Jesus and John, a Novel by Dr. Pelham Mead

Background to the novel. I wanted to answer many questions about Jesus and his cousin John in their childhood and teen years. For Jesus the Holy Family flight into Egypt to avoid Herods soldiers was taken from the written tradition of the Egyptian Coptic Church.  For hundreds of years the story of the Holy familyContinue reading “Jesus and John, a Novel by Dr. Pelham Mead”

Reflections by Dr. Pelham Mead

Reflections By Pelham Mead   Reflections of times past, Memories in our mind cast. Dreaming of better times, Of chapel bells and chines. Our minds float above, Like a flying dove. Special times in our lives, Of spices, basil and chives. Meals we all shared, Good and bad times we faired.   Our thoughts areContinue reading “Reflections by Dr. Pelham Mead”