My Educational Philosophy

My Educational Philosophy By Dr. Pelham K. Mead III Introduction I have always believed in Dewey’s position on Education on “pragmatism” since I am a pragmatist. I believe in God, and that he/she has a purpose for our lives.  Of the idea of God, Dewey said, “it denotes the unity of all ideal ends arousing usContinue reading “My Educational Philosophy”

The Summer of 1967

The Summer of ‘67 By Dr. Pelham K. Mead III Chapter one- Departure from Springfield College, Springfield, Mass. It was June 1, 1967, a Thursday, and I was trying to finish grading the final exam for the four Botany lab sections I was responsible for. It was a blisteringly humid day in Springfield, Massachusetts, howeverContinue reading “The Summer of 1967”

Aero Long, Shapeshifter

By Dr. Pelham Mead (2020) ACT ONE- KITSUNE JAPANESE FOLKLORE Scene 1-Ext.-Mount Fuji, Japan-Day. The scene opens with a Fox in the snow on Mount Fuji, Japan. The red fox is curled up in the snow sleeping. Foxes are consider sacred in Japanese mythology. The Kitsune fox has magical properties and can live for hundredsContinue reading “Aero Long, Shapeshifter”

A Roman Centurian to Remember-Marcus Cassius Scaeva.

During the Roman Civil wars Pompey brought an Army of 6,000 to defeat Caesar in Gaul. Caesar left his fort in Gaul with 500 Soldiers and Centurian to defend it should Pompey attack. Meanwhile, Caesar too the fight to Pompey chasing his larger army around Gaul. While Caesar was seeking Pompey elsewhere, Pompey’s army ofContinue reading “A Roman Centurian to Remember-Marcus Cassius Scaeva.”

Part II- Don’t Be Square

a TV Pilot movie script about the good old days 1960-1970’s at Kakiat Junior High, Spring Valley, New York. East Ramapo Central School District. Disclaimer: The follow people are fictions despite any similarity to real people. The names are purely fictional. This is two scenes from the TV pilot movie script from Don’t Be Square.Continue reading “Part II- Don’t Be Square”


Written byDr. Pelham Mead, Western Writers Association 2015. THE FAIRY-TALE ADVENTURES OF TOM WOLF Written by Dr. Pelham Mead III (c) 2015 ACT ONE- BEDLAM HOSPITAL, LONDON, 1800’S. SCENE 1-INT.-DAY-POEM. Tom O’ Bedlam 1800’s Poem By Anonymous Note: The poem is to be read by a narrator with a deep voice and slowly with emphasis.Continue reading “THE FAIRY-TALE ADVENTURES OF TOM WOLF”

A Year of a Pandemic and lessons learned

by Dr. Pelham Mead, Ed.D. Well it is July 2021 and the pandemic is winding down in most States. California learned many lessons from the pandemic. Catholic schools tried to go on their own and have face to face instruction, only to be closed weeks later from students coming down with the virus and teachersContinue reading “A Year of a Pandemic and lessons learned”

We have added a new blog site dedicated to the Title V federal grant at the College of Mount Saint Vincent 2001-2005.

Presented by Dr. Pelham Mead, past Director of the CMSV Teacher Learning Center 2001-2005 and Title V federal grant coordinator. See the Unofficial Archives for the College of Mount Saint Vincent on a separate wordpress site. Pel Mead