by Dr. Pelham Mead

Taira No Masakado was one of the greatest samurai in Japan’s history. I conquered all of the northern provinces and replaced the Emperor’s appointed Governors and assistants with his own and sent the Governors packing back to Kyoto, the capital. Masakado was the Robin Hood of his time. He gave back to the peasants their farms that the rich and wealthy had taxed to death. He stood for fairness and mediation of disputes and was an able bodied archer and swordsman after having served in the Imperial Guard for the Emperor’s summer home.

What brought about Masakado’s demise was three betrayals. The first was a courier who Masakado trusted to convey written messages. The Second was his concubine named Kaisho and the third was a warrior who posed as a friend Hidesato.

Taira No Yoshicane the father in law of Masakado allowed Masakado to marry his daughter even though he felt Masakado was not worthy. Often Samurai would marry their cousins to strength the family ties and the children would be brought up with the mother’s family. Yoshicane bribed a courier of Masakado’s to tell him the layout of Masakado’s compound and how many buildings there were and how many warriors were staying the compound. After Masakado killed his Uncle Taira No Kunika in self defense he angered Yoshicane even further. Taira No Sadamori a horse trainer for the Emperor and Masakado’s cousin was the son of Kunika. At first he did not want to get involved but the die was set. After Yoshicane convinced Sadamori to join with him in attacking Masakado and taking his lands and horses they proceeded to ride to Masakado’s compound in a northern province. They rode through a nearby town and a guard for Masakado joined with them and later dropped out and warned Masakado that Yoshicane and Sadamori were going to attack his compound with a hundred troops. Masakado only had ten warriors at his compound at the time, so he sent for other warriors to join him and fight off Yoshicane. With just a few hours to prepare, Masakado set up a defense line and when Yoshicane and his troops appears, Masakado attacked them surprising them and killing 60 of Yoshicane’s troops. The rest fled into the mountains. Later on with some investigation Masakado found out his courier have betrayed him and had his head removed.

Meanwhile Hidesato a local warrior who owed taxes in a local province sought refuge with Masakado, and Masakado welcomed him to his house. Hidesato fell in love with one of Masakado’s concubines and got her to reveal to him Masakado’s secret to his seven decoy soldiers. The concubine thinking Hidesato really loved her betrayed her master and told Hidesato the the one Samurai that cast a shadow was the real Masakado. Later on when Yoshicane and Hidesato with Sadamori attached Masakado they aimed for the Samurai with the shadow on the ground and shot him dead with an arrow to his head. Hidesato cut of Masakado’s head to prove to the Emperor that he killed the enemy of the Imperial court. The head was hung on a tree for weeks in the marketplace in Kyoto.

Hidesato’s betrayal of Masakado’s trust sealed the final chapter of Masakado, but the story goes on. After cursing the Emperor, Sadamori, Yoshicane and Hidesato, Masakado’s head flew to what is now Tokyo and the locals washed off the head and buried it in a mound. Many superstitions are associated with the burial place of Masakado and his name is still famous to this day in Japan. His mistake was in trusting to many people, his concubine, Hidesato, and his courier. His wife and children escaped and his daughter became a witch casting spells and his son later was killed by Sadamori. The Taira clan became very wealthy as a result of the battles against Masakado and years later they would become involved in a war for several years against the Emperor.

Betrayal is the lowest form of deceit, especially when it is from family or friends. Masakado was a trusting man and that was his weakness. He let his ego get in the way of his conquests. He thought that he was great and named himself Northern Emperor. Eventually he came to be his demise. Masakado did many good deeds in his lifetime, but they were overshadowed by the greed of his relatives in trying to steal his father’s horse ranches and horses. Greed can be a big factor in betrayal. in the end the good guy does not win, it is the bad guys that won because of three betrayals.

The Civil War Texas Rangers -Terry’s Rangers, Regiment 8, Cavalry.

by Dr. Pelham Mead

The end of the Civil War had come with 10,000 confederates surrendering at a farm house in North Carolina. General Smith met with Union General Sherman and worked out the details of the Surrender. Meanwhile, General Grant was back in Washington, D.C. and when he received the details of the surrender he knew that The politicians in Washington, D.C. would never allow the Southerners Conditional surrender similar to the terms General Lee was offered. Secretary of War Stanton wanted blood and wanted the South to pay for repartitions . General Grant took a train to North Caroline to inform General Sherman that the terms of the surrender were too easy.

That night General Smith told the Texas Rangers that totaled 250 out of the 1,000 it started with that they had a choice to surrender or run and be considered criminals of war. The Texas Rangers met together after the meeting and 100 Rangers decided not to give up their shot guns and pistols. That night 100 Texas Rangers slipped through the Union Picketts and broke up into small groups afterward and tried to find their way back to Texas with all of the Union troops trying to hunt them down. The 8th division had to cross the Smokey Mountains with the Union soldiers close on their heels. When they approached the gorge Union soldiers were already stationed there waiting to stop fleeing Confederates. The 8th division dismounted and walked their horses around the pickets in the dark that night and made their way in to Tennesee. Eventually, they made it back to New Orleans where they boarded ships head to Galveston, Texas. When they got to Galveston the Mayor had the city under Marshall law to stop riots. They had to wait until the Mayor would allow ships to dock in Galveston. When they made it back to their homes in Texas, Carpet baggers were everywhere buying out destroyed farms. They were also forming the negros into negro Militia and started parading them around the farm communities. Texas was in chaos in those days. Eventually, hundreds of Texans sold their ranches or farms and fled to Brazil. Never to return to America.


by Dr. Pelham Mead

In 940 CE the famous Samurai Taira No Masakado was killed by an arrow to his head by his cousin Taira No Sadamori. The secret to his death is the betrayal of his friend Fuijimara No Hidetso who he trusted and took into his house. Secondly, his concubine Kzaisho betrayed him by tell Hidetso the secret to telling which of the seven fakes was the real Masakado. Kzaisho told Hidetso, her lover that the Masakado that casted a shadow was the real Masakado. Sadamori who was really a coward ran and hid from Masakado for years after trying to kill Masakado in revenge for killing his father Uncle Kunika. Everyone in Masakados clan the Taira wanted to take over Masakado’s horse farms with hundreds of horses bred for the Emperor after Masakado’s father died suddenly. They tried to ambush him but to no avail and Masakado drove them back and swept into Hatachi providence and captured the Governor and sent him back to Kyoto where the Emperor lived.

Masakado was a tall man with two pupils in one eye. Two of his brothers had died and he was the oldest to inherit his father’s lands. Masakado’s father in law Yoshikane hated Masakado because he married his daughter without her father’s permission. All of Masakado’s Uncles in the Tiara clan were jealous of the wealth Masakado’s family had amassed. They tried to take it away from Masakado by sending him as a 16 year old to the Emperor’s court to train. He remained for ten years as a member of the Imperial Guard for the Emperor’s summer home. Masakado learned to fight and shoot arrows while riding a horse. He was an accomplished horseman and other guards respected his ability.

What makes Masakado a great story is that he defeated all of the Northern Providences in Japan in 939 CE and declared himself Emperor. He returned the farms he captured to the peasants and they love him for it. He was a fair man caught in a web of betrayal by men who wanted his wealth. When he was beheaded he cursed Sadamori and down through the ages his head was buried in Tokyo in a sacred mound and every time someone tried to move or cover over the shrine they died or had bad luck. There is no happy ending to Masakado’s story except to point out that eventually the Tiara clan became very powerful in the next century as a result of Masakado’s efforts to protect his property.

Sample online lesson plan Alexander Hamilton

Online Lesson Plan Template

Lesson 3Teacher Name112020


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OBJECTIVES1-Learn the life of Hamilton.1-Watch the Broadway play called, “Hamilton.”
INFORMATIONIn class Discussion. Who is What are the names of the songs in Hamilton? Who sings the songs? Make a list and submit when finished. Discuss.
VERIFICATIONTeacher guide 3Student guide 3
ACTIVITYTeacher guide 4Student guide 4
SUMMARYTeacher guide 5Student guide 5
Requirement 1Requirement 2Requirement 3Resource 1Resource 2Resource 3Add your notes here.

Online Rubrics

Source New Mexico State university.


Adapted from Distance Education at New Mexico State University refers to the formal process of delivering instruction via electronic or other media regardless of the location of the student or the instructor. This can be synchronous or asynchronous and can include face-to-face interaction. This definition doesn’t apply to dual credit courses.

  1. Distance Education Course Criteria: Courses that meet any one of the following criteria are considered distance education courses.
    1. Online courses with greater than or equal to 50% web-based technologies;
    1. Offsite courses that are face-to-face, with or without web-based technologies, offered at a location other than the campus of program origin*, except a field methods course for a non-DE program;
    1. Courses that use interactive television (ITV) to deliver instruction.
      * Dual Credit courses will not be assessed the Course Delivery Fee.
  2. Distance Education Program Criteria: A degree, certification, or other credential where more than 50% of the program is delivered via off-site, web-based technologies, or other media will be considered a Distance Education Program.


  1. Campus Distance Education Committee(s): Each campus within the NMSU system will have a distance education committee whose membership is determined by the campus academic officer in consultation with campus faculty.  Each campus distance education committee will review and coordinate its campus’ distance education activities with their respective campus chief academic officer, and with the distance education director.
  2. Distance Education Director: The distance education director provides oversight, coordination, and support for all aspects of the institution’s distance education program and course offerings. This includes but is not limited to professional development, student support, maintaining quality initiatives, and advocating for program development as well as growth.
  3. Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs: On behalf of the NMSU system, the Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs will coordinate the work of the campus distance education committees, with the committees’ respective chief academic officers and with the distance education director.
  4. Faculty Expectations: In order to maintain the educational quality of all distance education offerings, faculty are expected to have experience teaching online. When appropriate, departments are encouraged to include online teaching experience in the evaluation of applicants for faculty positions. The department head or dean will determine if faculty have or have not demonstrated appropriate experience. Faculty who have not demonstrated appropriate experience are expected to complete the following professional development activities prior to teaching an online course:
    1. Learning Management System training
    1. Short course for online teaching
    1. Applying the Quality Matters Rubric workshop
    1. Videoconference/ITV training when appropriate.Faculty are expected to use the institutional learning management system to deliver online course materials. However it is recognized that other web-based tools are sometimes more appropriate for certain types of interaction. The LMS should be the primary tool for interaction, but not necessarily for interactions of every type. (See Parts 2 and 5 of ARP 15.81).
  5. Administration: Administration will provide opportunities for faculty to continue to develop distance education teaching skills. Faculty teaching online are expected to keep current with new developments in distance teaching and learning. To support this expectation, if distance education courses are offered by a department, then Department, College, and Institution Promotion and Tenure documents must include appropriate credit for distance education course development as well as teaching online.


  1. Quality and Learning Goals; Prioritization of Distance Education Programs: A fundamental principle for all NMSU courses and programs is that quality and learning goals are consistent regardless of delivery modality. The value of distance education offerings is ultimately achieved through coordinated program offerings that lead to a specified credential. Resources will be prioritized toward offering full distance education programs over individual courses.
  2. Transition from Face-to-Face Delivery to Distance Education Delivery: Programs moving from face-to-face delivery to distance delivery must follow procedures for new programs as outlined in ARP 4.81 Degrees, Majors, Minors and Other Academic Programs of Study. This rule applies to degrees, majors, minors or certificates that change modality from face-to-face settings or move more than 50% of the program to a distance delivery.
  3. Review and Approval of Newly Proposed Distance Education Programs: New distance education program proposals must be reviewed and approved by the Associate Deans Academic Council. New distance education program proposals must include an analysis of the technical and financial viability of the proposed program that outlines anticipated revenues as well as expenses of the program. Proposals will be reviewed by the Director of Distance Education to evaluate the level of support required by the proposed program.
  4. Assessment of Distance Ed Learning Outcomes: Assessment of distance education programs shall be incorporated into other assessment activities of the academic unit. When a distance education program is also offered face-to-face, assessment of learning outcomes shall be integrated.
  5. Requirements to Offer Online Courses: All NMSU online courses must meet a quality metric, defined by the chief academic officer at each NMSU campus, before being offered. This metric will address standards for course design, branding, and templates. Online courses will be reviewed on a five-year cycle by the college. (See ARP 4.68 – Curricula Changes).
  6. Approval of Distance Education Courses: NMSU’s four-year campus distance education courses must be approved through the appropriate college and the Director of Distance Education. NMSU’s two-year campuses will develop their own course approval process. The work of each campus distance education committee will be coordinated and aligned system wide through the Office of the Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs.
  7. Compliance with NMSU Policies and Procedures: Faculty and staff developing and teaching online courses will be subject to applicable university, college or departmental policies and procedures, including but not limited to the Administrative Rules and Procedures of NMSU (ARP).  For example, ARP 11.05, Intellectual Property Management and ARP 3.02, Principles, Definitions and Examples relating to Conflicts of Interest/Commitment.
  8. Course Delivery Fee (CDF): Each campus shall impose a course delivery fee for distance education courses as defined above*. These fees shall be shared among campus administration, colleges, and units in a manner that supports the mission of the university and distance education.
    * Dual Credit courses will not be assessed the Course Delivery Fee.

Online Lesson plan Alexander Hamilton

American History Revealed. 

Online Lesson Plan Template

Lesson 3Pelham Mead112020


This plan uses the Broadway Musical, “Hamilton,” as the basis for learning about Alexander Hamilton and his life.

OBJECTIVES1-Learn the life of Hamilton.2- Learn about Aaron Burr.3- What happened in the duel?4- How did Burr end up after killing Hamilton”5-Who was Burr’s daughter?6- How did Burr die?1-Watch the Broadway play called, “Hamilton,” in parts. Introduction. Where was Alexander Hamilton born?
INFORMATIONIn class Discussion. Who was Alexander Hamiliton?. What historical importance was he to the Colonies?What major contributions did Hamilton make in his career?What did he do for General George Washington?What is Federalism?Project:1-What are the names of the songs in Hamilton? Who sings the songs? Make a list and submit when finished. Discuss.
VERIFICATIONFind Sections of the Hamilton broadway play that support some of the questions asked above.Student Discovery activity
FINAL PROJECTList the songs in Hamilton?What song did King George sing? Student at home assignment due next week.
SUMMARYWhat did you learn about Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, and Aaron Burr?Take Final Powerpoint test when finished with this unit.
Project 1Project 2Week Project 3See aboveSee aboveSee aboveBroadway show found on

The 23rd Psalm

by Dr Pelham Mead.

Published by Xlibris publishers, 2012.

Here is the exact copy of chapter One

Chapter One- ”The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.”

It was in the year 3550 that the Earth was laid waste to after a comet collided with Earth causing the Earth to move out of it’s normal orbit around the sun to several million miles closer to the sun. The explosion was so great when the comet hit the southern part of the Pacific Ocean off of South America that the south polar cap melted down immediately.  The ocean surge covered South America completely leaving only the Andes Mountains showing as islands above the waters. In a week Europe, and North America were under water and the north polar cap began to melt. The Asian continents suffered the same fate, except the Tibetan mountain range stuck out as islands in a vast new ocean. Any mountain range around the world became islands jutting out the ocean that rose above 7,000 feet survived the initial flooding. The highest mountains in the Sierras, Appalachian mountain chain, and Mount Reiner in Washington State, all became islands above the 7,000 feet above sea level point. All of the plants and native animals around the world drown under leagues of seawater. The only surviving animals are those that lived at high elevations to begin with such as mountain goats, Yaks, deer, some varieties of birds. The fish in freshwater all died when the salt-water filled all the lakes and rivers around the world. The sea marine live did survive however despite the temperature rise. The entire populations of penguins eventually were washed away toward the mountains of the Andes thousands of miles away. Few penguins survived.

As for the human race, those that survived were those that ran to the high ground or happened to be living on high ground to begin with. The floods came so quick that all of California, and the west coast were covered in salt-water in less than a week. The same fate became the East coast of the North American continent and it flooded across all the states until it reached the high peaks of the Adirondacks Mountains. 

The only humans known to survive were a group of Old World Christians on a religious retreat at Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Mountains, and a group of Old World Jewish Community Members who were vacationing in the Sierras with RVs. Neither community knew that the other had survived until months after the disaster.  In the year 5660 religions had changed to a new order of spiritual life. The World Corporate Order discouraged religions to be practiced. The emphasis was on giving everything to the controlling Corporations of the World and religions got in the way.  Many religions centuries old had begun to die out from the persecution, and threat of arrest by the World Corporate Order.  The original Christian movement that survived 56 thousand years was now called the Old World Christian movement. Likewise, the various Jewish sects were called the Old World Jewish religion. In many ways religion had been replaced by the corporate order, and Nationalism within new corporate boundaries that had formed over the past few centuries (30th century to 50th century AD). Buddhism, Muslims, Hindu, and many other religions suffered the same fate as the Old World Christians and the Old World Jewish sects and were reduced in size 

and popularity and were considered illegal to practice.  They had all become secret religions that were not approved by the Corporate Order of the 57the Century.  The Corporate Order frowned on the free worship of any religion in the year 5660. The old world religions met in secret and kept their membership closed, and in secret for fear of Corporate punishment by the Corporate Order of Earth, which controlled all of the countries of the world.

The date was September 4, 3550AD.  It was in the middle of the day that the first emergency broadcast was sent out by virtual beam, old-fashioned radio waves, short wave radio and virtual television. EMERGENCY, this is not a drill, REPEAT EMERGENCY…attention all citizens of the Corporate World Order. This is an EMERGENCY. Our scientists have determined that a comet is about to collide with Earth in about 48 hours. DO NOT PANIC. Try if possible to head to high ground above 5 or 6,000 feet above sea level.  Go to the mountains in you region if possible. Leave now and do not delay. “ End of Broadcast.

For the 48 hours every anti-gravity vehicle (AGV) or transportation device were headed toward the closest mountains in every country and corporate domain in the world. Venues were blocked for hundreds of miles as millions upon millions of people of the Earth fled to high ground to avoid the impact of severe flooding.

In the quiet Sierra Mountains in northern California near Lake Tahoe there was a group of forty or so, “Old World Christians,” on a religious retreat. Pastor Swift a short chubby man with a balding crown was just finishing a lesson on the 23rd Psalm about “how the Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want…” As the small group walked toward their cabins one of the young boys named Cecil came running toward Pastor Swift. “Pastor Swift, Pastor Swift, there is an emergency warning being transmitted. You need to come quick, the young boy exclaimed. “Alright, alright everything is fine. It is probably a fire emergency being broadcast. I will be right there,” said Pastor Swift. As he approached his cabin there were several people standing outside with long looks on their faces. Something big was up, and Pastor Swift could not tell what the emergency was going to be. As he entered his cabin a virtual broadcast was loud and clear…a Comet was going to hit the Earth in less than 48 hours.” Oh My God,” Pastor Swift exclaimed. “Johnny run and get Colonel Jim Shepherd and have him meet me here as soon as possible,” Pastor Swift shouted.  A few minutes later, retired Colonel James Shepherd a tall man with a military style crew cut and a long grey mustache appeared at Pastor Swift’s cabin. “Jim, as you may have heard but we have a major emergency on our hands. I have just been informed that a comet is about to collide with the Earth in less than 48 hours. There is a strong possibility of flooding especially if it lands in one of the oceans or the north or South Pole. We need to get to high ground fast before others do, and stake out or claim to land higher than 7,000 feet above sea level. We know Donner’s Pass is 8,700 feet above sea level, and that is just down the road from here.  I suggest we head for North Star Mountain which is just above Donner’s Pass and close enough to get there quickly,” said Pastor Swift. “I am not a military man , nor do I pretend to know how to handle this emergency, so I am putting you in charge of our group and it’s survival,” Pastor Swift exclaimed. “I will ring the emergency bell and have everyone assemble immediately,” said Pastor Swift. “OK Jim, I will take charge and get us safely to 

high ground by the end of this day, said Colonel Shepherd. A million questions when though Colonel Shepherd’s mind at the moment but he suppressed these 

The bell rang loudly again and again and everyone knowing it must be some sort of emergency assembled quickly in front of Pastor Swift’s cabin. “Brothers and Sisters, we have limited time and a major life threatening emergency has developed both here and world-wide. A comet is about to collide with the Earth in 48 hours. There was a hushed silence for almost a minute and then women began to cry and men were cursing under their breath. “Retired Colonel Jim Shepherd is going to organize our evacuation to higher ground immediately. I want you to listen to him carefully; he will be in charge of everything. Remember what I said in the bible study group, “The Lord is our Shepherd, and we shall not want,” paraphrased Pastor Swift. “Alright everyone keep calm. This is what I want you to do. Return to your cabins, and stock up your AGVs with all the food you have. Remember to pack blankets, and any survival equipment like light sources, batteries, solar energy collectors, water, medicine, axes, old weapons, knives, and any ham radios, or battery or sun operated radios,” shouted the Colonel to the group. “Are there any questions? “ he asked. No one asked any questions.  There were some women crying softly from fear in the crowd but no one spoke out loud.  They all walked away rapidly to their cabins, and began to gather all they could pack their AGVs with and still be able to have the vehicle move along the ground. “Come back here with your AGV’s loaded within two hours and we will assemble in front of the mess hall, “ shouted the Colonel to the group as they departed.

Two hours later all of the Old World Christians had assembled with their AGVs fully loaded down with everything they could take. Colonel Shepherd addressed the group again. “Brothers and Sisters, Pastor Swift will lead us in prayer, but first I want to tell you where we are going. We are headed to North Star Mountain, above Donner’s pass, down the road from here. I will personally lead the group in my AGV, and everyone will follow in a single line. When we get to the site we will begin to organize an encampment to survive the comet collision with the Earth.” “Pastor Swift if you will,” the Colonel said. “Let us pray. Dear Lord guide over and protect us and all the humans and animals of the world during this apocalypse with a comet. Guide us on our way to North Star Mountain and keep us safe and secure from the possible flooding. We ask this all in Jesus’ name. Amen.” “Amen,” the group responded.

All the AGVs were started up and the trek to North Star Mountain began in a long single line of about 40 vehicles. An hour later they had arrived at the base of North Star Mountain and began to climb the open trails up the mountain. Anti gravity vehicles were made to follow a magnetic line embedded in the road and usually ran on solar power or an electric grid. Once the vehicles went off the road they were useless. They could not travel over the ground or rocks and leaves. Everyone had to put their supplies on their back or pull them on makeshift drags.

Making Social distancing work in 2020.

By Dr. Pelham Mead

Here are the numbers concerning elementary and secondary school classrooms. Normally on the secondary level 32 students in a class is the norm. This number is also part of the Teacher’s Union contract. The classrooms are built to hand no more than 32-35 desks and chairs. One solution to the Corona virus pandemic for schools is to cut the class size in half to 16 and shorten the class times to 20 minutes. The eight classes a day would be doubled to equal 16 shortened periods. In a day only five classes are academic courses. The lunch period takes up one period and the remaining two classes are often Study Halls, School service, and elective courses. What makes a change in the class times is negotiations with the Teacher Union to change an ages old eight period day to sixteen short Periods. If School districts could get over this obstacle, then Education can finally change it’s age old format.

I don’t believe two days of face to fact contact and three days of online courses is a wise approach. It does not provide for reduced class sizes with 32 students packed into the same small classrooms. This approach invites spreading of the virus by just one or two students.

School districts have historically never been able to make long term future changes in education easily. Politics get in the way and political interests over-ride the real needs of the students.

It is time to make some drastic school day changes.