147026359Things were different in the 1960’s. Ask any baby boomer who lived through those days. A was was on against Vietnam, civil rights movements were sprouting up everywhere, the free sex era began, free drugs and anti-establishment era. It was a difficult time for teachers in schools. I know I was one of the young teachers at the time. I started Junior High teaching in New York State in 1967. I had just returned from California where I completed my Masters degree field work experience. My wife Jeri and Son Dean and I spent the whole summer in a tent in a public park in San Pedro, Ca.

We went tide pooling almost everyday because we were living on the palisades of the Pacific ocean. Every morning I could see Catalina Island off in the distance. Coffee was available in a coffee shack in the park until the heater stack food arrived for our 80 school students that were our guests for one week from different areas of Los Angeles county board of Education. Watts, came along with Lincoln, the Valley, Hollywood hills, Pasadena, they all came for one week all summer long.

One a week I got to do the Harbor Tour twice a day for our students. A water taxi was hired to tour the Long Beach harbor and see the sights. I have to memorize all the sites to see, different vessels, flags from countries, the Harbor Masters house, the breakwater to the Ocean, the Coast Guard station, the docks, and all the sea going stuff you could fit in a two hour tour.

Swimming at the beach with the campers was a highlight and we all got sun burnt each day despite the lotion applied.

At night we had bon fires on the beach.

But I am getting off the topic. The Junior High is based on my 31 years of teaching, coaching, and Dean of Students career in Spring Valley, New York in the East Ramapo Central School District. Read my book and you will learn what really went on in that space in time.

One response to “The Junior High 1960-1970 , a script for TV”

  1. Paul Renfrew Avatar
    Paul Renfrew

    There certainly appears to be enough material in “The Junior High’ for years of entertaining stories for TV! Things were certainly different in the ’60s,

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