Telling the Story of Teaching in the 1960’s and 1970’s in New York State.

I began teaching in 1967 at Kakiat junior high school in Spring Valley , New York . The school had 600 students at the time.  Each year the student population grew by 100 or more students .  We had racial issues with the black students and the White Irish students always fighting.  Every week we had a fake bomb scare.  The black students walked out one day demanding soul food and Swahili be taught in the language department.  They got what they wanted despite the fact none of the black students would eat soul food.

Girls were wearing mini-skirts so short they could not sit down.  Boys were wearing bell bottom pants and boots.  It was the age of free sex and drugs.  Even some of the white teachers wore Afro style.  Dress codes were out due to civil rights violations and casual dress was in for teachers.  New York State still had State wide Regents Tests .

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