Jesus and John, a Novel by Dr. Pelham Mead

Background to the novel. I wanted to answer many questions about Jesus and his cousin John in their childhood and teen years. For Jesus the Holy Family flight into Egypt to avoid Herods soldiers was taken from the written tradition of the Egyptian Coptic Church.  For hundreds of years the story of the Holy family fleeing for four years in Egypt from Herod’s soldiers was an oral tradition until the 13 century when a Bishop of the Coptic church sat down and wrote the entire story.

Another question about Jesus is how did he get all his knowledge about healing and medicine? The temple did not teach it. Who did? The answer is the Essenes had the best medicines and drugs they traded with India and all around the known world. They had a book of medicine and how to administer drugs that was the best in the world at that time. Jesus must have learned his healing skills and medicine knowledge from the Essenes on nearby Mount Carmel which was 30 minutes walking from Nazareth.  Both Jesus’ father and John’s father died when they were teenagers. Jesus had to take over his father’s building business with his brothers. John on the other hand could have become a Priest like his father but chose instead to go and live with the Essenes that lived in a closed community on the Dead Sea. It was here he learned about Baptism and it’s healing spiritual effects, since the Essenes baptized several times a day.

Jesus and a Essenes mentor who was an expert Essene healer and he taught Jesus how to become a healer. The Essenes were the children of the light and they prayed for a messiah or a righteous teacher to come again to save them. Jesus became their righteous teacher and spread their message without acknowledging that he learned all he knew from the Essenes. The Essenes are not mentioned in the New Testament for a reason. The church in the first century erased their references from the New Testament. The Christian church did not want anyone to know that Jesus learned his healing skills from the strange Essenes sect of judaism . Were it not for the discovery of the Dead Sea scrolls from which I based my research, we might never have known that they invented the Lord’s Prayer or the blessings Jesus gave on the mount and their belief in Angels and the coming of the Messiah.

Jesus and John

Jesus and John

A historical fiction novel with a unique approach to the development of Jesus of Nazareth’s mission and John the Baptist’s mission through their relationship to the secret Essenes in their day. Jesus spends 15 years studying medicine and healing with the Essenes which enables him to create the miracle healing that he does.

The Difficulty of writing Historical Fiction

Currently I am writing a historical fiction novel about Anne of Cleves the 4th wife of King Henry VIII in 1539 in England. Anne managed to escape getting her head cut off and in return for their annulment King Henry awarded her 3,000 ducats a month and Richmond castle and several other castles an manors that had renters paying rent. This made her one of the richest women at the time in England. What makes it difficult to write is all the known historical facts already part of history and following that time line accurately.  I had to read and research several books on Anne of Cleves, King Henry VIII and his wives in addition to blogs on the topic and get everyone’s view of the annulment and the events surrounding the place in time.

Setting up an accurate time line was a first priority. I am writing the book from her viewpoint which has not been done before, therefore, a lot of information she was not privy to I can leave out. My sub-themes are to show who well she adapted even though at first she could not speak English and knew very little about the English culture. She was a major influence on Lady Elizabeth when she was a child. She got an agreement front the King to allow her to visit with Elizabeth on a regular basis. Anne was 24 and Elizabeth 7 at the time of the annulment. Anne was also a friend and confident of Lady Mary who became Queen after Edward VI died at age 15. This helped Anne to survive after Edward and his council took away most of her estates and monthly allowance. Getting all these facts straight is indeed a challenge and sometimes I have to force myself to write, but I know in time I will eventually finish the Personal Diary of Anne of Cleves.