Consider Mobile Learning for the Future. We have the device right there in our hands, the iPhone or similar electronic phone. With the capability of logging onto the internet almost any student will be able to download information with having to go to the school library. The personal touch of a motivating teacher will nowContinue reading

The Mechanics of Developing Online Courses

By Dr. Pelham Mead With the sudden onset of the coronavirus schools and Colleges have been thrown into chaos by the necessity of using online courses to avoid virus infections. Ten years ago I was tell College Professors that Online Courses were the future for Education. They presented an economically cheaper way for Universities andContinue reading “The Mechanics of Developing Online Courses”

Teaching Senior Faculty How To Use Technology in their classrooms.

By Dr. Pelham Mead, D.Ed. My job listing at Colleges and Universities is called an Instructional Technologist. Originally, the job was called a Staff Developer in the 1990’s. The demand for more technology created a void of people to be able to both repair desktop and laptop computers and to be able to teach educatorsContinue reading “Teaching Senior Faculty How To Use Technology in their classrooms.”

One, Two, Three Approach to Teaching

by Dr. Pelham Mead, June 2020 With the coronavirus forcing change in the educational system in the USA and around the World, new solutions need to be applied. Here is a theoretical approach that I a teachers of 45 years experience would recommend. I call this method the one, two, three approach. One is forContinue reading “One, Two, Three Approach to Teaching”

The Future of the College, Secondary and Elementary Classroom 2020+.

Due to the coronavirus Education in College and other levels will never be the same. Protection against the coronavirus and future pandemic viruses will require Social Distancing and the wearing of face masks to prevent spreading of a virus from one student to another or to the teacher. I have a solution for Elementary, SecondaryContinue reading “The Future of the College, Secondary and Elementary Classroom 2020+.”

Pandemic and How A Virus can change Society.

by Dr. Pelham Mead Stay indoors, isolate, social distancing, what the hell is going on in society today? When one country drops the ball the rest of the Earth pays the price. China does it again by eating every creature on the Earth be killed for food. Bugs, frogs, birds, slugs, when does it everyContinue reading “Pandemic and How A Virus can change Society.”

The Fairy Tale Adventures of Tom Wolf

by Dr. Pelham Mead THE FAIRY-TALE ADVENTURES OF TOM WOLFWritten byDr. Pelham Mead III(c) 2015ACT ONE- BEDLAM HOSPITAL, LONDON, 1800’S.INT. -POEM-DAY.TOM O’ BEDLAM1800’s Poem By AnonymousNote: The poem is to be read by a narrator with a deep voice and slowly with emphasis.From the hag and hungry goblinThat into rags would rend ye,The spirit thatContinue reading “The Fairy Tale Adventures of Tom Wolf”