Adobe Photoshop online Projects 2020

Project Three- The Desert Coyote is another copyrighted photo from Adobe.Com. I take no credit for this photo. This project is found in all the Adobe Photoshop classroom books from version 4 forward. Instructions: This project uses more of the Adobe photoshop tool bar found in the left side of the program. Previously, we usedContinue reading “Adobe Photoshop online Projects 2020”

Adobe Photoshop CS online instruction series.

Project Two is copyrighted by Adobe Photoshop, so I am giving them credit for creating Mr. Melon. It is the perfect beginner Project for cutting objects and lifting them to past on a melon layer. This is all about beginner layers. The bottom layer is the melon. Make sure when you copy the photo worksheetContinue reading “Adobe Photoshop CS online instruction series.”