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I just wanted to let everyone know I post all my scripts on . I have ten scripts posted as of April 2018. My speciality is Historical Fiction and Science fiction. Anything involving extensive research for accuracy in historical facts.

Here is a list of my scripts and a short description:

The Lion in the Carpet– is a script about an 8 year old boy in 1950 who is stricken with polio. While sitting on the toilet with his legs in braces he focuses on the carpet under his feet in the bathroom and the image of a Lion head appears. Eventually, the image grows to a full grown Lion scaring the hell out of the boy named Billy. After Billy recovers from the shock of a full grown Lion in his bathroom he asks the Lion if he is real or not. The Lion cannot speak but can talk to Billy mentally. He explains that he has come to take Billy away from his house on a big adventure. With the Lion named Leo, Billy is able to pass through walls and fly through the sky. Leo takes Billy to the Bronx zoo to visit some of his friends there.

Other animals appear in the carpet over time, a beaver named Potus, a Grey Wolf, an Eagle, and a bear. All of these animals show Billy a different aspect of life and boost up his spirits.

The Night is a Child- This script is a story about an ex-nun, named sister Angelina from the Sisters of Charity in New York City who is hired by the CIA and the Vatican Holy See to investigate the murder of three nuns in Africa. Because Sister Angelina used to teach in the Congo and could speak both French and Swahili, she was a perfect candidate to investigate the murders from inside the monastery where the nuns murdered. Sister Angelina finds that the cultural problems between the Hutu and the other tribes is often a major barrier to solving the murders.

A Templar Squire’s Tale– Based on the true events of the Knights Templar in 1292 to 1314.

My Five Reincarnations- An Italian mob boss is killed and goes through the process of reappearing in different animals and people. First he comes back as a house fly, second a pet dog, third the daughter of a Don, and fourth a Roman Catholic Priest.

Jesus and John-adapted from my novel with the same name.

The Personal Diary of Ann of Cleves, 4th Wife of King Henry VIII of England-A story based on historical facts from the viewpoint of Queen Ann of Cleves.

Captain Retro- An autistic young man of 21 years of age creates a formula that helps him win a 350 million dollar Super-Ball Lottery in Conn.. When asked what he will do with the money, he replies, ” I am going to become a Super-Hero.” Everyone laughs, but in time the young autistic man learns the lessons of life and how people want him only for his money. He escapes a kidnapping and avoids fellow students in college who tease him because he won the lottery. Knowing he is autistic and different the college students all call him names like stupid money man, retard, bozo, retro-retard, Captain Retro, and other names. His sister Jennifer helps support the young genius and encourages him to use his smarts and money for something positive. The young man invents a pocket cube with a built in computer chip that can vibrate or purr while an autistic person is nervous or stressed. The pocket cube can do many little tasks and also acts as a toy to keep the attention of the learning disabled person. The pocket cube is manufactured by many autistic young people organized and paid for by the young man. In time he makes millions on the cube and Toys R Us wants to buy him out and buy his patent for the pocket cube. He refuses and Toys R Us CEO sends a pair of covert operators to steal the blueprints for the pocket cube. They return unsuccessful because a dog scared them off.

Billy goes on to create a State-wide Super-hero day in Conn. and travels to schools and gives out money prizes for student voted by their peers to most likely become a Super-hero. Super-heroism takes on a new role in the end.

Don’t Be Square, This is a script, TV Pilot, adapted from my book, The Junior High about a true story of several young male teachers in a Junior high called Kakiat Junior High in Spring Valley, New York in the 1960’s and 1970’s when social issues were the main focus of the day.

Run Rebel Run-  Still being edited about a Sergeant in the 8th cavalry Texas Rangers during the Civil War and how they avoided surrendering to General Sherman on April 27, 1865 at Durham Station, North Carolina. After returning to Texas Sergeant Henry Kortzick seeks out another Texan, Frank McMullen who is organizing a colony in Brazil to escape the depressing south after being defeated. After a shipwreck aboard the ship “The Derby,” in Cuba the 150 colonists including the Sergeant Henry Kortzick survive by swimming to shore. After the shipwreck Frank McMullen travels to Havana to get help from the Brazilian consulate. They arrange for the colonists to travel on a steamer back to New York where they can catch another steamer to Brazil a month later. Henry is single and interesting in escaping the USA for not surrendering and killing an old lady when she pulls a shotgun and threatens to shot him and his buddies. Henry is a wanted man who wants to seek gold in Brazil. He becomes a Confederado as the Brazilians called the Southern Confederate civilians. Many travails occur in this epic story based on the real facts of the fleeing Confederates who go to Brazil after the Civil War to begin a new life and bring cotton growing to Brazil.

The Chinese Crystal Ball– an adaption of my book.

The True Templar, a story based on real facts about a Templar Knight Commander in England in 1308 who flees being arrested by the Kings Sheriffs and takes a ship to Ireland for four years. Upon his return he is arrested and tortured and forced to deny the Templars. He is sent to a monastery to serve as a Novice Monk. He later escapes and is captured a year later. He spends five years in prison until 1419 when he is released by Papal decree. This time he is sent to Christchurch Priory when he spends the rest of his life as a Novice Monk. He had a secret however, and he has hidden the sacred original manuscripts of the Gospel of Mary Madeline, Gospel of Thomas and the Gospel of Truth from the Gnostics. He also has hidden the Holy Grail which is a document telling the truth about Mary Madeline sailing to France and having young daughter there and how that daughter married into the French royal families. He takes his secrets to the grave with him by having the manuscripts buried with him. Someone breaks into his crypt in 1908 and leaves the engraved lid to his crypt with a Templar sword on it elsewhere in the cemetery. Years later in 1995 the lid is rediscovered by a Christchurch historian who tries to uncover the mystery.

The Glaive of Light- A Celtic fantasy story about the keeper of a sword that emits laser rays. The keeper of the Sword of light is Kenkenny, a member of the Celts tribes in Ireland before the Romans came. Glaive means sword in Celtic. Kenkenny is charged with a mission by the good gods to find a man of honest heart and mind that can use the glaive of light for the good of mankind. In his journey Kenkenny comes across many monsters and Celtic characters and often must find a way to avoid being killed or captured. The other tribes are called the Delta, the Pelts, the Melts, and the Welts who rule most of Farlandia.

to be continued.

Dr. P. K. Mead





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