Sister Angelina was a Nun from the Sisters of Charity in NYC, NY who served 15 years in the Congo and Kenya Africa teaching young african children English and other subjects. After retiring from the Sisters of Charity due to a bout with cancer, Sister Angelina sough to find a job to support herself. On a whim she applied to the CIA and was accepted after several interviews because of her background in Africa and because she could speak Swahili and French fluently.

Her first assignment is in Burundi, Africa where three Nuns were brutally murdered and no killer has yet to be found. Secretly the Vatican Holy See acting through their backdoor relationship with America contacted the CIA to see if it could help solve this murder.  Sister Angelina arrives in Burundi’s capital posing as an active Sister of Charity from New York.

Once in the convent in Africa Sister Angelina and Mother Superior come to blows over Sister Angelina asking too many questions about the murders from the Nuns and volunteers at the convent. Each week Sister Angelina’s CIA contact comes to the convent to share an collect information.

This is a fictional story based on a true story in Burundi, Africa in Sept. 2014 .

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