The movie script opens in the middle of the battle of ACRE in 1291.   Acre is the last city the Templar Knights control in the Holy Land. 200,000 Mamluk Egyptians are taking siege on the city for many months. Finally, after 24 hour pounding of their assault machines the otter wall begins to crumble by mining under the wall by the Mamluks.

In the inner city of Acre is the Templar Tower in the southeast corner of the city with it’s back to the sea. The Templar Knights are fighting to the death to protect their tower. The Grand Master is shot with an arrow and dies while defending the wall of the Templar Tower. On the wall are hundreds of dedicated Templar Sergeants and Knights fighting to the last man. One Templar Knight named Francois Villiars is slightly wounded from an arrow. He slides down from the wall and slowly loses blood causing him to blank out.

His mind does a flashback to the time when his son Geoffrey was born in France. He sees his wife delivering the child and how happy they were. Three years later she succumbs to the plague and dies. Francois is forced to take his only son to his sister to live. She raises little Geoffrey for three years while Francois goes off to fight the Crusades as a Templar Knight. Sister Villiars becomes sick and before she dies she summons a Monk to grant her last wish and that is to take six year old Geoffrey to live with his second cousin Grand Master Jacques de Molay in Cyprus. She pays the Monk in gold coin and dies a week later.

The Monk and Geoffrey travel on donkeys to the southern coast of France to take a boat to Cyprus. When they arrive on Cyprus they go to the Templar Knight headquarters to seek out Grand Master Jacques de Molay. Geoffrey’s father died in the Acre battle as a true Templar Knight. Jacques de Molay welcomes his second cousin Geoffrey into his family as a Page for him at age six. At age 15 Geoffrey becomes a Squire and trains to become a Templar knight.

In 1307, Jacques de Molay and his family and fellow knights travel to France to meet with the Pope. The Pope is ill and postpones the meeting several times. Jacques is aware of a plot by the King of France King Phillip IV to arrest him and secure the Templar treasure in the Templar Temple in Paris, France. A Grand Master Plan is devised by Jacques a year before when his spies informs him of the Kings plans. All Templar treasure is moved off Cyprus and all other countries to new locations in secret. The Paris vaults are emptied and loaded aboard ships waiting to leave for Scotland and Spain upon immediate notice.

The dye is cast and on Oct. 12, 1307 the night before the King intends to arrest Jacques and all templars for heresy, Jacques’ family and 50 other Templar knights escape to 18 ships waiting on the Seine river. 220 tons of gold and silver have been loaded aboard these ships and they sail off undetected in the night at high tide before the Kings spies know they are gone. Jacques is arrest and thrown in jail the next day by the Kings marshals. The big surprise comes when the King of France realizes that there is no treasure left in the Paris Templar vaults, no one gold coin or silver coin.


The Templars sail on to Spain and seek refuge there with 110 tons of gold and silver. The other group with the son of Francois Villiars, Squire Geoffrey Villiars escapes with the other Templar Knights to Scotland to support Robert the Bruce in his battle against the English. In fact the Templars pay for the armor, spears, swords and all weapons for the Scottish army. They also train the rag tag army how to perform like the Romans of old and the Templar Cavalry formations that scared the muslims to death, literally. The Scottish Army of 10,000 defeats an English army of 30,000 thanks to the training of the Templars.

At the end of the two day battle of Bannonbock river the Templars appear with their black and white banner on a hill near the battle and scare the English into thinking the Scottish have hundreds of Templars to back them up in battle. The English soldiers turn and run and bedlam occurs as the Scots and Templars run them down and kill them. The English King Edward II runs for his life with his body guards. Scotland prevails in 1314 and the Templars are rewarded as Knights. Squire Geoffrey Villiars is award the Knight award of the Order of the Rose of Scotland by Robert the Bruce.

Eventually, The Templars with so much treasure are forced to sail to the New World, Nova Scotia and bury their treasure there out of reach of the Pope and the King of France.

The Templars make friends with the Mic Mac indians locally and they teach one another how to survive.

Skip ahead 77 years and Sir Henry Sinclair arrives from Scotland with 500 Scottish Templar Knights to the New World to find only one surviving son of a Templar Knight still alive and 88 years of age. Moonin the son of Scottish Templar Knight Geoffrey Villiars is the only templar descendent alive. He has forgotten where the treasure was buried and Sir Henry Sinclair goes back to Scotland empty handed.

The End.





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