Jesus and John

A historical fiction novel with a unique approach to the development of Jesus of Nazareth’s mission and John the Baptist’s mission through their relationship to the secret Essenes in their day. Jesus spends 15 years studying medicine and healing with the Essenes which enables him to create the miracle healing that he does.

The 23rd Psalm, A science fiction novel about the year 3550

A comet hits the Earth in the year 3550 and the entire Earth is flooded by the poles melting. Everything under 6,000 feet of sea water is dead. Only two groups survive in northern America near Lake Tahoe, a Christian Church group and a Liberal Jewish Temple group. They meet and work together to survive;Continue reading “The 23rd Psalm, A science fiction novel about the year 3550”

Mrs. Lee the Home Economics Teacher

The only Chinese teacher in the whole school was Mrs. Lee. She taught Home Economics, Sewing, and Cooking. If you wanted to go to Chinatown in New York city she would write a meal recommendation in Mandarin for you to present to the waiter at certain places in Chinatown. We always got a great mealContinue reading “Mrs. Lee the Home Economics Teacher”

Chapter 8- Teacher Stories from the novel, “The Junior High, ” by Dr. Pelham Mead, Xlibris publishers

Chapter 8- Teacher Stories   Some of the funniest situations occur in classrooms. The first story is about a Social studies teacher who was talking about AIDs and how at the time they thought the disease began in Africa by people eating Green Monkeys. After the teacher got done reading about this AIDs research, heContinue reading “Chapter 8- Teacher Stories from the novel, “The Junior High, ” by Dr. Pelham Mead, Xlibris publishers”

The Physical Education Archery Unit

One day during the Archery program in Physical Education an emergency occurred right in the middle of the students shooting. A squirrel decided to run across the target range and as soon as it did all of the students shooting at the targets turned and tried to shoot the squirrel. Fortunately, the squirrel escaped unharmed.

Departed Spirits by Dr. Pelham Mead

Departed Spirits By Pelham Mead   Departed spirits of family souls, For whom many bells tolls. Our parents and wives, So, so many lives. Now they are a memory, Fading thoughts to be, Thoughts of wondrous tines, Like little tiny bells. Ringing in our ears, Like a thousands tears.   Farewell love ones lost, HowContinue reading “Departed Spirits by Dr. Pelham Mead”

Reflections by Dr. Pelham Mead

Reflections By Pelham Mead   Reflections of times past, Memories in our mind cast. Dreaming of better times, Of chapel bells and chines. Our minds float above, Like a flying dove. Special times in our lives, Of spices, basil and chives. Meals we all shared, Good and bad times we faired.   Our thoughts areContinue reading “Reflections by Dr. Pelham Mead”

The Essene Book of Discipline from the Dead Sea Scrolls, for reference

  The Dead Sea Scrolls: A New Translation
by: Michael Wise Martin Abegg, Jr. Edward Cook
1996   Book of Discipline       Col. 1 A text belonging to [the Instructor, who is to teach the Ho]ly Ones how to live according to the book of the Yahad’s Rule. He is to teach them to seekContinue reading “The Essene Book of Discipline from the Dead Sea Scrolls, for reference”

A free Chapter of Jesus and John

Chapter   4 – The Essenes from the novel, “Jesus and John,” by Dr Pelham Mead iii   Mary went to the central market one day when Jesus was 14 year of age. While at the central market in Nazareth a man approached her, and asked, “pardon me madam, but is your name Mary the wifeContinue reading “A free Chapter of Jesus and John”