Aero Long Kitsune, Shapeshifter

AERO LONGBy Dr. Pelham Mead (c)2019 ACT ONE- WITCHCRAFTSCENE 1- INT. DAY- BASEMENT OF FIRST CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH.Aero Long is chained to a brick wall in the basement of the First Congregational Church of Salem, Mass. Water dripped down the damp wall as Aero struggled to get free. A cockroach ran across his hands which wereContinue reading “Aero Long Kitsune, Shapeshifter”

The White Eyes and the Native Americans

By Dr. Pelham Mead If you country was invaded by a foreigner what would you do? Fight back of course. Supposing the invader had superior weapons and you had only bows and arrows? Such was the plight of the American Native Indians. Who were the good guys and the bad guys? That depends on whoContinue reading “The White Eyes and the Native Americans”