The 23rd Psalm, A science fiction novel about the year 3550

A comet hits the Earth in the year 3550 and the entire Earth is flooded by the poles melting. Everything under 6,000 feet of sea water is dead. Only two groups survive in northern America near Lake Tahoe, a Christian Church group and a Liberal Jewish Temple group. They meet and work together to survive;Continue reading “The 23rd Psalm, A science fiction novel about the year 3550”

Dr. Greenspan

From the novel, “The 23rd Psalm,” Dr. Greenspan helps to save many people with his medical skills. This is a unique story of two religious groups seeking to survive after a Comet hits the Earth and the Poles melt. Combine the science fiction theme with a Messiah theme and you get the 23rd Psalm whereContinue reading “Dr. Greenspan”

The 23 rd Psalm

A comet hits the Earth in the year 3550 and the world is covered in water from the melting poles to 6,000 feet above sea level. Two groups of Christians and Jews survive in the Lake Tahoe area by fleeing to local mountain tops. They build oil drum rafts and sail in search of highContinue reading “The 23 rd Psalm”

The 23rd Psalm, A journey to high ground

Preface The premise to this science fiction novel is that each line in the 23rd Psalm describes what the Christian and Jewish survivors will do to stay alive after a comet destroys most of the Earth. I was researching several books on Jewish and Christian Messiahs when the idea of this book came to myContinue reading “The 23rd Psalm, A journey to high ground”

My newest novel,”The 23rd Psalm.”

what if a messiah came in the 30th century? what if a comet collided with Earth causing the ice caps to melt flooding the entire earth. Everything under 6,000 ft. Above sea level is under water. only a few pockets of humans survive. this story tells how a Christian group and a liberal Jewish groupContinue reading “My newest novel,”The 23rd Psalm.””