cup of wine because they had no real wine. Rabbi Grossman recited a blessing over the cup and a second blessing of sanctification over the marriage. Elijah declared, “Behold Sarah you are consecrated unto me with this ring according to the laws of Moses and Israel.” Elijah placed a solid gold band on the right index finger of Sarah and she smiled back at him. Then a second cup of symbolic wine is filled the “Sheva B’rachot” consisting of seven special blessings in honor of the wedding are recited under the “chuppah.”  Next comes the “bedecken” or veiling of the bride by the groom. Elijah lowered over Sarah’s face. After Elijah and Sarah proceeded to march around along with Rabbi Grossman’s family and other close friends of Elijah from the Jewish community. Normally, Elijah’s family would march around but Elijah had no immediate family, so Rabbi Grossman’s family and friends substituted for his family in the ceremony. The tena’im documents were signed next by Mrs. Ida Grossman and Samuel Grossman Jr. At the conclusion of the wedding Elijah smashes a glass with his foot and all the guests shout “mazel tov,” congratulations and good luck.”  Later during the reception Elijah sung the “Siman Tov U’Mazal Tov,” a common wedding song. Sarah and Elijah danced the “Horah,” laughing and full of happiness.  The “Mezinda Dance” follows with Rabbi Grossmans family filling in for Elijah and Sarah’s parents. While Rabbi Grossmand and Ida Grossman sat in the middle of a circle the guests dance around them. So the wonderful wedding came to an end with the “Birkat Hamazon” (grace after meals) that was said by Rabbi Grossman.  Elijah and Sarah withdrew to their shelter afterward when the reception was over.

The next day began preparations to move to another island.  “Colonel Shepherd have all the food supplies lashed down to the rafts so they do not wash into the ocean. Our first priority will be to transport our community members to the first island and come back for any supplies we did not have room for on the first voyage,” General Mandel commanded. Colonel Shepherd, Marcus, Mary, and Tim Dong Wo set about tying down the food supplies before they loaded everyone they could on the rafts. “I think the trip should take only a few hours General,” Colonel Shepherd responded.  By mid-day the Judeo-Christian community pushed off on yet another adventure of island hopping across the Pacific Ocean. The wind was low that day and the tide was going out. The rafts had the wind from the west at their backs, and the trip to the first island went relatively quickly. By early evening the entire community had arrived at the new mountain top island, and a second trip brought in supplies that could not be transported on the first voyage.  The community began to settle in on this new island that consisted almost entirely of volcanic rock and no vegetation. Everyone felt renewed that they had survived so many dangerous on their journey to high ground. Colonel Shepherd was sitting on lava bolder when Marcus Green approached him with news. “Colonel I just heard a message on the ham radio. The message said there were riots in the mountains of Europe over food shortages and ethnic clashes. Hundreds of surviving Europeans had been killed in the riots. There are no police or army to subdue the rioters the message stated. Riots were also reported in the Andes Mountains of South American where food was running out.” Colonel Shepherd took the ham radio message to General Mandel immediately. “What do you think General after Colonel Shepard repeated the ham radio message,” Colonel Shepherd commented. “I can see that if survivors do not cooperate and work together to solve food shortages due to the flooding, human nature turns to evil, “ Rabbi Grossman exclaimed.

A community meeting was called for that night, and as they all sat around large driftwood fire, they discussed the importance of not being greedy and sharing food and resources. Pastor Swift point out how well their communities had come together and they had no ethnic strife as they were having elsewhere in the world. 

Elijah felt that God was with them despite all the dangers they encountered. Rabbi Grossman asked everyone to join him in prayer and they all did so. “Lord God provide and protect our little community and bring us to the promised high ground soon. AMEN,” Rabbi Grossman prayed.

Two days later another tragedy hit the Judeo-Christian community. Rabbi Grossman had a heart attack and collapsed. Several community members dragged him to shelter and sent someone to get Doctor Greenspan immediately. Elijah came with Doctor Greenspan immediately behind him. “Is he alright?” Elijah asked Ida, Rabbi Grossman’s wife. “I do not know, he just collapsed grabbing his chest,” she said. “Doctor Greenspan checked Rabbi Grossmans pulse and asked him Sam, do you know who I am?” Rabbi Grossman did not respond. His breathing was shallow and he seemed to be going into shock. “I think he had a heart attack,” Doctor Greenspan exclaimed. “Elevated his legs while I give him CPR,” Doctor Greenspan commanded Elijah to do. Elijah put a rolled up blanket under the Rabbi’s feet. An hour later he was dead. Ida Grossman and her children were beside themselves. She continued to wail and weep loudly. Margaret her 22-year-old daughter tried to comfort her. The Jewish community had no leader now except Cantor Elijah. A funeral was arranged the next day as per Jewish custom. Cantor Elijah presided over the funeral service and Rabbi Grossman was buried at sea in a plastic bag because it was impossible to dig any graves in the lava rock on the island. The women all cried and grieved for their loss. It was a sad moment for both the Jewish members and the Christians members of the community. He had become a beloved, wise and organized leader for their community. No one ever thought that he would no survive the ordeal. So it came to pass that Rabbi Grossman was no longer among them to lead and listen.

General Mandel, Colonel Shepherd, Elijah, and Pastor Swift met after the funeral to discuss leadership of the Jewish Community. Elijah said he would assume the role as the Jewish Community religious leader since he was a Cantor and familiar with the Jewish traditions and services. They all agreed that Elijah would be a good choice to lead the Jewish Community in the absence of Rabbi Grossman. After the meeting of the leaders of the community Elijah was introduced as the new Jewish Leader of the Jewish Community and everyone was satisfied that they would continue to have leadership.

General Mandel advised Colonel Shepherd it was time to move on and that the community should begin the next leg of it’s inter-continental bridge saga which was broken into strips of land and islands. The community met and it was announced they would be sailing for the next island on the horizon heading due west of their current island in the general direction of the Asian continent. A few hours later the rafts were all loaded and sailing toward the next island. Upon arrival of the next island several hours later, scouts were sent out to investigate whether any human survivors were on the island or not. This island was considerably larger than the previous mountain island and it had trees and vegetation around the ocean edge. It looked like a most promising island until the patrols returned. “General Mandel, we searched the island and there are no humans on the island but there are some animals however,” Marcus Green reported. “What kind of animals Marcus, “ General Mandel asked. “Wolves, Sir, hundreds of wolves living in wolf packs along the tree line further up the island.” “Colonel Shepherd, what do think we should do?” General Mandel asked. “We cannot fight hungry wolves General. I recommend we ship out and head for the next island for our own safety, Colonel Shepherd suggested. “OK, then, tell the rafts to push off and head for the next island. We will leave the wolves to themselves,” said General Mandel. Apparently the wolves became trapped on the island after the great flood.

Back on the seas they sailed that day until darkness was soon beginning. It was an extremely long day, and no one had time to prepare a meal, so dried fish and seaweed was the meal of choice until they made land. The next mountain island was a longer distance than the previous islands. The ocean waves were high that day and the wind kept changing directions preventing the rafts from sailing in a straight line to the next island. The sun finally set and a full moon rose into the sky shining off the ocean waves in the darkness. Sometime a few hours after sunset they arrived at the next island. There was no time to prepare shelters so the group set about collecting driftwood and building fires for cooking food and protection against any predators. Scouts were sent out with fire torches to investigate the island. They returned several hours later to report no wolves or humans had been spotted. The Judeo-Christian community settled in for the night with just blankets to protect them from the elements.

The next day Mrs. Judy Swift visited with Mrs. Ida Grossman consoling her over the loss of her husband Rabbi Grossman. Ida was glad to have Mrs. Swift visit and they became good friends  “Ida if you ever need anything I will help you any time,” promised Judy Swift. “Thank you dear friend, “ Ida exclaimed. “I have my children to support me in my loss but your friendship is most welcome,” Elizabeth Swift and Rob Swift got to know Billy Mandor one day when they are on the same driftwood collecting detail. “Hey Bill where are your parents, “ asked Elizabeth. “They were killed in an AGV accident last year Billy said. “Oh I am sorry Billy, “ Elizabeth said. “There you go again prying into people’s lives again,” brother Rob Swift commented. “When do you think we will get to the Asian content Billy, “ asked Elizabeth. “Who knows,” said Billy. “I doubt if we will ever see the Asian continent soon,” Billy said in a depressed tone. “Well cheer up at least we are still alive after the storm and the volcano erupting, “ Elizabeth said trying to cheer Billy up. Rob commented, “Elizabeth you need to leave Billy alone.” “Thanks she isn’t bothering me,” said Billy. Just then Elizabeth tripped on a piece of driftwood and fell on her elbows. “Are you alright, “ Billy asked. “I am fine, laughed Elizabeth being embarrassed from falling on her arms.  “Maybe you should stick to cooking,” Rob commented.  “Pick on someone else Rob, “ Elizabeth said.

Betty Samson and Xiaolin Tan were soaking some dried fish for a soup for dinner that day. “Xiaolin do you think we will ever see the Asian continent?” asked Betty. “I hope so or all this suffering will have been for nothing. I cannot believe God would lead us this far and then abandon us, “ said Xiaolin. “I sure am getting tired of fish,” Betty remarked. “What I wouldn’t give for a real hamburger, Betty commented. “ I would rather have some rice for a change, “ said Xiaolin. “In time I am sure we will find vegetables, rice, and meat to fill out needs, “ said Xiaolin.

“Colonel we are low on fish again, can you have four rafts take the fishing nets and see if we can catch some fish to cook and dry out for the community,” General Mandel requested. “  “I am already on it General, said Colonel Shepherd. Four rafts pushed off about an hour later with fishing nets. This time they had spears in case a shark or any large dangerous fish are caught in the nets. The rafts were about 200 yards from shore when they dropped their nets and dragged them through the ocean waved. Suddenly, the first raft group had a problem. Their raft was leaning and taking on water. Their net must have caught on something or netted a large fish. The other two rafts pulled in their nets quickly to assist the first two rafts. What ever they caught was thrashing around in the net pulling the raft to one side and it attempted to dive deeper pulling the net with it. For over an hour they tried to pull the net in with all four rafts on top of the net. A fin surfaced and sure enough it was a huge shark that must have weighed hundreds of pounds. Marcus was the first to thrown a spear and impale the shark. Tim Dong Wo stabbed a hooked spear into the shark while it was on the surface and red blood was everywhere in the water. The rafts were in danger of tipping but the crews were equally determined to kill this shark and not let it get away. Finally the thrashing stopped and the shark rolled over on its belly in the ocean. All eight men pulled the net onto one raft that sank down under the weight of the shark. He was huge with teeth as sharp as razors. More sharks were being attracted to the area from the blood sent so they set sail immediately for land with the shark on one raft and the fish they caught on the other rafts. This was the biggest fish they had ever caught and will make a great meal for the entire community that night.

As soon as the rafts were beached on the lava rock shores, Marcus Green ran back to the camp to get Colonel Shepherd, and General Mandel and other volunteers to come and see the shark they killed, and to help cut it up for dinner that night. There was excitement everywhere in the camp that day when everyone rushed down to the shore to see the shark that weighed in excess of 500 pounds. Everyone set about cutting up the shark meat. Inside the shark was two other large fish that the shark had just eaten. Colonel Shepherd instructed everyone to save all the organs and teeth to use for fishing and making weapons. It took hours to slice the shark up into pieces and transport it back to the camp. They put the shark meat over fires and cooked it to perfection. Everyone celebrated their bounty that evening with prayer and a huge dinner. Some of the women had found wild onions and wild carrots and they were boiled in the fish soup in addition to the broiled shark meat. God had provided again for the Judeo-Christian community.

After the death of their father Rabbi Grossman, Saul Grossman, Samuel Grossman, Margaret Grossman and Ben Grossman began to take a more active role in their Jewish Community. Margaret volunteered to be Cantor for some of the services and Saul, Samuel and Ben became readers of the Bible and the Torah. Ida Grossman and her new friend Judy Swift spent many hours together talking and helping to repair ripped clothing of members of the community.

Chapter 8- “Thou prepares a table before me in the presence of my enemies.”

(Northern Chinese mountain Shengcun)

Two Years Later

The survivors of the Judeo-Christian community had been traveling for over two years on their journey to find higher ground. It was the eighth month in the second year, since they left Mauna Loa volcano in the Hawaiian volcano chain.  Now they were approaching what looked like the northern mountains in Northern China. Mount Xiaowutal at 9,455 feet by the old method of measurement was in this mountain chain as well as Taihang Mountain. It was hard to identify one mountain from another because only the upper portion of the mountain stuck out above the ocean. If only they had an instrument to determine their global position exactly?

The inter-continental land bridge had begun to change from lava rock to packed earth and small green vegetation. The island hopping was behind them and now the 

walking on land resumed. As they moved closer and closer to the mountains in the distance each week, more and more plants were visible. They were forced to abandon the rafts since the ocean was too far away from the Northern Chinese Mountains. Now the journey was all on foot or pony.

One day a small patrol was searching up in front of the community when suddenly out of nowhere arrows were flying through the air. Two men and a woman scout were killed instantly. The remaining five scouts ran back to the forward group, and warned General Mandel.  Immediately everyone dropped their baggage, and took out what weapons they had made. Few of the members could shoot a bow accurately, and spear throwing was limited to short distances. “Get behind a bolder everyone, “ General Mandel yelled. He used his army whistle to warn everyone with a loud burst from his whistle. Colonel Shepherd was a half a mile back from the front of the group and did not know of the attack for twenty minutes. Finally, when he and the rear group of community members reached the place where everyone was hiding behind boulders, he realized that there must have been some hostilities. Creeping from bolder to bolder he found his way to where General Mandel was hiding. “What happened General? “ he asked. “We have been attacked by Chinese armed with bows and arrows,” the General responded. “We 

lost three people in the scouting unit up front, “ the General went on to say. “The five survivors ran back to me to report the unprovoked attack, “ he said. 

Everyone was instructed to hide behind boulders and wait for a signal from General Mandel. This was the first time they had encountered other hostile survivors since they left North America. General Mandel set up all the archers in the front line, and kept the women that could not shoot an arrow in the rear area. Using his binoculars he could see a small band of a dozen Chinese hiding behind rocks about 200 yards in front of them. “Colonel take a look in these binoculars. There is a group of hostiles about 200 yards out. Can you see them,” he said. “Yes, yes, there they are hiding behind boulders, “ Colonel Shepherd agreed. “What do you want to do General?” Colonel Shepherd asked. “Well we could retreat or attack and try to scare them off. It looks like they only have about a dozen archers. We could send twelve men and boys to out number them.  While a main group stages a frontal attack, you take a group of twelve more and try to flank them around the right, “ General Mandel ordered. “Right, Sir, I will assemble the men and boys immediately. “I will send the twelve to make the frontal attack up to report to you, while the other twelve, and I scramble around to the right to try and flank them. Give me fifteen minutes before you attack, “Colonel Shepherd responded.

Colonel Shepherd dropped back to where the majority of the community was hiding and organized two assault groups. He sent twelve men and boys forward to stay with General Mandel and he and the other twelve men and boys diverted off to the right to try and out flank the hostile Chinese. After going around many boulders Colonel Shepherd and his group were in position to the right of the Chinese ready to attack with bows and arrows and spears. “Remember take a shot advance forward and find shelter right away. Make plenty of noise yelling to unnerve the Chinese, “ Colonel Shepherd whispered. “OK, fifteen minutes, ready, attack men, “ shouted General Mandel blowing his army whistle as they ran forward shooting their arrows at the Chinese. When Colonel Shepherd heard the 

whistle, his group attacked from the right flank completely surprising the Chinese. Three Chinese fell dead with arrows in their chests. An arrow whizzed by Colonel Shepherd’s head, but he ducked, and it missed him, bouncing off a rock. The Chinese turned, and ran back from where they came from realizing they had two groups attacking them. General Mandel and Colonel Shepherd were very relieved and they had lost no one. Only an arm injury from an arrow was reported. They all headed back to the community General Mandel assigned patrols to watch the perimeter that night and every night in the future. Children and women were instructed not to go out of the camp area. This was their first real threat to survival by another group of survivors. The hostile response really surprised the Judeo-Christian group because of the call for help on the ham radio months before. Colonel Shepherd and General Mandel agreed that they would have to send someone good to scout where the hostile Chinese were camped. They could try to go around them, which would be difficult with seventy people, or they could try to size up their opponents strength and size. Billy Mandor who was only 16 volunteered to go at night and scout the hostile Chinese and try and find out where they were camped.

Billy understood that this was a dangerous mission and he took his bow and spear. Colonel Shepherd had Billy smear mud on his face so it would not shine in the moonlight. He also put on a dark baseball hat. It was about 9:00 pm and there was only a half moon that night as Billy slipped out into the boulders and lava rock surrounding them. He walked and crawled for several miles until he saw the light from campfires in the distance. He was a few hundred yards away from the Chinese campfires so he got on his stomach and crawled the entire way keeping his head down and making no noise. Early in the morning he finally made it to the edge of the campsite where he could count the tents and shelters around the campfires. There were twenty huts and tents and about 15 fires. There were a lot of men as sentries around the perimeter of the camp. He estimated there must have been around 20-40 men in the camp and no women or children or at least none that he heard. He turned around and crawled on his stomach until he was a good hundred yards away and then he stood up and jogged off into the distance away from the Chinese camp. He was breathing heavily from running and the fear of coming so close to an apparent enemy. This was a first for Billy who had never had any military training. Just before sunrise Billy got back to the Judeo-Christian community to report to General Mandel and Colonel Shepherd.  Approaching 

General Mandel’s tent Bill called out, “General Mandel, Sir, are you up yet?  “Yes I hear you, I will be right out, be patient, and “General Mandel called back Meanwhile, Colonel Shepherd was already up and making an instant hot drink from old coffee and tea bags. Seeing Billy back in camp he called over to him. “Billy, Bill what did you learn? “ he shouted. Just then General Mandel came out of his tent rubbing his eyes. “Let’s sit down and review what Billy has learned Colonel,” General Mandel shouted. “What did you learn Billy? “ Colonel Shepherd asked. “Well, Sir, they are a little over two miles away on a mountain area. I counted the huts and tents as twenty and about 15 fires going. No children or women were around and there were sentries posted around the camp. I estimate two to a tent or hut that means they may have upwards of 40 men total, “ Billy concluded. “Good work Billy, you were very efficient and accurate in your report. That information will be most useful to us. It sounds like their group is a little too big for us to attack. Our best bet is to establish a better defense just in case they try to attack again. I wonder why they are attacking us to begin with?” General Mandel commented.

From that day forward the Judeo-Christian group was on the defensive. Every day and night someone had to do guard duty to warn the community if the Chinese bandits threatened to attack. “You know Bill,” Mary Moon said. “It seems strange that we should have come thousands of miles, perhaps guided by God, only to end up with a confrontation with some Chinese bandits,” Mary commented. “Yes, it does seem strange,” Bill, agreed.

Tim Dong Wo was on guard duty one day when he noticed a small band of Chinese bandits approaching. He sounded the alarm with an Army whistle General Mandel gave 

him. Hearing the alarm everyone in the community sought shelter and weapons. Even some of the women could shoot a bow or throw a spear. Colonel Shepherd made sure everyone man and woman was able to fight with weapons by having daily practice of shooting at targets.  As the group approached Tim noticed a white flag being held by one of the Chinese bandits. Colonel Shepherd and General Mandel rushed to the perimeter of the camp to see what the Chinese bandits wanted. They did not trust the Chinese bandits so they had everyone in the camp that could hold a weapon to stand up behind them if they were to have peace talks.  As the Chinese bandits were within 50 yards of the camp, Colonel Shepherd asked Xiaolin to come up to the front line to interpret their mandarin. She yelled out in mandarin, “what do you want.”  The Chinese bandits responded they wanted to negotiate a peace sit-down. Colonel Shepherd told Xiaolin to tell them that would be all right so long as they put their weapons down and remained where they were. The Chinese replied and put down their bows and swords. General Mandel and Colonel Shepherd approached the Chinese group with Xiaolin as their interpreter. They signaled to the Chinese to sit down and they would sit down also.

“What is it you want,” Xiaolin asked in mandarin?  “We wish to make a peace and perhaps a trade,” one older man said. “What is you want to trade,” asked Xiaolin?  We do not have any goats left,” the Chinese bandit said. “My name is Su Yuan Jing and I am the leader of the Hung Hutze,” the old man said.  “We do not want to fight you. It was a mistake making war against you. Our warriors were afraid you were invading our land and going to take our women and children,” the old man commented. Colonel Shepherd said to Xiaolin, “ Tell them we come in peace and are just passing through as travelers. We mean them no harm and we are not interested in their women or children. We are Christians and Jews. We are religious groups seeking higher ground from the rising ocean waters. We are headed to the Himalayas to find a home for our next generation.  The old man laughed after he heard Xiaolin repeat in mandarin what the Colonel said. “Christians, Ahh, and Jewish people from where? “asked the old man in mandarin. “We are from the North American continent and for almost two years we have traveled across the new inter-continental bridge to China, “ Xiaolin responded.  “We want to trade for two of your goats,” said the old man. “And what about safe passage?” Xiaolin responded. “Safe passage possible,” said the old man. “What do you have the is worth two most valuable goats?” Xiaolin asked. She explained to Colonel Shepherd and General Mandel what she was saying. We have many Chinese Christians that we have captured,” said the old man. “Chinese Christians you say,” Xiaolin responded in amazement. “What do we want with your Chinese Christians?” Xiaolin asked of the old man. “Christians like Christians, maybe,” he said.  Xiaolin turned to Colonel Shepherd and General Mandel and said “they want to trade two of our goats for some Chinese Christians they captured.”  The old man went on to say, ”they are our slaves but we can no longer afford to feed them. Our food is running low and we do not have any meat left. If we trade them to you and provide safe passage then we get food and also get rid of their hungry mouths.”  “What do you think Colonel or General?” Xiaolin asked. They talked among their group for a few minutes weighing the pros and cons of the proposal.

Colonel Shepherd told Xiaolin to ask how many Chinese Christians did they have? “How many Chinese Christians do you have?” Xiaolin asked in mandarin. “Twenty men, women and two small children,” the old man responded in mandarin. General Mandel said softly to Colonel Shepherd, “well we had a few goats that had babies and our goats have grown from three females and one male to ten female goats and one male. We could afford to trade two for safe passage. The Christian Chinese could help serve as guides for us as we travel through the Chinese mountain range?” General Mandel proposed.  “We will accept your trade on several conditions,” Colonel Shepherd instructed Xiaolin to say in mandarin. “One, since we do not trust you either we will require two high ranking men as hostages during our safe passage which we will release when we are two days south of here. Two, you can have the goats immediately upon release of the Christian Chinese people to us. Three, no weapons will be allowed during our trade. Is that clear?” Colonel Shepherd stated.   The old man and leader Su Yuan Jing spoke to the other Chinese bandits in their group about the proposal. “We have discussed your proposal on tomorrow at noon we will meet back her with the 20 Christian Chinese people plus two warrior hostages unarmed in exchange for two female goats. We will provide safe passage for your entire group until you are two days south of here. Then you will release our two warriors to return to our village. You have my word that we will be truthful and act with honor,” said  Su Yuan Jing.  “Tell him we have a deal and we will meet him tomorrow for the trade and for safe passage,” Colonel 

Shepherd said to Xiaolin to translate to mandarin.  They all rose to their feet and bowed and turned and left the area.

General Mandel, Colonel Shepherd, and Xiaolin Tan returned to their encampment immediately after their negotiations with the Chinese Bandits. General Mandel called a community meeting and they discussed the trade for the Christian Chinese and the most important offer, safe passage through the bandit’s territory. The majority of the community voted to go through with the trade and begin immediately to pack their things and prepare to travel south along the northern Chinese mountain range. So the packing began. Samuel Grossman Jr., son of the late Rabbi, volunteered to help organize the packing. Benjamin Gross, a construction foreman, that had helped sail the raft before, volunteered to ready the crews of the rafts. They would have to sail along the coast of the mountain range several miles from the land route because of the height and width of the mountain islands. The rest of the day was spent packing and readying the community to move at mid-day on the following day.

The next day came, and Su Yuan Jing, the Chinese Bandit leader, returned with the 20 Christian Chinese people, who looked as if they had been starved for a month, and the two hostages. Colonel Shepherd had Margaret Grossman bring along the two young goats they selected for the trade.  The rest of the Judeo-Christian community was waiting behind boulders to see how the negotiations went. Xiaolin spoke for the Colonel and General, “Su Yuan Jing we have your goats in exchange for safe passage and the Christian Chinese hostages you have, “ she said in mandarin. “This is good, we have our Christian slaves for 

you to feed and two or my best men as hostages for your safe passage, “ Su Yuan Jin said.  He signaled to his bandits to release the Chinese Christians and they did so. Colonel Shepherd signaled to Margaret Grossman to bring forward the two goats for the exchange. “Here are your two goats,” Xiaolin said in mandarin.  “We are most grateful, these goats will provide our women and children with milk,” said Su Yuan Jing. The rag tag group of Christian Chinese people dragged themselves over to where the Judeo-Christian group was hiding behind boulders. Colonel Shepherd took charge of the two bandit hostages and instructed Xiaolin to say, “we are leaving your domain now and heading south. We will release your men two days south of here as we promised.”  “This will be good, “ Su Yuan Jing responded. Colonel Shepherd and General Mandel signaled the community and everyone joined in the march with the Christian Chinese south of their present location. All went well and soon the bandits were off in the distance. Xiaolin spoke with the Christian Chinese as they all walked as fast as they could away from the Chinese bandits. She learned how the bandits lived in the mountains for many generations and that when the ocean flooded the valleys and lower mountains the Christian Chinese people were forced to flee the rising waters. When they journeyed into the mountains the Chinese Bandits killed some of them and took the rest captive. They had lived the last two years in captivity serving as slaves to the Chinese Bandits. Over time the goats were eaten, rice ran out and the Bandits could not feed themselves let alone the Chinese Christians. They began raiding other survivor groups on other mountains to survive. When the food was low they did not feed the Christian Chinese.  The Christian Chinese survived by eating bugs and weeds.

“I really feel sorry for those Chinese hostages,” Jody Grossman expressed to Adel Mandel, wife of the General. “They look like they have not had a meal in months,” Adel commented. “We will have to give them a big meal to strengthen them when we camp tonight, “ Jody said. “Xiaolin being able to speak mandarin is a blessing,” Adel said. “Yes, God always seems to provide,” said Jody. Colonel Shepherd instructed Xiaolin to speak to the Christian Chinese and explain that they were safe now with a Christian and Jewish group.  Tell them we will take care of them. “All we ask in return in to help guide us across the Chinese mountains to the Himalayas,” said Colonel Shepherd.

The raft crews had a difficult day on the ocean with waves approaching ten feet high and a very strong North, Northeast gale storm. The rafts were being flipped around like toys in the storm. They had to put into land on several occasions for safety. It was a miracle that they were able to travel 20 miles to be within a few miles on the coast from the next encampment. As they arrived at a point along the shore that had a small protective cove the raft crews pulled the rafts high up on land and then hiked off to the top of the mountain range where there community would setup a camp.

“All in all, it was a productive day General, “ Colonel Shepherd commented. “That is was Jim, “ General Mandel responded. “Keep an eye on the bandit hostages and make sure they get fed well,’ General Mandel commanded Marcus Green to do. “Yes sir, I will take care of it, “ Marcus replied.  “Do you think we can trust the Chinese bandits Colonel?” General Mandel asked. “Probably not, “ Colonel Shepard answered. The Grossman siblings helped to set up their family shelter, using deadwood they found around the area. There were plenty of green leaves for roofing material to use also. Other families followed the example and quickly setup a shelter for themselves. The community had a small herd of goats now, a few llamas and a few Mongolian ponies they had acquired during their journey. Billy Mandor and Elizabeth Swift who love animals took charge of the herd and made sure they were fed and watered.  More and more every day the city people were becoming farmers in their own right in order to preserve food sources. It was a learning process.

As the community of Christians and Jews headed south along the Chinese mountain range, the Christian Chinese people helped guide the way. When a group of Mongolian ponies were discovered in a closed off canyon, the Chinese Christians helped show the other Christians how to capture the ponies.  The leader of the Christian Chinese was name Shou Lin and his father had been a Christian missionary in China for many years.  He and other Chinese men showed the rest of the community how to lasso the ponies and use them for transportation. It was a real show of skill to watch as one group of men herded the ponies toward the second group who stood on boulders overhead and dropped lassos over the necks of the unsuspecting ponies. Thirty ponies were captured that day that provided transportation for almost all of the community. It was a God sent to have a pony to ride instead of walking along the mountain ridge. 

There was a great celebration when the Judeo-Christian community realized that they finally had something to ride instead of walking on their journey to higher ground. Everyone pitched in and helped corral the ponies, feed them and make sure they were all secured with ropes around their necks.  The celebration went on most of the night with everyone feeling blessed and that God had once again provided for them.

After a week of training and practicing riding the ponies the Judeo-Christian community resumed it’s journey to the high ground in the Himalayas. Now they could move cover more ground because they had ponies to ride. They were able to double the distance in one day. The only thing that moved slowly was the animals and supplies packed on the llamas. The first group of riders on the ponies set up camp early while the rear slower group arrived hours later. The rafts had started to become a problem because the shore was miles from the trail across the top of the mountains. Colonel Shepherd reduced the sailing crew to two men per raft. Each 

time they put into shore they had to walk several miles to get to the encampment. Now that the community had ponies it was more difficult for the raft sailors to estimate how far they were going to travel. Colonel Shepherd decided to use signal flags to keep the rafting crews informed as to where they were going to make camp.

Chapter 9- “Thou annointest my head with oil”

(Anointing one’s head with oil to signify God appointed them)

Elijah has many visions that came true. The Chinese bandits the “Hung Hutze,” were behind them now, and 30 people who happened to be Christian Chinese increased the newly strengthened Judeo-Christian community. The Christian Chinese were grateful for being freed from the bonds of the Chinese bandits thanks to Elijah Elijah’s miracle. The Christian Chinese helped serve as guides through the Chinese mountain chain of islands in the ocean. Many in their community firmly believed that the Himalayas would the Promised Land for generations to come. Thanks to the Christian Chinese they were able to ride and milk Mongolian ponies to save their strength. Xiaolin tried to communicate with the men and women of the Chinese Christians to help them understand that they were free now, and that some of the community was also Christian as they were. Shou Lin Chew, the leader of the Christian Chinese, could speak limited English and he was most grateful that they were freed as slaves of the Chinese bandits.

Having Mongolian ponies to ride made the trip easier across the islands that were connected by the entire mountain range in China. Goats and Llamas were dragging along behind the caravan of people. The Chinese learned from the Mongolians how to milk the mare Mongolian ponies with a foal. The Mongolian people called the fermented mare milk “airag.”  Only a mare that had a foal could be milked, so both the mare and the foal had to be lassoed, and tie up together so the foal could drink from the mare. The Chinese Christians show the community how to do all of this. Eventually, Xiaolin convinced the Christian Chinese to join the members of the Church group in singing and prayer. The Christian Chinese developed a real spiritual bond with the North American Christians. Singing songs in different languages but with the same tune was a wonderful and spiritual experience for all of them. 

Meanwhile, Elijah provided leadership for the Jewish flock in keeping with daily prayer and singing as cantor when Margaret Grossman was not singing as cantor.  Survival was the utmost thing on all the Jewish community member’s minds. Their prayers were for deliverance and thanksgiving by God. Elijah had a vision that they made it to the Himalayas but there were problems with the Tibetan Monks who were concerned with foreigners invading their land. He kept this vision to himself for fear of worrying the members of the community.

They were approaching the third year of their pilgrimage now, and the mountains of China seem safe and high enough the ocean to provide a trail to the 

            Himalayas. Many of the Christian community began to believe what Elijah was seeing was a gift from God. In such stressful times both groups needed a spiritual leader. Sarah joined Elijah in spiritual activities and prayer sessions and supported him in all his efforts in the community. Now that they were married she took on a more supportive role with Elijah.

Rabbi Grossman had passed on, and only Elijah was there to replace Rabbi Grossman. Elijah did something Rabbi Grossman never did before. Elijah reached out to the Christians as equally as he did to the Jews in the community. Many times during Christian services, Elijah offered to sing as cantor because they did not have a choir or organ. His strong and beautiful tenor voice inspired many Christians to sing with great passion.  When someone was depressed or feeling down Elijah was there to comfort them. Pastor Swift did not feel threatened because he began to see something in Elijah that no one has seen before. It seemed more and more everyday and every week Elijah had become the community spiritual leader who lead by example and helped to keep the group’s spirits up.

One day Elijah was standing on a lava bolder outcropping overlooking the ocean shielding his eyes from the sun looking in the direction of the next island. Suddenly, a dark cloud floated over Elijah and a sudden thunderstorm began with lightning hitting the ground but a few feet from Elijah. The crashing sound scared the hell out of Elijah who was focused on looking at the island in the distance. He jumped to the side as the bolt of lightning burned a patch in the ground not too far from him. Colonel Shepherd yelled for him to get down from the lava rock and seek protection. Everyone was packing up getting 

ready to move to their next camp when the thunderstorm suddenly opened up the skies overhead. Rain came pouring down and everyone scrambled for cover. The only covers available were a few pine trees near the water’s edge. The shelters had already been taken down. Many of the community got very wet since they could find no shelter. Elijah was frozen with fear as the lightning bolt struck the ground right near him. Finally, he came to his senses and dropped to the ground covering his head. The hair on his head stood straight up in the air as if he had touched a live electrical wire. He rolled away from the lava boulder as far as he could before getting up, and running for a shelter under a downpour of rain. By the time he reached the shelter he looked like a cat that had seen a ghost with his hair standing straight up in the air, and his beard all frizzed out from his face. “What the hell happened out there,” General Mandel shouted to Elijah.  Elijah was in shock when he said, “I don’t know, one minute is was sunny and the next minute a lightning bolt missed me by a few feet. Wow that was scary.”  Everyone in the Judeo-Christian community saw this event occur and they were all amazed. Some thought Elijah commanded the lightning to strike. Others thought it was a message from God to Elijah. What ever it meant everyone believed it had something to do with divine intervention involving Elijah. The only exception was Elijah, who only thought he almost got killed by a random lightning bolt and not divine intervention.

From that day forward everyone talked about Elijah and Sarah and how they had changed.  They all spoke how in many ways Elijah seemed to be selected by God to see visions about their lives. Even Rabbi Grossman’s wife Ida, and her 

children began to see Elijah as a new spiritual leader. One day Betty Samson mentioned the old concept of a “Messiah,” to deliver the Jews out of harms way. Pastor Swift discussed this with Betty one day, and pointed out that the Christians believed that Jesus would come again one day to save the world. For Christians the Messiah had come in the person of Jesus Christ, and one day he would come again as he promised his disciples. Betty found it an interesting concept that Elijah was to be a chosen leader, or spiritual person endowed with certain powers by God. Betty wondered whether Elijah’s visions or his spiritual nature qualified him to be a messiah?

The Northern Chinese mountain range went on as far as the eye could see. The landscape was beginning to change with more vegetation on the Chinese mountain range. It seemed like there might be green pastures again for them to camp by. Elijah, and Pastor Swift led the group in a prayer of thanks as they went ashore on the landmass. More and more everyone began to believe that what Elijah saw in his visions were the word or God in action. They praised Elijah for seeing this landmass in his visions. It was a day for celebration after month of long travel and sailing.

They hiked to a high point on the landmass above the ocean, and camped on a grassy plain surrounded by lava rock. The view was beautiful with the islands in the distance behind them, and the landmass stretching off into the horizon as far as the eye could see. Small hills of volcanic rock with intermittent trees and grassy hills stretch off into the distance. It was almost a promised land equal to the stay on Mauna Loa Volcano in the past.

Colonel Shepherd sent out patrols to investigate ,as they had always done before, to see if the area had any human survivors or animals. The patrols went out in search of survivors and food supplies,  The rest of the community set up shelters with driftwood, and any available Pine trees they could cut down. Later in the day the patrols returned one by one. The last group to return came with great news. They had seen a few mountain goats on some lava ledges on the side of a small mountain. This meant they might be able to have meat for the first time in over a year, if they could kill a mountain goat. General Mandel formed a small group of the best archers, and they set out immediately with the patrol to find the mountain goats.

About five miles away the land rose to a higher lava peak and there along the side of the rocky peak were mountain goats grazing on the grass growing out of the rock crevasses.  They were over two hundred yards above them on difficult terrain. This was not going to be an easy hunt. Mountain goats were very sure-footed and fast. General Mandel decided to have one group of archers scale up the mountain from the south and the other group to go around and scale the volcanic mountain from the other side. It was his plan to trap the mountain goats from any retreat as the group from the south scaled up the lava rock ledges. “Remember Men, 

do not waste any arrows.  Wait until you are at least 50 yards away. No one is going to hit a goat at 100 yards with the wind and elevation to consider,” General Mandel commanded. Each group set out for their mission. The climbing was difficult with sharp lava rock and the intense heat and humidity. The south side climbing group got within 100 yards of the grazing mountain goats when the goats got their scent and bolted. Now they had to chase the mountain goats further up the slope.      The north side of the mountain climbing group eventually climbed to a lava ledge that overlooked a grassy pasture higher up on the mountain. The mountain goats were coming toward them with the South climbing group forcing the goats to retreat. “Wait until they get closer and then bank your shots a little higher than the goat since the arrow is going to drop,” General Mandel advised in a whisper. They waited patiently until the mountain goats were within range of their arrows. Then four arrows flew through the air, and only one arrow hit its target striking the large horned male goat in the neck. He bounded off with the arrow still in his neck. The female mountain goats went in another direction out of fear. Now the General and his group had to follow the male mountain goat until he bled to death. Two hours later, and many miles of rough lava rock they found the male mountain goat dead with the arrow still in his neck. They threw the goat over one of the men’s shoulders, and took turns carrying the carcass back to the camp. They were most excited for this would be the first animal meat they had in over a year.

Betty Samson saw the hunters returning to the camp first. “They killed a goat,” she yelled to everyone in the community. Sure enough the men returned to the camp with the biggest trophy they had to eat in a long time. The goat was skinned and the meat was put on a stick over the fire to grill to pure perfection.  The internal organs were saved too because they could be used in a soup or stew later on. “Congratulations General,” Colonel Shepherd remarked. “I am sure those mountain goats were a difficult shot to make, “ Colonel Shepherd went on to elaborate, “You have no idea how difficult, “ the general replied. “Even after we were lucky enough to hit one of the mountain goats, we had to track it for miles until it bled to death, “ he replied.

That night they had a goat feast, and relished the taste of real animal meat after a long year without red meat. Prayers of thanksgiving were given for the goat meat and everyone was thankful.  Marcus Green mentioned that night after dinner to Colonel Shepherd, “you know Colonel that goats, even mountain goats, give milk and that would be a real find for us. If only we could figure how to capture the female goats alive?” Marcus commented. ‘You have a good point Marcus,” Colonel Shepherd answered. “I am going to have to think about how we could trap and not kill some female mountain goats. We could make milk and cheese from the female goats, “ Colonel Shepherd remarked.

“General Mandel, do you think it is possible to trap the female mountain goats, and keep them for milk and cheese?” Colonel Shepherd asked. “It wouldn’t 

be easy, but I am sure with some rope we might be able to do it cowboy style and try to rope them. I will get a group of men to start practicing with ropes to see if they can learn to lasso, “ commented General Mandel. “Great idea,” commented Colonel Shepherd.

The following day General Mandel searched around the camp to see if they had any rope strong enough to make a lasso out of and he found some rope that they used to lash food to the rafts. Only three lassos could be made so some of the men in the community tried to learn the technique of throwing a lasso around an object. They practiced on a post in the ground and after many weeks of practice they seemed proficient enough to go after the female mountain goats and try and capture them.

Dr. Greenspan had an idea he brought to Colonel Shepherd and General Mandel. “Gentlemen, I was thinking about how hard it would be to lasso a wild mountain goat. No one here is a cowboy and we do not have horses or flat terrain to capture them. You can try you lasso approach, but I had some sedatives left in my medical bag we could put on the tips of the arrows much like the natives of the Amazon did thousands of years ago. Once the arrow penetrates the skin the sedative will put them to sleep,” Dr. Greenspan explained. “That is a great idea,” General Mandel replied. “Yes, probably more effective than trying to lasso a wild mountain goat on a hill lava rock surface,” Colonel Shepherd commented.

The next day arrows were prepared with the sedatives rubbed on the tips. Dr. Greenspan gave the archers an extra vile of sedatives in case the original dose dried out while hunting for the goats. A small group of 8 men and boys accompanied Colonel Shepherd in a hunting party to capture live some female mountain goats for milk supply. They left early in the morning and took some dried fish and water to sustain them and headed off toward the lava Rock Mountains. An hour later they spotted the herd of mountain Goats high up on the mountain grazing on grass. It was a steep and dangerous climb up the mountain. After a slow and exhausting climb, the group of hunters rested. “The wind seems to be blowing toward us, and that is good because the mountain goats cannot get our scent,” Colonel Shepherd pointed out. Marcus was the only hunter with a homemade crossbow that could extremely accurate up to 50 yards. Bill, Ken, Tim, Richard and Ben all had home made bows that were difficult to shoot and not very accurate. They waited on a ledge below the goats catching their breath and deciding on a plan how they could get within range of the goats without spooking them. “Bill Snedeker, you and Billy Mandor and Tim Dong Wo climb around to the south of the mountain goats. That way when we scare them, they will run in your direction,” Colonel Shepherd said. “OK Colonel,” said Bill Snedeker and the group of three headed across the mountain so they could be on the south facing slopes. Colonel Shepherd gave them plenty of time to get around to the other side of the mountain and then he made his move. “OK guys slow and easy, let’s climb up as close as we can to the goats and take a shot. If we miss the other three will have a shot at them when they flee to away from us to the south,” Colonel Shepherd remarked. Slowly they crept up the mountain crouching low and using the boulders as cover so that the mountain goats could not see them. Finally they were within 50-60 yards of the goats. On Colonel Shepherd’s signal they all took their one shot at the goats. There were four female goats, and three arrows hit three of the goats, and missed the fourth goat. They all went bounding off to the south side of the mountain where Bill Snedeker, and the others were waiting. As the goats approach them they seemed to slow down from the effects of the sedatives on the tips of the arrows. The one uninjured goat bounded past Bill Snedeker, and the other three-dropped right in front of them. “Colonel, Colonel, come quick, “ Bill Snedeker shouted out. “ We missed the fourth goat he said because she was so fast, but the other three dropped right in front of us from the sedatives,” Bill said. “Good, let’s pick them up and carry them down the mountain to our camp. Put a slip know noose around their necks just in case they wake up before we get back to the camp, Colonel Shepherd commanded. Everyone pitched in and helped carry the goats down the mountain. The terrain was very sharp lava rock and difficult to walk on, especially when carrying goats.

When the arrived back at the camp Colonel Shepherd had the men tie the goats feet for now until they recovered from the sedative. “Men we need to build a small fenced in area in addition to stakes to tie off the goats. They can jump high so the fence will have to be high with spears or sharp sticks on the top to discourage the goats from trying to jump over the fence. Everyone in the camp got to work searching for wood to use for the corral. In a matter of hours the corral was erected and the goats were beginning to wake up and make all kinds of goat sounds to express that they were not happy. In time as they domesticated the goats they would be able to get milk from them which would be a valuable food source.

The next week Colonel Shepherd sent out another hunting party to look for more animals. After two hours of riding their little Mongolian ponies they came across a herd of Llamas that really surprised them but they ran off before they could get within range.  This was their chance to act like cowboys of a bygone era thousands of years ago. “The plan is to ride up along side the llamas and put a lasso over their neck and then slow them down. 

The first few attempts at lassoing the Llamas while riding the Mongolian ponies were complete failures. Some riders fell off their ponies and others simply could not get the lasso over the Llamas heads. While they were attempting to lasso the Llamas they accidently came upon a dead end canyon between two volcanic mountains. The ideas suddenly occurred to Colonel Shepherd that if they herded the Llamas into the canyon they would be trapped there and then the men could lasso all the Llamas who were trapped in the dead end canyon.

The next day the group of men on ponies set out to find the Llamas again. After a few hours of searching they found them a few miles from the camp. This 

time the plan was to herd them in the direction of the dead end canyon where they would be able to lasso the Llamas much more easily. Five riders galloped around the right side of the herd of Llamas and five riders stayed on the left shouting and swinging their lassos to scare the Llamas into running in the direction they wanted them to go. The plan worked perfectly and the Llamas headed directly toward the dead end canyon. As soon as the Llamas entered the canyon all of the riders blocked the entrance while two pony riders at a time approached each Llama and tried to lasso them. It was a difficult job because they had no saddles to hold on to and riding bare back was a task in itself. After numerous attempts 6 Llamas were lassoed and brought back to the camp. They were strong animals and some of them required two riders with lassos to control them. Everyone celebrated when the pony riders returned. They had accomplished the nearly impossible.

The next week was spent trying to domesticate the Llamas, and find food for them. It was a bigger job than they imagined.  Many members of the community had to pitch in, and help with the work of taking care of ponies, Llamas, and goats. Xiaolin tried walking the Llamas on a leash in circles the way show horses are trained. She fed them some treats after a few times around in a circle. Eventually the Llamas got the idea that if they cooperated they would get a food reward.

One day a scouting party on Mongolian ponies came back with a report that someone was living on a mountaintop cave not too far from the camp. Flags were seen flying on staffs as the Tibetan monks often place in the ground. No one was seen in the cave but it was obvious someone was living there.  Colonel Shepherd, Elijah Elijah, Xiaolin Tan, Marcus Green and Ben Grossman took some ponies and headed in the direction of the reported sighting.  An hour later as they climbed a steep mountain slope the flags near the cave came into view. Sitting outside next to a fire was what looked like an old man. The group on ponies approached slowly. As they came within shouting distance he called out “Hello,’ and “Ni hao,” but got no response. Finally, the old man rose and bowed in the direction of the visitors. Colonel Shepherd shouted out, “we come in peace.”  The old man signaled for them to come and sit by the fire. He looked like a Chinese priest and  he was wearing an unusual blue garment like the Priests or Monks wear in China. “Do you speak English,” Colonel Shepherd inquired. Xiaolin repeated Colonel Shepherd’s question in mandarin. The old man answered in mandarin. “Who are you and where are you from,” Xiaolin asked in mandarin. “ I am nobody, yet somebody, my name is Ho Li,” the old man answered in mandarin. Xiaolin translated this to Colonel Shepherd and the others. He seems to speak in riddles Xiaolin said. Elijah found the old man to be mystical in his appearance and manner even though he did not understand mandarin. Xiaolin asked him, “ have any of your people survived?”  The old man’s response was a simple “No.”  Elijah asked 

Xiaolin to ask the old man whether he was a priest or monk? “Are you a monk or priest,” Xiaolin asked the old man?  He replied, “I am one with Buddha.”  Xiaolin said, “I think he is a Buddhist priest of one of the old orders in China.” “How did you survive the flooding,” Xiaolin asked. “Buddha protected me,” the old man responded in mandarin. “I speak some English,” the old man said. “Great,” Colonel Shepherd said. “Can we help you in any way? He asked the old man. “We have goats and food we can share with you,” 

Colonel Shepherd said. “I accept your generous offer,” the old man responded in mandarin and broken English. “OK you can double up with Xiaolin on a pony and we will take you back to our camp, “Colonel Shepherd responded. So the entire group rode back to the camp with the old Buddhist priest.

“Mommy, there is an old man in a blue robe riding on a pony,” Rob Swift remarked as the old man entered the camp. “Yes I can see him,” said Judy Swift. “I wonder who he is,” Rob asked. “Your guess is as good as mine,” said his mother. General Mandel met the group on ponies as they entered the camp. “Welcome, welcome to our camp, “ he announced. The old priest got down off his pony and bowed to General Mandel. “Xiaolin since you speak mandarin, take this man to get some food and drink and later we will talk,” said General Mandel. Elijah went with Xiaolin to the area 

where some food was being cooked. They all sat down and ate and watched the old priest devour a piece of dried fish. Something mystical seemed to attract Elijah to the old priest and he did not understand why. “You are holy man the priest,” asked Elijah in mandarin. “What did he say, “ Elijah asked Xiaolin to translate. “He asked if you are a holy man,” she said. “Oh, well I help lead the Jewish people in our community and sometimes the Christians too,” Elijah said. Xiaolin translated. “The old man looked puzzled at Elijah and asked,” are you Christian or Jewish?”  Xiaolin answered,” he is Jewish.”   “Ahh, Jewish and Christian similar, yes,” the old man commented in mandarin. “Yes his name is Elijah and he is a Jewish cantor or singer,” Xiaolin answered, and then translated what he said to English for Elijah. Their conversation went on for over an hour.  Elijah wanted to know if the old priest had any mystical powers or if he had any visions like he did in his dreams. The old priest always answered in riddles but did not claim to have any powers except to interpret Buddha’s meaning in life. In the days to follow Elijah and the old priest spent a lot of time together discussing the mysteries of life as a Buddhist and a Jew sees it. Ho Li told Elijah of the sayings of Buddha and Elijah was amazed at the insight this old priest had regarding the spiritual life on earth.

A few days later Ho Li asked Xiaolin if Elijah was the chosen one or the spiritual leader of the community. Xiaolin found it difficult to answer. “We believe he sees visions from God, and that he has a special ability. He 

leads us in many ways, “ She responded in mandarin. “I see,” said Ho Li, seeming to understand what Xiaolin was saying.

That same day Ho Li said to Elijah, “Do you see visions of your God?”   Elijah answered, “ yes I have had many visions in the past few years. Many of which I do not understand. God works through me I believe,” Elijah said and Xiaolin translated into mandarin. “All know the Way, but few actually walk it,” the priest said to Elijah. “In what is seen, there should be just the seen; 
In what is heard, there should be just the heard; 
In what is sensed, there should be just the sensed; 
In what is thought, there should be just the thought,” the old man recited a Buddhist saying to Elijah. “You are most wise,” Elijah responded.

From that day forward Elijah began to reach out to both the Christian community as well as the Jewish community. He learned the Christian hymns and sung them for the Christian services with Pastor Swift’s approval. In the Jewish group he began to preach universal love and bringing Together all religious beliefs. He even spent time with Pastor Swift learning about the teachings of Jesus. Suddenly, it was as if the clouds in the sky had opened up for Elijah, as he became a new person. The old Buddhist priest had many wise sayings the Elijah found most interesting. They became good friends 

                        and the Buddhist priest Ho Li began to believe that Elijah was a “Holy 


Just when everything was looking good, Pastor Swift became very sick.  One day he was walking around feeling great, and the next day he could not move.  Dr. Greenspan checked Pastor Swift out and his diagnosis was not good. It seemed that Pastor Swift had a heart valve problem that needed major surgery. Surgery was not an option since Dr. Greenspan was not a surgeon and there were no modern surgical tools available. Dr. Greenspan broke the bad news to Pastor Swift and his wife Judy. Elijah came by to pray with Pastor Swift and Judy Swift was most grateful. Eventually, the Christian community had to be told they would soon lose their one and only pastor.  Everyone prayed and Elijah came by everyday and spent time with Pastor Swift. 

One week later Pastor Swift passed away in his sleep. The Christian community had a funeral service and they buried Pastor Swift on a hill overlooking the camp. Judy and her children Elizabeth and Rob Swift mourned the loss of Jim Swift for many weeks. The Christian community was at a loss for a spiritual leader. Pastor Swift never had an assistant, not did he ever seek someone to assist him with his spiritual leadership. Colonel Shepherd led some of the services and Elijah served as cantor in leading the singing of hymns. Colonel Shepherd was no comfortable as spiritual leader 

so he asked Judy Swift to help out with the services. Eventually every adult tried their hand at leading the church services. It was difficult for everyone since Pastor Swift was sadly missed.

Both the Christian and Jewish communities lacked a spiritual leader. Over time the loss was noticeable and Elijah had to fill in as often as possible. Even the Chinese Christians were seeking a spiritual leader. There was a major void in the spiritual nature of both the Christian community and the Jewish community.  Elijah proposed an idea he had after he had a vision about the three communities coming together as one. No one opposed the idea. Even the Liberal Jewish community who had used an organ in the past, sung hymns, and even used stain glass in their temple were not far away from what the Christians did in their services. Only the reading of the Torah made a difference, but the reading of the Old Testament was the same. The reading of the New Testament was a testament to Jesus the Messiah who sacrificed his life for the good of mankind.  Elijah proposed an all community-combined service once a week with everyone from the Jewish, Christian, and Chinese Christian communities participating. Elijah knew music was important so he selected hymns the liberal Jews felt comfortable with and other hymns the Christians felt comfortable. Elijah asked several Christians and Jewish members to play homemade instruments to provide music for the combined service. A flute was made, a drum, a harmonica was available, and bells were used. Several practice sessions got the music group together on the hymns.

The day of the combined Christian and Jewish service came, and there was an excitement throughout the combined community.  Elijah planned for as many members of the community to do readings, and participate in the service as possible. He eliminated the reading of the Torah and communion to make the service more comfortable to both religious groups and it worked. Some of the community members sang as loud as they could and their hearts were totally into the service. Two simple Chinese mandarin hymns were included, and Elijah led the congregation in the mandarin words in the hymns. At the end of the service everyone asked to 

                                    do another combined service the next week. So began the tradition of 

                                    weekly combined services for the whole community.

The journey to the Himalayas was slowing down with the loss of Pastor Swift, and the need for group stability. The Christian Chinese community was beginning to learn English and attended all the English speaking Christian services.  Slowly over time the three communities were becoming one. The duties of caring for the animals and seeking vegetables, grains, and other food sources were a full-time effort and involved everyone in the community. 

Eventually the Christian community and the Jewish community decided that to select a spiritual leader such as Elijah who seemed to be a spiritual man with special powers to perceive the future or bring good fortune to the communities. They anointed Elijah, “The Spiritual Leader, the Messiah,” who will bring them out of China to the new land of Tibet. Elijah did not believe that he was a Messiah, however he did still have visions and he began to feel God had given him a mission to lead and protect this Judeo-Christian group.

Elijah reached out to both Christians and Jews alike in his spiritual beliefs. Many Christians began to believe he might be the second coming of the Christ after they saw the miracles he performs that help save the community. In fulfillment of ancient Jewish tradition and Christian tradition the community decided to have a ceremony in which they would anoint Elijah with oil and declare him the spiritual leader of the entire community.

So Elijah was anointed the spiritual leader of the Judeo-Christian community. The whole community came together after they choose Elijah as their spiritual leader.  The Christians saw him as the second coming of Jesus, and the Jews saw him as the Messiah 

who would lead them to the Promised Land in the Himalayas.  In both the Jewish tradition, and the Christian tradition Elijah was anointed with oil and blessed as the “Leader or Messiah,” of the group.

Chapter 10- “My Cup Overflows”

(Truly God has blessed this Judeo-Christian community)

Abundance comes to the Judeo-Christian community. Food is in abundance in the mountain top ridge. A mountain top range leads all the way to southern China and eventually the Himalayas.  A cow is found wandering and grazing. Fresh milk is available. Stray goats are found grazing also and captured.

Elijah was getting old, and him and his wife Sarah had two children, Benjamin Rob Elijah, and Elisabeth-ann Elijah, ages 2 and 1 respectively. Their lives were beginning to settle down, and Elijah was having fewer visions than he had before. Everyone in the Judeo-Christian community has become good friends including the Christian Chinese who have learned enough English to communicate.

A ham radio message said very few survivors in Europe survived after the food riots and racial strife. Only a few humans survived in South America in the Andes and the Himalayas according to the ham radio message.

After a five-year pilgrimage the Judeo-Christian community finally arrived at the beginning of the Himalayan mountain range. After another month of traveling they arrived at the outskirts of Lhasa city in Tibet. Many couples have had babies in the last year and some are pregnant. The Chinese Christians had learned some English and had become friends with both the Jewish members and Christian members of the community. They had finally come to the promised land. Their dream had become fulfilled. Sadly, Pastor Swift and Rabbi Grossman did not live to see this historic event. When they first approached Lhasa some of the locals came out to meet them and welcome them with gifts of food. Later the monks from the Drak Yerpa Tibetian Monastry came to visit. They sat and listened to the tale of how the Judeo-Christian community had come all the way from North America after the comet collided with the earth, and the oceans rose to a height of 6,000 feet above sea level. The monks were amazed that this small group of people came thousands of miles over ocean and mountains to survive the ocean flooding. They were invited to meet the Head Priest of the Tibetian Monastry once they settled in with their community. The monks offered to help the Judeo-Christian community in what ever they needed. They offered to have local Tibetian help build mud and stone homes and trade with the Judeo-Christian community for animals and goods.

The Himalayas were lush with trees and foliage and domestic animals. Many Tibetans and Tibetan monks have survived since they lived at high altitudes all their lives and the ocean flooding posed no threat. “Sarah, tomorrow I am going to meet with the Monks at the monastery that we saw on a nearby mountain top.  I am going to try and establish good relations with them and make them aware that we come in peace, “ Elijah said. “Do you want me to come with you Elijah?” Sarah asked. “No, that is ok, Colonel Shepherd, and General Mandel are going with me to talk with them,” Elijah responded. “I also have someone in our Chinese community that can talk Tibetan as an interpreter, that we are bringing to speak with the monks,” Elijah commented. 

(Drak Yerpa Tibetian Monastry in the Himalayan Mountains)

Later that day they took some ponies and rode to the Drak Yerpa monastery at the base of Gambo Utse Mountain.  Hundreds of steps rose up the mountain to the Tibetan Monk monastery. They had to leave the ponies at the bottom of the steps because the only way to get to the monastery was by climbing the hundreds of steps. Huffing and puffing they finally reached the top of the stairs where many orange dressed monks met them at the top of the stairs. They were there to meet the leader of the monastery Sakya Trizin. The monks took them to see the “Master,” Sakya Trizin who was sitting in a large oversized seat waiting for them. “How may I be a service to you strangers? Sakya Trizin asked. “Colonel Shepard chose to respond, “We have come in peace your holiness,” Colonel Shepherd responded. “As you know the Earth was hit by a comet and sank in the Pacific Ocean.   The world has flooded every place on earth under 6 or 7,000 feet above sea level. Los Angeles, and New York are miles under water.   We have traveled for over five years from North American to find high ground where we could live without being washed into the flooding oceans, “ Colonel Shepherd commented. “I see,” Sakya Trizin responded. “You ware welcome in our land so long as you do not break any of our customs, “ Sakya Trizin responded. Small cups of tea were brought to the group and they sat around a small floor height table.  “I will pray for your community to live in harmony with our community? Sakya Trizin responded. Just then, Kunchen Sakya Trizin’s assistant made the call to prayer. It was time for Sakya Trizin to leave. He bid his guests good fortune and left for prayers. The Judeo-Christian group of representatives finished their tea, and left for their descent down the stairs and eventually down the mountain.

“I think our brief talk went well,” Colonel Shepherd said to General Mandel and Elijah Elijah as they descended the long set of stairs. “Yes I too thought it went well,” said Elijah. “Time will tell if he was just giving us lip service,” said General Mandel. They mounted their ponies and headed back to their camp.

Back at the Buddhist temple Kunchen said to Sakya Trizin, “ Master do you trust these English?”  “I am not sure yet,” Sakya responded. Kunchen secretly did not like the foreigners and if he were in charge he would send them away. He had to keep his opinion to himself for Sakya might not agree with his rash personal decision. Kunchen was to become a major problem for the Judeo-Christian community in the future.  He did not like foreigners.

(A map of the Lhasa city in the Himalayas in which the Christians and Jews found a Buddhist monastery sitting at the base of a mountain)

The first priority for the Judeo-Christian group was to establish more permanent housing like the locals used in Tibet. At this altitude they would get a winter season and snow, so they had to have good protection from the bad weather. The climate was still warmer than it had ever been before but at this altitude the nights were colder and the seasons could turn to winter soon. There was no wood at this altitude near Lhasa.  There were some houses built of stone by the local Tibetian that they could copy.  There were also Tibetian nomads that used Yak hair tents to live in. Elijah and Colonel Shepherd spent some time with the locals and asked many questions about the weather and how bad the winters were in Lhasa. Some local men offered to help the Judeo-Christian community build rock and mud houses in exchange for goats, ponies and llamas. Mongolian ponies were rare in this area.  Llamas brought a high trade value with the local Tibetian and could be used for trading. Xiaolin came along to help negotiate a trade of animals for the local Ihasa men helping to build mud and rock housing. She understood mandarin and some Chinese dialects but Tibetian was a little more difficult to understand. Sign language worked better than trying to speak Tibetian.  The lack of wood made it difficult to find fuel to burn for fires. The Judeo-Christian community learned to copy what the local Ihasa people did to survive. They use Yaks for everything. They burned the dried dung of the Yak for fires, milked them for food, and used their thick hair for clothing and tents, and their meat for food. General Mandel offered to trade some of the Mongolian ponies for Yaks since the Yaks were better suited to this climate and stronger for carrying loads and providing milk too. The Mongolian ponies were used to eating grass and there was not a lot of grass in the Ihasa area.

General Mandel and Colonel Shepherd asked some of the women to meet with the local Tibetian woman and find out how they make noodles and dumplings. They made a spicy stew that a friendly Tibetian man had shared with them in exchange for a mirror in trade and everyone found it very tasty. Mustard seed was grown locally and was used as seasoning in many of the Tibetian foods the Judeo-Christian women learned.  Making butter and cheese out of Yak milk was a tedious task that had to be learned too. The Christian and Jewish women made daily trips to Lhasa each day to talk in broken English and sign language with the local Tibetian women. They brought something to trade every trip and that helped make friends more easily. The Tibetian women were very friendly and fascinated with the trade items the Judeo-Christian women had brought to trade. Elizabeth Shepherd, Mary Moon and Xiaolin had Colonel Shepherd’s permission to trade Mongolian ponies for Yaks if the locals would trade one for one. The three women managed to trade several Mongolian ponies for several Yaks in an even trade. They threw in some jewelry to sweeten the deal with the Tibetian woman. After spending many hours with the Tibetian woman they were able to buy some Yak cheese, yoghurt, and milk from the Tibetian woman to bring back to their camp. Adaption to the local customs and life style was the key to survival the Judeo-Christian community learned.

It took but a few months to build a dozen of so, stone and mud homes by the local Tibetian men in exchange for animals.    While the Tibetian men built mud and stone homes, the men from the Judeo-Christian community tried to build fences of stone to keep their animals from running away.  It was fall and winter would soon be coming to the Himalayas. The Judeo-Christian community had to act quickly to get settled for the frigid winter weather.  The cool Himalayan mountain weather at night required better clothing than the Judeo-Christian community had so the women were sent back to Ihasa to learn how to make coats from Yak hair. They traded some of their bright colored cotton for Yak skins to make Yak coats and the long dress called chuba that the Tibetian wore. Slowly over a period of four weeks the Judeo-Christian woman were able to make chubas and Yak coats for everyone in their community.  Barley is a staple in Ihasa, and the Tibetian people use it for everything including barley flour that they make noodles and dumplings from. Potatoes were another important local vegetable that was used in stews. The Christian and Jewish women learned quickly that mustard seed was used as salt would normally be used in every food the Tibetian prepared.

After a month Kunchen came to see how the foreigners were doing on orders from the Head Buddhist Priest. Kunchen had his own agenda regarding the foreigners. He was afraid foreigners seeking to survive around the world would come and crowd the Tibetian towns. He did not reveal this opinion to the foreigners. “I must speak with your General,” Kunchen said.  “General, you are squatters on our land and we will expect payment for the land you have placed your houses on,” Kunchen commented. General Mandel was surprised by this comment because he thought that there was no problem. “We do not have much to pay you with for your generosity, and for allowing us to live on your property,” General Mandel remarked. He was very concerned with this one monk’s personal attitude, but he knew he could not go around him and ask the high priest. “We have some wonderful mountain goats we have tamed. Can we pay you these goats for now? He asked. “The temple gratefully accepts all payments for your land,” Kunchen remarked. “Allow me to show you around our little community, “ General Mandel asked. “This would be to my liking,” Kunchen remarked.

After the tour of the Judeo-Christian community Kunchen took the two mountain goats and returned to the temple.  General Mandel went to Colonel Shepherd to talk with him about Kunchen. “Colonel, this monk called Kunchen is going to be a problem. Already he is looking for payments,” General Mandel remarked. “I see that he does not seem to like us,” Colonel Shepherd said. “Yes, we have to watch him because he cannot be trusted,“ General Mandel replied.

Life in the Judeo-Christian community was beginning to come together and many couples were expecting babies. Those that were single were considering a more serious relationship. The Jewish community had merged with the Chinese Christians despite their language barrier, and with the North American Christians. Elijah led the community with great wisdom now that he was a married man with a child. Sarah, Elijah’s wife was an important part of his ministry. She spent a lot of time with all the women of the community sewing garments and chatting.

Chapter 11- “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

(Elijah the messiah of the Judeo-Christian community of the 31th century)

Elijah had been the spiritual leader of the Judeo-Christian community for over a year, and both religions had combined into one religion with respect for traditional holidays and the Christians felt Elijah was Jesus in his second coming and the Jews felt that had found their true Messiah who led them out of North America to safety and higher ground.

“Today my friends we have much to celebrate,” Elijah announced to the congregation. “We have survived six long years of struggles, death, and sacrifice to find the Promised Land, and higher ground. We have survived the comet colliding with the earth. We have survived the death of our two spiritual leaders Rabbi Grossman, and Pastor Jim Swift. We have much to be thankful for this day,” Elijah remarked. Then he sang the 23rd Psalm that seemed so appropriate with regard to the struggles their community encountered. Several community members stood up and said their personal prayers aloud and everyone remarked with an “Amen.”  Winter was coming in the Himalayas and the thin air made the nights very cold. Soon snow would be on the ground and the Judeo-Christian group would have to survive the bitter cold of winter. Everyone had made Yak clothing over the past few months and shelters were built for the animals and stone and mud homes for everyone. God had been gracious and had provided much for this group of people that suffered so much and traveled so very far in their migration from North American to the Asian continent.

What the community did not know was that there was a cord of discontent with some of the Buddhist Monks led by Kunchen without the head priest’s knowledge. Kunchen and other Buddhist monks believed the foreigners were squatters that should pay for the land they occupied. Kunchen had taken some bribes in the past in the form of ponies and goats but that did no seem enough to solve his greed. Secretly he plotted to have the foreigners removed.

Later that month Kunchen came running into the Judeo-Christian community shouting for a doctor. “Doctor, do you have a doctor, the Master Sakya Trizin has taken ill,” Kunchen shouting. Doctor Greenberg and Elijah came running out of their homes to see what all the commotion was all about. “Doctor, our Master Sakya Trizin has taken ill and our medicines do not seem to be working. We are afraid he will die. Can you help with some western medicine?” Kunchen asked. “Yes, yes we are more than willing to help, “ Doctor Greenberg said. He went inside his home and got his medical bag. Elijah offered to accompany him to the temple. The three of them rushed up to the temple and the many steps to the top and entered the great hall where the Master Sakya Trizin was lying on a bed of cushions at the far end of the great hall. “Master, master I have brought the Doctor from the foreigners to help you with western medicine. Doctor Greenspan could see that the Master was very ill. “How do you feel Master Trizin?” he asked. Slowly and in a soft voice Master Sakya answered, “I am dying,” he said.  “Soon my spirit will rise up into the clouds, the Master said. Doctor Greenspan checked the Master’s pulse and determined it was rapid around 98 bpm and his blood pressure was very high 165/98. It seemed that some kind of infection had attacked the Master Sakya. “I am going to give you an injection of the best medicine I have called penicillin and hope it will kill the bacterial infection you have,” Doctor Greenspan explained to the Master. The Master just nodded his head. Elijah prayed for the Master by repeating the 23rd Psalm and several other Jewish and Christian prayers. The monks surrounding the Master were very impressed with the knowledge Doctor Greenspan had and the fact that a foreigner from another world and religion was praying for their religious leader. Even Kunchen was impressed as he watched the Doctor draw serum from a vile of penicillin. Doctor Greenspan explained to all the monks surrounding them that he would be back that night to give the Master another shot of medicine and they all nodded and folded their hands in a prayer position. “Thank you great and wise doctor,” they all responded in unison as doctor Greenspan got up to leave.

As Elijah and Doctor Greenspan descended the steps from the Temple, Elijah asked, “do you think he will make it doctor?” “ It is hard to say, but if the medicine can kill the bacterial infection than he may have a chance,” Doctor Greenspan responded. Together they walked back in silence to the community on the outskirts of the city.

That night after dinner, Doctor Greenspan and Elijah went back up to the temple to give the Master another injection of penicillin. When they entered the great hall in the temple the Master was sitting up with many monks sitting around him. The Master’s face seemed to have a healthier color to it and he was talking more easily. “How do you feel Master? Doctor Greenspan asked. “I am well thanks to your great medicine, doctor,” the Master answered. “I have one more injection to give you Master and hopefully you will be well by tomorrow. Already I can see you are feeling better,” Doctor Greenspan commented. “I will hold you in my prayers Master,” Elijah said. “Thank you Holy One,” the Master said. Kunchen was sitting by his side smiling. It was a miracle he thought that the westerners had such powerful medicine.

The following morning Elijah and Doctor Greenspan returned to the Buddhist temple to see how the Master Sakya Trizin was doing. When they entered the great hall of the temple the Master Sakya Trizin was standing and praying in front of the huge statute of Buddha.  ”How are you feeling Master Trizin,” Doctor Greenspan asked. “I am well my friends, thank you for saving my life and thank Buddha for allowing you to save my life. I am deeply indebted to you both, “ the master answered. “Thank you Holy one who is called 

Elijah,” the master went on to say.  “We are delighted you have recovered Master Trizin, “ Elijah responded. “The God of the Christians and Jews and blessed you and your life, “ Elijah went on to say.  “Truly we are all blessed, “ Master Trizin said. “Sit, let us have tea together and than Buddha and your God for their blessings,” the Master asked.  So they sat and drank tea together and all of the monks were amazed except Kunchen. Kunchen was jealous of Elijah and the Doctor for their magical medicine. One day, he, Kunchen, would become the Master he hoped. All of the other monks blessed the foreigners and praised Buddha for saving their Master.  An hour later both Elijah and Doctor Greenspan left to return to their village.

Winter was upon them, and the first snowstorm left two feet of fresh snow. Now the long Tibetian winter would be the newest challenge for survival of the Judeo-christian community. Everyone in the community had collect plenty of yak dung to burn in their fires and kept the yak dung under covers or in a corner of their homes indoors. There was no wood to burn at this high altitude. Meats had to be dried or left in protected huts to freeze.  In gratitude for saving Master Trizin the monks sent food to the Judeo-christian community.  A new bond between the Judeo-christian community, and the Tibetian Monks seemed to grow after curing Master Trizin. Master Trizin was especially impressed with the spiritual presence of Elijah Ben Juda. The Master believed God and Buddha blessed Ben Juda. This caused Kunchen great jealousy and concern for the growing power of Ben Juda with the Master Trizin.

The ham radio chatter had gone from an occasional message to absolutely no messages at all. It seemed that all the ham radio operators had died over the past few years. No word of the outside world was heard from once the ham radio messages stopped. The Judeo-christian community was beginning to feel isolated in a world of Tibetian and Buddhist monks. Even the Chinese Christians were beginning to feel the isolation even though they were bonding well with their fellow Christians and Jews. The future in this paradise was beginning to look bleak and winter set in and the snowdrifts got deeper and deeper.  It was a time for reflection for by Elijah. 

Meanwhile Kunchen jealousy was becoming obsessive in his mind.  He had plans on becoming the leader of the Buddhist Monastery and when Dr. Greenspan and Elijah saved the Master’s life, Kunchen’s plans were crushed. As the month went on and winter had taken hold of the high mountain country Kunchen secretly plotted with some of the monks to have Elijah removed. Elijah was never aware of this scheme. So on a dark night in January Kunchen sent some henchman to Elijah’ home to kill him and his family in the night. With a full moon that night it was easy to see as the henchman crept up on the Judeo-christian community on the outskirts of the city. The henchman entered the front of his home and they stabbed the bodies of his Elijah, his wife and son to death. There was a cry from Elijah’s wife as they stabbed her to death. 

A dog barked in the village alerted by the intruders.  The alarm whistle was blown and everyone awoke and assembled in the middle of the village. General Mandel noticed 

that Elijah and his family did not appear. He sent Billy to wake Elijah not knowing that Elijah’s and his family had been killed in the night. Billy discovered the bodies dead under their blankets.  He rushed back to General Mandel shouting, “he is dead, Elijah and his family were killed in the night.”  General Mandel asked and Billy told him of the grisly discovery of their dead bodies. The General formed search parties to find the henchman who came in the night and stabbed Elijah’s family to death. 

Morning came, and the Judeo-christian community was like a beehive of activity with scouting parties trying to track down the henchman that came in the night. They tracked the murderers back to the monastery on the hill.  Several men questioned some of the monks as to whether they had seen anyone running back to the monastery in the night. Master Trizin was informed by some of the monks, and Kunchen stayed out of sight. Master Trizin promised to have an investigation performed. He could not believe that one of his following could commit murder, but he asked his most trusted monks to seek the truth. For some reason he did not trust Kunchen, and did not ask him to help.

The Judeo-christian community was grieving over the unexplained murder of Elijah’s family. They buried Elijah and Elijah’s wife and son in a grave outside of the village as per Jewish custom. It was a sad state of affairs with no one to lead the Judeo-christian community in religious services. The snows had piled up to 8 and 10-foot drifts and many days the community stayed inside their homes as Elijah 

roamed aimlessly around the snow-covered countryside. Who would step up to answer the call for this little religious community?

One day several weeks later, a monk came to the Master Trizin to inform him that he suspected that Kunchen was behind the murder of Elijah’s family. He believed the Kunchen, out of jealousy, of Elijah and his powerful influence with the Master when he was dying chose to plot against Elijah. Master Trizin called Kunchen to temple where he confronted Kunchen by asking him whether he knew anything about hiring some henchmen to kill Elijah and his family? Kunchen denied the accusations but Master Trizin insisted that Kunchen tell him the truth or he would be thrown out of the monastery. Master Trizin had a witness appear and confront Kunchen with one of the henchman they caught hanging around the monastery. The henchman for fear of his life told everything about Kunchen paying him some gold to kill the one known as the “messiah, Elijah.” Kunchen denied everything but the Master did not believe him. The henchman was taken out of the monastery and killed on the steps by having his head cut off, and rolled down the steps as an example to the other monks, and villagers that murder would not be tolerated. As to Kunchen he was banished from the monastery, and the village never to return to Tibet forever.  The rules of the monastery were that no monk could kill another monk, so Kunchen was exiled for life.

One day a messenger from the Master Trizin at the monastery came for General Mandel. Master Trizin wanted to see him immediately. General Mandel was reluctant to go to the monastery because he did not trust the Buddhist Monks. General Mandel’s wife and 

some others convinced him to go, and they offered to accompany him to see the Master Trizin.  So they left before noon that day and traveled up to the monastery sitting at the foot of the mountain.

Master Trizin welcomed General Mandel, his wife, and some friends and they shared tea together. It was Master Trizin’s idea to give General Mandel payment for his loss of his family at the hands of Kunchen the exiled monk. Master Trizin explained that since Kunchen was a Buddhist Monk under his control he personally felt responsible. He promised that when the winter snows melted he would have 100 monks help to build a new Temple big enough to be a house of worship for all the Christians and Jews of the Judeo-christian community. The monks would bring wood timbers from the far away forests and granite rocks from the mountain and build the finest temple/church in Tibet. General Mandel and his wife and friends were elated and overcome with joy and admiration that the Master Trizin would do this for him foreigners. “The debt needed to be paid,” the Master said. Everyone was happy and excited for Judeo-christian community that something good had finally happened after losing Elijah Ben Juda and his family.

So when the snows melted that spring, 100 Buddhist Monks descended from their mountain monastery to come down to the Judeo-christian village to build the biggest and grandest temple/church in all of Tibet. It would be on the grand style of other Buddhist temples in Tibet and would be a monument to Elijah and his murdered family. It took six months to complete the temple/church. The wooden 

beams that held up the roof were huge and dragged from the far away forests by mules and horses. Craftsman set the granite rocks and the size of the temple/church was 300 feet long and 150 feet wide. The ceiling arched up into the sky for 4 stories. Many nearby villagers came by to watch the building of this huge temple/church and admired the beauty of the structure. Truly it was a building that would last hundreds of years.

They named the Temple, “The Temple of the Second Coming,” to remind them that they had been delivered our of North American to this mountain home.  Christians and Jews worshipped in it everyday, and all religious holidays were celebrated in the Temple. Master Trizin was pleased when the temple was finished, and he felt his obligation to the murdering of Elijah’s family had been met. There was a great celebration with hundreds of Buddhist Monks, the Tibetian villagers, and the people of the Judeo-christian community giving thanks. A banquet was held and animals were roasted for all and the Monks prepared vegetarian dishes. It was a great time for giving thanks and for bringing a Buddhist community closer to a Judeo-christian community. The Temple of Elijah would last hundreds of years in Tibet as a memorial to a man of God who had visions.

The climate began to return to normal with the high temperatures going down. The skies had cleared and vegetation was growing better. The ocean had receded hundreds of feet from the high point it had reached. The great cities of the world would never again be seen, however, because they were leagues under the ocean. The comet had ended civilization, as it was known as in the 31th century. The survivors of mankind rebuild their lives in small pockets of on mountaintops around the world. The clock of technology had 

been turned back and survival on Earth had reverted to the early days of hunters and farmers. On a little mountain valley in Tibet a small group of Jews and Christians from North American, and China lived out their lives praying in a temple dedicated to the vision of the second coming.  Elijah was remembered with the same reverence as was Jesus Christ, and he ranked among the greatest Jewish and Christian prophets of the  past 31 centuries.  His name was forever remembered for centuries to come, how he led his people out of North America, and Northern China to sanctuary in the Himalayas of Tibet.

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Introduction. This is a story about a slightly autistic young man named Ralph Loggins who wins the Conn. state Power ball lottery using a formula he learned from a Brazilian scientist. I dedicate this movie to my slightly autistic grandson Evan Rivers. This is a story of a slightly autistic young man who wins $300 million dollars in the Power ball lottery and how he learns to turn his life around and give to others more than money.

ACT ONE- THE POWERBALL LOTTERY SCENE 1- INT.-RALPH LOGGINS HOME IN DANBURY, CONN. -DAY. Ralph Loggins is a tall lanky thin young man with a whisper of a small mustache, and dark, straight hair with a deep base voice. Ralph is bi-racial, with a black father, and a white mother. He was born slightly autistic.


RALPH LOGGINS (21), AUTISTIC Mom can you take me to Seven-Eleven to buy some Powerball lottery tickets? No one has won the jackpot in months, and the drawing is worth 400 million.

Jill is Ralph’s mother, and she is a white woman who’s father was a public school teacher. Jill is 5’7” tall with brunette hair and slightly heavy for her frame.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS (46) MOM Ralph you know no one ever wins the Super-ball lottery. The Odds are against you, and you are wasting your hard earned Supermarket salary money you saved.

RALPH LOGGINS Mom, it is the Powerball lottery, not the Super-ball Lottery.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Oh, well, what ever? Super or Powerball they all seem the same to me. 2.

RALPH LOGGINS You know mom that I have been working on a formula for over a year that can project what numbers might be picked. I have all the winning numbers for the Powerball back to the year 2,000 which I downloaded from the internet.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS How much have you saved to buy your Powerball lottery tickets Ralph?

RALPH LOGGINS I have $50 or $60 dollars mom.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Wow, that is the most you have ever saved. Maybe you will win? Get in the car, and I will be downstairs in a minute after I feed the dog, Peaches.


OK, Mom.



Jill and Ralph get in the family car and drive to the 7-11 store.


JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS So, how many Powerball tickets are you going to buy Ralph? Didn’t I tell you to wear pants? It is 29 degrees out in January, and you are wearing shorts.

RALPH LOGGINS You know I cannot stand wearing pants. The cloth rubs agains my legs and drives me crazy. I cannot focus or concentrate with the feel of my pant legs on my legs. You know mom, it is my autistic thing.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS You are going to catch a cold without pants in the winter Ralph. (MORE) 3.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS (CONT’D) Sometimes I forget that your tactile issues force you to wear shorts. Here is the 7-11 store. I will wait in the car for you.

RALPH LOGGINS Thanks Mom. I wouldn’t take long. I have all the sets of numbers written out to give to the store clerk.

Ralph gets out of the car and goes into the 7-11 store. The store clerk is an older white man with a beard.

7-11 STORE CLERK (40) Yes, what can I do for you young man?

RALPH LOGGINS I want to, (stutters) I want to buy twenty Powerball tickets please. Here are the numbers I want. (Hands clerk a piece of paper with numbers written down for 20 combinations)

7-11 STORE CLERK Thanks, here are the cards to mark your 20 choices. When you are done give me the cards back, and $40.00 Please.

RALPH LOGGINS OK, I will do that. (Minutes later) Here you are sir.

7-11 STORE CLERK Thanks. That will be $40.00. Two Twenty dollar bills, great. Here are your receipts. Good luck. Hope you win.

RALPH LOGGINS Yeah, I have been planning on winning. Bye. (Leaves the store and gets in his car). OK, mom I am done, and I hope my formula works making me a rich person.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Are you going to share your winnings with your family Ralph? 4.

RALPH LOGGINS Maybe. I hadn’t thought about it. I just want to win, so I don’t have to work in a supermarket all my life because I am autistic.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Well good for you Ralph. Let’s go get some pizza.



Jennifer is just a year younger than Ralph with a dark complexion and curly hair. She is a very athletic young woman and quite talkative. She is a college student attending Western Connecticut State College.


JENNIFER LOGGINS (20) SISTER Well it is Saturday Ralph, and the Powerball lottery drawing is tonight at 10:59 pm. Are you sure you are going to win Ralph?

RALPH LOGGINS I worked on all the probabilities, and if I get the Powerball right, than the other white ball numbers will have a better chance of winning. I borrowed the ideas from a Brazilian Mathematician named Renato Gianella, who developed a template for predicting the winning numbers on a lottery like the Powerball Lottery with two different tanks of balls, one for the five numbers and one tank for the Super ball number.

JENNIFER LOGGINS What are you going to do with millions of dollars if you win Ralph?

RALPH LOGGINS I want to become a superhero like Superman or Captain America, or batman or the hulk. 5.

JENNIFER LOGGINS Really Ralph? They are comic book characters, and not real.

RALPH LOGGINS They are real to me.

JENNIFER LOGGINS So you want to fly like Super-man? Or have a shield like Captain America? (Chuckling).

RALPH LOGGINS Well no, I don’t like heights, but I want to be famous for saving peoples lives. I don’t want to be a supermarket clerk all my life just because I am autistic.

JENNIFER LOGGINS You don’t have to be a super-hero to get people to like you Ralph.

Tom is the third child in the Loggins family, and the youngest. He has brown skin, and wears an afro hair style to make a statement that he is black. He is a smart, straight A student, and tall and thin like his sister and brother.

TOM LOGGINS (18) Hey guys what’s up? Ralph are you going to win the Powerball lottery tonight? I need some new sneakers (laughing).

RALPH LOGGINS You all laugh now, but wait until after I win and you wouldn’t be laughing anymore. I know I can do this. I worked on the numbers again, and again, every night for the past few years. I need to take my medicine to calm down.

FADE OUT. Later that night the entire Loggins family is sitting in front of the television watching the Powerball drawing.


TV ANNOUNCER (45) Good evening ladies and gentlemen and here is the Powerball drawing for Jan. 18, 2016. First number up is 9. The second white ball is number 40.

(MORE) 6.

TV ANNOUNCER (45) (CONT’D) And the third white ball up is 41. The fourth number up is 53 and the last white ball up is 58. Now we draw from a different tank for the Red Powerball which is 11. The multiplier number is 2. So the numbers are 9,40,41, 53, 58 and the red Powerball is 11. Good luck and good night.

RALPH LOGGINS I knew that there would be a pair in the 40’s and I picked 40 and 41. I am not sure if I picked the 11 red Powerball with that choice. I had to look at my cards. Yes, I have 11 red Powerball picked and 40 and 41 are on that card. What are the other numbers again?

Editor’s Note: These are the real numbers in Conn. That were Recorded for Jan. 18, 2017. In reality no one claimed the prize that week.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Number 9 Ralph, do you have number 9?

JENNIFER LOGGINS 53 and 58 are the other numbers Ralph.

RALPH LOGGINS Let me see, 9, yes and 50, 53 and 58 right, oh my God. Mom look at this, so I don’t make a mistake.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Ok, you have the red ball 11, and that is good. Now let me see 9, yes, 40 and 41 yes, and 53, and 58, oh no, I mean yes, yes. Greg read this I think I am going to faint.

TOM LOGGINS Did he get it? New sneakers, new sneakers. Yes.

FADE OUT. Bill is ten years older than his wife Jill. He is a proud black man 5’ 10” tall, a graduate of Delaware University on a Lacrosse scholarship. He is clean shaven with dark skin, and short dark hair with dark eyes. He works for the State of 7.

Conn., helping Learning Disabled Adults cope with their lives. His father was a Superintendent of Schools in Yorktown, New York and is now retired.

FADE IN: Bill Loggins is a tall black man with short hair and a clean shaven face.

BILL LOGGINS (57) FATHER Let me see that card. You must all be blind. Jennifer what are the numbers again?

JENNIFER LOGGINS 9,40, 41, 53, 58 and Powerball 11 times 2. Wow.

BILL LOGGINS Yes, each number checks out. (Shouting) You did it Ralph you did it. I can’t believe this is happening. Now what do we do?

Check it again Jill. My vision is blurring. Oh my God, can it be true? Good bye bills.

RALPH LOGGINS I told everyone I had a great formula for predicting the Powerball lottery, and no one believed me. See, I was right. Now if I could stop scratching. Maybe I need another pill?

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Yes Ralph, you were right, and we all apologize for doubting you. Now what do we do Bill? Do we go down to 7-11 with the winning card?

BILL LOGGINS I looked it up and we have to bring the winning ticket to the home office Rocky hill Connecticut. The cash prize is $170 million. Ralph could take $5,666,667 before federal taxes. After federal taxes he would get $4,250,000 a year for 30 years. The Cash lump settlement would drop from $170 million to 103 million. After taxes of $25,750,000 he would get 77 million 250 thousand cash total. That is a lot of Pepsi. 8.

RALPH LOGGINS I guess that makes me a rich man, uh dad?

BILL LOGGINS Yes, Ralph you are going to be a very rich man.

RALPH LOGGINS Does this mean I wouldn’t ever have to work again in the dirty supermarket?

BILL LOGGINS That is up to you Ralph.

TOM LOGGINS Does this mean I get a pair of Jordan air sneakers that cost $130 each? (Laughing).

JENNIFER LOGGINS Really Tom? Cut it out.

BILL LOGGINS I have a lawyer friend, I think we need to see to figure out what we should do Jill.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Ralph, Jennifer, and Tom, you all have to promise not to tell anyone until we claim the prize money, and take legal steps to protect the money. If any money grubbers get our telephone number of address they will be haunting us to death.

BILL LOGGINS Your mother is right. We all have to keep our mouths shut until after we claim the money. Your Mom, and I have to talk to a lawyer how to protect ourselves and be smart how we invest the money.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Maybe we can catch up on our medical bills now?

(MORE) 9.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS (CONT’D) Everyone go watch TV, and dad and I will let you know what we are going to do tomorrow when we talk to the lawyer.


Later that night in bed.


JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS (CONT’D) Bill you realize we signed a form with the state of Connecticut when Ralph graduated from high school to be Ralph’s legal guardians because he is autistic and may not be able to support himself. I know Ralph, he thinks now that he has won millions that he can just go out, and spend it when ever he wants. He had no idea that crooks will come out of the woodwork to take his money away. All his friends in school will be asking for money.

The phone will ring off the hinges.

Mark my word.

BILL LOGGINS What are we going to do Jill?

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS We are going to have your lawyer friend explain how we can invest Ralph’s winnings at the same time prevent him from withdrawing money at random. If he goes around with hundreds of dollars in his pocket he is going to get mugged or worse. You know him. Being autistic he has no concept how to save money or even the value of money. He earns less than a hundred dollars a week at the supermarket working part-time each week. Now he has millions. The TV stations are all going to want to interview him, and when they find out he is autistic, they are going to have a field day with autistic topics.

BILL LOGGINS Go to sleep Jill. We will take it one day at a time. 10.


Good nite.



The following day Jill Loggins and Bill Loggins meet with Bill’s friend, Adam Pinkowitz Attorney at Law.

FADE IN: Adam is wearing a three piece grey suit and blue tie. He is slightly bald with a greying mustache and dark rimmed glasses.

ADAM PINKOWITZ (51) ATTORNEY Come on in Bill and Jill. Congratulations, I hear from Bill you struck it rich in the Powerball lottery with your son Ralph. Tell me how I can help you.

BILL LOGGINS Adam, we need some legal advice and council. Our 21 year old autistic son Ralph has won the Powerball Lottery for 170 million dollars.

ADAM PINKOWITZ That is amazing. Are you positive that he has the winning numbers?

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS We double checked, and triple checked the winning numbers against his ticket and he has all the numbers and the Powerball with a 2 times extra.

ADAM PINKOWITZ Well, this is exciting. I have never represented a Powerball lottery winner before. Normally, I would accompany you to the general offices to present the winning ticket along with Ralph to sign for the winning amount. Have you considered taking the 30 year payout of the lump sum payout? How much is the lump sum Bill? Do you know. 11.

BILL LOGGINS Yeah, I looked it up on the internet and the lump sum is 170 million. Taxes are about 25% . I am not sure about the rest.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Bill, and I are the legal guardians of Ralph because he is autistic, and in the Connecticut vocational training program for children of special needs. We are legally responsible for Ralph’s winnings. Being autistic he had no concept of the value of money or how to spend or save it. It will be up to us as his parents to come up with a plan or system to control what he can spend, and to insure he invests in the future for himself. We also have large medical bills from my recent stomach cancer threat, Jennifer’s liver sickness, and Ralph’s doctor bills which we cannot pay. These winnings will help us to pay off our bills, and perhaps buy a new car, and a new house?

ADAM PINKOWITZ I suggest we set up a portfolio of bonds and stocks to earn interest annually to keep Ralph’s winnings making more money for him. At the same time a portion of the money should be put in a trust for Ralph to draw from with your signature for monthly expenses that are deemed appropriate. I can have my para-legal set up the paperwork which you can sign along with Ralph as soon as you receive the check for the lump sum or yearly payment.

BILL LOGGINS I think we are going to go with the lump sum, so that we can meet all our bills, and have fluid access to money to purchase a new house and car.

ADAM PINKOWITZ Have you spoken with Ralph about your plans yet? 12.

BILL LOGGINS No, not yet because we are not sure how he will take it. Legally, he is old enough to make his own decisions, but being autistic that is not realistic. Knowing Ralph, he could be giving anyone hundreds of dollars if someone him for it. He wants to be liked, and has very few real friends.

ADAM PINKOWITZ I understand. Well, let’s set a date to take Ralph to the General office in Rocky Hill, and fill out the paperwork to claim the prize. After that we will take the check and deposit it in a special protected account which we will give Ralph a debit card to purchase things from his account which we will keep low just in case of fraud by someone other than Ralph. The large amount of the lump sum we will put into a bonds and stock market account with Chase and that will produce interest annually for the portfolio. You and Bill will be able to sign for any withdrawals from the portfolio when you find a house you want to buy and or a car. You do not have to have Ralph’s permission because you are his legal guardians. Did I make everything Clear?

BILL LOGGINS Great. Let’s go next Monday to the Lottery claim office and file the paperwork. I also want to protect Ralph from the media and money mongers, and we will depend upon you to keep his personal information secret.




The Loggins family assembles at the Powerball General Offices 13.

in Rocky Hill, Connecticut along with their attorney Adam Pinkowitz.


ADAM PINKOWITZ Good to see you guys again. Is this Ralph? Hello, Ralph. (Shaking Ralph’s hand).



ADAM PINKOWITZ I am going to tell the administrators that we are here to claim the January 18, 2017, Powerball prize. Hello Miss? My name is Adam Pinkowitz, attorney at law, and I represent the Loggins family, particularly Ralph Loggins who won the January 18 Powerball lottery in Conn., For 170 Million dollars.

LOTTERY SECRETARY (30) Yes Mr. Pinkowitz, let me call Mr. West out from his office. He is one of our Lottery Administrators. It will take just a minute. Hello Mr. West, we have some people out here to claim the January 18 Powerball lottery.

Minutes later.

Ronald is a short heavy man wearing a white dress shirt and green tie.

RONALD D. WEST (50) LOTTERY ADMINISTRATOR Good morning everyone. I’m Mr. West and you are here for a Powerball lottery claim I understand?

ADAM PINKOWITZ Yes, My name is Adam Pinkowitz, attorney at law and this is Mrs. Jill Loggins, Mr. Bill Loggins, and Mr. Ralph Loggins their son. Ralph is 21 years of age turning 22 in December. Jennifer Loggins and Tom Loggins are also here to support their brother Ralph. 14.

RONALD D. WEST Wonderful, well everyone come into my office and I will get a few extra chairs for you. (In the Office) Well, Ralph Loggins I understand you are the winner. Are you over 18 years of age Mr. Loggins?

RALPH LOGGINS Yes, I am 21. Here is my birth certificate my mother gave me.

RONALD D. WEST OK. That is good. Let’s see the receipt you have so we can match it with the winning numbers on January 18, 2017.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Ralph, give Mr. West the receipt for your winning card.

RALPH LOGGINS Here you are.

RONALD D. WEST OK, let me see, 9, 40, 41, 53, 58 they all check out, and the red Powerball number of 11 is also correct. 2 is the amount to compute the powerball amount. Congratulations Ralph you are now a millionaire. We have some paperwork to finish to process claiming the 170 million dollar pay out. Have you decided on a lump sum payment or a yearly payment over 30 years? You would get $6,745,000 per year for 30 years or a lump sum net payment of $117,317,250 after taxes of 6.99 Percent in Connecticut.

ADAM PINKOWITZ The Loggins family has informed me that Ralph wants the lump sum settlement.

RONALD D. WEST Ralph if you will sign here, and here, and if your parents will also sign as witnesses here and here on the form.

(MORE) 15.

RONALD D. WEST (CONT’D) This should take about a week to process, and we will inform you when to come in to collect your winning settlement. We will keep your personal information private to prevent fraud and con artists from harassing you. We also strongly advise you to deposit the check immediately, and do not share any information with your friends or colleagues to protect your privacy. When you collect the check there will be TV coverage at the time, but that is all we require.

If you wish to meet with any TV reports outside of this office that is your choice. Thank you for coming and congratulations. I will see you next week.

The Loggins family and attorney Ronald D. West leave the Powerball general offices and get in their cars.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Ralph, you are a millionaire. We will collect the check next week. Dad will explain tonight how we will save your money and set up a debit card for you to use to buy things. Anything over $100 you have to first discuss with me or dad to approve.

RALPH LOGGINS Can I buy a car mom?

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Yes, it you can pass the State driving test and the written test.




JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS The day has come. The presentation will be in fifteen minutes inside the Powerball lottery general offices. Ralph I want you to take a deep breath, and do no get excited when they give you the giant check. (MORE) 16.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS (CONT’D) It is only for display for the TV station filming the event. The real check will be the normal size. You will have to sign for it as well as your dad, and I have to sign since we are your legal guardians.

RALPH LOGGINS I understand Mom, I understand. No meltdowns, no meltdowns. My leg is beginning to shake.

BILL LOGGINS Ralph straighten you tie. Let’s go into the building now. Try to relax. Remember count to 10,[ and take a deep breath to control your anxiety.

RONALD D. WEST Welcome Loggins family. It is good to see you again. We have your check all ready for you soon after we do a little promo with the TV camera, and the giant four foot check for $77,250,000. A TV reporter will interview you Ralph for just a few minutes, and then we are done. You can sign the forms first along with your parents.

RALPH LOGGINS When do I get the money?


RONALD D. WEST Just sign here, here, and here, Ralph, and Mr. and Mrs. Loggins you sign here, here, and here. Great, let’s step into the TV studio for the formal presentation.

STUDIO PRODUCER (50) LOTTERY ADMINISTRATOR OK, everyone, relax and stand behind the giant check. Ralph Loggins you stand on the left and Mr. West you hold the right side of the check. The rest of the family stand behind the check.

(MORE) 17.

STUDIO PRODUCER (50) LOTTERY The TV studio lights are going to be bright, so try not to look at them. Are we ready? Camera, ready. Shoot.

RONALD D. WEST We are here today to present to Mr. Ralph Loggins a Powerball lottery check for $77,250,000 after federal taxes.

TV REPORTER SALLY SERVIN (29) Well, congratulations Mr. Ralph Loggins. Tell me Ralph what are you going to do with 77 million dollars?

RALPH LOGGINS I want to become a superhero.(Smiling).

TV REPORTER SALLY SERVIN (Laughing) Really, Ralph, a Superhero like Superman or Captain America in the comic books?




Oh my God!

BILL LOGGINS Ralph, really?

JENNIFER LOGGINS That’s my brother Ralph, Super Hero, (laughing).

TOM LOGGINS Super dude Ralph. That sounds great.

TV REPORTER SALLY SERVIN Ok, camera cut. Thank you very much Loggins family, and enjoy your millions.

RONALD D. WEST Here is your check Ralph. Congratulations. Perhaps your father should hold it for you. Good bye, and have a great day. 18.

BILL LOGGINS Jill get the kids in the car fast. There are reporters everywhere outside. Ralph keep the superhero stuff cool for now, OK?

RALPH LOGGINS Yes, Dad. Did I do something wrong?

BILL LOGGINS No, get in the car. We are out of here.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Ralph why did you tell that TV reporter you wanted to be a Superhero? Super-hero aren’t real Ralph, they are fiction in comic books. Don’t you understand that.

RALPH LOGGINS I just want people to like me Mom.

BILL LOGGINS I can’t believe you told the TV reporter that you wanted to be a Super-hero Ralph. Now everyone is going to make fun of you and us.

The Loggins family drives out of the driveway quickly leaving the TV camera trucks behind them.





JENNIFER LOGGINS Mom the phone is ringing again. Should I pick it up?

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS No, let it ring. It is probably another con artist trying to get money out of us. 19.

BILL LOGGINS How long is this phone constantly ringing going to continue Jill?

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS What do you suggest we do Bill?

BILL LOGGINS Change the phone, and have it unlisted. This is driving me insane. It is like the whole world is calling us to borrow money.

Ring (Phone rings again)

RALPH LOGGINS Phone Dad, should I get it?

BILL LOGGINS No, let it ring Ralph. I will call the phone company and have our phone number changed and unlisted today.


That Sunday at Transfiguration Church.

FADE IN: Pastor Greene is a short brunette Episcopalian Priest who wears rimless glasses and a gold cross around her neck.

PASTOR ELLEN GREENE (60) TRANSFIGURATION CHURCH Good to see you today Jill Loggins and family. I have been trying to call you, but your phone does not pick up.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Since Ralph won the Powerball lottery, everyone in the world is calling us around the clock. We had to have the phone number changed, and unlisted finally. What did you want to talk about Pastor Green?

PASTOR ELLEN GREENE I just thought Ralph might want to help out St. John’s Church with our new building addition. 20.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Ralph is not giving any of his money away to charities at this time. We are house hunting at the moment, and trying to stay away from our instant friends that all want to borrow money. Thank you, but no thank you, Pastor Green. Good day.

PASTOR ELLEN GREENE Perhaps it was God watching over Ralph that helped him win the Powerball lottery? At least have him think about donating to his church?

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS I will think about it. Thank you Pastor Green.

PASTOR ELLEN GREENE God bless you and your money.



Ralph and his sister Jennifer are sitting in the same seat on the College bus from Western Conn. University. Ralph and Jennifer are both Students at Western Conn. University. Lashonda Williams a large 180 pound, black girl bullies Ralph on the College bus.


LASHONDA WILLIAMS (19) Hey you Ralph Loggins, boy? How about giving me some of that lottery money you won?

RALPH LOGGINS I don’t have any money.

LASHONDA WILLIAMS I am going to punch your face in boy if you don’t give me some of that money.

RALPH LOGGINS Leave me alone.

Jennifer who is sitting next to Ralph gets up and faces Lashonda. 21.

JENNIFER LOGGINS Excuse me bitch. If you lay one finger on my brother I will beat you silly.

LASHONDA WILLIAMS OK, girl, I was just kidding.

JENNIFER LOGGINS Get out of my face now or I am going to flatten you.

LASHONDA WILLIAMS Goodbye then. Retard,

RALPH LOGGINS Were you really going to punch her?

JENNIFER LOGGINS Of course Ralph. You are my brother, and I have to protect you from bullies like Lashonda.

FADE OUT. Ralph and Jennifer reach their bus stop, and get off the bus. Minutes later in their house.


JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS How was college today Jennifer? How about you Ralph?



JENNIFER LOGGINS We almost had a fight on the College bus. Some big black girl tried to pick on Ralph and force him to give her money. This has got to stop Mom. Everyone that recognizes Ralph, either makes fun of him for wanting to be a superhero or asks him for money.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS I know, I know it is getting out of control with Ralph’s lottery win. It seems like we will never have any privacy again. Ralph here is your debit card, which you can use to buy anything you want under $100.

(MORE) 22.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS (CONT’D) If you want something over $100 you have to ask me or your father to make a withdrawal from the bank.


TOM LOGGINS What about me? Am I the forgotten younger brother now?

JENNIFER LOGGINS Relax Tom, no one has forgotten you.


Bill Loggins comes home after work that night.


BILL LOGGINS I am home everyone. Where are the kids Jill?

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS They are upstairs. We had another incident today with someone bullying Ralph into giving them money. What are we going to do Bill to stop this crap?

BILL LOGGINS The mortgage came through to purchase that house we were looking at further upstate Connecticut in New Town. All we have to do is withdraw some of Ralph’s money for a down payment. Ralph come down here please. Listen would you like to help us buy a new house where you will have your own bedroom, and not have to share with Tom? Take off those ear phones Ralph and listen to me.

RALPH LOGGINS Yes, dad. I heard you. When are we moving? 23.

BILL LOGGINS We have to go to the Bank this week, and withdraw some money from your account to put a down payment on the new house. You will have to sign a release form as well, as us to withdraw money from your portfolio account. Mom, and I will take you to the bank later this week. Are you alright after this girl bullied you on the college bus today, Ralph?

RALPH LOGGINS I am fine Dad.

JENNIFER LOGGINS (Listening to her father and Ralph from the other room) Are we really moving dad? Thank God. Maybe we can move to the woods and never be seen again?

TOM LOGGINS At least in another school district no one will know who we are and stop asking us for money.



Ralph is walking down the halls at Western Conn. University where he is taking courses in computer programming. Two male students are standing in the hallway as Ralph walks by.

BILL RICHTER (22) COLLEGE STUDENT Hey Ralph, Captain Superman, Captain America or shall I call you Captain Retard. Have you become a Super-Hero yet?(Laughing)

JIM BORCHERS (19) COLLEGE STUDENT Hey retard can I borrow some money from you?(Laughing)

RALPH LOGGINS Leave me alone. (Put his head down sulking posture).

Professor Tim Neil is a white teacher with a thin trimmed beard, brown hair thinning in the back of his head. He wears rimless glasses and a sports coat, dress shirt and pants and plaid tie. 24.

PROFESSOR TIM NEIL (40) Hey, boys go pick on someone else. Are you alright Ralph? Don’t listen to what they have to say. They are just teasing you because you won the Powerball lottery, and they didn’t.

FADE OUT. Later in the College cafeteria two college students are sitting together.


JILL JANSON (19) COLLEGE STUDENT (Whispering to her friend) Isn’t that the boy who won the Powerball lottery?

RONDA SCHAEFFER (20) Yes, he is sitting all alone. Apparently he has no friends?

Jill walks over to Ralph.

JILL JANSON Are you Ralph Loggins that won the Powerball lottery on TV?

RALPH LOGGINS Yes, leave me alone.

JILL JANSON I just wanted to say hello. I thought maybe you might want to be friends.

RALPH LOGGINS I don’t need any friends.

JILL JANSON Well excuse me then.

Walks back to her table.

JILL JANSON (CONT’D) He seems very strange.



Ralph answers the phone that rings in the living room.




STRANGE VOICE ON THE PHONE Ralph, Can you loan me some money? My house burnt down, and my family is homeless.

RALPH LOGGINS Ask my parents. I don’t have any money. (Hangs up).

Phone rings again.

TOM LOGGINS Hello? Who? Ralph, OK. Ralph pick up the phone.



BUSTER HILLE (20) FRIEND Hey Ralph, how are you doing dude?


BUSTER HILLE Wanna take a trip to the mall, and maybe see a movie or something?

RALPH LOGGINS It is too cold today. Maybe another day.

BUSTER HILLE I have been wanting to ask you if you could loan me a few hundred dollars until I get a job?

RALPH LOGGINS Nope, not interested.(Hangs up).

Ralph goes back to lining up little cars he has in a straight line on his desk.

Phone rings again.

BILL LOGGINS Don’t answer the phone it just someone wanting money form Ralph. 26.


OK, dad.



A month later.


RALPH LOGGINS I am missing a car in my mini-car collection. Tom did you take a minicar out of my room? Damm where it is?

Ralph begins ripping his room apart, and begins having a meltdown. He throws things across his room, and empties his desk draws looking for the mini-car.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS (Running up the stairs to the third floor where Tom and Ralph share a bedroom) Ralph what the hell are you doing? Stop it immediately. Sit down Ralph, and take a deep breath. Count to ten. Did you take your medicine this morning yet?

RALPH LOGGINS No mom. Sorry.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS What is the problem Ralph.

RALPH LOGGINS Someone stole my mini-car.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS No one stole your mini-car Ralph. You must have misplaced it. Maybe Jennifer knows what you did with it?

JENNIFER LOGGINS What is all the noise about?

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Jennifer, have you seen Ralph’s mini-car? 27.

JENNIFER LOGGINS He was playing with it downstairs last week. I think he left it there?

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Go downstairs Ralph and see if you left your mini-car there.

Ralph goes down the stairs to the living room. Minutes later.

RALPH LOGGINS I found it mom.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Great, now come up here and clean up your room.

Later that day.

RALPH LOGGINS (Counting his mini-cars) One, two, three, four, five, cars all in order. Just the way I like them all in a neat row.



Ralph’s parents use some of the money he won, and purchased a new house with five bedrooms in New Town, Conn. Ralph was not consulted about using his winnings because he parents felt he owed it to them to allow them to buy a new house.


RALPH LOGGINS Dad how come you and mom have bought a new house, and a new car, and I haven’t gotten anything. I thought I was supposed to be a millionaire now?

BILL LOGGINS Ralph you wanted to move to a new house so we bought one with the money you won. In a sense, you bought the house, and we helped make it happen. Our car was old, and broken down, and even you asked for a new car, so we bought the Cadillac we wanted.

(MORE) 28.

BILL LOGGINS (CONT’D) Now if you would take driving lessons, and study Then we could get you your own car, but you are lazy, and don’t want to learn to drive.

RALPH LOGGINS I just want to spend more money dad. It makes me feel rich. It is easier for mom to drive me around than drive myself

BILL LOGGINS Really Ralph? Do you like feeling rich? What is it you want to buy? You buy yourself clothes and shoes all the time, and that makes you happy. What else do you want to do with your life? You must have 50 pairs of sneakers by now?

RALPH LOGGINS I don’t know dad. I am just unhappy. I dreamt that I would be rich, and living on my own, with tons of money if I won the lottery, but here I am living with my parents with no job and nothing to do except play War games on TV.

BILL LOGGINS Your mother and I begged you many times to stay in college, and keep your part-time grocery store job, but you wanted to quit everything. So now what are you going to do? You almost 22 now, an adult, and you need to start thinking about a career doing something. Money alone will not bring you happiness Ralph. We have told you this again and again. You need to socialize, but you don’t like socializing with people, so that makes getting a sales job impossible and any job working with people. Maybe you could go back to Western Connecticut State College and take more courses in computer coding and computer languages? You could always become a computer programmer, and work on your own as a consultant. 29.

RALPH LOGGINS I know, I know, but making decisions is difficult for me. Sometimes I just want to climb into a corner and hide there.

BILL LOGGINS Talk to your mother Ralph. Maybe you will listen to her?

RALPH LOGGINS OK, dad. If I have to.



Jill has a flash back to when Ralph was born 21 (2007) years ago while she is washing dishes in the kitchen. She looks outside the kitchen window seeing her reflection and dreams.



JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Bill it is time to go to the hospital. My water broke.

BILL LOGGINS OK, I have the bags packed. Let me help you down the stairs. Are you OK?

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS I am fine Bill. Let’s get in the car and get to Danbury Hospital quickly.

BILL LOGGINS OK, honey we will be there in s few minutes.

Arriving at the hospital.

BILL LOGGINS (CONT’D) My wife is ready to deliver her baby. Would you page Dr. Swvenson please? 30.

NURSE (45) Sure Mr. Loggins. Orderly, put Mrs. Loggins in a wheel chair please and take her up to the third floor maternity ward.

BILL LOGGINS Thank you Nurse.

NURSE Paging Dr. Swvenson. Paging Dr. Swvenson please report to the maternity ward asap. The doctor will meet you upstairs in the maternity ward. Follow your wife Mr. Loggins. The orderly will wheel her upstairs. Take elevator A.

Minutes later.

Dr. Swvenson is a short heavy Swedish doctor with a full face beard and rimless glasses dressed in a white lab coat.

DR. JAMES SWVENSON (60) Hello Mrs. Loggins and Mr. Loggins. It is good to see you. Did your water break yet Mrs. Loggins?

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Yes, Doctor, back at home.

Dr. JAMES SWVENSON OK, Mr. Loggins take one of those surgical gowns and hats and put them on so you can enter the surgery room. I will wheel Mrs. Loggins into the surgical room. Are you feeling alright Mrs. Loggins?

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Cramps lots of cramps.


14 hours later.


DR. JAMES SWVENSON Mr. Loggins you are now the proud father a a healthy male child. Congratulations. It was a long labor but it all worked out in the end. You can see your wife, but she is a little groggy right now. 31.

BILL LOGGINS Hi Jill how are you feeling?

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS I am tired. Real tired after 14 hours of labor. Did you take a look at our little boy yet? He is in the maternity room down the hall. What are we going to call him?

BILL LOGGINS I thought we decided on the name Ralph Michael Loggins?

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS That’s right I forgot. I am so tired I just want to sleep. Go see Ralph, and I am going to sleep.

BILL LOGGINS I will see you tonight when you get some sleep Jill. I will go see Ralph now.

Bill walks down to the nursery. He peeks through the glass window looking for the Loggins tag.

BILL LOGGINS (CONT’D) Ahh, there is his name tag. Cute looking little guy. I can’t believe I am a father now. Hurray.


Flash back to two years later.


JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Bill have you noticed anything strange about Ralph? He didn’t walk until almost 2 years of age, and he doesn’t talk at all yet. What do you think?

BILL LOGGINS My parents told me they thought something was wrong with Ralph’s development. He should have walked earlier, and starting talking. They strongly suggest we take Ralph to a doctor to be examined. 32.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS I hope there is nothing wrong with him? What doctor should we take Ralph to?

BILL LOGGINS I don’t know. I will look up a doctor in the phonebook. Did you notice Ralph never looks at you when you talk to him. He is always looking down for some reason.

A week later at Dr. Allan Grossman’s Office.

DR. ALLAN GROSSMAN(55) PEDIATRICIAN Good morning Mr. And Mrs. Loggins.

Is this your little boy Ralph?

BILL LOGGINS Yes Dr. Grossman, this is Ralph.

DR. ALLAN GROSSMAN We are going to give Ralph a battery of tests and a blood test to see if we can find anything that might be affecting his development. Sometimes children have what we call arrested development, but eventually they catch up to other children.


Several hours later.


DR. ALLAN GROSSMAN (CONT’D) Mr. And Mrs. Loggins you both need to sit down. We have a preliminary diagnosis regarding Ralph. From the results of all the tests we gave him, we have concluded that he has a mild case of autism.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Autism, what is that Doctor?

DR. ALLAN GROSSMAN Well, there are all kinds of autism, but basically a child with autism has trouble maintain eye contact and various sensory issues and tactile touch problems. You may have seen the movie, Rain-man. (MORE) 33.

DR. ALLAN GROSSMAN (CONT’D) Well that man was at the extreme of autism called an idiot savant. He was a genius at math but unable to socialize or function normally in society.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Oh, my God I think I am going to faint. I have to get a drink of water.

BILL LOGGINS Let me help you Jill.

DR. ALLAN GROSSMAN The prognosis is good. Ralph may grow out of some of his autism in time. I suggest you see a specialist for autistic children for planning how to deal with an autistic child. Otherwise, Ralph is perfectly healthy.

BILL LOGGINS Than you Doctor Grossman. Jill, and I will contact Dr. Elman the autistic specialist when we get home today.

Jill and Bill leave the hospital with Ralph and return home.

BILL LOGGINS (CONT’D) I am going to have to call my parents and tell them that Ralph is slightly autistic.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS I don’t have the strength to tell my parents. I will do it tomorrow or later this week. No need to rush.


The Next week at Dr. Elman’s Office.


DR. ELMAN (60) AUTISM EXPERT Hello Mr. Loggins and Mrs. Loggins.

I have read the report from Dr. Grossman, and I have examined Ralph, and concur with Dr. Grossman that Ralph is slightly autistic. It is not something to worry about. (MORE) 34.

DR. ELMAN (60) AUTISM EXPERT (CONT’D) You are just going to have to learn that children with autism see and learn things differently than other children. You are going to have to make eye contact when you talk to him to get him to focus on what you are saying. He is probably going to have problems socializing, but we can handle that later on when he gets older. For now I suggest you enroll in our parent support group that meets once a week to learn how to properly deal with a child with autism. Every few months you will bring Ralph into my office and we will do a physical on him and evaluate his progress or lack of developmental progress. Thank you for coming today.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS When is the first meeting of the parent support group Doctor Elman?

DR. ELMAN Next Tuesday at 10:00 am.. Bring Ralph with you so we can observe how he interacts with other children. The parents will have a discussion session and we will try to introduce some methods of coping with autism.

BILL LOGGINS Thank you Dr. Elman. I will drive Jill and Ralph here next week. See you then.

Flash back skips ahead to three years later at age 5 for Ralph.


JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Ralph look at me. Ralph look at my eyes. That is it. Now I want you to put on pants not your shorts. It is January, and 25 degrees outside, and we cannot go to the mall with you wearing shorts. You are going to get very cold in shorts, and perhaps come down with a cold or worse. 35.

RALPH LOGGINS But Mom, the scratching of the pants against my legs drives me crazy. I would rather have cold legs than have the pants scratching against my skin. I am sorry Mom, that is the way it is.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS OK, Ralph, I will bring a blanket in case you get cold in the car. Let’s go Jennifer, we are going to the Mall. I have to wrap little Tom up to keep warm. OK, let’s go. Leave the dog here. Good Peaches sit, sit now, good dog.


Later in the Danbury mall.


JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS (CONT’D) What do you want to eat Ralph?

RALPH LOGGINS A hamburger I guess, with nothing on it.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS You don’t want lettuce or tomatoes or catsup or mustard on your hamburger?

RALPH LOGGINS Right. I want to put the catsup on by myself. No pickle either.

JENNIFER LOGGINS (4) I want a cheese burger and fries mom.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS One cheese burger, one small burger, and a big Mac with fries for me. You guys want soda or water.


Water. 36.




Back to the present 2017, 21 years later. Ralph is expressing a desire to have his own apartment, and move out of the Loggins family. Jill and Bill have mixed emotions about Ralph being able to cook for himself and maintain a clean apartment.


RALPH LOGGINS Dad, I think I want to get my own apartment and see if I can live on my own. I am going on 22, and I want to live on my own.

BILL LOGGINS Ralph, your mother and I have talked about you moving, and we are not sure you can handle making your own meals or buying your meals everyday. Right now you are used to your mother doing everything for you including washing your clothes. Are you going to be able to do your own wash and fold your clothes before they get wrinkled? You don’t do it now.

RALPH LOGGINS I have to try dad. If I cannot do it, then I will come home to live.

BILL LOGGINS It is not that simple Ralph. The State of Conn., requires that someone check on you weekly to see that you are doing well living alone. That is the job I do with older men that have learning disabilities. We have to find an apartment that is affordable that you can afford, and then buy you some furniture, and a television too. You have nothing of your own except your toys, and clothing. (MORE) 37.

BILL LOGGINS (CONT’D) Give your mom and I, a month to work everything out for you to move.

TOM LOGGINS Are you really moving out brother? Can I have your bed? That will mean I can have the whole room to myself.

JENNIFER LOGGINS I will come over and visit you once a week Ralph to make sure you are doing well. Is that alright?

RALPH LOGGINS Sure Jennifer.

FADE OUT. The next day Ralph is walking to the grocery store to buy some bread and milk for his mother and a large white Van pulls up behind him.


STRANGE MAN IN A WHITE VAN (Sticking his head out of the van window) Hey fella is your name Ralph?

RALPH LOGGINS Yeah, who wants to know. Who are you?

STRANGE MAN IN A WHITE VAN I am a friend of your father’s. He sent me to give you a ride home.

RALPH LOGGINS I always walk to the store. Thanks anyway.

STRANGE MAN IN A WHITE VAN Get in the Van fella or I am going to shoot you in the head with this gun.(Holds a gun aimed toward Ralph).

RALPH LOGGINS I am sorry. I am sorry. What did I do? Where are we going? (Ralph begins crying). 38.

STRANGE MAN IN A WHITE VAN Shut up, and get in the back or I am going to shoot you in the back of the head, and leave you by the side of the road. Do you have any money?

RALPH LOGGINS Please don’t shoot me. dollars.

I have two

STRANGE MAN IN A WHITE VAN Where are those millions you won?

RALPH LOGGINS I don’t have any millions. It is all in the bank.

STRANGE MAN IN A WHITE VAN Let’s go to the bank and withdraw some of your millions.

RALPH LOGGINS I cannot take money out of the bank without my day or mom’s signature. Please let me go. I have no money. I will give you my two dollars.

STRANGE MAN IN A WHITE VAN Here take this cell phone, and call your mother and tell her you’ve been kidnapped and I want ten thousand dollars in cash by tomorrow.

RALPH LOGGINS OK, OK I’ll call mom, but she isn’t going to be happy.

STRANGE MAN IN A WHITE VAN Take the phone and shut up. (The stranger is driving down the road with Ralph in the back seat).

Just then the van hits a pot hole (boom), and the back doors of the van fly open and Ralph slides out of the van during the impact.

STRANGER IN A WHITE VAN Holy shit that was a giant pot hole. Hey, were are you going. Damm the doors popped open. Stay where you are. Damm he slid out. I gotta get the hell out of here.

The van races away down the road leaving Ralph lying stunned 39.

in the road.

WOMAN IN A CAR BEHIND THE WHITE VAN. You alright young man?

RALPH LOGGINS Yeah, yeah I am alright, thanks lady. I gotta get out of the road.

I have to run home.

Ralph runs several miles back to his house. Entering the house he calls his sister Jennifer who is on the third floor.

RALPH LOGGINS (CONT’D) Jennifer, a bad man tried to kidnap me.

JENNIFER LOGGINS It is not nice to lie Ralph. Where did your get those cuts on your arms. Did your fall off your bicycle or something?

RALPH LOGGINS No. A man in a white van had a gun, and he wanted money from me. I only had two dollars. He wanted to kill me, but I fell out of his truck.

JENNIFER LOGGINS What, for real? Is that how you got these cuts? Mom is really going to be worried. I will call her at work now. (Pause). Hello Mom. You need to come home now, we have a problem with Ralph I cannot tell you over the phone. Hurray. I will wait for you with Ralph.

(Shouting) Tom are you upstairs? Go down and lock the front door quickly, and don’t ask stupid questions.

TOM LOGGINS ( Tom runs down the stairs). OK, the door is double locked with the deadbolt and the door knob Jennifer.

JENNIFER LOGGINS Good, Mom can unlock it when she gets home.

(MORE) 40.

JENNIFER LOGGINS (CONT’D) Ralph go in the bathroom and I will get a cloth to wipe the blood off your arms.


Ten minutes later Jill arrives home.


JENNIFER LOGGINS (CONT’D) Mom is that you?

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Yes, I am home Jennifer? What happened?

JENNIFER LOGGINS You are not going to believe this but someone tried to kidnap Ralph for money, but he escaped. His arms are all cut up for some reason. I washed off the blood, and put first aid spray on the cuts. Ralph is carrying on and having a meltdown over the incident. Should we call the police?

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Oh, my God. Ralph let me see your arms. What happened, and talk slowly so I can understand what you are saying.

RALPH LOGGINS I was getting the milk and bread you asked me to get at the supermarket, and while I was walking to the store a big white van pulled up behind me and asked if I was Ralph. I said yes, and I asked who he was. The man in the van stuck a gun in my face and told me to get in the van. He wanted money, but I only had two dollars for bread and milk. He wanted me to call you and ask for ten thousand dollars. We hit a pot hole and the back doors of the van flew open and I slid out of the van when van jumped into the air. The man drove the van away and left me in the road. 41.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Really? You are not making this up? Let me dial 911, and call the police. Did you see the license number on the van, Ralph?

RALPH LOGGINS No mommy, I was scared. My leg is shaking.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Go take one of your pills to calm down Ralph, and I will call the police. Hello, I need a policeman to come to my house. A man in a white van tried to kidnap my son Ralph. My name is Mrs. Jill Loggins and I live on 44 Dogwood land, New Town.

911 POLICE DISPATCHER OK Mrs. Loggins I am sending a cruiser over to your house immediately. Did your son get a license plate number?

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS No, he was too scared to notice the license number.

911 POLICE DISPATCHER Stay in your home and keep the door locked until the officers arrive.



Minutes later the police arrive and knock on the door.


JENNIFER LOGGINS I will get the door Mom. You sit down with Ralph and make sure he stays calm. I am coming. Hello officers, my mother and brother is upstairs, come in. 42.

OFFICER TIM WILEY (40) Hi I am officer Tim Wiley, and this is officer John Dadney. Your mother just called 911.

JENNIFER LOGGINS Yes she did. Come upstairs please.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Hi, I am Mrs. Loggins and I called you to file a complaint against a strange white man in a white van who tried to kidnap my son Ralph Loggins as he was walking to the supermarket.

OFFICER TIM WILEY Are you Ralph Loggins?


OFFICER TIM WILEY Tell me about what happened.

An hour later the police leave the Loggins house and inform Jill Loggins that two detectives will contact her regarding the attempted kidnapping.



The next day Detectives Charles Shultz and Peter Hommer visit the Loggins home.


DETECTIVE CHARLES SHULTZ (45) Good afternoon Mrs. Loggins. I am Detective Shultz and this is Detective Hommer from the New Town Police department. May we come in?

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Sure come on up the stairs and have a seat in the living-room.

DETECTIVE CHARLES SHULTZ As you know Mrs. Loggins we are here on the charge of attempted kidnapping or abduction of your 21 year old son Ralph Loggins. What can you tell us about the incident? 43.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS First of all let me make it clear that Ralph is autistic, and does not react the way other people do to strangers. He doesn’t see evil in strangers. Regardless, he won the Powerball lottery a year ago for millions of dollars. His face was on TV, and in the local newspapers which made him very well known in Danbury, where we used to live. Ralph told me he was walking to the supermarket to get a small container of milk and a loaf of bread, that I had asked him to do earlier in the day before I left for work. He said a white man in a white van pulled up next to him, and asked him if his name was Ralph. He told the stranger yes, my name is Ralph, who are you? At that point in time the man pulled out a pistol and stuck it in Ralph’s face, and told him to get in the van, which Ralph did. He asked Ralph for money, but Ralph only had $2.00 on him. Then he gave Ralph a cell phone, and told him to call me and demand $10,000 ransom. Before Ralph could make the call the van hit a big pot hole in the road and the back doors of the van flung wide open and Ralph slid out of the truck from the impact. The driver did not stop and drove off. Ralph sustained cuts and scratches to his arms from falling out of the van onto the road. He ran home to tell his sister who called me at work.

DETECTIVE CHARLES SHULTZ Can your son, Ralph give us any details about the physical description of the man in the van?

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS He said the man had a hooded sweatshirt on that was black, and he had a mustache and was a white man and that is all he remembers.

DETECTIVE CHARLES SHULTZ Did Ralph see a license plate number on the van? 44.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS No, he was too frightened and could not focus on the license plate. Remember he is autistic and this incident scared him a great deal and caused him to have an emotional break-down. We cannot get him to come out of his room today. He thinks the police are going to arrest him for some reason.

DETECTIVE CHARLES SHULTZ Do you think we can have him identify the man if we have a lineup at the station.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS It is doubtful. Autistic people want to please everyone and he will be conflicted in such a situation.

TOM LOGGINS Mom when are you making lunch?

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Later Tom. I am talking to the detectives right now. You will have to wait.

DETECTIVE CHARLES SHULTZ I understand Mrs. Loggins. We will have a patrol car come by your neighborhood just to be safe. Because your son has such a high profile in winning the Powerball lottery, you are going to have to be more careful because there are a lot of crooks out there that would like to steal your money. If we get any leads we will keep you informed. Thank you for your time.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Thank you Gentlemen. It has been a most stressful couple of days. Good bye.

The Detectives leave in their car.


Bill calls from work.

FADE IN: 45.

BILL LOGGINS Hi Jill, did the detectives come yet?

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Yes, they just left.

BILL LOGGINS Do they have any leads?

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS No, not having a license plate number of more detailed description of the man is going to make catching him very difficult. They are going to have a patrol car drive by everyday to keep watch on our house. I am worried Bill.

BILL LOGGINS Stay calm for now. Has Ralph come out of his room yet?

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS No, but when I make lunch his stomach may force him to show up. He is afraid of everything, the man in the van, the police, neighbors, and so forth. I will give him one of his pills during lunch to calm him down.

BILL LOGGINS How are Tom and Jennifer reacting?

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS They are a little bit scared but having grasped the reality of almost being kidnapped yet.

BILL LOGGINS I will bring home a pizza tonight so you don’t have to cook. Talk to Ralph to get him out of his mood. Bye now.





A year later Ralph has moved into his own apartment to try and live on his own. Jennifer his younger sister, has become his buddy, and protector. Jill and Bill are disappointed that Ralph wants to live alone, but they are dealing with it.


JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS (Ring) (Ralph picks up his iPhone) Hi Ralph, you haven’t been answering your phone. How are you doing? Jennifer tells me she took you food shopping again, and you are doing well with frozen meals and peanut butter and jelly.

RALPH LOGGINS Hi Mom. I am fine. Working on some ideas for a Super-hero.(Tapping The table again and again).

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Remember Ralph Super-hero’s are only in comic books.

RALPH LOGGINS Yeah, yeah, but I have an idea or an invention I think I can make and sell.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS What is it Ralph? I would love to see what you made.

RALPH LOGGINS It is a secret for now, but I call it my Captain Retro Cube.(Tapping His head again and again).

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Who is Captain Retro Ralph?

RALPH LOGGINS I will tell you the story someday. Tell Jennifer to pick me up with the car today. I have to buy some electrical supplies.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Good. Call me once in a while. Your dad says hello. Love you Ralph. Bye. 47.


Bye Mom.

FADE OUT. Later that day Jennifer comes to visit Ralph’s apartment which is sparsely filled with furniture and everything is labeled and stored. Ralph is a neat freak and that is a good thing.


JENNIFER LOGGINS Ralph I am here with the car. I see you are keeping your apartment clean. Have you eaten anything?

RALPH LOGGINS Peanut butter and jelly sandwich for breakfast.

JENNIFER LOGGINS You should eat something more healthy Ralph like cereal or an egg and bacon.

RALPH LOGGINS Cooking takes too long.

JENNIFER LOGGINS What are you working on in your living room? It looks like a rubix cube, but with buttons and wires that actually work.

RALPH LOGGINS I am working on a smart cube that autistic people can use to fidget with, and help them focus on things.(Tapping The table again and again).

JENNIFER LOGGINS What does it do Ralph?

RALPH LOGGINS It does a lot of things and can fit in someone’s pocket. This button is the vibration mode button which makes the cube vibrate slowly to calm someone autistic down. This button here, and here are squeeze buttons to determine stress. (MORE) 48.

RALPH LOGGINS (CONT’D) When you squeeze the buttons a number comes up from 1-10 with 10 being very, very stressed. Here try it Jennifer.

JENNIFER LOGGINS That is cool Ralph. Squeeze both buttons like this? Oh, I see, and it gives you a number how stressed you are. I got a number of 3, guess I am OK, right brother?

RALPH LOGGINS There is more. I have managed to build a mother board to fit inside with a CPU like they have in computers. On one side there is a memory match game where a square lights up and, you have to find one to match it by pushing a square in. It also can match sounds with each square. If you get more than 50% right the whole cube begins lighting up and flashing with drum sounds.

JENNIFER LOGGINS Amazing. What are you going to do with this cube thing?

RALPH LOGGINS I want to train people to put it together so we can have a factory of people that are autistic and learning disabled working and earning money from our profits.

JENNIFER LOGGINS All you need is an old factory building in New Town or maybe Danbury where there are many old factories that are closed? You are going to need a lawyer Ralph, and real estate people to help you rent the building. Have you spoken to dad yet. He can get some facilities people from his old job at IBM to help clean up a factory and renovate it for assembly line production. It is going to cost a lot of money Ralph. Well you have plenty, so that is no problem. Talk to mom and dad about it tonight. (MORE) 49.

JENNIFER LOGGINS (CONT’D) I will help you get autistic teenagers and adults and learning disabled people that I work with in the county learning center.

RALPH LOGGINS Thanks Jennifer. I knew you would help. Look at these cute speakers I installed to play music and sounds. Next to the Vibration Button is the Calming Sound button that plays soothing sounds like rain on a roof, a gurgling stream, ocean waves and the like. The little sun catcher charges up the battery inside the cube. See this I put in a Chinese abacus. Actually, it is a binary abacus made out of little metal beads that send out a signal to the cpu when they are moved. It is a fun kind of calculator that keeps an autistic person’s fingers busy. A digital number shows up during adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing. I programed it into the cpu, and mother board. Flash was very helpful.

JENNIFER LOGGINS What is flash? Flash Gordon?

RALPH LOGGINS No silly, never mind. I saw a farm for sale near New Town with a barn and 100 acres. I think I can be safer there than here in my apartment. Besides I need something like a barn to manufacture my Capt. Retro Cube.

JENNIFER LOGGINS Really Ralph? Do you think anyone will buy this cube thing?




FADE IN: 50.

JENNIFER LOGGINS Ralph we are going to make an offer to buy the farm house. Let me talk and you just listen. Do you understand?

RALPH LOGGINS Yes, Jennifer you are the boss.

JENNIFER LOGGINS I have a certified letter from mom and dad permitting you to withdraw $200,000 from your bank account electronically to pay for the farm house, barn and 100 acres in full.

That will mean no mortgage to deal with and you will Jennifer and Ralph go to a real estate lawyer and make an offer in cash to buy the farm house, barn and 100 acres. Ralph’s parents approve of his paying $200,000 for the property in hopes that Ralph will develop a career.

JENNIFER LOGGINS (CONT’D) Ralph I am so excited for you in buying this wonderful old farm house and barn and 100 acres. The house is going to need some fixing up however. There are no curtains, the appliances are all old and need to be replaced and all the rooms need repainting. I can hire some of your autistic friends to help paint the farm house. We can pay them $15 dollars an hour.

RALPH LOGGINS That sounds good Jennifer. You take care of the farm house with Tom, and I will concentrate on getting the parts to manufacturer my cube concept.

Days later.

JENNIFER LOGGINS Ralph I hired some autistic people to work in your cube assembly line. You remember Billy Williams from high school. I hired him to work on the assembly line alone with Sally Mc Kenna, Jake Roster, Willie Sparks, and Donna McDougal. They are all autistic and willing to work on the cube project for $15. (MORE) 51.

JENNIFER LOGGINS (CONT’D) An hour which is much more than they would get if they worked in McDonalds or a Supermarket. Just let me know when we are ready to start the assembly line.

RALPH LOGGINS Jennifer I need you to find an engineer who specializes in setting up a factory to produce products such as the cube. Can you do that for me. I don’t know anything about setting up a factory assembly line. I also need help ordering parts in large quantities.

JENNIFER LOGGINS OK, Ralph. Tom and I will research for an Engineer that specializes in setting up factories and someone else for ordering supplies for the cubes.

RALPH LOGGINS I have been testing some prototypes of the cube and they all seem to be working the way I want them. As soon as the barn is cleaned out painted, wired correctly, Lighting installed and additional power outlets, then we should be able to start training our employees how to put together the Capt. Retro Cube.

JENNIFER LOGGINS What about packaging and shipping Ralph. Do you have an image in mind for the boxes that will contain the Capt. Retro Cube? No, but I have some ideas maybe Tom can help me draw something and then hire a graphic artist to lay out the printed sides to the Capt. Retro Cube?

JENNIFER LOGGINS Good idea. More people to hire. 52.

RALPH LOGGINS It has been a month now and everything has came together. The logo for the shipping box is finished and being sent our for a printing company to complete on a folding cardboard template. The Captain Retro cube will be in a box with a character similar to Captain America with a Shield that had the Initials CR on it in Red, white, and Blue. The entire box with be a red, white and blue motif signifying the American Flag.

JENNIFER LOGGINS That sounds great Ralph. Everyone is hired for now Ralph.

TOM LOGGINS Yeah, I had to order 2 thousand boxes for now with an option to order 3 thousand more on short notice at a reduced rate.

RALPH LOGGINS Great then we are ready to set up the assembly line. I will need everyone’s help in putting the parts at the proper place in the assembly line. I ordered plenty of rollers to allow the factory workers to pass the cube down the line to the next worker. Jennifer, you and Tom have to help me show everyone what their job will be. First, I will show you guys on a chart I made where we start. Looking at the chart, Station One is taking the two piece cube out of the box and hot gluing in place the mother board for the mini-computer inside the cube. Stage two will install the CPU on the mother board by inserting it and soldering it in place. We are going to need someone who can work with small detail and be accurate with soldering the cpu to the mother board. The third station will be to insert the buttons by drilling holes in the sides of the cube.

(MORE) 53.

RALPH LOGGINS (CONT’D) Station Four will attach the wires to a power source which will be a rechargeable watch battery. Station Five is the installation of the stress buttons and spring in the middle of the top and bottom of the cube. Also included is a tiny vibration motor to make the whole cube vibrate slowly. Station Six will be putting in a tiny receptor for a solar array for charging the cube in the sun. Also included will be the receptor for a quiet sound ear phones which are extra. Station Seven will be providing some shock material to prevent the cube from being shook around. Station eight will be glueing the two shells of the cube’s sides together. Station Nine will be packaging and putting the boxes together.

JENNIFER LOGGINS Sounds like you have it all worked out. What are Tom and I going to do?

TOM LOGGINS Yeah, Ralph what is our job. I hate factory work. My mind wanders.

RALPH LOGGINS All three of us will supervise and do quality control and mailing duties. Jennifer you are going to contact the store buyers and make them an offer to sell our Capt. Retro Cubes. They get to buy the cubes at wholesale which I figure will be around $5.99. They can retail the product for $10.99 Giving them a five dollar profit on each item sold.

TOM LOGGINS Did you consider returns and repairing them?

RALPH LOGGINS No, glad you thought of it Tom. How do we do that? 54.

TOM LOGGINS The retailers will credit returns back to the customers and then take that amount and deduct it from out bill. They will return the cubes to us to refurbish or throw out. We can fix them or mark them down as a business loss on our taxes. You will need a person once in a while to check returns and indicate if we can repair the cube. That means we have to have a way to take the cube apart without destroying it. Maybe you should come up with a way to do that Ralph?

RALPH LOGGINS Great, beginning now we have to start slowly training our employees and make sure they can put these cubes together accurately. I am hoping you and Jennifer can help me do this. You know how bad I am with socializing and getting along with people so I need your help tomorrow when we start training them.

JENNIFER LOGGINS OK, We are behind you 100%. I will work with Tom tomorrow in setting everything out for the assembly line to begin. Then we will time how long it takes to put together one cube so we can estimate how many cubes we can build five days a week with the weekends off.

RALPH LOGGINS Thanks Jennifer. You are the best sister every.

JENNIFER LOGGINS The only sister you have. (Laughing).



The first day of training five autistic young adults begins 55.

for the Capt. Retro Cube factory.


JENNIFER LOGGINS Thanks for getting here on time people. Today, Ralph, Tom and I are going to show you your new factory job. Keep in mind you do not have to work fast. Just work at the speed you are comfortable with. We will give bathroom every two hours for fifteen minutes so everyone can take a break at the same time, and start again at the same time. Let’s start with station 1-Station One is taking the two piece cube out of the box and hot gluing in place the mother board for the mini-computer inside the cube. Billy you start first, and take the two halves of a plastic cube. See the two brackets in the other box. You are going to glue the brackets in place on the inside of the cube on side 1 and side 3 as shown in the model in front of you. Go ahead try it.

Billy Williams has a slight case of autism which includes tactile issues like Ralph has and he tends to stutter when talking. Bill is 18 years of age, white, thin with blond hair and 6 feet tall.

BILLY WILLIAMS (24) AUTISTIC Ok. I glue the bracket inside the cube on this side, and then on the other side. Other side, staaa de. Sorry I stutter a lot.

JENNIFER LOGGINS I forgot to tell you have a metal ruler to mark the exact middle of the cube on the inside so the mother board will be straight inside the cube. Watch me, measure half of three inches, which is 1 1/2 or 1.5 Inches. Mark the inside with a magic marker, and then glue the bracket in place, and let it dry before you push it onto the next station. Are you good with numbers Billy? 56.

BILLY WILLIAMS Sure I am great at numbers. 1 1/2 inches and mark on the inside of the cube. Let me try it Jennifer. Ma ma Measure 1 1/2 inches from the bottom of the inside of the cube. There, now I can ga ga glue the bracket in place. When they are both dry I can glue the mother board in place. There done. How is that Jennifer?



TOM LOGGINS You go Billy.

JENNIFER LOGGINS Now we are going to Station 2-Stage two will install the CPU on the mother board by inserting it, and soldering it in place. We are going to need someone who can work with small detail and be accurate with soldering the cpu to the mother board. Sally you are good with your hands, aren’t you.

Sally McKenna is autistic and has poor eyesight and has to wear high powered glasses. She is short with brown hair in a pony tail. She is shy around strangers.

SALLY MCKENNA (28) AUTISTIC Yes, I think so Jennifer. My mother taught me how to sew my clothes.

Will that help?

JENNIFER LOGGINS Sure sewing is small detail work. Great. We are going to show you how to solder. You have to wear protective gloves so you don’t burn yourself. The first thing you are going to do is put this little spider like thing called a CPU into the four holes on the motherboard Billy just got done gluing together.

(MORE) 57.

JENNIFER LOGGINS (CONT’D) After You put the CPU in place which is easy, you take your hot solder iron and drop a little bit of silver on the edge of the cpu to prevent it from falling out of the motherboard. Here watch me Sally. Easy?

SALLY MCKENNA Now it is my turn. Take the cpu and put it into the four holes on the mother board. Take the hot solder iron, and hold it to the silver solder, and let a drop land on the edge of the cpu. Done. How is that Jennifer? I am a little nervous 1,2, 3, 4,5,6,7,8,9,10, deep breath. OK I am good now.

JENNIFER LOGGINS Fantastic Sally. You are going to be real good at this station. Next is Station 3-The third station will be to insert the buttons by drilling holes in the sides of the cube. Then putting the little buttons in the holes. Jake how about you trying station 3? Just put the template with the holes already drilled on the top of the cube and use the drill press to drill four holes and insert the little buttons in each hole. Each button has a different color, Red is first, Black is second, Green is third, and Yellow is last. There is a model done right in front of you.

Here try it Jake.

Jake is a short and heavy set young man with a crew cut style hair and a clean shaven face. Jake is autistic and has many problems learning and dealing with people in general.

JAKE POSTER (23) AUTISTIC My hand shakes a little, but I can concentrate on getting it to stop. OK? Put the cube on the drill press. Lay the template on top and drill four holes. Put the buttons in the holes, Red first, black second, green third and Yellow last. How is that? 58.

TOM LOGGINS Good job buddy. You got it perfect Jake. (Everyone claps their hands)

JENNIFER LOGGINS We are doing good so let’s move on to Station 4- Station Four will attach the wires to a power source which will be a rechargeable watch battery. Willie you are going to try Station 4. Each of the buttons have a clip to wrap a wire around which will lead to a terminal where you will insert a watch battery on the mother board where these pins are to hole the battery in place.

You can wear magnifying glasses if you want to make seeing the little wires easily. Ready Willie?

Willie Sparks is a short black man with a small mustache and dark horn-rimmed glasses and short afro hair. He is autistic and his family is very poor. Willie’s father left home when he was two and his mother Mildred has to raise him and his sisters.

WILLIE SPARKS (27) AUTISTIC I like magnifying glasses. I will wear them a lot. Four wires, each a different color. Let’s see red is first, green second, blue third, and Yellow. Put the battery on the mother board and attach the 4 wires. These twisters will make is easy to pick up the little battery. How is that?

JENNIFER LOGGINS Super job Willie. Now we are up to Station 5-Station Five is the installation of the stress buttons and spring in the middle of the top and bottom of the cube. Also included is a tiny vibration motor to make the whole cube vibrate slowly. Donna we are up to you to do Station Five. Can you keep your hands steady Donna?

Donna McDougal is a short Irish girl with red hair. She is autistic too and just graduated from High school the year before. She wears glasses to read and has issues with cold and hot weather, certain foods and the need to be neat to the point of obsession. 59.

DONNA MCDOUGAL (19) AUTISTIC I think I can keep from shaking?

Let me see I make sure the stress buttons on the top and bottom of the cube are inserted. I have to put the template on the bottom and drill a hole. Now I have to insert the spring inside from button to button next to the mother board.

The tiny vibration motor attaches to the mother board at the connection here. How does that look? This looks like fun.

JENNIFER LOGGINS You will do fine Donna. Now for Station 6-Station Six will be putting in a tiny attachment for a solar array for charging the cube in the sun. Also included will be the receptor for a quiet sound ear phones which are extra. We are up to Keith Adder now. Are you ready Keith.

Keith Adder is a tall thin young man who is autistic. He talks very low and is very shy. He has problems with his emotions and has to take medication to keep calm. He has problems socializing too.

KEITH ADDER (20) AUTISTIC I am afraid I am going to make a mistake Jennifer. I always worry about failure. Do you think I can do this Jennifer? I can’t stop tapping my leg. Maybe I should go home and sleep?

JENNIFER LOGGINS Take a deep breath Keith. You can do this. All your are going to do is insert a little hole called a receptor to hook up to ear phones and tiny attachment to connect to a tiny solar array which goes on the side of the cube like the model here.

KEITH ADDER I will give it a try Jennifer. Let see put this little metal thing in a hole for earphones to hook up. Now the connector for the tiny solar array.

(MORE) 60.

KEITH ADDER (CONT’D) Boy that is cut like a little mirror made of little tiles? Yeah, I can do this.

TOM LOGGINS Let me help Jennifer. The next station is Station Seven which will be providing some shock material to prevent the cube from being shook around. Just take this soft fiberglass material, and stuff it in and around the mother board and wires. Station eight will be glueing the two shells of the cube’s sides together. Stations 7 & 8 will be combined into one station since the task is so easy. Tom Sauer it is your turn. Try it.

Tom Sauer is a brilliant autistic college student who has problems learning concepts but can memorize anything in numbers. He has issues with talking to other people and is very critical of himself.

TOM SAUER (25) It seems easy enough to just stuff the cube with this fiberglass stuff and finally hot glueing the two sides of the cube together. I like this hot glueing gun, cool. Can I wear ear phones while working. Music keeps me focused Jennifer.

JENNIFER LOGGINS Sure Tom. Ear phones are fine if you can stay focused.

Benedict Moor is mixed race with brown skin, dark eyes and he is also autistic age 19. Alice Boondals (20) is a tall white girl built like a Swedish woman. She is autistic, yet strong physically and six feet tall with dirty blonde hair. She is very outspoken and has trouble dealing with other people.

TOM LOGGINS Benedict Moor and Alice Boondals will take care of packing and shipping in Station nine. Everyone watch carefully. The box has several sides that all fold upward and the long flap goes over the top and down into the side of the box to hold the box together. A touch of glue on the seams will hold the entire box together.

(MORE) 61.

TOM LOGGINS (CONT’D) The cube goes in the display box after the sides are up and before the top flap is glued closed. We are assigning two people because they will also have to put the boxes into cartons and put them on hand trucks to pile up for shipping to retailers. Let’s take a break for now. There are donuts and coffee or soda over on the table for you to eat and drink. Nice job gang.




A year has gone by, and the Captain Retro Cube is a major success among children and adults who are autistic, learning disabled or nervous disorders. The State of Connecticut officially cited the Captain Retro Cube for excellence in the field of products for children and adults of special needs.


JENNIFER LOGGINS Ralph it have been a little over a year since we started manufacturing the Captain Retro Cube, and we are starting to make a profit, and we have doubled our working force. That is great news. Also, we got Toys and Tools, Target, Macy’s and J.C. Penny to carry the Captain Retro Cube in the toy departments.

RALPH LOGGINS I am so glad. Everyone said I was stupid to build a cube, and now they are wrong.

TOM LOGGINS What is your next invention going to be big brother? 62.

RALPH LOGGINS I don’t know, but I was thinking of a device like an abacus that can help someone predict the numbers that might come up in a lottery based on the numbers that appear the most.

TOM LOGGINS That sounds cool. If someone wins using that product we will become millionaires many times over.

RALPH LOGGINS I guess. I have to go put on some shorts. My pants are scratching me. They are driving me crazy.

A few day later.

JENNIFER LOGGINS Ralph, Ralph you have a phone call from Toys and Tools. They want to buy the exclusive rights to manufacturer the Captain Retro Cube themselves. Here talk to them.

RALPH LOGGINS Hello, yes this is Ralph Loggins.

What is your name again? Roger Fedora, CEO of Toys and Tools.

That’s nice.

Roger Fedora is a typical lawyer looking person of medium height, mustache, glasses and pale white skin. He hair is slightly long to his ears and is brown and grey.


Yes, Mr. Loggins, we would like to meet with you and your lawyer to make an offer to buy you out regarding the patent for the Captain Retro Cube. We will make a handsome offer to buy out your patent and exclusive rights to make and distribute your product. It will make you a millionaire.

RALPH LOGGINS I am already a millionaire. What about my employees? They are all autistic or learning disabled. And they depend on this job to survive. 63.

ROGER FEDORA We will offer them a severance package which will last them a year.

RALPH LOGGINS I don’t know. I will have to talk with my sister and brother and my lawyer and then call you back. Good bye.

JENNIFER LOGGINS What do you think Ralph. Toys and Tools will make you a millionaire again, based on them buying out your patent, and exclusive rights to distribute the product around the world. That is more than we could ever do. I am just worried about out employees. We told them we would take care of them forever with a job that is easy and fun.

RALPH LOGGINS You are right. I am already a millionaire, and more than making the Captain Retro Cube, I wanted to help people like me that are autistic to find a job that they could do without having stress or a melt down when it got too hard to do. I owe them for believing in me when we started. I have to think about this a lot.

JENNIFER LOGGINS Talk with mom and dad. They might have some ideas.

RALPH LOGGINS That is a good idea.

A week later Ralph goes to his parent’s house to talk to them about the buy out offer from Toys and Tools.

RALPH LOGGINS (CONT’D) Mom and dad I have an offer from Toys and Tools to buy out the Captain Retro Cube patient and exclusive distribution rights around the world for millions of dollars.

(MORE) 64.

RALPH LOGGINS (CONT’D) We just started making a profit after a year of finding retail stores that would carry the Captain Retro Cube on their shelves. What do you think?

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS That sound wonderful Ralph. Millions of dollars to buy out the patient. Amazing. What do your think Greg?

BILL LOGGINS I think it is great too, however part of the idea to make the cube was to provide learning disabled teens and adults an opportunity to work in a low stress environment and make money to live on their own. That is a commitment, I remember you told everyone a year ago would be forever. One year is not forever.

RALPH LOGGINS I was thinking the same thing dad. It is all very confusing for me.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Ralph you need to do what is best for you and your employees. Money isn’t everything. If you sell your company, what will you do instead? You don’t like working for other people and you don’t like working with people, period.

RALPH LOGGINS You are right mom. I don’t like socializing. I like being my own boss with Jennifer and Tom helping me. We are one big family and I like that. I am going to call them back. No, I will have Jennifer call them back and turn the offer down. A week later.

JENNIFER LOGGINS Hello Mr. Fedora? This is Jennifer Loggins Vice President of Captain Retro Cube company. 65.

ROGER FEDORA Yes this is Mr. Fedora. Whom am I speaking to?

JENNIFER LOGGINS Mr. Fedora, Ralph and I, and our parents have discussed your generous offer, and have decided to turn it down for several reasons. First, it provides jobs for people of special needs, especially autistic teens and adults. Secondly, It keeps Ralph busy, and he enjoys being his own boss. I am afraid we will have to turn your offer down.

ROGER FEDORA But you haven’t even met with us yet? This could be worth millions of dollars for you and your brother.

JENNIFER LOGGINS This is not about money Mr. Fedora. It is about friends and employees that depend on this product to provide them a lifetime of working and being self sufficient.

ROGER FEDORA I wish you would change your mind.

JENNIFER LOGGINS No, we are firm in our resolution.

Thank you for making the offer.

Have a good day. Good bye.

When Jennifer gets off the phone Mr. Fedora has an emotional fit, and begins throwing things around his office at Toys and Tools.

ROGER FEDORA I can’t believe that idiot would sell his patient? I will be god dammed, we are going to copy that product, and steal it from him one way or another. Sally call the inhouse lawyer Bill Sawyer. I want to talk to him about getting this product. 66.

SALLY DORMAN (34) SECRETARY TOYS AND TOOLS Yes Mr. Fedora. I will call him right away.

Minutes later.

WILLIAM SLATER (60) IN HOUSE COUNSEL Mr. Fedora, what is up?

ROGER FEDORA Bill there is a hot product on the market invented by a brilliant autistic young man called the Captain Retro Cube. It has sold millions of units in just one year after hitting the retail market. I made this young man an offer in the millions to buy out his patent and exclusive rights to distribution and he turned me down. He is loyal to his factory workers that are mostly autistic or learning disabled and totally dependent on him for a salary and a living.

WILLIAM SLATER What do you want to do Roger? We could make a close copy, and try to market it. We could reverse engineer it if you want. Or on the dark side we could hire an operative to try and steel the blueprints on how the cube is made and what is inside?

ROGER FEDORA If we have to hire an operative, I do not want my name associated with paying this individual in any way. I could be fired from my position as CEO if we got caught.

WILLIAM SLATER I understand Roger. I will work through a third party who will not identify where the stolen blueprints are going and who is paying for this operation to take place. Payment will be made in cash so there is no paper trail. Do you want me to proceed Roger? 67.

ROGER FEDORA Yes, yes, get that bastard’s blueprints so we can blow him out of the water. After all we are Toys and Tools and no one tells us no. Report back to me when you discover something substantial. Now we are going to play hard-ball.

WILLIAM SLATER Yes Sir. I will contact a third party and request he try to steal the blue prints. I will let you know what we uncover.

ROGER FEDORA Remember, we never had this discussion and make sure my name can not be traced to this third party. OK, have a nice day Bill.



Six months later Ralph, Jennifer, and Tom and other employees are busy shipping orders out to Costco, Macy’s and J.C. Penny’s from their barn house factory.


TOM LOGGINS Well that is the last of the boxes to ship out today. It took seven hours, but all the boxes being shipped to Costco, Macy’s and J.C. Penny’s are taped, labeled and ready to be shipped. I will have a UPS truck come by tomorrow to pick up the boxes. Phew that was a lot of work. Good job guys.

JENNIFER LOGGINS I wish we had robots to do this work. I have never seen so many boxes ready to be shipped. We cannot increase our production any more than we are doing right now. At times that Toys and Tools offer looks good. Only kidding. 68.

RALPH LOGGINS I cannot believe how much work there is just to ship a few thousand boxes? Man this is real work.

JENNIFER LOGGINS (Laughing) See what you started Ralph, Captain Retro. (Laughing). I’ll set the digital alarm system before we go home for the night guys.

TOM LOGGINS OK, remembered you volunteered. I am out of here. I have a date tonight with a new girl friend. See you tomorrow gang.

Jennifer goes to the master digital alarm system and throws all the switches to on including the Barn and the offices in the Farm house.

JENNIFER LOGGINS OK, 30 seconds to get out of her folks. Come on Ralph the place is in lock-down until tomorrow morning.

RALPH LOGGINS I beat you out of the offices Jennifer.

All the employee cars pull away and Ralph goes upstairs to his personal apartment to relax and play electronic games. Very carefully he sets out six glasses of soda and fills up each one as he drinks down each glass of soda.

FADE OUT. Later that evening. A truck quietly pulls into the farm property of Ralph Loggins and turns off it’s lights.

FADE IN: James Boucher is an unshaven heavy set man and a drunk. He is always smoking a cigar and wears dark baggy clothing. He was once a lawyer who got disbarred and now works illegally as a spy and thief for corporations.


Benny have you got the flashlight?

I will carry the bag of tools. We believe the blue prints for the box are in the cabinet in the office in the farm house.

(MORE) 69.

JAMES BOUCHER (50) CORPORATE SPY AND The second possibility is the factory in the barn. It looks like they have a complete alarm system with outside cameras. Benny you cut the wires to the system and plug in the fake switch box and that should prevent the alarm from going off. I have a set if lock master keys that should work, otherwise I am going to have to pick the locks. When I get into the office you take the bolt cutter and cut the locks off the file cabinets.

Benny is a small fat grubby and dirty men who is unshaven and dirty looking. He wears dark rimmed glasses and has a distinctive large nose.

BENNY DECOSTAL (50) BURGLAR I got this Jim. These guys are amateurs. The electrical system is old fashioned and will be easy to cut.

JAMES BOUCHER We will leave the car here and walk into the farm from here. I don’t believe they have a dog. The apartment is upstairs, so be quiet.

BENNY DECOSTAL Yeah let’s go, I am getting nervous.

Minutes later both thieves walk up to the farm house in the dark.

BENNY DECOSTAL (CONT’D) (Whispering) The wire is cut and the transfer box is hooked up. We’re good to go.

JAMES BOUCHER The lock is a little rusty but I got it. Let’s go the file cabinet is over there. Cut the lock.

BENNY DECOSTAL Cut the lock. (whispering)

JAMES BOUCHER I can’t find any blueprint files. Damm where the hell are they? Nothing is in alphabetical order. Who the hell filed these files, a monkey?

(MORE) 70.

JAMES BOUCHER (CONT’D) Damm, damm I cannot find anything.

Let’s go to the barn. Maybe we can find something there?

Both thieves walk quietly in the dark over to the barn fifty yards away.

BENNY DECOSTAL There is an electronic camera in front of the barn. We are going to have to cut the wire to it or it is going to film us. Unfortunately, it is 18 feet or more up on the front of the barn. I don’t have a ladder. We are screwed. Stay in the dark on the right side of the barn. I have to figure this out.

JIM BORCHERS Hurray up fool, the lights just went on in the apartment over the office. He may have woken up?

Meanwhile, Ralph hears some noise in the night and sat bolt up right listening to the sounds of the night. He puts on the light in his bedroom.

BENNY DECOSTAL Oh, shit I stepped in a water can. Damm my foot is all wet now.

JIM BORCHERS Shut up. You made so much noise the upstairs apartment lights just went on. Let’s get out of here before the cops come.

FADE OUT. The next day at the Toys and Tools corporate office in Wayne, New Jersey two hours away from New Town, Connecticut.


ROGER FEDORA, CEO OF TOYS AND TOOLS (On his cell phone) Hello Bill, how did the raid go?

WILLIAM SLATER Not good. Our agents got into the office but could not find the blueprints and when they got to the barn it has a security camera 18 feet up in the air. They got nothing. I am sorry. They almost got caught since they woke up the tenant upstairs from the office. 71.

ROGER FEDORA, CEO OF TOYS AND TOOLS This is real bad news. I was planning on copying those blueprints and putting a copy of the Captain Retro Cube into production. Now I have to nix the whole thing. Did you pay off our friends in cash?

WILLIAM SLATER There is no trace back to you. They got their cash and are long gone.

ROGER FEDORA, CEO OF TOYS AND TOOLS Let’s never talk of this again Bill.


SCENE 2- INT.-CAPTAIN RETRO OFFICES 9:00 A.M.-DAY. The next morning.


RALPH LOGGINS Jennifer I am glad you got here early. Someone broke into the office last night and cut the wires to the alarm system too. I heard a bucket falling over near the barn last night and woke up. I looked out the window and could see nothing. Should we call the Police?

JENNIFER LOGGINS Definitely Ralph. I will call 911 right away. Did they take anything? What were they looking for?

RALPH LOGGINS The file cabinet lock was cut and the draws were open but I don’t see any missing files yet. There are so many files, I don’t know what they were looking for? 72.

JENNIFER LOGGINS That was very strange. They went through all this effort to break in, so there must have been something they were looking for? Did they get into the barn?

RALPH LOGGINS No, the barn is still locked. The security camera shows two men in the darkness looking up at the camera and then running away.

TOM LOGGINS Good morning guys. How come no one opened the barn yet?

RALPH LOGGINS We had a break in.

TOM LOGGINS What do you mean break in?

JENNIFER LOGGINS Someone broke into the office, and tried to steal something, but we don’t know what it was. They cut the lock in the file cabinet, so that must be where they were looking? I called the Police, and they will be here shortly.

TOM LOGGINS Holy crap we had a real break-in. What is that all about?



Sergeant Gosling is a partially bald, tall man, 6ft.2”, with a small mustache, partially greying hair, short cut style with a Boston accent.


SERGEANT MAX GOSLING (55) I understand you had a break in last night Ms. Loggins? 73.

JENNIFER LOGGINS Yes, someone broke into the office and cut the lock off the file cabinet but nothing seems to be stolen.

SERGEANT MAX GOSLING That seems very strange. They cut the security wires and attached a device to fool the security system. Now that seems very professional to me. What is it that you keep in the office that is of great value?

JENNIFER LOGGINS We don’t keep any cash in the office because most of our business is all credit. We keep the blueprints to the Captain Retro cube locked in the file cabinet stored under a false name.

SERGEANT MAX GOSLING Has anyone threatened you or your brothers lately?

RALPH LOGGINS Hi Jennifer, is this the Policeman you called?

JENNIFER LOGGINS Yes Ralph. Ralph this is Sergeant Gosling. He is investigating the break in. Can you show the officer the video recording for the barn from last night?

RALPH LOGGINS Yeah I have it on tape. Let me bring it up on the computer. See two men were outside the barn hiding in the shadows. They are looking at the camera and then they duck into the darkness out of range of the camera. The camera is mounted 18 feet up in the air and can focus up to 50 feet in all directions in front of the barn but not the sides.

SERGEANT MAX GOSLING Can I have a copy of that recording for evidence Mr. Loggins? 74.

RALPH LOGGINS Sure I can burn it to a DVD for you. It will just take a minute.

SERGEANT MAX GOSLING I just need to take some pictures of the cut lock, cabinet and the front door lock and I will be able to file my report. Do you have insurance to cover break-ins? If so I can give you a statement for the insurance company.

JENNIFER LOGGINS Than you Sergeant Gosling. Yes, we have insurance for liability and security break-ins with New York Insurance company.

SERGEANT MAX GOSLING I will be in touch in a few days when I finish filing my report. I will as the Chief of Police to make sure a cruiser passes by your property a few times each night. Have a good day.


Good bye.



Everything in Ralph’s apartment is neatly in place. He is a neat freak and has to have everything in place so he can find it when he wants to. He is neat to the point of obsession.Ralph and Jennifer are sitting at the kitchen table and talking.


RALPH LOGGINS You know Jennifer when people called me retarded, and retro, I was very hurt that they seemed to make fun of me for being different. (MORE) 75.

RALPH LOGGINS (CONT’D) Since then I have the last laugh by making a product that is making us millions of dollars yearly, and I used that stupid name Retro, and turned it into a Super Hero product. Now what do I do? Things almost seemed to easy with all the money I have.

JENNIFER LOGGINS Why don’t we reach out to the schools in Connecticut, and teach them how to feel like a Super Hero with good work values and personal respect for themselves?

RALPH LOGGINS That is a great idea Jennifer. How do we do that?

JENNIFER LOGGINS Let’s run a State wide contest to determine a Super Hero who had done something for someone else that deserves recognition with the Captain Retro Super Hero Award. We can give them a red cape with Captain Retro Super Hero on the back, and money in the form of a scholarship to use at any school or college they wish to attend.

RALPH LOGGINS How are we going to do that and travel around the State promoting our campaign for Super-Heros?

JENNIFER LOGGINS We could put Tom in charge more and ask mom and dad if they want to get involved with the factory and shipping. We could pay dad more money than he makes from the State and allow him to become involved in something his son created. Mom is good at bookkeeping, so she could take over the accounts payable and receivable. How does that sound for a plan. Meanwhile, you and I can travel around the State to Elementary schools, Middle schools and maybe high schools? 76.

RALPH LOGGINS Can I dress up as a Super-hero?

JENNIFER LOGGINS Why not you are the CEO? Let’s show kids that they can dream, and make their dreams come true. Let’s show them the Capt Retro Cube, and allow them to invent something they can make and sell.

RALPH LOGGINS Cool, I am excited already. You are a genius Sister Jennifer.

JENNIFER LOGGINS I have a lot to do first. I need to talk with mom and dad about our idea, and then I need to hire someone to work with me on the State wide campaign for Developing Good Super Heros. We have to create flyers and send letters to all the Superintendents of School districts and school principals to generate interest. If we put something like a donation to the school of $1,000 for technology equipment at their school for participating in the Super Hero Program.

A week later.

JENNIFER LOGGINS (CONT’D) Mom have you got a minute? Ralph, Tom and I have an offer to make. We want to take the Capt Retro Cube and Personality Development program state-wide to all the public and private schools with presentations and clinics where we can encourage kids of all ages to try and invent something useful and perhaps marketable like the Capt. Retro Cube.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS That sounds wonderful. I am so happy for all three of you working together. How can I help?

JENNIFER LOGGINS Ralph, Tom and I want you and dad to join us in running the Capt. Retro Cube factory and accounts. (MORE) 77.

JENNIFER LOGGINS (CONT’D) We will pay you more than you are earning from the State of Connecticut, with full benefits.

Tom is being promoted to factory manager and we cannot travel around the State without someone we trust to take over the shipping and accounts while we travel to schools and deliver our Super Hero message for all students to allow themselves to dream and come up with inventions.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Wow, that is a great offer, but I have to talk it over with your father first to see if he is onboard.

JENNIFER LOGGINS Thanks Mom. We can be the Loggins family working together as partners in a multi-million dollar business. Did I tell you the Toys and Tools tried to buy us out by the way for millions of dollars for the patient and full access to selling the Capt. Retro Cube world-wide.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS Really? I didn’t know. What a great offer. Did you accept?

JENNIFER LOGGINS No, we turned them down, because Ralph needs something to do the rest of his life and building the Capt. Retro Cube is his mission in life. We decided that we could take people laughing at a Super Hero and turn it into something positive like personality development clinics and encouraging all students normal or with learning disabilities to dream and follow through with their dreams like Ralph did with his life.

JILL ELIZABETH LOGGINS I am so very touched at your ideas Jennifer. You make me very proud to be your mother. I will talk to you dad tonight. 78.

JENNIFER LOGGINS Thanks mom. See you later.



Jennifer, Ralph and Tom’s parents join the Capt. Retro Cube corporation and help to run the program while Jennifer and Ralph and staff tour the State of Conn. Public and private schools with the Super-Hero Personality Booster Days. A thousand dollar donation is offered each school that has any student in its school that qualifies with an invention that is accepted in the State finals; whether they win first or not.


JENNIFER LOGGINS Ralph we are going on our first Capt. Retro Cube clinic today at two schools in Stamford, Conn.

RALPH LOGGINS That sounds great. I have been working on my speech and costume. This should be fun.

JENNIFER LOGGINS We are taking two vans. One van will carry us and the music and setup staff for the clinic. The second van will carry free Capt. Retro Cubes for everyone in each school. About 1800 cubes is what we estimate. The Principal of each school will introduce you and I to the students and they I will tell them how you won the Powerball lottery and put your winnings to a good cause helping other autistic children and adults with an electronic fidget cube device.

RALPH LOGGINS My job is to explain how the cube works. Should we hand the cubes out first or after the clinic.

JENNIFER LOGGINS If we hand the cubes out before the speeches they will not be listening as they play with the cubes. 79.

RALPH LOGGINS Right, good idea. How far is Stanford?

JENNIFER LOGGINS About an hour south of New Town.

RALPH LOGGINS Did you pack the red capes with the Captain Retro logo on them?

JENNIFER LOGGINS Yup, we have 500 capes for outstanding students that the Principal and teachers have identified as helping other students and setting a positive example to other students.




PRINCIPAL TOM WATES, COLUMBUS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (45) (Speaking over the PA system) Attention students and teachers. We are having a special assembly program today at 9:30 in ten minutes. The young CEO of Capt.

Retro Cubes will be here with his support team to celebrate Super Hero day. All the students in every class that have been identified as deserving of the Capt. Retro Award will be given a free Capt. Retro Cube and a Super Hero Cape with the Capt. Retro logo on the back.

30 minutes later.

PRINCIPAL TOM WATES, COLUMBUS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (CONT’D) Welcome students and teachers. I have the proud honor to introduce the Sister of CEO Ralph Loggins, Jennifer Loggins. Jennifer will tell you a little about her brother and how special his life has been. (MORE) 80.

PRINCIPAL TOM WATES, COLUMBUS Please pay careful attention to what they have to say. After their talks we will have all the Capt.

Retro award winners come up here on the stage to accept their awards for being a Super hero to other students. And here is Ms. Jennifer Loggins

JENNIFER LOGGINS Good morning students of Columbus Elementary School. My brother Ralph and I and our support staff are happy to be here today to talk about giving to your fellow students and being a Super-hero, dreaming and fulfilling your dreams. Let me tell you a little about my brother Ralph. Ralph was born slightly autistic and the Doctors at that time 23 years ago did not know what to do for autistic children. My mother had to go to many Doctors to find out what she could do for Ralph. Being autistic is about seeing things differently than others. Sometimes clothes rubbing against Ralph’s skin bothers him. Being social is very difficult for him also. He is exceptionally bright when it comes to Math and memorizing things but Foreign Language is hard for him. Our family has always been supportive of Ralph even when he has a melt down in a stressful situation. It was Ralph who after reading a lot of articles on the odds of winning a lottery can be predicted to some extent, so he applied a formula he learned from a Brazilian Professor in an online article to the Connecticut Powerball Lottery. The formula applied a formula based on the numbers that had shown up in the last two years of the Powerball Lottery and predicted the best choices at that time to win. Ralph purchased $50 dollars in Powerball lottery tickets three years ago and believe it or not he won $170 million dollars. How about that? Let’s give Ralph a big hand. (MORE) 81.

JENNIFER LOGGINS (CONT’D) What did Ralph do with all the money? He invented a tool or fidget toy for autistic children and adults and people that had learning disabilities or just nervous habits to help them focus or destress. I am going to let Ralph explain to you how the Capt. Retro Cube got it’s name, and how the electronic functions work. Here is my brother CEO Ralph Loggins. Let’s give him a big hand. (Clapping)

RALPH LOGGINS Hi everyone. Glad to be here today. Lots of people ask, how did I come up with the name Captain Retro. Well, people used to always call me names for being autistic and different in school. They used to call me retarded, and it hurt me. Why they did not like me. They called me a retro too. When I won the Powerball lottery, everyone in the world wanted me to give them money. They were so jealous I got more, and more insults such as retard, retarded, retro, and Captain Retro. I was depressed at all the name calling, just because I was rich and they were not. I decided to take something negative and turn it into something positive, so I invented the cube for fidgeting for autistic students and adults. It also works well for nervous people. I called the electronic cube the Capt. Retro Cube to make all those names people called me become something positive instead. Here is the cube (holding it up in the air) Each one of you that have been identified as giving to your fellow students and supporting them and not being selfish get one of these cubes free today. On the top of the cube is a squeeze button and on the bottom of the cube also. When you are having stress you squeeze the two buttons and the cube reads 1-10 in a small meter with 10 being highly stressed and 1 being no stress. The Capt. (MORE) 82.

RALPH LOGGINS (CONT’D) Retro cube also has calming features like a soft vibration mode or the soft low sound mode. One side has a rough surface for rubbing your hand across or a finger to help focus. The battery is hooked up to a tiny solar sensor which charges the battery if left out in the sun. A clip is attached to one corner to secure it to a lanyard to put around your neck so you don’t lose your cube. Lastly, the cube is small enough to put in your pocket and it has a location sensor which works with any iPhone to identify your location on a map, so in case you get lost your parents can easily find you on their iPhone. Lastly, the cape I am wearing is to remind you that anyone can become a Super-hero if they dream and treat other people with respect and loyalty. Every winner of the Capt. Retro Award today in every classroom will receive a free Super-hero Cape. Maybe we can set up Super-hero day every year at your school to encourage treating your friends with respect and especially students with autism and learning disabilities. I am going to give the mic to your Principal to call up the Capt. Retro award winners to come up to the stage and receive their free cube and cape. Let’s give all the winner now and future winner a big hand. Thank you.

PRINCIPAL TOM WATES, COLUMBUS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Thank you CEO Ralph Loggins and Jennifer Loggins. And now I am going to announce the 575 students that are going to be honored today.

After all 550 students came up on the stage, and received their award a group photo was taken and the Principal thanked everyone for coming and dismissed them back to their classrooms. 83.

PRINCIPAL TOM WATES, COLUMBUS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (CONT’D) On a personal note I want to thank you Ralph and Jennifer for providing a positive image for our students to copy Your visit today has been a real positive boost for our school spirit. Thank you and come again next year.

RALPH LOGGINS It has been our pleasure Principal Wates.

JENNIFER LOGGINS Well we have to run. We have another school assembly in an hour from now. Thank you Principal Wates.

Ralph, Jennifer and their support staff pack up and leave for the next school.

RALPH LOGGINS I am so glad I managed to get my whole speech out without mumbling.

JENNIFER LOGGINS You did great Ralph. I was a little nervous too. Now Captain Retro, Super Hero has become a house-hold name. You did well brother despite all the criticism you stood up to the bullies and shamed them.


Looking Back at the Title V federal grant at the College of Mount Saint Vincent, Riverdale, Bronx, New York 2001-2005.

by Dr. Pelham Mead III

A true story of a five year Title V federal grant at the College of Mount Saint Vincent, a small Catholic College in Riverdale, New York, 2001-2005.

Twenty years ago in May of 2001 I was hired as the Director of the Teacher Learning Center at the College of Mount Saint Vincent in Riverdale, New York, on the border of Westchester county and the Bronx on the Hudson River. The Associate Dean at the time interview me first and I was recommended by Sister Margaret who was the Department chairperson of the Education Department. Originally, the Fall before in 2000 I applied for a job as a Professor of Special Education and Sister Margaret passed my name along as a possible Director of the Title V, Hispanic Serving Institutions grant for 1.1 million dollars.

The Dean of Students previously wrote the Title V grant but when it was awarded she had taken a leave of absence to care for her son in Arizona who was in a car crash. She never returned, so the 160 page grant was never read by anyone in the College. President Richard Flynn was hired in January of 2001 and insisted that someone be hired to run the Title V grant project for five years. I was interviewed in April 2001 and after several interviews including a group interview of ten people and a final interview by the President. There was no Teacher Learning Center at the time and no office.

After I was hired there was no office for me to work in. I stayed a week in the Reading Center until they could find an office. A storage closet on the four floor of the Administration building was selected. At the time it was full of cabinets and had no desks or chairs.

My first job was to hire an office assistant. I was allowed to pick my own office assistant, so I chose a Cambodian woman who was in my Computer training class at BOCES of Nyack. Her name was Py Liv Sun. I selected her because she was a quick learner and hard worker. I needed someone I could trust and depend on to keep track of the purchase orders and financial records. Py Liv was a a perfect choice. She lived in Suffern, so she drove to my house in Nyack and left her car there and we drove in together to the College of Mount Saint Vincent for five years. Later on I hired a Teaching Assistant, Christine Servano, who was an outstanding student in my Adobe Photoshop course at BOCES.

My second big task was cleaning out the storage room so we could set up office for the new Teacher Learner Center. I called Facilities many times to remove the metal cabinets, but they never came. Py Liv and I moved the cabinets out ourselves leaving them in the hallway to be removed. Finally, Facilities removed them. Next we needed furniture, so we were told there was old furniture in the fifth floor attic we could take. There was only one elevator that went to the fifth floor attic. We found office chairs and several desks in the attic. I got a hand cart from the basement and Py Liv and I moved the tables and chairs down the elevator to our new office on the fourth floor.

The clean-up came next. The place was dusty and filthy. We had to scrub all the wall and the floor before we could sit in the office. Eventually, I got approval to hire someone to paint the walls to cover all the cracks and stains. The ceiling lights needed new bulbs and the windows needed caulking to fill the cracks. Finally, we settled in and I was able to order several computers to work with using Title V grant money. All expenses had to be approved by the College Provost before I could order anything. Our budget for the first year was $340,000 dollars. All of it had to be spent or our account would be red flagged. The grant called for five smart classrooms a year to be installed on the campus. I reached out to the VP of Finance and the Director of Facilities for help in finding classrooms to upgrade to Smart Classrooms, but I got no cooperation all summer of 2001. Every time I called the Director of Facilities he ducked out on me. For some reason he did not want to be involved in the Title V grant development.

I interviewed Professors that were still on campus in May and June of 2001 and found some supportive friends for technology. Professor Pat Grove in Biology was one of my biggest supporters and had previously pushed for technology at CMSV. Dean Bob Coleman in the Communications department was another great supporter. He told me the history of the College in relation to technology and the hiring of an outside agency to run the college computer and technology program at the cost of five million dollars. Sister Margaret was also a good friend in helping to get teachers to sign up for Instructional Technology tutoring with the Teacher Learner Center. Sue Apold was the Director of the Nursing Department at the time and she personally came down for instruction from me in the first year. I was able to help her Professors write two successful grants for the Nursing Department. Professor Kathy Flaherty won a Masters Degree plus certificate Nurse training program from the New York State Education department. I helped write all the technical specs for that program and helped teach Nurses with Master degrees who wanted a certificate to teach on the college level but did not want to take a Doctor degree to do so.

The second Nursing grant for $650,000. dollars was a technology Nursing grant from the Federal Office of Health. I had to install a MAC lab for that grant and train the teaching Professors how to use the MAC Computers. We converted two old unused classrooms into a computer lab. I helped file all the Assessment paperwork for the Nursing Professors and kept all their equipment up to date. They had to film or video tape lectures for future reference, so I filmed the lessons and showed the Professors how to use iMovie and Final Cut Pro edit the movies and see them to a server.

Back to the Teacher learner center. The Associate Dean who hired me ran the Reading center for students and was very popular, but not with the new President. He forced her to retire in a year and all of a sudden she was gone to Canada to retire. There were a lot of turnovers in the Administration especially at the VP of Finance and Comptroller positions. The VP of Finance had spent funds from the grant illegally and without permission of the new incoming President for a financial software program costing $60,000. I found about the expenditure when I did the first year Assessment report and realized that $60,000 was unaccounted for. With some research, Py Liv and I went through all the purchase orders prior to my being hired from the fall of 2000. Lo and behold we found monthly payments to a software program in Indiana and signed by the VP of Finance. I knew that being the new guy in administration I could not opposed the VP of Finance until I had more evidence. I was able to absorb the expense within the ten percent rule the first year, but eventually, I had to inform the President that the VP of Finance has spent $60,000 from the grant illegally before he or I were hired in the fall of 2000. The President confronted the VP of Finance with the copies of the purchase orders Py Liv and I found and he was fired. The Director of Facilities was also fired for refusin to cooperated with the Title V grant.

After a whole summer of planning and interviewing administrators and faculty I achieved no progress on constructing the five smart classrooms in the goals of the Title V grant, thanks to the lack of cooperation from the Director of Facilities. Finally, when all hope dimmed and the first year grant was about to expire on September 30, 2001, I went to the President and told him the Director of Facilities had blocked me all summer and prevented me from installing any smart classrooms as required by the Title V grant. I informed the President that if we did not install the smart classrooms and spent the money, we would lose the 1.1 million dollar grant from the US Department of Education. He was furious that the director was not cooperating. The President told me to do what ever it took to install the five smart classrooms that weekend before there grant expired. “Do whatever it takes,” he told me.So I hired a subcontractor that was a specialist in smart classroom installations for $25,000. Sister Mary Edward the administrator of the Biology building helped me renovate the Biology 90 seat lecture hall. We could not safely remove a giant ceiling projector without danger to the workers. Sister Mary Edward talked the college plumber, a devote Catholic, into climbing through the ceiling to reach the heavy projector and lower it down by rope to the floor. I was nervous he would get injured, but luckily all went well. Sister Mary Edward helped me plan the TV wall rack which had to be drilled through a brick wall to hold it up. We ran a LAN wire from the computer server closet for WAN access for computers. The chemistry counter was removed and an electronic giant movie screen was also installed. Sister Mary Edward got President Flynn to replace the broken plastic seats and new curtains for the faded and torn old curtains. It was a very successful smart classroom conversion thanks to her help and Professor Pat Grove.

Back in the administration building I chose rooms 410 and 412 and on the third floor 310 and 308 classrooms with fifteen foot ceilings. Room 410 had been started but never finished as a smart classroom previously. It had defective windows that were broken and cracked that had to be replaced. The LAN system was drilled through the floors to the server closet on the first floor. Later on as technology improved I installed portable wireless modems. Eventually, I copied the UCLA approach and had the wireless modems installed on the telephone poles in front of the Administration building. This saved thousands of dollars in not having to put a modem in every classroom.

I began installed year two smart classrooms the fall of 2002 to make sure we had plenty of time to do it right. Meanwhile, My first class of professors had started. The professors were too interested in what the other professors were doing than what they were learning. I had to scrap the classroom approach and switch to individual tutoring to custom design the instructional technology to each Professors needs and learning ability level. Each Professor got an hour a week for 14 weeks in which they received a stipend of $1600. This factor alone made the TLC program very popular. In addition I ordered Laptop computers to loan out to Professors to use for the semester. Most of the King brand desktop computers were broken and beyond repair in most Professor’s offices. The five million dollar fee for an outside company did not go very far. Being that I had access to funds and the Technology department did not, I was able to get their cooperation.

A third priority was to establish a TLC web site with online learning courses in Photoshop, MS Word, Powerpoint, and Access. I also taught podcasting and movie editing to advanced Professors. To keep the graduates of the TLC program active and involved, I offered monthly Grad dinners in which I brought homemade chili, Py liv brought Cambodian spring rolls and Christine brought Filipino Adobo Beef. The unique foreign meals were a big hit. I reported the TLC progress and offered lunch time catch up clinic in new programs.

Installing Blackboard was the next major priority. I had to learn the program from scratch and then teach it to all the faculty. It took help from Manhattan college to install the program. I then had to manually upload each professor’s classiest and teach them how to upload their syllabus and use the lockbox. I was the administrator for three years until Manhattan college hired a full time person.

The biggest and most difficult job was a costly installation of the Banner all-college system. Manhattan College again provided tech support. The cost of the modules was thousands o dollars and training was included for the student database, registrar, financial, admissions and accounting modules for staff. The installation was so expensive it had to be spread out over a couple of years. The Banner system completely replaced the previous Manhattan college and College of Mount Saint Vincent systems. It was a very complicated and expensive process.

Dressed up in my Columbia Doctor’s Robe for Graduation ceremonies at CMSV.


My Years at the College of Mount Saint Vincent as Director of the Teacher learner Center and Coordinator of the Title V federal grant for 1.1 million.

Dr. Pelham Mead, Director of the College of Mount Saint Vincent Teacher Learning Center 2001-2005.
Dr. Pelham Mead at CMSV graduation with Sister Mary Edward Zipf, Sisters of Charity and Biology Professor.

The College of Mount Saint Vincent Biology Building 2002

The College of Mount Saint Vincent administrative building 2002.

Communications Department. Sister Pat

My hard working assistant Mrs. Py Liv Sun at the CMSV Teacher Learning Center 2002-2005.

Professor Kathy Flannigan, Nursing Professor.

The first Smart Classroom presentation in 2002 Fall, room 210.

Dr. Mead and Kathy relaxing at the monthly TLC graduate dinner at the College of Mount Saint Vincent. Kathy was one of the first Professors to complete the TLC tutoring program.

Christine Servano, my TLC teaching Assistant

Christine the TLC teaching assistant working with a Business Professor.

Professor Arlene Moliterno teaching in a Smart Classroom 2002.

Smart Classroom with electronic movie screen, TV mounted on the wall, overhead projector and LAN access with portable Laptop computer.


Py Liv Sun and Professor of Sociology 2003.

Dr. Pelham Mead attending College ceremonies in the fall of 2001.

Professor Pat Grove, Biology in her Office 2002.

The Biology Classroom 2002.

Christine TLC teaching assistant helps Professor Moliterno.

Professor Barbara Cohen, Nursing Graduate Professor 2002.

TLC Assistant Py Liv Sun and Christine Servano working at their desks in the Teacher learning lab 2001.

Newly renovated smart classroom -Biology Lecture hall, With the help of Sister Mary Edward, Biology administrator we completed the upgrade in September 2001. The old projector was taken down and a new $5,000 projector was installed. LAN access was installed and the Chemistry counter was removed. An electronic movie screen was installed and a 37 inch TV mounted through a brick wall to the right.

Dedicated Biology Professor.

Biology Department Chairperson in 2001.

Professor Jim working with students in Biology.

Dr. Green, Provost in 2001.

Professors Kathy and ….

Three female Professors at CMSV graduation in 2001.

Professor Fran and Sister Pat talking during the line up for Graduation 2001.

Director of the TLC- Dr. Pelham Mead and Professor Kathy.

Professor Arlene Moliterno, Teaching Professor at CMSV graduation 2001.

Dean of Communications, Bob Coleman, 2001.

Professor John, College Organist and Music Professor, graduate of TLC program using a Smart Classroom 2002.

Professor teaching in a new Smart Classroom 2002.

Sister Pat teaching in a smart classroom for Communications department. Notice the TV mounted in the background.

The Nursing Annex Smart Classroom. Previously a snack room. The floor was black from years of dirt. I had it sanded and resurfaced. The walls were cracked and had to be repaired. The overhead movie projector can be seen in this photo which was installed. The entire room was repainted after repairs. Outside the room a roof leak was also repaired. This room was a major unmaking but successful in the end.

Director of Nursing and Later VP, Susan at Graduation.
Professors at CMSV graduation 2001.

Bother, Professor of Communications 2001.

College of Mount Saint Vincent Castle seen through the trees.

Fran, Department Chairperson for Communications 2001.

CMSV department TV studio 2001 before the new one was installed in 2003.

Christmas party of 2001. Sister Mary Edward celebrating in Santa outfit.

Professors Celebrate at Christmas CMSV party 2001.

President Flynn and others sing at the Christmas Party 2001.

Dean Bob Coleman relaxes during the Christmas Party of 2001.

CMSV administration building from parking lot view.

Statutes in front of the CMSV library 2001.

Chapel of CMSV from the rear of the administration building.

The Business building under construction 2004. Maryvale was upgraded to a Fine Arts labs and Communication labs and classrooms, partially with Title V funds.

Maryvale construction. Before demolition.

Maryvale construction 2004-2005.

Front porch of Administration building. Before the old porch fell down, the Sisters of Charity had a porch going from end to end of the front of the administration building.

Another view of the administration building.

Maryvale construction pipes.

Sisters of Charity cemetery at the top of the hill.

Another view of the cemetery. All Nuns that taught or lived on the grounds and Priests are buried here.

Winter view of the great lawn from the Administration building.

2002 Spring View of Castle on the College of Mount Saint Vincent campus.

Winter view of Campus with Hudson river in the background.

Finished Maryvale 2005.

Road into the College of Mount Saint Vincent. 2002.

Gazebo on the back lawn behind the castle on the CMSB campus 2002.

CMSV auditorium and gymnasium building 2002 , spring.

Biology Building 2002.

Road to St. Vincent’s Point on the other side of the RR tracks on the shores of the Hudson river. Used to be a train station here in the old days.

Blackboard menu. Blackboard was installed by Title V and administered by Dr. Pelham Mead for three years until Manhattan College took over with a full time administrator.

Angel statute on campus.

Outdoor angel in the CMSV garden

Children praying to the Mother Mary.

Angel statute on campus

CMSV college logo

Female students exercise class at CMSV

Female CMSV students working out.

Exercise room at CMSV.

Fall leaf

Castle view from the administration building.

CMSV bell in the tower

Top of the administration building over the chapel.

Castle view.

Hudson river view looking toward the Tappan Zee bridge from the tower.

View from inside the bell tower on top of the administration building.

View of the road from the bell tower.

Administration building roof.

View from the roof.

Graduation Tent for 2002 goes up.

Stages of graduation tent going up on the great lawn. CMSV 2002.

Graduation tent covers the entire great lawn.

John, College Organist and Music teacher, Py Liv Sun and Christine Servano 2003.

Dr. Pelham Mead, Py Liv Sun, Christine Servano and Professor John.

College of Mount Saint Vincent chapel organ 2002.

College organist, John plays on the organ.

Organ view in chapel.

College organist John.

President Richard Flynn 2002 graduation.

Sister Mary Edward.

Faculty procession 2002 graduation.

Faculty procession 2002, Graduation.

Faculty entering Administration building.

Faculty leads student procession.

Student process in 2002 graduation at the College of Mount Saint Vincent.

Graduation 2002

castle door on CMSV campus

Faculty ascend platform.

Construction sign 2005 graduation

Faculty gather before graduation. Fran from Communications in background sitting.

Faculty graduation 2002.

Fran, Sister Pat and Brother chat.

Health Education for Junior High and High School in America 2021.

Health Education 2021

by Dr. Pelham Mead III

I was fortunate in 1980 and 1985 to be paid by East Ramapo Central School district to rewrite the Health Education district wide curriculum in Junior high and Senior high.In the early 1980’s to the early 1990, AIDS was the major factor constantly changing in the Health Curriculum. Ebola came later . When science caught up with the cause of the HIV AIds virus and a cocktail of drugs kept the virus under control, interest went down hill.This is my HEALTH Education Curriculum recommendations for now 2021 and the next ten years.

1- Pandemic, causes, cures and safety.

2-Future Viruses and how we will deal with them.

3- Global Health Issues, especially China and Africa

.4- Alcohol abuse

5-The drug abuses of the 2021 era, Meth, marijuana, cocaine, Heroine, crack.

6-Legalization of Marijuana in many States.

7- Sex among teenagers, diseases, treatment, cures, new trends.

8-Sex among College students, new trends, diseases, RAPE, rape drugs.

9-Smoking, new electronic smoking dangers, 2x American cigarettes and caffeine effects on the body.

10-Cancer the good old killer.


12-Heart disease.

\13-Lung DIseases

14-Medical insurance in the USA and the World.

15-Health trends in the 2021 era.

16- Dealing with death, loss of a love one.

17-Depression and treatment in the 2021 era

.18-Bi-Polar disease, paranoia and other Mental diseases and treatments.

Any Items you would like to add? Please comment.

Aero Long Kitsune, Shapeshifter

By Dr. Pelham Mead (c)2019

Aero Long is chained to a brick wall in the basement of the First Congregational Church of Salem, Mass. Water dripped down the damp wall as Aero struggled to get free. A cockroach ran across his hands which were strung high above his head. A beam of light came through the cracks in the bricks and a mouse scurried across the moldy floor.
I don’t know how much longer I can bear this pain.
In the basement across from Aero is John Alden Jr. John is the son of Pilgrim John Alden and Priscilla Mullins.
You may not have to worry much longer if these crazy witch hunters have their way. They will tie you to a chair on a pole and put you under water again and again until you drown.

How is it you were arrested for witch craft stranger?
I was in Canada trying to get some hostages released and when I returned a woman name Isabel told everyone I was a witch. I rejected her a few years ago when she thought she was in love with me.
Ahh, a woman scorned. Now you have your reward.
I plan to escape. My family on the outside is going to bribe someone to let me out of this church basement.
Perhaps you can take me with you stranger?
I will let you know when the time is right.
When the time came for John Alden Jr. to escape his friends appeared at the stairway to the basement. Quickly they unlocked John Alden Jr. From his chains.
See to the stranger on the other end of the basement. Unlock him.
What stranger? The chains on the wall are empty, and there is no one there. Wait, there is a fox. What the hell is a fox doing in the basement?
We have no time to figure it out. Run for daylight before we are discovered.
Right behind the group of men the fox scampered up the stairs and into the church courtyard never to be seen again.
We are free. Grab your horse John and let us be gone. Y
Finally, a horse to freedom. Ride on steed.
Running behind the men on horses a red fox scampered off into the woods, free at last.

SCENE 1-INT. DAY- JULY 14, 1763
Edward Bancroft runs away from his physician apprentice at age 16 and sails for Dutch Giana to seek a new life.
Ahh the smell of the sea and the endless horizon of the ocean is the life to be.
It doesn’t smell so great when you have to climb them masts high in the air to drop the sails. I have been a seaman all my life and I can’t smell the ocean from the deck varnish.
Well it is all new to me after living in New England all my life.
Note: The next day a storm hit and most of the crew and passengers had to stay below because of the waves splashing over the deck and washing everything no tied down into the ocean. The ship swayed from side to side in an unnatural rocking motion. Every other wave the ship would life out of the waves and come thundering down with a loud clapping sound in the trough of another wave. Most of the passengers including Edward Bancroft were all heaving their guts out.
How is that ocean smell treating you matey? Ha…storms like this make a man out of you in no time. Just hold onto the posts for dear life. The storm should be gone by tomorrow. Bear with it matey.
I think my insides are going to turn themselves inside out. How much longer is this storm going to last?
Here eat some of this ginger. It will settle your stomach and help you feel better during the storm.
Thank you Mr. Pike.
Sometime during the storm seaman Rogers went to look for Mr Bancroft who seemed to have disappeared from below deck.
Mr. Pike have you seen Mr. Bancroft lately? I looked below and I cannot find him. Do you know where he is?
Nope, I haven’t seen him for several hours Mr. Rogers.
Wait what is that over there in the corner of the storage? It looks like a red fox. How the hell could a red fox get aboard this vessel? Pike call the Quartermaster. We have a red fox on board.
There are no red foxes on board matey. You must have been drinking too much rum.
I swear it was a red fox. I saw. Now it has disappeared. I must have imagined it. Ahhh Mr. Bancroft I have been looking for you.
The storm departed after a day. Several weeks later the brig named Success arrived in Dutch Guiana.
Welcome Mr. Bancroft. We don’t get many white settlers here in Dutch Guiana. What do you plan to do for a living sir?
I am well read in medicine, and plan to provide medical services on the plantations. I was a Physician’s apprentice for two years.
We are in great need of medical services since we have no doctors on the island. I recommend you try the plantations on the Canoe river near Berbice sir.
That I will do. Than you sir.
After a short boat ride down the Canje river, Bancroft arrived at a plantation owned by Abraham Van Peere.
Well, who do we have here today? A white man? Where do you come from son, and why are you here in Dutch Guiana?
I am a student of the medical profession and I have come to offer my services to you and your family, and your slaves.
We are in need of a doctor. Malaria and many other disease are common in the jungles of Guiana. You are welcome Mr. Bancroft. The maid will show you to your bedroom on the second floor of the manor house. When you get settled I want you to look after a dozen of my slaves who have malaria.
I have a small amount of quinine with me , but we will need to import some more quinine to fight malaria.
I will see to it that you get all the quinine you need. Malaria is killing off half of my slaves.
With only two years of experience as a physician’s apprentice Edward Bancroft began treating plantation slaves and Dutch colonists. The slaves could not pronounce Bancroft so they called Edward Master. He did not like being called Master so he asked the saves to call him Mr. Fox. The saves made Mr. Fox into mitta-fox.
Samuel my name is Edward Bancroft and I am the doctor for Master Peere’s slaves.
Yes, m-sob you Doctor. Me head man.
You tell the other slaves that I am here to help them. I am not master. I am doctor here to help them.
Yes, M-sob. What you name?
Bancroft is a hard English word to say so just call me Mr. Fox.
Mitta Fox, yes small smart animal.
Yes very smart. Do you have any slaves that are sick? I would like to cure them
Yes m-sob, mitta Fox come with me.
Samuel and Edward entered a run down shack with a palm
Thatched roof, and a dirt floor. Lying on a bed sweating, and in pain
was a male slave named Jumbo. He had malaria
Edward could tell from the symptoms.
Here is some medicine to mix with a glass of water. Samuel tell him to take the medicine three times a day, and it will make him well.
Yes mitta fox. I do. Jumbo you take medicine from Doctore.
Two weeks later Jumbo recovered and was working in the plantation again. Plantation owner Van Peere was impressed how efficient Edward was with the slaves. Edward also cured Van Peere’s wife of malaria.
I am indebted to you Mr. Bancroft for saving my wife Maria’s life. She was dying of malaria until you gave her medicine. I understand you also saved my slave Jumbo’s life too. You are welcome to join me at the dinner table when ever you wish.
Thank you Mr. Van Peere. I was just doing my job as plantation Doctor.
Doctor Bancroft or Mr. Fox as the slaves call you. You are a God-sent with your medicine and modern knowledge of curing diseases. I too am indebted to you for saving my life from malaria.
Quinine is the cure for quinine Mrs. Van Peere. I had your husband order more of it from America.
I have more plantations further up Canje and Berbice rivers if you want to treat my slaves on those plantations? For now feel free to enjoy the life of a gentlemen in Dutch Guiana.
Thank you Mr Van Peere.
You will be paid in sterling silver each month which you can save since all your food and housing will be provided for by me.
I ask only that you purchase some medical manuals for me to read while I am treating the slaves and colonists.
What every medical books you want I will have shipped directly from Britain for you.
Thank you Sir.
Several months later Edward came into conflict with the slave shaman named King John.
mitta-fox. I am King John, shaman for all slaves on plantation.
I am glad to meet you King John. I am doctore here to help cure sick slaves. I do not wish to interfere with your healing practices. Me heal.
I see in dream that you have special healing powers Doctore Fox Why do you call yourself mitta Fox? Are you really a Fox?
Most slaves cannot say my English name Bancroft so I chose a simple name Fox for them to use. Mitta fox is all they could pronounce.
King John, being a shaman, felt that was something unusual about this Englishman called Fox, and he was right. When stressed Edward Bancroft could change he shape from a man into a red fox. It was his method of escape, and as a fox he was able to easily go undetected in the night or day. One night Edward was called out to deliver a child to a slave woman named Buela. It was a difficult birth and the slave was in much pain. The shaman King John appeared, and gave Buela some herbs that helped in the pain. Edward was upset that King John had upset his delivery of the baby. Edward was so stressed that he went outside the shack and turned into a Fox and ran away into the forest.
Mitta Fox, we missed you last night. Buela had a healthy boy after I gave her herbs to kill the pain. Where did you go mitta Fox? The baby came and I had to deliver it. It was a boy, and then named him Uriel.
I was not feeling well and had to return to the manor house to rest. I am sorry I was not there for the birth.
You are strange English. There is something about you that makes me nervous.

Edward said nothing. From that day on King John was always asking questions about Edward Bancroft alias Mr. Fox.
A year after Edward began as plantation Doctor he decided to move up the Berbice river to two other plantations owned by Van Peere.
Mr. Van Peere, I have decided to move further up the Berbice river to assist the slaves on your two plantations there.
I would be most grateful for you to treat my slaves on the Berbice river plantations. Many slaves have died of many jungle diseases, and I need you to cure them.
I will leave tomorrow then.
The next day Edward Bancroft alias Mr Fox took a boat headed upriver on the Berbice river to the two plantations that Mr. Van Peere owned. When He got there tension was in the air and a slave revolution was about to begin.
The slaves are acting very strangely on these Berbice plantations. They wouldn’t talk to me for some reason.
Big Tom was a big 280 pound black slave with many scars on his back from whippings. His hair was close cut and he had a huge nose and very dark skin.
English man, you go back to the coast. Bad things about to happen. Slaves unhappy here.
I bring medicine to cure jungle disease.
Not want medicine English. You go back to the coast now.
Does anyone know what is going on here on these plantations? The slaves seem like they are hiding something. They are very angry for some reason.
Many whippings English.
I have a letter of introduction to the plantation Master to allow me to treat colonists and slaves, and to provide me room and food during my stay.
I see Mr. Von Peere sent you. Welcome Mr. Bancroft or shall I say Doctor Bancroft? We are having a situation here on the plantations which may require the military to assist us. Word is that the slaves are going to revolt. We cannot allow that.
The next day a slave was tied to a pole and whipped with a leather bull whip.
Why is that slave being whipped?
He attempted to escape and we caught him in the jungle.
A week after Edward arrived at the Berbice river plantations inland, several hundred slaves raided the manor house on one of the plantations. The Plantation owner had to call in the military from neighboring counties.
Sound the alarm and break out the rifles. Several hundred slaves have walked off the plantation and are headed to the manor house. We must protect the manor house. Petre you take a boat downriver to Mr. Van Peere and tell him we need an Army of soldiers to put down this rebellion immediately.
Yes Boss. I take the boat.

The army is coming. The army is coming. Run for ya life.
What is going on sir?
The slaves are revoting. You need to stay indoors Mr. Bancroft. It isn’t safe for white folk to go out until the slaves are subdued.
Edward Bancroft had a perfect view of the plantation from his bedroom window on the second floor of the manor house.
I can’t believe the army cut the slaves down with machetes like they were cutting meat. It is a bloody revolution the slaves were losing. The slaves had only farm tools and the army had guns, cannons, swords and machetes. They cut the runaway slaves down like wooden pegs. Dead bodies of slaves were lying all over the plantation fields. It was a massacre. The slaves quarters and part of the coffee field had turned into a lake of blood. Slave body parts were everywhere. It was a scene from Hell, and beyond. Edward felt sick to his stomach. Turning into a red Fox, Edward ran to the slaves quarters to warn them an army of mercenaries was coming up the river to kill anyone who resisted. He never considered that a talking Fox would scare the wits out of the slaves. He ran as fast as he could run toward the slave huts. Run, run for your lives soldiers are coming up the river to put down the revolution. Put down your weapons and surrender or run into the jungle. You cannot win, there are too man soldiers.
Sarah was a tall thin negro slave with light brown skin and a wide African nose with a ring through it. Her hair was short and kinky and black.
Look it is a Fox, and it talks. This is an omen from the Devil. We are doomed. Run for your lives.
So you have appeared again Red Fox? Why do you warn us? Do I know you Red Fox? We will be successful in our revolt. We outnumber the whites by ten to one. They cannot win.
(In the shape of a Red Fox) You are wrong wise one. The soldiers have field cannons that can kill 50 slaves at a time. The Dutch can always replace the slaves by buying more slaves at the market. Out of fear the white man has to put down this rebellion. You can run into the jungle, and hide there or surrender with a white flag. Do you hear the cannon in the distance. The cannon balls will flatten every slave hut here, and cut down 30-50 slaves at a time. You cannot win. Surrender. I will leave you now to decide your fate.
Edward returned to the manor house and when he got back to his bedroom he changed back into his human form.
I am a Doctor, and there is nothing I can do here in this slave rebellion. I will leave tomorrow at Sun rise.
The next day Edward Bancroft fled back down river from the Berbice river plantations to the coast plantations of Abraham Von Peere.
Welcome back Mr. Bancroft. I heard there was a slave revolt on my plantations. I had to sent in the Army to tame the slaves.
Your army sir killed hundreds of unarmed slaves. I watched the bloody massacre from my bedroom window.
The slaves outnumber the whites ten to one and we cannot allow the to take over or they will kill every white in Dutch Guiana. We have to come down hard on slave revolts or they will kill us all.
Having saved several hundred British pounds, Bancroft takes a year off as a Doctor and travels around Dutch Giana observing and collecting the plant life, animals and natives. He begins writing a three volume book about his research in Dutch Giana. While traveling around Dutch Giana Bancroft comes across the Macusi tribe in the jungles of Dutch Giana. The Macusi were known to have the strongest poison for their arrows. Bancroft wanted to learn how to make the curari poison but the shaman would not reveal the plant or process.
In a local Macusi tribal village deep in the jungles of Dutch Giana. Edward with a local guide enter a Macusi village. A macusi native approaches them with a head piece of beautiful bird feathers. His body is marked with many tattoos and he is wearing only a breech cloth.
I am Doctore Bancroft. I want to meet your shaman.
What do you want of me white man?
I have beads as a gift to you. I want to learn about your tribe and it’s medicines, and the poison you use on your arrows and blow guns.
Macusi arrow poison is a tribal secret that cannot be told, white man.
Perhaps if I give you some gifts for you to tell me the secret of your arrow poison.
No gifts. Secret and very dangerous. Gods of Macusi protect poison.
The shaman is not going to give you the secret to the Macusi arrow poison no matter how many gifts you give him. He wants you to sit at the fire and drink native drink masato. Be careful boss the drink is very powerful. To refuse it is considered an insult.
Thank you Jim Bob for keeping me informed. Tell the shaman I accept his invitation to sit down with him and drink his masato.
Note: Masato is an alcoholic drink made from yuca which is chewed and then spit into a container to ferment.Many Amazon Indians drink masato.
We sit. Drink Masato.
Good. White man drink. We talk.
What did he say Jim Bob?
He invites you to sit and drink masato with him.
I will try the masato. It really has a kick to it. Wow, I just got a rush to my head after one sip. This drink is really strong.
The Macusi make the drink from fermented yucca.
After several hours Edward felt drunk from drinking the masato.
Ask the shaman if we could stay for a few days to observe their tribe.
(In Macusi language) White man thanks the shaman for his drink. May we stay tonight and learn the ways of the Macusi?
(In Macusi language) White man, and maroon welcome to say. We have empty hut for you to sleep tonight.
What did he say Jim Bob?
He welcomes us and has an empty hut for us to stay tonight.
Thank God. I am very drunk and cannot even focus my vision. That drink was very powerful. Let’s thank the shaman and retire for the night. I feel sick.
(In Macusi language) Thank you shaman. We accept your offer and will stay here tonight in your empty hut.
(In Macusi language) Come follow me white man and maroon and I will show you to your hut.
The next morning Edward woke up with a tremendous headache.
My head is killing me. That macusi drink was very powerful. I need to learn how the natives make it. Most important I need to find our what the arrow poison is made of and how to make it.
The shaman will never give up the secret to their arrow poison.
We will see about that. I have some magic of my own. Come let’s see what the shaman is up to today.
(In macusi language) Good morning shaman. Thank you for the lodging last night.
(In Macusi language) Come maroon. You and white man will join us in eating. We killed a wild pig the other day and roasted it for the whole village to eat. Come, you are welcome.
What did he say?
He wants us to join him in eating a wild boar they roasted.
Fine I am starved.
About 40 macusi men and women sat around a huge fire spit with a wild boar being roasted. Various jungle fruits and plants were also being cooked on the fire.
This wild pig is delicious and I am starved. I gave the shaman some beads and other gifts.
Gifts will not get the shaman to give up the secret of their arrow poison. You need to do something amazing that will scare the shaman showing you have magic. More magic than the shaman has.
I am going to have to think about it. Eat up this pig is delicious.
After the dinner the shaman, Bancroft, and the maroon guide sat and talked macusi tribal life. It was then that Edward realized that the only way to get the secret arrow poison was to scare the hell out of the shaman. He would have to reveal that he was a shape-shifter who could turn into a red fox at will and back again. Edward realized that he could not let Jim Bob see this secret, so he waited until Jim Bob went back to the hut to rest that night. It was then that Edward would reveal himself as a white man magician.
I am going to the hut to lay down master.
I will be along shortly. I have a few things to discuss with the shaman.
OK, Master. I will wait in the hut.
After Jim Bob left, Edward attempted to communicate with the shaman with sign language.
Shaman, I am a white man wizard with many magical powers which I will show to you, if you promise to reveal the secret of the arrow poison.
Shaman cannot reveal secret of poison.
Upon realizing the shaman was not going to change his mind Edward focused his mind and turned himself into a red fox in front of the shaman.
You see shaman my magic is more powerful than your magic. I am a fox now that can talk like a white man. As a fox I can run faster, see farther and smell 10x better.
Gods above, you are a devil creature. Do not eat me.
I will not eat you. See I am back in the shape of a white man again. Did my magic impress you shaman?
You have the power of black magic white man. I will show you the secret of the arrow poison. After we make the poison from a local vine you can carry the black tar like substance in a bamboo tube safely. You cannot touch or inhale the fumes of the poison or it will kill you. There is no medicine to stop the poison.
You have no medicine to stop the poison?
We gather the bark of this vine and it’s apples and cook it over a fire. We add some other tree bark and the crushed fangs of a snake along with ants that bite. Mixed together the poison is spread on a leaf and rubbed on an arrow. At no time can you touch the poison or you will die. Now you can keep your fox magic away from me.

You are safe my friend. I want to bring some bamboo tubes of poison back with me. I offer you some knives made by white men to trade for the arrow poison.
This is a good trade white man. Now you must take the poison and go from this village before the Gods are angry with me for revealing the secret to our poison.
Silas before you leave for Paris, France, I have a list of several men I want you to look up when you get to France to help you achieve your goals. Since you cannot speak French, I highly recommend Dr. Edward Bancroft of London to help interpret any French correspondence. Arthur Lee a true Virginian is another man than can be helpful. Others friends of mine are on this list I am giving you.
Thank you Dr. Franklin. I realize I am taking on a great responsibility seeking credit in France for military supplies and perhaps Spain also. I am grateful for your assistance Dr. Franklin.
Letter to Edward Bancroft
Turns into a Fox to avoid the pain from malaria
Gets sick again. Turns into a Fox again
Deane discusses needs of the colonies. Bancroft waits outside.
Paul Wentworth recruits Bancroft as a spy for the British. Offers payment. Bancroft sends Lord North and Lord Egan a long report on his activities with Silas Deane in Paris, France.

After Silas Deane was sent to France in June 1776, Congress decided to send a committee of three to represent the Colonies with a treaty with France and Spain. Benjamin Franklin was sent from Philadelphia and Arthur Lee, a Virginian, was living in London, England at the time. He was instructed to meet Deane and Franklin in Paris, France as soon as possible.
It is hereby decided by Congress to send a committee of three delegates to Paris, France. Dr. Benjamin Franklin, Mr. Arthur Lee, and…. It will be their duty to secure supplies for the Continental Army and to establish credit in France, Prussia, and Spain.
Later that day in Franklin’s home.
Sarah, I have been called by the Continental congress to travel to France to help direct the negotiations between France and the American Colonies. I would like to take my Grandson Temple, and your son William with me to get a good Continental education at the private schools in France and Switzerland. I hope you are agreeable to let you six year old son accompany me to Europe. It will be an opportunity of a life-time to see Paris, and all of Europe. No school or tutoring in the Colonies with the treat of War can match the life experiences of being in France.
Sara Franklin was a beautiful young lady raised by her father to be a shining example of the rich and wealthy in the Colonies. She wore many different wigs and had a thin face with a long nose and stood five feet four inches tall.
I am sure William would love to sail in a boat across the ocean to France with you father. I am sure you will take good care of him, and ensure a good education in France. You have my permission to take William to Paris, France, father.
Thank you Sarah. Start packing William. We depart tomorrow at high tide.
Delays in ship arriving. Takes a small fishing boat to port in France. Travels overland to Paris.

SCENE 1- Int.-Day- Franklin’s Office Paris.
Paul Wentworth and Edward Bancroft stroll through the Tulleries gardens in Paris, France deciding how Bancroft will get his messages to Wentworth without any French or American spies knowing it.
Edward Bancroft and his spy handler Paul Wentworth were strolling in the Tulleries gardens in Paris, France deciding how Bancroft will communicate with Wentworth.
Edward, I am afraid I will have to leave Paris and return to London, England. There are many French spies that might soon arrest me for spying. I am often followed by strangers who are following my every move. We need to find a way for you to communicate with me after I leave Paris.
I am sorry to see you leave. We made a good team spying on the Americans here in Paris. What do you suggest for a new method of communicating valuable information to you after you depart for London?
Do you see that tree over there? It is hollow down toward it’s roots. I will have a jar placed in the hollow portion of the tree and a string will be tied around the jar so you can retrieve it. When you have valuable information you are to come to the gardens and seek out this tree. Look for the string which will have a stick on the end to prevent the jar from falling to far inside the hollow tree. Pull the string up and take the jar out and put your message in the jar. Secure the lid and lower the jar back down inside the tree. My operatives will come by once a week to pick up the messages and to also leave messages from me. Use the premise of writing to your mistress in London as an excuse for the letter just in case the letter is intercepted. Use the invisible ink and write between the lines the real information about the Americans that you have. I will then use lemon juice to decipher the invisible ink in London when I get the letter. I am departing for London tomorrow on a frigate. You are on your own from this point on in Paris and you will be our only spy in France due to the recall of all British spies to London by Lord Eden.
When will you have the jar in the tree in place?
My secretary will place the jar in the tree on a string tomorrow before we depart for London. Feel free to use this method of reporting, but be careful because you may be watched by French or American spies.
I wish you well on your voyage back to London. I will remain in Paris as long as needed. Benjamin Franklin, Silas Deane all trust me completely and I have made myself an important contribution to the American delegation by translating French documents into English for them and helping to secure supplies for the Continental American Army.
We need to know everything about the Franco-American alliance, what ships are leaving French ports bound for the American Colonies, any trade between the Americans and the Caribbean islands. In addition we need to be aware of any credit the French and or Spanish give to the Americans to buy arms. Sent us any copies or summaries of Silas Deane’s letters to the Colonies or Benjamin Franklin. I must leave you now to pack my bags in preparation for my departure tomorrow to return to London. Just in case we are followed I will take another path to return to my hotel as should you.
I will do the best I can in reporting Silas Deane’s activities in securing credit for the Colonies to purchase artillery and guns from the French and Spanish. Have a safe voyage Paul.
At this point Bancroft and Wentworth parted ways in the park.
SCENE 2- EXT. NIGHT- 9:00 P.M..
One week later, Edward Bancroft is about to make his first letter drop into the jar in the hollow tree in Tuilleries gardens. He is paranoid about French spies seeing him leave the hotel at night. The fear of being caught and shot as a spy intensifies to the point that he changes into a Fox and runs off into the night in the direction of the Tuilleries gardens.
I must change into a Red Fox to avoid being seen by any French Spies. My nerves are killing me, but I must inform Paul that Deane has received over a million livre from the French government and a million from the Spanish government to purchase canons and rifles for the Continental army. Let me see if I got everything right in my letter. Dearest beloved, I have missed you very much over these past months. I hope to return to London soon so we can meet and make love again. You are always on my mind. Love and kisses. John. I must address the envelop to M. Richards. Now for the invisible ink.(Invisible Ink between the lines of the letter) Deane has secured credit 1 mil. To purchase 100 canons and 300 rifles from the French and Spanish government. He is traveling to Holland to secure the purchases in two days. Now to become a Red Fox. I will place the envelope in my mouth and carry it to the hollow tree. Now I must depart. It is only 3.7 Kilometers from the Valentinois hotel to the Tuilleries Gardens. I will run along the Seine river, and then cross over one of the bridges to the other side to get to the gardens. It will be a short run for a Fox.
The red fox jumps out the window onto the balcony and down to the ground and runs off into the darkness.
No one has noticed me and that is good. Now to pull the string out of the hollow tree. Wait I hear something. No, it is just the wind in the trees. Taking the lid off the jar is harder than I thought. Now to put the letter in the jar and put the lid back on and lower the jar into the tree using my mouth. Ahh it is done. Time to run back to the hotel.
Edward returns to the hotel undetected around 10:00 p.m.
And now I must return to my human self. My mission is complete. I am exhausted now, and must rest. Tomorrow Paul’s operative will get the message and send it by boat to London.

Debates over Article 11 and 12 in the draft version of the treaty with France.
Franklin’s view. Arthur Lee’s opinion. Silas Deane’s opinion from letters.Article 11: Pledge to honor land claims[edit]
Article 11 pledges to honor the lands claims of both nations forever into the future with the United States guaranteeing full support of France’s current land claims, and any lands they may acquire during the war, against all other nations, and France in turn pledging support for the United States land claims and guaranteeing to help preserve the country’s “liberty, Sovereignty, and Independence absolute, and unlimited, as well in Matters of Government as commerce.”[10]

Article 12–13: Effective dates of the treaty, ratification, and signing delegates[edit]
Article 12 establishes the agreement as a conditional treaty which will only take effect upon a declaration of war between France and Britain, and further makes the land, and diplomatic guarantees laid out in the treaty dependent upon the completion of The American Revolutionary War and a peace treaty which formally establishes each nation’s land possessions.[10]

Rumors About the Franco-American alliance were spreading around Paris. Vergennes the French minister realized that he could no longer keep the alliance secret so in March, 1778, he makes the treaties with the American colonies public.

I will announce today our treaty with the American colonies to quiet down all the gossip in Paris. This will allow me to expel the English Ambassador Stormont and his staff back to London. It gives me great pleasure to get rid of all the British spies finally.
Later on the British Ambassador to France, English Ambassador Stormont receives the correspondence from Vergennes the French Minister to leave France immediately.
Damm the French have signed a treaty with the American Colonies and Vergennes the French Minister is ordering us out of the country immediately. Inform the staff to pack up all our documents. We are leaving for London tomorrow on March 22, 1778. Burn any unnecessary documents immediately. It is over. I just received a formal notice from the Crown to vacate our hotel immediately.
The scene switches to King Louis XVI in the Versailles castle which is twenty miles outside Paris, France.
You majesty may I introduce the ambassadors from the American Colonies: Mr. Benjamin Franklin, Mr. Silas Deane, Mr. Arthur Lee, Mr. William Lee, and Mr. Ralph Izard along with their entourage.
Benjamin Franklin is 70 years of age and well known in France thanks to his Electrical experiments which were published several years before. His hair is completely white and thin and balding at the top.
You majesty, we thank you for granting us a private audience. We welcome and rejoice in our treaty with France and your majesty. Your support will greatly help us to defeat the British.
King Louis XVI is an young man of 23 at the time, and due to his political troubles in Paris chose to move to the country to his palace known as Versailles.
Bienvenue Americans.
Come and join us in a small banquet we prepared for our new American allies.
Amazing how big this banquet is the French have provided us with. Thank you Mr. Franklin for inviting me to this special occasion.
King Louis XVI had table after table of fabulous French food served for the American guests. It was a celebration beyond all imagination.
As France signs a treaty with the Colonies, they also declare war against the British. All British diplomats are asked to leave the country. Likewise Paul Wentworth must also leave for fear of being discovered as a spy leaving only Edward Bancroft in Paris to report on the Americans.
(Sitting at a desk, writing a letter) Dear Mr. Jones, I am forced to return to London since the French signed a treaty with the American Colonies. All British diplomats have been asked to leave the country and that leaves me in a dangerous position remaining in Paris. Thus I must depart for London. Continue to use the tree drop for messages and I will have my assistants pick up you letters. Good Luck. PW. There Bancroft will be our only spy in Paris now which makes him more valuable than ever. I will report this to Lord Egan in London.
Later that day Bancroft aka Mr. Jones gets the letter from Wentworth.
Ahh, a letter from Wentworth. What he is leaving Paris? That leaves only me to spy on the Americans. Damm it is going to be more dangerous than ever to get messages to Wentworth. Someday, I hope to return to London and live a normal life. I will drop another note tonight regarding the Dutch and the Americans receiving unlimited credit for building ships and shipping military supplies to the Colonies.
Later Paul Wentworth dispatches a letter to London to Lord Egan who was in charge of the British secret service.
Lord Egan, I am departing Paris since the French have signed a treaty with the Americans and expelled all British Diplomats. This puts me in a risky and unusual position and I must return to London for my own safety. Edward Bancroft aka Mr. Jones will be our only remaining British Spy in Paris upon my departure. He will continue to send letters in invisible ink to me via diplomatic courier out of Holland. Respectfully yours, P.W.
Several weeks later in London, England, Lord Egan receives Wentworth’s letter.
I am in receipt of a letter from Wentworth. He is returning to London after the French treaty with the Americans. Our only British spy in Paris is Edward Bancroft now. Correspondence will be more difficult now. Damm. His majesty will not be happy to get this news.
Benjamin Franklin begins to suspect he has a spy in his midst and writes to Julian Ritchie a woman living in a Benedictine Convent in Cambrai.
(Sitting at his desk writing a letter) Dear madam Ritchie, I hope this letter finds you well. I am engaged in writing a treaty for the American Colonies and France to help us become independent from Britain. These have been difficult time with spies everywhere. Even my vale is suspect. I cannot trust anyone here in Paris, France. I cannot speak or read French which puts me at a disadvantage, but Sir Edward Bancroft a Doctor and Scientist has been most helpful in reading French documents and writing French letters in return. Even Dr. Bancroft had been accused of being a spy due to his relations in London, England. I have invited Dr. Bancroft to Paris to continue to help me communicate with the French officials in French. I mention this to you now in the utmost confidence. How do I follow up on my suspicions I ask? Perhaps you have an opinion on my situation? I look forward to your reply. Your servant, Dr. Benjamin Franklin, Envoy to France.

Arthur lee suspects Edward Bancroft is a British spy. Arthur Lee writes a letter to Benjamin Franklin warning him that his continued reliance on Bancroft could turn out to be a disaster.
Dear Dr. Franklin, It has come to my attention that Edward Bancroft is a British Spy. You need to be cautious in using his services for everything you do is being reported to the British.
Dear Mr. Lee, I have taken your letter under consideration and find it wanting in facts. Mr. Bancroft has often provided his services at no charge and has moved his family to Paris to help support the American committee here. I cannot justify accusing him as a spy.
Congress, I have evidence that on of our colleagues in Paris is a British spy. Dr. Edward Bancroft is a criminal with regard to the United States, and I shall have him charged as such, whenever he goes within our jurisdiction. Bancroft was recruited by the British Secret service in 1776 for the sum of 200 pounds per year. I have pleaded with Dr. Franklin to stop using Dr. Bancroft as an interpreter and consultant for he truly spies for the British.
Later when Dr. Bancroft learns of Arthur Lee’s accusations.
Dear Paul, I recommend you inform Lord Eden that I am being accused of spying by Arthur Lee, Diplomat for the American committee in Paris. I suggest you have the local police arrest me, and other suspects and put me in jail for a night to thrown the suspicion of my being a spy off. Benjamin Franklin will be impressed that I fled London to go to Paris after being jailed by the British. I await your response.
Dr. Bancroft, I received your note. Be ready for tonight the local London police will be at your door and you will be arrested for spying. You will be released after one night to return to Paris to spy on the Americans. Lord North is impressed with your spying reports to date.
That night the local Police come knocking.
(Knock, knock) Open the door in the name of the Constable of London. Dr. Bancroft you are under arrest for spying. Tie him up gentlemen.
But I must protest. I am a Scientist and Author and not a spy.
Lock up this spy and make sure he gets no food tonight.
The next day.
Dr. Bancroft, prisoner 3440, you are to be released on the orders by Lord Eden. Take your coat and be gone with you.
Thank you Constable. You will not see me again.
Bancroft boards a ship and flees to Paris, France.
Dr. Franklin, I have fled to Paris to help support you and the American committee. Edward Lees charges are of course false. I was arrested as a spy in London, but manage to escape by paying off the jailer. I will not be permitted to return to London now that I am a criminal on the run from the British.
You are welcome as always Dr. Bancroft. Come sit down and have some tea with me and tell me about the prisons in London.
Thank you Dr. Franklin, you are most kind. I will be writing my wife and requesting that she and my children come to Paris to live with me. If you would I am short of funds at this time, may I borrow a small amount to pay for ship passage for my family?
Of course, by all means. I will extend you credit to purchase ships passage for your wife and family to come to Paris. They can stay at the Hotel de Valentois.
Thank you Dr. Franklin. You are most gracious.



Summary for Novel 109122, for inside cover jacket, “Autumn Winds Over Okinawa, 1945” Dr. Pelham Mead III

On the fateful day on August 31, 1945, four sailors departed the USS Antietam CV-36 on a launch headed for the shores of Okinawa. The war was officially over, and all of them wanted to transfer back to the States. In the launch were Chief Petty Officer of Machinists, Ken Mead, Seaman First Class Robert Brown, Seaman First Class Lincoln Overland, and Seaman First Class Charles Smitty. The seas were calm that day as the launch headed into the docks at Haku Bay. Atop a flagpole beyond the beach, Old Glory was rippling in the wind. The stumps of hundreds of burned out palm trees were visible beyond the white beach sands. As they approached the beach, they saw battle debris everywhere including American plane parts, and a Jap wing with the red circle on it half sunk in the sand. Huge craters pockmarked the sand where bombs had hit and exploded.

        Unbeknown to them this would become their home for over a month despite all their radio efforts calling to nearby ships. It would be a month from hell as two major typhoons hit the island causing massive damage. It would be a month from hell dodging Jap snipers. It would be a month of survival with limited food and water available, since the Navy no longer had a post on the island. All that was left was the Army, and hundreds of Okinawan civilians, and of course Jap snipers, who did not believe the war was over. Insects and disease were as much the enemy as were the Jap soldiers hiding in the limestone caves fighting to the death in honor of the Emperor. This is a story of survival in an unknown incident on the Island of Okinawa at the end of WWII.