The Civil War Texas Rangers -Terry’s Rangers, Regiment 8, Cavalry.

by Dr. Pelham Mead The end of the Civil War had come with 10,000 confederates surrendering at a farm house in North Carolina. General Smith met with Union General Sherman and worked out the details of the Surrender. Meanwhile, General Grant was back in Washington, D.C. and when he received the details of the surrenderContinue reading “The Civil War Texas Rangers -Terry’s Rangers, Regiment 8, Cavalry.”

Sample online lesson plan Alexander Hamilton

Online Lesson Plan Template SUBJECT TEACHER GRADE DATE Lesson 3 Teacher Name 11 2020 OVERVIEW We love the look of this professional lesson plan just as it is. But we also think you should have choices. To easily customize this template and make it your own, on the Design tab, check out a wide range ofContinue reading “Sample online lesson plan Alexander Hamilton”

Online Rubrics

Source New Mexico State university. PART 1: DISTANCE EDUCATION  Adapted from Distance Education at New Mexico State University refers to the formal process of delivering instruction via electronic or other media regardless of the location of the student or the instructor. This can be synchronous or asynchronous and can include face-to-face interaction. This definition doesn’tContinue reading “Online Rubrics”

Online Lesson plan Alexander Hamilton

American History Revealed.  Online Lesson Plan Template SUBJECT TEACHER GRADE DATE Lesson 3 Pelham Mead 11 2020 OVERVIEW This plan uses the Broadway Musical, “Hamilton,” as the basis for learning about Alexander Hamilton and his life. PHASES TEACHER GUIDE STUDENT GUIDE OBJECTIVES 1-Learn the life of Hamilton.2- Learn about Aaron Burr.3- What happened in theContinue reading “Online Lesson plan Alexander Hamilton”

Making Social distancing work in 2020.

By Dr. Pelham Mead Here are the numbers concerning elementary and secondary school classrooms. Normally on the secondary level 32 students in a class is the norm. This number is also part of the Teacher’s Union contract. The classrooms are built to hand no more than 32-35 desks and chairs. One solution to the CoronaContinue reading “Making Social distancing work in 2020.”