Online Learning

Traditional schooling has always been the teacher showing a class how to do something and then have them apply what they learned. Online Learning is not much different except there are more learning tools available. A computer or iPad become the search and learning tool. Students learn to write and complete projects on their own without in-class help. Learning how to research the internet is a skill that is necessary to getting a job. Research skills and writing skills are very valuable skills that help a student survive the business world.

Teaching a student to be self-sufficient is indeed an important goal. Online teaching a student learns to focus and complete projects in a few minutes. In the old days encyclopedias were the books of everything. Now a days the internet is the window to everything good and bad. Smart students learn how to seek out good factual knowledge and use it prudently. No time to waste playing around in class. Online is all about the moment in which the teacher directs a small group of students how to complete a project. Working in pairs or groups is how industry works today and learning how to work in pairs is another important online skill.

Learning and knowledge is not about how much you can learn, but how fast you learn it and apply it. Time is money in the business world. Students or workers that can finds answers quickly and apply them are a rare commodity .

So let’s get with the new trend of Online learning and teach ourselves the important things of researching and writing.

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