My Best Ten Screen script Concepts

by Dr. Pelham Mead My Ten best High Concepts are: Proseries 60- Pelham Mead 1- Solar Space Pirate– Jake Johnson is an international playboy, and Hawk Space Academy drop-out who reunites with his ex-girlfriend, Veronica Green, from the Academy, and helps her to chase down a Space pirate, Count Von Wertz, who uses a stolen SolarContinue reading “My Best Ten Screen script Concepts”

Chapter One-from the Novel-“The Junior High.”

by Dr. Pelham Mead, (c) 2012, Xlibris publishers Chapter 1- In the beginning The name Cucamonga came from the name of a local Native American Tribe that used to live in the High Mountain area in New York. When the High Mountain school district began to explode in student population in the 1960’s it wasContinue reading “Chapter One-from the Novel-“The Junior High.””

The Summer of ’67

My Master’s degree field experience working for the Los Angeles Board of Education at their School camps at Clear Creek in the Los Angeles mountains and Point Fermin Lighthouse Marine Camp on the coast. After completing my Masters courses and my Graduation Teaching Responsibilities at Springfield College, I headed west with my new Volkswagen 1967Continue reading “The Summer of ’67”