Antonio H. Castelano, Italian Capo


Movie Script



FADE IN: NARRATOR: MALE VOICE WITH ITALIAN ACCENT 30’S OR 40’S I was a small wiry kid with a crew cut hair style and dirty blonde hair with brown eyes and a cocky attitude. Maria was my mother was from the old country, Italy. She wore a flowery dress, and has her brunette hair back in a bun. She wore glasses, and was a little overweight for her age at 26.

ANTONIO H. CASTELANO(10) (I remember that I was born on September 30, 1946 in Roosevelt Hospital, New York City to Julio Castelano, and Maria Castelano as their eldest son. We lived in a tenement walk up apartment on the 3rd floor behind a bakery. The smell of fresh baked breads and cakes filled the apartment all the time).

MARIA CASTELANO (26) MOTHER Tony go to the supermarket, and get some Italian bread and tomatoes. I am making spaghetti tonight.

ANTONIO H. CASTELANO OK, Mom. Do you have cash, or should I have them put it on our tab?

MARIA CASTELANO Here is five dollars. Make sure you bring home the change, and stay away from those bad boys on the street corner.

ANTONIO H. CASTELANO Ok, Ma, I will be fine. I can run faster than those fat guys. Later on the way to the supermarket. Vinnie Magliani is a tall thin, Italian kid with a slick back hair style (black hair), and long side burns, a big nose and a little thin mustache.

VINNIE MAGLIANI (16) (Speaking with a Brooklynese Italian accent). Hey stugots. Tony where are yous going today? You got some money for me, so I can get some cigs?

ANTONIO H. CASTELANO Baffangul Vinnie.(Showing him the middle finger)

VINNIE MAGLIANI Hey, Luchiano, grab the son of a bitch. Come here you little prick. Antonio begins to run, but Vinnie catches up to him.

VINNIE MAGLIANI (CONT’D) Gottcha you son of a bitch. Gimme your money or I will punch your teeth in. (Punches Antonio in the face).

ANTONIO H. CASTELANO Don’t hurt me. Here this is all I have for bread and tomatoes.

LUCIANO CORTELONE (15) Gimme the cash punk.(Taking the five dollar bill out of Antonio’s pocket).

ANTONIO H. CASTELANO Please don’t take that money. My mother needs it for dinner tonight. Do you know who my father is? My father is Benito Castelano cousin of Paul Castelano, and a made man. If you mess with me, you mess with him.

VINNIE MAGLIANI Bullshit. Your father isn’t connected. (Kicks Antonio in the ribs, and walks away) Antonio gets up with a black eye, and staggers back to his tenement apartment on east 8th street.

MARIA CASTELANO Antonio is that you? ANTONIO H. CASTELANO Yeah, ma. MARIA CASTELANO Jesus, what happened to your face? ANTONIO H. CASTELANO That punk Vinnie Magliani and Luciano Cortelone beat me up and took my money. MARIA CASTELANO Did they? Did you tell them your father is Benito Castelano? ANTONIO H. CASTELANO Yeah Ma, but they thought I was lying. MARIA CASTELANO Wait until I tell your father tonight. He will get back my five dollars, and a bit of flesh too. Go in the bathroom, and wash the blood off your face. FADE OUT. Later that evening Benito Castelano comes home from work. FADE IN: BENITO CASTELANO (35) FATHER AND A CAPO OF THE MAFFIA Maria, I am home. That spaghetti smells great. How was your day? MARIA CASTELANO There wouldn’t be any bread with dinner, and I had to use some old sauce to make enough for dinner. BENITO CASTELANO Did the market run out of Italian bread and tomatoes? MARIA CASTELANO I sent Antonio to the market, and two punks down at the corner beat him up, and took the five dollar bill I gave him for bread and tomatoes. BENITO CASTELANO, CAPO Really? Antonio come down here right away. What do these punks look like that took your money and beat you up? Stop tapping your fingers on your left hand and listen to me. ANTONIO H. CASTELANO They hang around the Deli down on the corner father. The tall one is called Vinnie, and the shorter guy is called Luciano. BENITO CASTELANO, CAPO Put dinner in the oven Maria. Antonio and I are going to take a short walk down to the corner to meet these punks that took his money. MARIA CASTELANO Don’t kill them Benny, just remind them never to do that again. BENITO CASTELANO, CAPO Jesus Christ, my children aren’t even safe in their own neighborhood. We gonna fix this fast. Benito and Antonio walk down to the corner where the Deli is and notice two Italian teenagers standing on the corner smoking cigarettes. BENITO CASTELANO, CAPO (CONT’D) Are those the two punks that took your money Antonio? ANTONIO H. CASTELANO Yeah, poppa. BENITO CASTELANO, CAPO Hey you. (Yelling to Vinnie and Luciano) I needa talk to you. VINNIE MAGLIANI What do you want old man? BENITO CASTELANO, CAPO Old man? Do you know who I am punk? I am Benito Castelano of the Romano family of New York. VINNIE MAGLIANI Did you say Romano family? BENITO CASTELANO, CAPO Yes. (Talking his pistol out of his belt behind his back, and hitting Vinnie beside his head) Take that punk. If you every mess with my son Antonio again I am gonna kill you. (Points his gun at Luciano) Get on your knees punk. LUCIANO CORTELONE Please don’t kill me Mr. Castelano. It was all Vinnie’s ideas. Here is ten dollars. I did not mean to beat up your son. BENITO CASTELANO, CAPO Points the gun in Luciano’s eye. I ought to blow your eye out with this gun. Your are warned. If you insult my son or bother him in any way you are going to be taking a swim in the Hudson river with cement shoes on. Do you get my meaning punk? Antonio take the money, and go buy an Italian bread and Tomatoes for your mother. (Benny kicks Luciano as he walks away) FADE OUT. SCENE 2-EXT. NIGHT- JULIO’S MEAT MARKET, HELL’S KITCHEN, NYC. Skip ahead five years. FADE IN: NARRATOR: ANTONIO H. CASTELANO By the time I was 15, everyone in the neighborhood knew my father was a connected man, and no one ever bothered me again. I took advantage of this, and pressured my school mates for money for protection or I beat them up. I picked up two friends Buddy LaPaza, and Dominic Mercano to hang around with me when we ripped off stores, and made small burglaries at night to make money for cigarettes and beer). Hey Billie you got some money for me? Buddy is a short heavy set 16 year old italian kid with long dark hair. Dominic is a tall teenager age 15 who has a crew cut hair style with dirty blond hair. BUDDY LAPAZA (15) Hey Tony, look who just showed up? DOMINIC MERCANO (15) Our old buddy Billie. You got some money for us Billie? What do you think Tony? Should we bash his face in? BILLIE SMITH (15) I am broke Tony. ANTONIO H. CASTELANO You betta come up with the dough or I might have to smash your face in? BILLIE SMITH I get paid at the Deli tomorrow. I will pay you then. Leave me alone. ANTONIO H. CASTELANO Hey, Charlie, not for nothing but you owe me five bucks. CHARLIE WERTZ (16) Sorry Tony, I forgot. Here is your money. FADE OUT. SCENE 3- INT. NIGHT- JULIO’S MEAT MARKET, HELL’S KITCHEN, NYC. NARRATOR: ANTONIO H. CASTELANO When I turned16, I committed my first robbery by breaking into Julio’s market, and stealing from the cash register, and a six pack of beer. FADE IN: ANTONIO H. CASTELANO Break in the back door window Nick. Now reach in and unlock the door. That’s a good. Nickie throw me a beer from the refrigerator. What’s in the cash register? Nick is a neighborhood friend of Tony. They went to high school together. Nick has thick black hair slicked back. He is about 5ft. 5 in., and is a little stocky. He is second generation Italian with an accent. NICK CATALONA (17) A few hundred bucks Tony. Let’s get out of this market before the cops come. ANTONIO H. CASTELANO Ok, Ok, let me grab some more six packs of beer. Ok, let’s go back out the broken window. Bada bing we are outta here. Tony left hand begins to tap on the glass counter top unconsciously. NICK CATALONA Tony I heard Police sirens. Let’s get outta here quick. Suddenly a Black and White Police car pulls into the street in front of the market. A policeman jumps out an pulls his gun. SERGEANT KENNY WISE (50) (Drawing his gun) Stop where you are punks. Stop or I will shoot. ANTONIO H. CASTELANO Nickie follow me over the fence. Leave the beer. NICK CATALONA Ok, Tony, I am scared that cop is going to shoot us. ANTONIO H. CASTELANO (Shouting to Nick) Keep your head down. Throw the gun in the sewer. Keep running. We will split up so the cop has to follow only one of us. I will meet you back at the hangout. Run through the alleys where a car cannot follow you. See ya Later. Nick and Tony split up and run in different directions to avoid being caught and it works. SERGEANT KENNY WISE This is car 54 calling. The punks got away. Send some backup cars right away. FADE OUT. SCENE 4-EXT. NIGHT- CORNER OF 6TH STREET AND FRANCIS ST. NARRATOR: ANTONIO H. CASTELANO At age 18, I was busted for selling narcotics on the street. A black and white Police car pulls up to the curb in front of a clothes store. FADE IN: OFFICER BEN SHULDMAN (35) POLICEMAN You there, what do you have in your hands punk? Put your hands up in the air. (Pulling his gun). ANTONIO H. CASTELANO OK, there is nutin in my hand coppa. Why are you picking on me? OFFICER BEN SHULDMAN Because you are the only one standing on the corner at 11:00 at night selling narcotics. Put your hands behind your back. I am taking you in for selling narcotics. ANTONIO H. CASTELANO I am gonna be out in a day, coppa. BEN SHULDMAN No problem. I hope you like the city jail. DISSOLVE TO: Later that night. FADE IN: OFFICER BEN SHULDMAN Sergeant book this punk for selling narcotics. SERGEANT JOHN FLYNN (50) Put him in cell block 3. ANTONIO H. CASTELANO While I was in jail I dreamed that I was a Capo in another life, and I died a violent death. I woke up sweating and scared. It was only a dream I kept telling myself. FADE OUT. The next day Tony is in a jail cell. FADE IN: SERGEANT JOHN FLYNN Hey Tony, some one posted your bail. You are out until your court hearing. ANTONIO H. CASTELANO Who posted my bond? My father? (Tapping his left hand fingers on the table.) SERGEANT JOHN FLYNN No, Nicoli Cappezzi posted your bond. ANTONIO H. CASTELANO (CONT’D) Nicoli Capezzi? He is a made man. Wow? Why would he post my bond. I don’t even know him? SERGEANT JOHN FLYNN Here is your wallet and personal items. Get outta here. FADE OUT. SCENE 5- INT. DAY- THE HOME OF NICOLI CAPEZZI, CAPO FOR THE NEW YORK MAFFIA. Two days later in Nicoli Capezzi’s home, which is decorated with over the top Italian paintings and statues. Nicoli Capezzi is a made man, Italian, with a small mustache, dark skin, and an Italian Brooklynese accent. He loves to smoke cigars, and drink Italian wine. FADE IN: NICOLI CAPEZZI (55) CAPO Tell that punk Tony Castelano to come and see me Willie. William “Willie” Romo is a fat guy with a bald head, and a large Roman nose with a scar on the side of his face. He is clean shaven and wears a jogging suit instead of a jacket and tie. WILLIAM WILLIE ROMO (49) MADE MAN OK boss. FADE OUT. Willie drives over to Tony’s house in Staten Island. FADE IN: WILLIAM WILLIE ROMO (CONT’D) The boss wants to see you. ANTONIO H. CASTELANO The boss? The boss who? Fugots. WILLIAM WILLIE ROMO You better come now punk or I am going to have to shot you in your knees, and drag you there. ANTONIO H. CASTELANO Since you put it that way, I am coming. Who is the boss? WILLIAM WILLIE ROMO Nicoli Capezzi is the boss, and you betta keep your mouth shut when he is taking to you. An hour later Willie drives Tony to Nicoli’s house. WILLIAM WILLIE ROMO (CONT’D) (Knocking on the door) Hey boss, the kid is here. NICOLI CAPEZZI Welcome kid. Tony is it? Come in and sit down. Water or some coffee? ANTONIO H. CASTELANO No thanks. Why am I here? NICOLI CAPEZZI You know kid, no one sells narcotics in my area without my permission. Your are a loner, and without protection you are not going to last long. I want to welcome you to my outfit and give you an opportunity to do some bigger jobs that will make more money for you than cheap narcotics sales on a street corner. ANTONIO H. CASTELANO What ya got in mind Mr. Capezzi? NICOLI CAPEZZI This is my associate Willie that brought you in today. I want you and Willie to meet some friends of mine at Kennedy airport in the trucking depot. You and Willie will take a large truck to the airport, and this friend of mine is gonna give you some stuff that fell off a truck at the airport. ANTONIO H. CASTELANO Fell off the truck, right? (laughing) NiCOLI CAPEZZI You and Willie get a percentage of the take, if all goes well. You are to meet my friend at the airport tonight at 11:30 pm. You got it? If you don’t show up to drive to the airport with Willie, I am going to send Willie to your house, and break your knees with a tire wrench. ANTONIO H. CASTELANO OK, I am in. I will meet Willie tonight here to drive the truck to Kennedy airport. NICOLI CAPEZZI Good, I am depending on you. FADE OUT. SCENE 6- EXT. NIGHT- JFK AIRPORT CARGO TERMINAL- THE HEIST. Later that night Willie and Tony drive a big rig 18 wheeler to Kennedy airport to the trucking terminal D. FADE IN: WILLIAM WILLIE ROMO Well here we are kid. Just sit here while I look for our mutual friend at the terminal. Oh, here he comes. Willie gets out of the truck along with Tony. WILLIAM WILLIE ROMO (CONT’D) Hey Shortie how ya doin? SHORTIE SWEETWATER (60) TRUCKER Yeah, how is Nick doin? WILLIAM WILLIE ROMO You got something for me? SHORTIE SWEETWATER Yeah the boxes are over here. All electronics, radios, stereos and TV’s. WILLIAM WILLIE ROMO OK Kid let’s start loading our truck with these boxes. ANTONIO H. CASTELANO All right Willie. I got it. Damm these boxes are heavy. WILLIAM WILLIE ROMO Use the hand carts to make it easier. Hurray we need to get outta here. One hour later Willie and Tony are driving out of Kennedy air port with a truck load of stolen electronics. WILLIAM WILLIE ROMO (CONT’D) You did good kid. I’ll tell the boss for you. Now we have to get this stuff to a warehouse in Staten Island. After the heist Tony becomes a regular member of Nick Capezzi’s mob. FADE OUT. An hour later. FADE IN: NICOLI CAPEZZI Hey Tony, I hear you did good on that job. We have a lot more opportunities for you if you have the guts. You get rich, I get rich, we all get rich. ANTONIO H. CASTELANO Thanks boss. It was a cinch. FADE OUT. SCENE 7- INT. NIGHT- ANGELO’S BAR AND GRILL, STATEN ISLAND. A year later in a local bar one night Tony is drinking with some of his buddies when he notices a young waitress names Maria Bonaro. FADE IN: ANTONIO H. CASTELANO Hi, I am Tony. What is your name? MARIA BONARO (19) WAITRESS Who wants to know? ANTONIO H. CASTELANO Me, Tony, an associate of Nick Capezzi. Do you know him? MARIA BONARO Oh, yeah, Nick Capezzi. He comes in here a lot. You work for him? ANTONIO H. CASTELANO Yeah, we are associates. MARIA BONARO What do you do for a living Tony? ANTONIO H. CASTELANO Import and export. (Tapping his fingers of his left hand on the table). MARIA BONARO That sounds very interesting. ANTONIO H. CASTELANO What are you doing after work tonight? Can I give you a ride home? MARIA BONARO That would be nice. I get off at 2:00 in the morning if you want to wait around. ANTONIO H. CASTELANO I will be waiting in a yellow Camaro outside in the parking lot. MARIA BONARO See you then big boy. Tony meets Maria in the parking lot, and a new romance begins. A year later they are getting married. FADE OUT. SCENE-8-INT. DAY- THE WEDDING AT SACRED HEART CATHOLIC CHURCH IN STATEN ISLAND. The scene opens at the end of the marriage ceremony between Maria Bonaro and Antonio H. Castelano. FADE IN: FATHER ORLANDO GUCCI (60) PRIEST Do you Antonio take this woman Maria to be your lawful wife, to have and to hold forever? ANTONIO H. CASTELANO I do. FATHER ORLANDO GUCCI Do you Maria Bonaro take this man Antonio Castelano to be your husband? MARIA BONARO I do. FATHER ORLANDO GUCCI Then by the Power of the Roman Catholic church and the State of New York I pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride now Tony. FADE TO BLACK. Tony and Maria kiss and the marriage is concluded, and a new chapter in Tony’s life begins. Tony becomes a heavy drinker early on in their marriage due to the pressures of making heists all the time for Nick Capezzi. FADE IN: MARIA BONARO Tony have you been drinking again. You’re drunk. ANTONIO H. CASTELANO Shut up bitch. (slaps Maria in the face). MARIA BONARO You are not going to treat me like this or I am going back to live with my parents. ANTONIO H. CASTELANO I needa lay down. I feel sick. (Throws up on the floor) ahhh, damm I am sick. MARIA BONARO Now I have to clean up the mess. You have to stop drinking Tony. FADE OUT. SCENE 8- INT. DAY- JAMAICA HOSPITAL-THE BIRTH OF ANTONIO JR. Two years later Maria delivers her first child Antonio Jr. FADE IN: MARIA BONARO Tony it is time to go to the hospital, Tony. ANTONIO H. CASTELANO OK, Maria, I have the car all packed. Let’s go to Jamaica hospital. An hour later. ANTONIO H. CASTELANO (CONT’D) (Shouting) Pregnant woman coming in. HOSPITAL ORDERLY (40) I’ll take her sir. Sit in this wheel chair madam. MARIA BONARO Thank you. ANTONIO H. CASTELANO I will wait outside the deliver room Maria. I have a weak stomach for these things. Love you. Ten hours later of long and painful labor. DOCTOR MARVIN SWARTZ (60) Congratulation Mrs. Castelano you have a baby boy. MARIA BONARO Oh how wonderful. We are going to call him Tony Jr. DOCTOR MARVIN SWARTZ Mr. Castelano, congratulations, you are the proud father of a little boy. You can go in and see your wife now. The labor took a long time but she is fine now. ANTONIO H. CASTELANO Is that out little boy. He looks so small. MARIA BONARO His name is going to be Tony Jr. after his father. ANTONIO H. CASTELANO What a great moment? I have to call my parents and tell them the good news. MARIA BONARO Call my parents for me please? ANTONIO H. CASTELANO Absolutely, I will call everyone sweetheart. FADE OUT. 3 days later Maria and little Tony Jr. go home to Staten Island. FADE IN: ANTONIO H. CASTELANO (CONT’D) I fixed up little Tony’s room and painted the walls a light blue. I hope you like it Maria. MARIA BONARO I love it Tony. Little Tony is going to feel great in this room. FADE OUT. SCENE 9-INT. DAY- NICOLI CAPEZZI’S OFFICE IN STATEN ISLAND. A day later after Antonio bring home Antonio Jr., Nick Capezzi calls Tony into his office. FADE IN: NICOLI CAPEZZI Tony, I have a big caper for you, and Willie and the guys to pull off this weekend. ANTONIO H. CASTELANO What is it boss? (Tapping on the chair with his left fingers as an unconscious nervous action.) NICOLI CAPEZZI There is a big federal bank downtown Manhattan that is taking in a shipment of gold this weekend, and we have a guy on the inside of the armor truck company. This job is worth millions in gold bricks. Willie, and Harry have the blueprints of the bank, and we are going to plan a diversion with an explosion the other side of Manhattan to distract the cops. You have six minutes to pull this off. Willie will fill you in on the details. Your share will be several million Tony. ANTONIO H. CASTELANO Sounds good to me. Where are we getting the fire power? NICOLI CAPEZZI I have arranged for some automatic assault rifles, and automatic 45 pistols and bullet proof vests. We even have those President Halloween face masks. You ought to wear Nixon’s mask, (laughing), I never liked the guy. ANTONIO H. CASTELANO OK, boss, me and the guys will work on a plan and go over the blueprints so we know where the gold is stored. Maybe we can intercept the gold before they unload it from the armored truck? FADE OUT. SCENE 10- EXT. NIGHT- BANK OF AMERICA, 8TH AVENUE, MANHATTAN, NEW YORK. NARRATOR: ANTONIO H. CASTELANO The following week the bank heist goes down. Tony, Willie, and Harry and I, and a few other thugs are sitting in a large black van outside the bank waiting for the armored truck to arrive. We all have President Halloween masks to put on during the robbery. FADE IN: ANTONIO H. CASTELANO The armored truck should arrive around 10:00 am and they will unload the gold in crates and carry it in the front door. Before they do that we will deflate the tires and throw a smoke bomb into the air vent of the armored truck forcing the guards inside to come out. Shoot them if you have to because they will be armed with shot guns and automatic weapons. Willie will shoot the driver through the windshield. Remember we have six minutes to finish the job before the cops get here. WILLIAM WILLIE ROMO Ok, guys you all know what to do, here comes the armored truck, let’s go. The black van pulls across the street and blocks the armored truck from leaving. Everyone jumps out. WILLIAM WILLIE ROMO (CONT’D) (Shoots the driver through the windshield killing him) This is a holdup. The armored car rider attempts to get out of the armored car with a loaded shotgun. ANTONIO H. CASTELANO Look out for the shotgun rider. I got him. (Tony shoots the shotgun rider in the front seat of the truck). SHORTIE SWEETWATER (Throws a smoke bomb in the intake air vent of the armor truck) (Smoke breaks out everywhere.) The smoke bomb is in the vent. Put on your gas masks. Inside the armored truck the two armed guards cannot breath, and unlock the doors to get some oxygen and get out of the truck. GUARD NUMBER 1 (50) Grab your shot gun, we are going out. (Cough, cough). GUARD NUMBER 2 (40) I can’t see. (Cough, cough) I got my automatic, let’s go. The back door of the armored truck flies open, and a hail of bullets fly through the air. ANTONIO H. CASTELANO Here they come. Fire. SHORTIE SWEETWATER I got them with my shotgun. GUARD NUMBER 1 Shoot them. I cannot see. (Cough, cough) Ahh, I’m hit. GUARD NUMBER 2 Take this you sons of a bitch. (Fires his weapon again and again) Tony is hit and falls to the ground, and dies on the scene. SHORTIE SWEETWATER Tony’s down. Get the gold quick. We have to get outta here. WILLIAM WILLIE ROMO Leave him there, we have to grab the gold and get outta here. I hear sirens, hurry. SHORTIE SWEETWATER Yous guys better get that gold into the van quick. We are running outta time. Fuck the cops are here. Let’s go. Get in the van guys. We’re outta here. The Van pulls away just as the police arrive on the scene. FADE OUT. CHAPTER TWO- LIFE NUMBER TWO AS A HOUSE FLY. SCENE 1- EXT. DAY- LIVING DAY TO DAY AS A FLY . Antonio feels as if he is floating in air, and suddenly he awakens. Editor’s Note#1: It is important that the audience see a view of a fly’s compound eye which see things in multiple views of the same object which it then analyzes into one object. A graphic of hundreds of pictures of dog dung is the visual image for the audience. Editor’s Note #2: The fly scenes should not be animated, but rather real photos of a fly in different scenes spliced together to match the scenes and dialogue. Editors Note#3: The voice for the fly should be the same male voice of Antonio H. Castelano. FADE IN: ANTONIO H. CASTELANO REINCARNATED AS A FLY (The Voice of Anthony) Oh my God, I am blind. What happened. I cannot see. Oh, wait a second, now I can see hundreds of little pictures that form one picture. I smell something sweet. Dog dung yum. Am I a fly? I must be dreaming? I can’t stop tapping my left front foot. I feel so different. My instinct is to survive. I have days to live instead of months. Each day is fearful, as I land on a leaf and warm myself in the sun. I see some dog dung on the ground, and fly over to lick the sweet essence. Yum, dog dung my favorite. FADE OUT. The next day when the sun rises. FADE IN: ANTONIO H. CASTELANO REINCARNATED AS A FLY (CONT’D) (The voice of Anthony) Hunger and fear is all I know. Ahh, I smell the sweet sent of a sweating human. I crave the feeling of licking the salty human sweat. I sense movement and a large shadow, time to fly away quickly to avoid death. I will try again and again. Oops, another movement and shadow mashing close to me. I fly away to live another day. FADE OUT. The next Day when the sun rises. FADE IN: ANTONIO H. CASTELANO REINCARNATED AS A FLY (CONT’D) (The voice of Anthony) Ahh the air is getting warm, and I can fly now. I rub my many legs and prepare to fly. My images spot a light red color, perhaps a flower or something? I fly toward it landing on it, smelling many wonderful scents. I warm myself in the sun. It is another day as in the day before. My time is short. How did I deserve to be here? What did I do wrong in my life? Did I not create enough good karma? FADE OUT. The next day when the sun rises. FADE IN: ANTONIO H. CASTELANO REINCARNATED AS A FLY (CONT’D) I have stayed alive for many days now, and I feel I am beginning to slow down. I need to rest. Smelling food on a shiny surface nearby. I land to eat. A sudden movement, and the air rushes toward me. I detect a dark object, perhaps a human? I fly away, and then return to finish my meal. Again another rush of air and a loud clap sound and darkness. I fly away again. Humans are dangerous. I notice a cute female fly on a pile of dog poop. I fly over to get acquainted and she ignores me. FADE OUT. The next day when the sun rises. FADE IN: ANTONIO H. CASTELANO REINCARNATED AS A FLY (CONT’D) Instinct tells me I have few days left to live. All I can feel is fear. Fear of death everywhere from birds, frogs and humans. I land on a table surface to lick up the remains of some human food. Suddenly, I see a female fly like myself landing on a human sucking the sweat off the human hairs. I fly over to warn her. Look Out. Don’t you know how dangerous it is to land on a human? FEMALE FLY (25 DAYS) (Female voice) Hey big boy, I need someone to fertilize my eggs. Interested? ANTONIO H. CASTELANO REINCARNATED AS A FLY Maybe, you better get out of here before the human kills you. (Suddenly there is a large shadow blocking the sun, and a rush of air). I prepare to fly away, only to be crushed by the shoe of a human. I am dead. FADE TO BLACK. CHAPTER THREE- LIFE NUMBER THREE AS A DOG NAMED REX THE GOLDEN RETRIEVER. Editor’s note#1: The voice over for Rex the dog is Antonio H. Castelano’s voice. The same male actor is the voice for the fly and later the dog, Rex. SCENE 1-INT. DAY- REX THE GOLDEN RETRIEVER. Antonio is reborn as a dog, a golden retriever puppy. FADE IN: REX, THE GOLDEN RETRIEVER (Antonio’s voice) I cannot see. I am blind. What is the problem. Two weeks later. REX, THE GOLDEN RETRIEVER (CONT’D) I am beginning to see. Other small pups join me in cuddling for warmth. I am warm and awaking on my sleeping blanket. My smell is so strong. I can smell things across the entire room. I can’t see any color. I am color blind, but my master has come to give me food, and water. I am starved.) Woof, woof. (Wagging my tail, I am happy). I wet myself and it feels good. FADE OUT. TWO YEARS LATER. FLASH FORWARD. FADE IN: ALFONSO GIAVANNI (40) MADE MAN IN THE MAFFIA. Come on Rex let’s go out for a walk. REX, THE GOLDEN RETRIEVER (Antonio’s) Thinking, Walk, walk. I know that word) woof, woof ALFONSO GIAVANNI Good dog. Let’s go girl. Good dog. Beth I will be right back. ELIZABETH GIAVANNI (36) Ok, take your coat it is cold outside. ALFONSO GIAVANNI Come on Rex. We will take a walk down to the butchers. Maybe he will have a nice beef bone for you. REX, THE GOLDEN RETRIEVER Woof, woof. I have to squat and shit. Now I feel better. A few minutes later at the butchers. ALFONSO GIAVANNI Good morning paesan. Have you got some beef bones for Rex here? DOMINIC TERADADO (45) BUTCHER Anything for Rex. How is the family Al? ALFONSO GIAVANNI They’re fine. You got some braziole, and how about some pork loin? DOMINIC MERCANO Sure Al. How many pounds of pork loin do you want. I’ll wrap up Rex’s bones for here. REX, THE GOLDEN RETRIEVER If I piss on this pole my friends will know I was here. (Pisses on a pole in front of the store). ALFONSO GIAVANNI What do I owe you Dominic? DOMINIC MERCANO Forgetaboutit. It’s on the house. Have a good day Al. What out there is a fly on the counter. Let me kill it. ALFONSO GIAVANNI Don’t kill it. It is a creature of God. I mean what the hell it is just a fly. Grazi Dominic for the meat. DOMINIC MERCANO What ever you say Al. Have a nice day. Alfonso returns home with Rex on a leash. ALFONSO GIAVANNI Here is a bone for you Rex. Good dog. REX, THE GOLDEN RETRIEVER Woof, woof (Thinking to herself, I love to chew into a nice juicy bone with some meat still attached to it. My master has always been good to me. Being a dog is not such a bad life. I will take a nap after my bone) FADE OUT. A month later Alfonso is working at the deli he owns with some of his employees. He is drinking cappuccino outside his store on the sidewalk with some of his associates on a sunny day in Staten Island. FADE IN: ALFONSO GIAVANNI What a day? Nice and sunny. Here Rex, take some meat for a snack. Have you ever heard of karma Sammy? SAMMY THE GAVONE GIAMBELLO (55) No boss what is it some kind of sausage? Sammy is a fat short Italian guy with no class. He lives to eat and that is why he has the nickname Gavone, big eater. ALFONSO GIAVANNI No fool, karma is doing good things in our life. Helping others and doing good things pays off in the end. SAMMY THE GAVONE GIAMBELLO (55)CAPO Yeah that sounds good Boss. Rex is a great dog Al. She is always at your side to protect you. I’ll have a cup of expresso Al. AlFONSO GIAVANNI (Tapping on the table unconsciously with his left hand) Yeah, not for nothin, she is a loyal dog. Here is your expresso Sammy. Both Al and Sammy are sitting at a small table in the Italian Deli drinking expresso. SAMMY THE GAVONE GIAMBELLO (Whispering) You know Al, we are going to have to rub out this new guy that is trying to get in on our garbage business. Jake Dresser, is his name and he paid off an administrator in town hall to get the south shore garbage pickup route. We cannot afford to lose that route. It is where our richest customers live. ALFONSO GIAVANNI Get some of the guys, and pay Mr. Dresser a visit, and make him an offer he cannot refuse. We need that garbage route. If he refuses maybe you should take him to live with the fishes, if you know what I mean? SAMMY THE GAVONE GIAMBELLO Should I take Shortie with me to talk to Mr. Dresser? ALFONSO GIAVANNI Yeah, he is a stugots, but he will do the job if Mr. Dresser plays it difficult. SAMMY THE GAVONE GIAMBELLO Let’s go Tony. FADE OUT. SCENE 2-INT. DAY- JAKE DRESSER’S OFFICE ACROSS TOWN ON STATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK. An hour later Sammy the Gavone arrives at Jake Dresser’s office with an associate FADE IN: SAMMY THE GAVONE GIAMBELLO Mr. Dresser please. SECRETARY (30) Whom shall I say wants to see him? SAMMY THE GAVONE GIAMBELLO Tell him Sammy Giambello is here to talk business. SECRETARY (On the intercom) Mr. Dresser, Mr. Giambello is here to talk with you. JAKE DRESSER (45) GARBAGE COMPANY OWNER (On the intercom) Tell him I am not in. SECRETARY (On the intercom) He knows you are here Mr. Dresser. Sammy barges through the office door with Shortie who is the size of a professional wrestler. SAMMY THE GAVONE GIAMBELLO Mr. Dresser, I don’t like waiting around. We need to talk about you cutting in on my garbage truck routes on Staten Island. JAKE DRESSER There is nothing to talk about. I bid for those routes fair and square. SHORTIE SWEETWATER (40) THUG Do you want me to twist his head off Sammy? SAMMY THE GAVONE GIAMBELLO Mr. Dresser, I am goin make you a deal you cannot refuse. Either you sell those routes to me or Shortie here is going to take you fishing. Do you like fishing Mr. Dresser? JAKE DRESSER No, I don’t, and you cannot threaten me. It is illegal. SAMMY THE GAVONE GIAMBELLO I am going to be a fair man, and give you a piece of the garbage truck routes you purchased if you turn the ownership over to me. I am goin give you a day to think about it. If you decide to cooperate than I will have our lawyer drop by tomorrow. If not, then I am going to send Shortie here to take you fishing with cement shoes. Do you get my meaning? Capish? JAKE DRESSER I’ll have to think about it. Now get out of my office before I call the cops. SAMMY THE GAVONE GIAMBELLO We’ll see you tomorrow then Mr. Dresser. Come on Vinnie let’s get outta here. Shortie and Sammy leave in their Lincoln Town car. FADE OUT. SCENE 3-INT. DAY- ALFONSO GIAVANNI’S OFFICE. The next day. FADE IN: ALFONSO GIAVANNI Sammy did I get any phone calls from Mr. Dresser? SAMMY THE GAVONE GIAMBELLO No boss. What do you want me to do? ALFONSO GIAVANNI Wait until it gets dark, and take a visit to Mr. Dresser’s office with Vinnie boombots. Take some of our associates and wait until he comes out of the office and locks it up. Grab him in the parking lot and put his lights out for good. Take him down to the beach and tie his legs to a cinder block and throw him off the dock in deep water. SAMMY THE GAVONE GIAMBELLO You got it boss. VINNIE MAGLIANI (BOOMBOTS)45 Am I going Boss? ALFONSO GIAVANNI Yeah Vinnie boombots you are going. Sammy, make sure you don’t leave any fingerprints or evidence. You know, I had the strangest dream last night. I thought I was a dog drinking water outta a bowl. Is that weird or what? (Unconsciously tapping his left hand on the table). I will be at the Sand Bar tonight having some drinks and to establish an alibi while you ice Mr. Dresser. Later that night Alfonso is in the Sand Bar restaurant having some drinks with his wife Madeline’. ALFONSO GIAVANNI (CONT’D) Who is watching the kids Madeline’? MADELINE GIAVANNI (33) MOTHER/WIFE Momma is watching them. She volunteered to watch them. ALFONSO GIAVANNI Having teenagers is a nightmare from hell. Do you remember when we were teenagers? We never acted like ALfonso Jr. , Mary, Nick, Sonny and Abe act. MADELINE GIAVANNI They were different times Al. ALFONSO GIAVANNI What do you want for dinner Madeline’? MADELINE GIAVANNI I am going to have the surf and turf with some red wine. ALFONSO GIAVANNI Sounds good. I am going to have some pasta and steak with a beer. Waiter, we are ready to order. After dinner Alfonso gets a call on his cell phone and it is Sammy. SAMMY THE GAVONE GIAMBELLO Boss, the fishing trip went well. ALFONSO GIAVANNI Good, see you tomorrow. I am having dinner with my wife. Ciao. FADE OUT. SCENE 4- INT. DAY- ALFONSO GIAVANNI’S OFFICE. FADE IN: ALFONSO GIAVANNI Coffee Sammy? We will wait a week until the garbage piles up in Mr. Dresser’s routes, and then we will approach the town hall and make an offer to take over the routes for our price. SAMMY THE GAVONE GIAMBELLO Sounds good boss. ALFONSO GIAVANNI I am goin see my gumad this afternoon so if my wife or anyone calls I am out of the office. You got it? (Tapping the fingers on his left hand). SAMMY THE GAVONE GIAMBELLO Sure, I got it. I will hold the fort down while you are out. FADE OUT. SCENE 5- INT. DAY- ALICE HERRING, ALFONSO’S MISTRESS (GUMAD) APARTMENT. Alice is a flashy whore with a beautiful 19 year old body, red hair and pure white skin. Tony arrives at her apartment for a little action. FADE IN: ALFONSO GIAVANNI (Knock, knock on the door) Alice how you doin? I brought you some flowers. Alice is dressed in nothing but a bath robe, with her naked body showing through in some places. ALICE HERRING (19) MISTRESS Ok, Tony, that is so thoughtful of you. Come in. ALFONSO GIAVANNI I am sorry I could come over last week. I had some business problems to take care over. You look great today and that perfume smells fabulous. ALICE HERRING Coffee or whiskey Tony? ALFONSO GIAVANNI Coffee please. It is too early for whiskey. Did you lose weight. You look really thin. ALICE HERRING That is so kind of you Tony. I have been watching my diet and cutting out the ice cream. Here is your coffee. ALFONSO GIAVANNI It has been a stressful week at work. I need to unwind. Let’s go into the bedroom. Alice takes off her bathroom and stands naked in front of Tony in the bedroom. ALICE HERRING Maybe I can relieve some of your stress Tony? ALFONSO GIAVANNI I hope so. ALICE HERRING Let me rub your back. ALFONSO GIAVANNI I would prefer if you rubbed my bracciole. ALICE HERRING Sure Tony, what ever you want. ALFONSO GIAVANNI That feels good. Lie down I am going pork you. Tony and Alice have intercourse on the bed. Afterward. ALICE HERRING I am going to take a shower Tony. Do you want to join me? ALFONSO GIAVANNI No, I have to run. I have a situation at work I have to take care of. Same time next week? I’ll leave some dough on the table. Goodbye. FADE OUT. SCENE 6- INT. DAY- GIAVANNI’S OFFICE IN STATEN ISLAND-THE DRIVE BY SHOOTING. That afternoon while Sammy is sitting in the front office of Giavanni enterprises a car drives by and shoots several shots into the plate glass barely missing Sammy sitting in a chair smoking a cigar. FADE IN: SAMMY THE GAVONE GIAMBELLO (Falling backward out of the chair as shots rang out) Jesus Christ, fanabola? (Calling Alfonso on his cell phone while lying of the floor behind the couch) Boss, someone just did a drive by shooting of your office almost hitting me. They shot out the whole front office window. There is glass everywhere. The car that drove by is long gone. ALFONSO GIAVANNI (Tony is in his home) Hello, who is it? Sammy? I will be there as soon as I can. Sit tight and don’t do anything until I get there. Take the rifles out of the closet, and load them with ammunition just in case. An hour later that day at Alfonso’s office. ALFONSO GIAVANNI (CONT’D) Are you OK Sammy? I got here as soon as I could. Who the hell shot this place up? SAMMY THE GAVONE GIAMBELLO It could be the guys from Mr. Dresser’s crew after they realized their boss was abducted? ALFONSO GIAVANNI How would they figure that out so fast? Maybe his wife called the Police? Or his associates? Now we have to be real careful in case they try to retaliate. Call in Charlie, Mugsy and some of our guys to guard the place. Tell them to bring pistols and rifles. FADE OUT. SCENE 7- INT. DAY- THE HOME OF ALFONSO GIAVANNI. The next day. Detective Trade is a tall man in a suit coat and a Police badge handing around his neck on a lanyard. His hair is short cut and he is clean shaven with dark rim glasses. FADE IN: DETECTIVE WILLIAM TRADE (50) (Knock, knock) Hello. (At Alfonso’s office) Anyone here? SAMMY THE GAVONE GIAMBELLO Yeah who’s there? DETECTIVE WILLIAM TRADE Detective Bill Trade from the New York City Police department. Is Mr. Giavanni in today? SAMMY THE GAVONE GIAMBELLO No, he hasn’t come into work yet. What can I do for you? DETECTIVE WILLIAM TRADE I see you have your office window boarded up. Did you have someone knock it out? SAMMY THE GAVONE GIAMBELLO Some punk kid threw a rock through the plate glass window the other day. We haven’t gotten it replaced yet. DETECTIVE WILLIAM TRADE Have you seen Mr. Drake Dresser around lately? I understand Mr. Giavanni had some associates visit to Mr. Dresser’s office a few days ago, and threatened him about garbage routes. SAMMY THE GAVONE GIAMBELLO Where did you hear that crap from? Vinnie and I paid a formal congratulatory visit to Mr. Dresser regarding his winning the recent bids from town hall for the South shore garbage routes. Mr. Giavanni offered to buy the routes from Mr. Dresser to compliment our routes on the rest of Staten Island. DETECTIVE WILLIAM TRADE Really? And that was all? SAMMY THE GAVONE GIAMBELLO Yup. That’s about it. Why? DETECTIVE WILLIAM TRADE The secretary for Mr. Dresser said Mr. Giavanni and Mr. Dresser were arguing in his office. SAMMY THE GAVONE GIAMBELLO I don’t know nuttin about that. I went outside to have a smoke. What happened to Mr. Dresser? DETECTIVE WILLIAM TRADE He has gone missing. His wife called the Police station and he never came home the other night. Where were you the other night Mr. Giambello? SAMMY THE GAVONE GIAMBELLO I was drunk and fall asleep early at home Detective. DETECTIVE WILLIAM TRADE When Mr. Giavanni comes into work have him give me a call. His is my card. Have a nice day. Later, after Detective Trade leaves. SAMMY THE GAVONE GIAMBELLO (Calling on his cell phone) Hey, Boss, we had a visit from a Detective Trade inquiring where Mr. Dresser might be? I told him we did not know. He knows about our visit to Dresser’s office the other day. ALFONSO GIAVANNI I will give him a call when I come into work later today. Meanwhile, you and the guys stay alert. FADE OUT. SCENE 8- INT. DAY- ALFONSO GIAVANNI’S HOME IN STATEN ISLAND. FADE IN: ALFONSO GIAVANNI Madeline, I am going to take the Rex the dog for a walk down at the beach. I will be back in a few minutes. REX, THE GOLDEN RETRIEVER Woof, woof. ALFONSO GIAVANNI Come on girl let’s go for a walk. Sit, good dog. ALfonso takes Rex for a walk down on the beach near his house. ALFONSO GIAVANNI (CONT’D) Good dog. Fetch the stick. Good. REX, THE GOLDEN RETRIEVER WOOF, WOOF. Down the beach a man in a trenchcoat is walking along the surf facing Alfonso, and Rex about a 100 yards away. ALFONSO GIAVANNI Who is this guy walking along the surf? I have never seen him before? Come on Rex, good dog, leave the stranger alone. The stranger continues to walk along the surf toward Alfonso and Rex. Suddenly when he gets within ten yards of Alfonso, he pulls out a rifle under his trench coat and aims at Alfonso. STRANGER (60) This is for Jake Dresser. (Aims his rifle toward Alfonso) REX, THE GOLDEN RETRIEVER (Antonio’s Voice: Who is this son of a bitch aiming a rifle at my master?) (Rex breaks away from Alfonso, and realizing there is danger, charges the stranger with the rifle and tries to bit him) The gun goes off and the bullet hits Rex in the head where she falls dead bleeding on the sand. ALFONSO GIAVANNI (Hysterical) You son of a bitch. (Alfonso rushes toward the stranger and throws sand in his eyes blinding him momentarily. He assaults the stranger, and punches him in the head and chest. When the stranger falls to the ground and drops the rifle, Alfonso jumps on top and keeps punching the stranger until he is dead on the beach. Running over to Rex, he realizes the dog saved his life.) Rex, oh Rex, poor dog, oh my God she is dead. (Alfonso picks up the dead body of Rex and carries her home to his house) Thirty minutes later at Alfonso’s house ALFONSO GIAVANNI (CONT’D) Madeline, come quick. Rex has been shot by a stranger. (Alfonse is holding the dead body of Rex). MADELINE GIAVANNI Oh, my God, what happened? Is she dead? ALFONSO GIAVANNI (CONT’D) A stranger shot at me on the beach with a rifle and Rex pulled the leash out of my hand and rushed the stranger with the rifle and attempted to bite and protect me. She took a bullet that was intended for me. Oh, I feel so bad. The stranger is dead on the beach with his rifle. Let me call Sammy to clean up the mess. Sammy, get over to the beach by my house and you will find a dead body lying on the beach with a rifle by him. Clean it up, and ditch the body and rifle. Make sure no one sees you. Contact me later when it is done. Get here before someone discovers the body. Later that week, Alfonso and his family have Rex buried in a Pet Cemetery on Staten Island. ALFONSO GIAVANNI (CONT’D) Rex, she was a good dog and she saved my life by risking her own. God bless her now and in the here after. Amen. (Crying). FADE TO BLACK. CHAPTER FOUR- LIFE NUMBER FOUR AS RITA ESPERALIZA, DAUGHTER OF DON DOMINIC ESPERALIZA, THE GOD FATHER. SCENE 1- INT. DAY- LIFE AS RITA ESPERALIZA, ELDEST DAUGHTER OF DOMINIC ESPERALIZA, GOD FATHER. FADE IN: ANTONIO H. CASTELANO (THE VOICE OF ANTHONY) I am reborn and my name is Rita Esperaliza, and I am the eldest daughter of Don Dominic Esperaliza of New York City. I was born in 1980 in Queens, New York. I was a premature baby by 3 weeks. My mother Maria Del Caso Esperaliza had a difficult time during her pregnancy. FADE TO BLACK. FADE IN: RITA ESPERALIZA (4) Momma what are we having for dinner tonight? MARIA DEL CASO ESPERALIZA (39) MOTHER Amma makin manigott, your favorite tonight. (Thick Italian accent) RITA ESPERALIZA You know Momma I have a dream last night that I was a special Italian person, kind of like a boss or something and everyone was afraid of me. Isn’t that weird. Then I thought I was a fly fearing death at every minute. So weird? MARIA DEL CASO ESPERALIZA It was just a dream Rita. Pay it no mind. RITA ESPERALIZA But it was so real. I was a man who tapped his left fingers all the time and that is what I do all the time. (Tapping her fingers of her left hand). MARIA DEL CASO ESPERALIZA Go play with your dolls Rita. Your father will be home soon for dinner. RITA ESPERALIZA OK, momma. Later that night Don Dominic Esperaliza comes home. DON DOMINIC ESPERALIZA (41) THE BOSS Carlo park the car down the street in case someone is following us. CARLO GAMBIZZI (50) CAPO OK Boss. DON DOMINIC ESPERALIZA Come in and have some dinner with my Family. Don Dominic gets out of his black limo and goes into his house. DON DOMINIC ESPERALIZA (CONT’D) Maria, I brought Carlo home for dinner. What did you cook? MARIA DEL CASO ESPERALIZA Manigott, Dominic. Have a seat with Carlo and I will bring you some Chianti. CARLO GAMBIZZI Good evening Maria. Something smells good. Thank you for inviting me to your house for dinner. MARIA DEL CASO ESPERALIZA You are always welcome in our home Carlo. Sit, sit down and have some wine. sei senti fame? DON DOMINIC ESPERALIZA (Offers a toast with a glass of wine) cento anni, a hundred years. CARLO GAMBIZZI Cento anni. DON DOMINIC ESPERALIZA Olives Carlo? CARLO GAMBIZZI Thank you Don Esperaliza. You know I spoke to Joey buttagots, and he has fallen behind in his payments at the meat market. What do you want me to do? DON DOMINIC ESPERALIZA You and the boys go back and make Joey an offer he cannot refuse, capish? CARLO GAMBIZZI There is a shipment coming in at JFK next week that a friend has informed us is imported Italian oil and olives straight from Italy. Do you want to do anything about it? DON DOMINIC ESPERALIZA We can make it look like it fell off a truck. Get Benny, Vito, and the other goombahs, and make up a plan, and let me see it first. Our friend over on 6th avenue has some fire power we can buy with no serial numbers. I’ll give you some cash to go over there tomorrow with one of the guys and pick up the product. Use the Van rather than one of the cars. Make sure to change the plates too. You never know if someone is following you. MARIA DEL CASO ESPERALIZA Here is dinner everyone. Rita come down for dinner now. Everything is on the table. RITA ESPERALIZA OK, mom. MARIA DEL CASO ESPERALIZA I made plenty of garlic bread Carlo so enjoy. The provalone is in the covered bowl. Help yourself. CARLO GAMBIZZI Gratzi Maria. This is really good chianti wine. RITA ESPERALIZA Uncle Carlo how you doin? CARLO GAMBIZZI Good my princess. RITA ESPERALIZA (While eating Rita begins to tap her fingers on her left hand unconsciously) MARIA DEL CASO ESPERALIZA Rita stop that tapping, it is annoying. CARLO GAMBIZZI Maria this mortadell is fabulous. Did you make it yourself? MARIA DEL CASO ESPERALIZA No, silly I bought it from Vinnie the butcher down the street. DON DOMINIC ESPERALIZA My Maria is one of the best cooks around. I am soon going to weigh 500 pounds. (laughs) MARIA DEL CASO ESPERALIZA Rita do you want to go to morning prayer tomorrow with me at Christ Church? RITA ESPERALIZA Sure Momma. I haven’t seen father Capooch in a long time. MARIA DEL CASO ESPERALIZA His name is Cavapouch Rita, not Capooch. RITA ESPERALIZA Yeah, momma I was just kidding. DON DOMINIC ESPERALIZA Maria, Carlo and I will have brandy and cigars in my office after dinner. After dinner Don Dominic and Carlo retire to the office, and close the door to talk business and enjoy brandy and cigars. Suddenly, there is a lot noise of a gun shots and broken glass. DON DOMINIC ESPERALIZA (CONT’D) (Comes running out of his office with a cigar in his mouth followed by Carlo) Mannagia. What the hell happened. Get down on the floor Maria. It is a drive by shooting. Rita where are you? Vedi caciunca, watch out you are gonna get hurt. RITA ESPERALIZA Over here father behind the couch. DON DOMINIC ESPERALIZA Good stay there. Carlo have you got your piece with you? CARLO GAMBIZZI Yeah boss, and it is loaded. I will go around the back of the house and see if I can see the car that was shooting at the house. Stay here. Minutes later Carlos comes in the front door. CARLO GAMBIZZI (CONT’D) All clear boss. I saw an old black chevy driving away down the street. Who do you think. It could have been a calabres? Who wants to rub you out?. DON DOMINIC ESPERALIZA Stugots! Get Vinnie and the guys over here and let’s find out who these stunads were. We got some gaguzz’, that is going to make them wish they were never born. We are gonna throw everything we have at them when we find out what gang dared to kill a Don. RITA ESPERALIZA Daddy I am afraid. Why are they shooting at us? MARIA DEL CASO ESPERALIZA Dominic I feel faint. I have to sit down. Look what they did to our picture window? What a mess. Mannaggia Dial. CARLO GAMBIZZI I will take the limo Boss and drive over to the office to get the boys. Stay here with your family. I will get some hardware too. DON DOMINIC ESPERALIZA Make it quick Carlo. I have no patience for these calabres. FADE OUT. SCENE 2-EXT. NIGHT- REVENGE AT THE CALABRIAN DANCE CLUB CALLED, PARADISE COVE IN BROOKLYN. Carlo and Don Esperaliza have rounded up their gang, and through an informant, are headed to Brooklyn for revenge against an Italian gang from Calabria Italy that has a place in Brooklyn. FADE IN: CARLO GAMBIZZI Don Esperaliza, I have an informant that told me that Ricardo the Knife Lagana’ and his boys want to rub you out to take over our business interests in Staten Island. DON DOMINIC ESPERALIZA Really? That stunad. Where is their place in Brooklyn? (Tapping the fingers on his left hand again and again). CARLO GAMBIZZI 18th street and Lombard in Brooklyn Red Hook area. DON DOMINIC ESPERALIZA Let’s take the van and put our guys all in one vehicle for a fast get a way. An hour later around 11:00 pm, the Esperaliza gang are going over the Verrazano bridge from Staten Island to Brooklyn. CARLO GAMBIZZI The calbrese bastards live in a garage and apartment complex about two more blocks. Let’s pull up with the van lights turned off so as not to alert them. DON DOMINIC ESPERALIZA Shoot all the stunads, and leave no one alive. We have to make an example of them to warn other gangs that we will not tolerate drive by shootings at our families. CARLO GAMBIZZI You got it Boss. Come Vinnie we are going in the front door. The rest of you guys cover the back and side windows. Ready? Let’s go. The Esperaliza gambinos sneak around the garage and house with loaded assault rifles and guns. Carlo kicks in the front door, and all hell breaks loose. CARLO GAMBIZZI (CONT’D) (Kicking the door down) Hey calabrese here is a little birthday message for you from Don Esperaliza. Shooting begins everywhere. Carlo shoots a man running behind the apartment wall. A shot goes over his head, and right behind him Don Esperaliza with an automatic assault rifle cuts another guy in the kitchen in half. DON DOMINIC ESPERALIZA Take that you sonna of a bitch. Carlo get down, over there by the side door. Look out. (Pointing to the side door). VINNIE MAGLIANI I got him Don Esperaliza. (Shoots the guy by the side door.) Suddenly two men come running down the stairs to the second floor. Carlo cuts them down with four shots from his hand gun. CARLO GAMBIZZI Two more stunads boss. Is that all of them? DON DOMINIC ESPERALIZA It looks like we got them all. Grab the bodies and throw them in the van. Tonight they are going to sleep with the fishes. Carlo burn the place down. Use some of the gasoline there in the garage. CARLO GAMBIZZI OK, boss. Vinnie give me a hand and then let’s get outta here. As the Esperaliza gang drives off into the dark of the night the burning apartment and garage light up the city buildings. DON DOMINIC ESPERALIZA Nice work gambinos. Let’s drop them off the Verrazano bridge on the way home. VINNIE MAGLIANI Good idea Don Esperaliza. FADE OUT. SCENE 3- INT. DAY- THE ESPERALIZA HOME IN STATEN ISLAND. A year later Rita is five years of age and entering Kindergarten at Holy Mary Catholic School in Staten Island. FADE IN: SISTER ANGELINA GOOLINA (50) TEACHER Good afternoon Mrs. Esperaliza. How are you doing? MARIA DEL CASO ESPERALIZA I am fine Sister. Thank you for asking. How is little Rita doing in Kindergarten? SISTER ANGELINA GOOLINA She is doing very well. She is very bright and learns quickly. My one concern is she is always drawing guns and dogs all the time. Usually children draw their families or nature. She also has a little tic in that she gets nervous she taps her fingers on her left hand. MARIA DEL CASO ESPERALIZA Yes, Sister we have noticed the tapping at home too. She is always telling us she used to be a dog or a man in a former life. I tell her it is just dreams. SISTER ANGELINA GOOLINA Yes, I have heard her say she used to be a dog also. Very strange? I will pray for her. MARIA DEL CASO ESPERALIZA Thank you sister. Come on Rita, time to go home. RITA ESPERALIZA Look at my pictures momma. This is Rex and he is a golden retriever. I like dogs momma. MARIA DEL CASO ESPERALIZA That is good Rita. Get in the car please. Upon returning home Rita goes to her room to play and Maria prepares dinner. FADE OUT. SCENE 4-INT. DAY- RITA AT AGE 15, TEN YEARS LATER. Rita has grown into a beautiful young teenager with long straight black hair and blue eyes. She is a very religious girl, alway praying on her rosary every day. FADE IN: RITA ESPERALIZA (15) (Praying with her rosary in hand) Hail, Holy Queen, Mother of Mercy, our life, our sweetness and our hope, to thee do we cry, poor banished children of Eve; to thee do we send up our sighs, mourning and weeping in this vale of tears; turn, then most gracious Advocate, thine eyes of mercy towards us, and after this, our exile, show unto us the blessed fruit of thy womb Jesus. O clement, O loving, O sweet Virgin Mary! Pray for us, O holy Mother of God, that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ. MARIA DEL CASO ESPERALIZA Rita I am going shopping. Do you want to come along? RITA ESPERALIZA Yes, momma. I am just finishing my rosary. MARIA DEL CASO ESPERALIZA We can stop by the church and light some candles for Grandma and Grandpa Esperaliza. At the open air shopping market in downtown Staten Island later that day. RITA ESPERALIZA Don’t forget the onions and peppers momma for peppers and sausage tonight. MARIA DEL CASO ESPERALIZA I got plenty of peppers. Pick out some large white onions Rita. RITA ESPERALIZA Ok, momma. Momma here comes Aunt Julia. JULIA BANANA (40) WIFE OF AL BANANA, CAPO. Rita how good to see you Where is your mother? RITA ESPERALIZA Mother is over there buying Italian bread for dinner. Mother, Aunt Julia is here. I don’t think she can hear me. Come, We can walk over to the bakery and talk to her. JULIA BANANA Maria how are you? I haven’t seen you in such a long time. (Hugging Maria). MARIA DEL CASO ESPERALIZA Julia, how good to see you. How is your husband Alfonso doing? JULIA BANANA He is fine. Business as usual. How is Don Esperaliza? MARIA DEL CASO ESPERALIZA He is busy all the time these days with the garbage business and construction projects around Staten Island. JULIA BANANA I heard Vinnie Boombats got arrested for possession of stolen items. I knew that stuff didn’t fall off a truck all the time. (Laughing) MARIA DEL CASO ESPERALIZA Well you know Vinnie Boombats? His elevator doesn’t go to the second floor. (Laughing). JULIA BANANA You must come to dinner at our new house on the beach front on the south side of Staten Island. We have a view of New Jersey from our back yard. MARIA DEL CASO ESPERALIZA That sounds wonderful. I will ask Dominic. You take care of yourself. JULIA BANANA Thank you Maria. God bless. Arrivederci. RITA ESPERALIZA Strange we have not seen Aunt Julia in over a year? MARIA DEL CASO ESPERALIZA Well she moved to the beach area on the south side of Staten Island and lost touch with us. Come let’s go and have some Italian gelato. What flavor do you want Rita? RITA ESPERALIZA Chocolate Momma. MARIA DEL CASO ESPERALIZA Two small chocolate gelato please? GELATO CLERK Coming right up madam. FADE OUT. SCENE 5 INT. DAY- THE ESPERALIZA HOME BACK YARD. Rita is sunning herself in the backyard of her family home. When the phone rings. FADE IN: RITA ESPERALIZA Hello? Who is this? Oh, Becky is that you? Becky De Vechio is a 16 year old daughter of a Don from Manhattan who lives on Staten Island. She is a thin girl, and was born autistic. She had problems socializing with anyone, but Rita has always been a friend she could trust. BECKIE DEL VECHIO (16) Hi Rita, this is Beckie. How are you doing today? My mother told me to give you a call, and see if you wanted to join me in getting our nails done at Virginia’s Nail Salon. RITA ESPERALIZA That sounds great Beckie. I’ll take the bus over to your house and we can both go and get our nails done. BECKIE DEL VECHIO Wonderful. I will see you then. An hour later Rita arrives at Beckie’s house in Staten Island. Beckie is autistic since birth. She is a young Italian girl with dark brown hair. RITA ESPERALIZA (Seeing Beckie sitting on the front porch of her house) Hi Beckie, I made it. Come on let’s go get a manicure for our nails. Rita and Beckie walk down to the busy avenue to Virginia’s Nail Salon. RITA ESPERALIZA (CONT’D) We would like to have a manicure done please. SECRETARY IN NAIL SALOON (30) Sure, grab a seat, and I will get two of our girl to take care of you. Rita and Beckie sit down and wait for the manicure girls to come out. BECKIE DEL VECHIO How are things at your house Rita? RITA ESPERALIZA Same old, same old thing. Father is always busy with his associates. I had a dream last night. I thought I was a dog. Isn’t that weird? FADE TO BLACK. FADE IN: Suddenly a young black kid with a ski mask over his face charges into the beauty salon with a gun. MASKED AFRICAN AMERICAN GUNMAN (19?) (Yelling with a gun held up in the air) Alright bitches this is a hold up. Put your hands up in the air, and give me all the cash in the register. BECKIE DEL VECHIO Oh, my god Rita what should we do? RITA ESPERALIZA (Whispering) Stay calm Beckie. All he wants is the cash in the register. Probably some drug addict? MASKED AFRICAN AMERICAN GUNMAN You broads shut up. Gimme me the cash or I am going to shoot someone. Don’t piss me off bitches. SECRETARY IN NAIL SALOON Sure, sure, here is the money. Don’t shoot anyone. Stay cool. $500 is all we have in the register. MASKED AFRICAN AMERICAN GUNMAN Give me the money bitch and sit down. BECKIE DEL VECHIO Rita I am afraid. He is going to kill us. Suddenly, the masked robber points the gun at Beckie. MASKED AFRICAN AMERICAN GUNMAN You need to keep your mouth shut bitch or I am going to blow your head off with this gun. BECKIE DEL VECHIO Rita help me. He is going to kill me. RITA ESPERALIZA Take your money and go. She is no threat to you. MASKED AFRICAN AMERICAN GUNMAN Shut the hell up. RITA ESPERALIZA Do you know who I am? MASKED AFRICAN AMERICAN GUNMAN No, and I don’t care. RITA ESPERALIZA I am the daughter of Don Esperaliza, and if you hurt my friend Beckie or me, my father will hunt you down, and all of your family and kill all of you. If you have a mother or father he will kill them, and hang their bodies from the window of the house where they live, and then he will kill your girlfriend or sisters and brothers, so take your money, and get out of here before you make a mistake you will be sorry for. MASKED AFRICAN AMERICAN GUNMAN Don Esperaliza the Italian God Father? Oops, I am sorry. I don’t want to get the maffia down my throat. I am outta here.(He turns and starts to walk toward the door past Rita). RITA ESPERALIZA Take this you son of a bitch. As the gunman turns to leave the mail salon, Rita grabs a statute of the Virgin Mary, the mother of God, and cracks it over the gunman’s head. He falls to the ground with a crack in his skull and blood everywhere on the floor. RITA ESPERALIZA (CONT’D) Quick call 911 immediately. SECRETARY IN NAIL SALOON I am, I am, oh my God, mother of God! Hello 911 there has been a robbery at Virginia’s Nail Salon on 3022 Broadway avenue. Hurray, get here quick. The gunmen is lying on the floor bleeding to death. BECKIE DEL VECHIO Rita, I can’t believe you saved my life. RITA ESPERALIZA I didn’t save your life Beckie. I saved all our lives from this punk. He really pissed me off and I just reacted by grabbing the statute of the Mother Mary and cracked it over his head. It was probably stupid of me to do that. I just went blank. VIRGINIA MANITA (NAIL SALOON OWNER 33) You did the right think Rita, and you prevented the gunman from shooting everyone in the salon. I owe you a debt of gratitude for risking your life for all of us here in the salon. RITA ESPERALIZA Thank you, but you are too kind. I have to call my father. Can I use your phone? VIRGINIA MANITA Sure go ahead. Are you Don Esperaliza’s daughter? RITA ESPERALIZA Kind of? Hello daddy. I just hit a gunman in the head with the statute of the Virgin Mary in the nail salon on Broadway avenue. Come down here quick before the cops get here. Beckie is here with me. DON DOMINIC ESPERALIZA You stay there. I will be there in a few minutes. Tell the cops nothing. I will bring my lawyer just in case. Minutes later the Police arrive with their lights and sirens flashing and blasting. Antony Luna a eight year veteran police steps out of the Police car. He is a short stocky, prematurely balding man, with dark rim glasses and a stubby face of unshaven hairs. ANTHONY LUNA (30) POLICE MAN Everyone stay where you are? Who is this guy on the floor? VIRGINIA MANITA He is a gun man that held up our nail saloon. He took our cash register money and threatened Beckie over there, and Rita. Rita stood up for her friend Beckie, and when the crook turned to leave, Rita took the statute of the Virgin Mary, and cracked it over the crook’s head, knocking him to the floor. Is he alive? ANTHONY LUNA Policeman I am checking his neck, and he still has a pulse. Hello dispatch, send an ambulance to Virginia’s Nail Salon on Broadway avenue Right away. POLICE DISPATCHER (50) OK, an ambulance is on the way. ANTHONY LUNA POLICEMAN I am going to need a Sergeant here also to handle the robbery and assault. POLICE DISPATCHER Sergeant Hills is on the way. Minutes later Don Esperaliza and his attorney arrive in a black limo. DON DOMINIC ESPERALIZA Excuse me Officer my name is Dominic Esperaliza, and Rita is my daughter. I have my attorney Richard Aboro here with me just in case. I understand this mulignan attempted to rob this nail salon, and threatened to kill my daughter and her friend Beckie. RICHARD ABORO (55) ATTORNEY AT LAW Officer any statements made by Miss Esperaliza must be approved by me first. I am Miss Esperaliza legal council officially. ANTHONY LUNA POLICEMAN I haven’t taken a statement yet, but that is what I have heard so far Mr. Esperaliza and Mr. Aboro. DON DOMINIC ESPERALIZA Rita, are you and Beckie alright? RITA ESPERALIZA Sure daddy. Thank GOD you came. I am all upset, and Beckie is afraid she is going to be in trouble with her father. BECKIE DEL VECHIO Oh Mr. Esperaliza it is so good to see you. Rita is a hero. She saved my life from this bad man. Can you call my father for me Mr. Esperaliza? DON DOMINIC ESPERALIZA Sure Beckie. Where is Don Vechio now? BECKIE DEL VECHIO He is at work in Manhattan on 9th street in Greenwich Village. His number is 909-311-8000. Tell him I am alright. DON DOMINIC ESPERALIZA Sure Beckie. Hello Don Del Vechio this is Dominic Esperaliza. Your daughter Beckie and my daughter went to a nail salon on broadway, and a young mulignan tried to rob the place, but your daughter is fine. She wanted me to call you. My daughter Rita hit the mulignan over the head with a statute of the Virgin Mary when he turned to leave with the stolen money. I will bring Beckie home for you as soon as my lawyer, and I are finished giving a statement to the Police. Don’t worry your daughter is safe, thanks to my daughter Rita. DON SAMUEL DEL VECHIO (60) GODFATHER OF VECHIO FAMILY OF MANHATTAN. Grazie Don Esperaliza for keeping me informed. Is everything under control? DON DOMINIC ESPERALIZA Yes, the gunman is lying on the floor bleeding to death. DON SAMUEL DEL VECHIO Well good for her. I owe you and her a debt for caring for my daughter and protecting her life. DON DOMINIC ESPERALIZA No problem Don Del Vechio. I am sure your daughter Beckie would have done the same for my daughter. I will drive your daughter home to make sure she is safe after the cops get done taking statements. DON SAMUEL DEL VECHIO Grazi. I will talk again with you soon Don Esperaliza. FADE OUT. SCENE 6- INT. DAY- RITA ESPERALIZA’S 16TH BIRTHDAY PARTY AT LOUIE SHELL HOUSE IN STATEN ISLAND. Rita has an extravagant sixteenth birthday party, and all the family and friends are invited including the Godfathers from Staten Island, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, and New Jersey. It is a big family affair as well as a political affair for the five families of New York and the families from New Jersey. FADE IN: MARIA DEL CASO ESPERALIZA Rita hurray up or we are going to be late for your birthday party at Louis Shell House. RITA ESPERALIZA I am coming momma. This dress is a little tight on me. I will be right down. In the other room Don Esperaliza and associates Sammy, Vinnie, and Carlo are having a cigar and talking. DON DOMINIC ESPERALIZA We have invited all of the God fathers of the five families ,and their associates including the Gambino family who control most of Staten Island. I want all of you to be especially careful looking for Feds hanging around taking pictures and for any drunken associates that could make a scene at the party. Anyone that gets out of control you tell Carlo here, who will let me know immediately. Don Del Vechio, and his family will have special seating near my table because of our close relation through our daughters. CARLO GAMBIZZI That is right guys. Let’s make sure there are no incidents during the party. Afterward the God fathers of the five families and their associates may want to have a sit down to discuss business. We will do that in a separate part of the restaurant SAMMY THE GAVONE GIAMBELLO Anyone packing heat will be asked to leave their hardware in their cars and not bring it into the restaurant. FADE OUT. Later all the cars and limos leave for the Clam House. Don Esperaliza welcomes all the guest with his wife and daughter Rita next to him. Most the Dons show up and others sends gifts and apology card for their absence. Later at the Clam House. FADE IN: DON DOMINIC ESPERALIZA Welcome Don Del Vechio and your wife and daughter. Thank you for coming. DON SAMUEL DEL VECHIO Thank you for inviting me Don Esperaliza. Later you and I need to talk some personal business without the other Dons. Happy Birthday Rita. DON DOMINIC ESPERALIZA Sure Don Vechio. I will check with you later. RITA ESPERALIZA I am glad you came Beckie. How are you doing? BECKIE DEL VECHIO I am good Rita and Happy 16th Birthday. I am so excited for you. As the ceremonies commence all of the five families and their associates are sitting at tables with their friends. DON DOMINIC ESPERALIZA Sammy tell Don Del Vechio I would like to see him in the garden courtyard. SAMMY THE GAVONE GIAMBELLO Sure Boss. (Minutes later) Excuse me Don Del Vechio, Don Esperaliza would like to have a drink with you in the garden courtyard. DON SAMUEL DEL VECHIO In the garden courtyard? Of course. Tell Don Esperaliza I will be right there. In the garden courtyard both Godfathers talk softly. DON DOMINIC ESPERALIZA Are you having a good time Don Del Vechio? What was it you wanted to talk to me about? DON SAMUEL DEL VECHIO Don Esperaliza, I have heard that some of the Gambino family are planning to expand their territory and take over all of the garbage routes on Staten Island. Since you own most of the garbage routes they have targeted you to be removed so they can move in on your business. Because your daughter saved my daughter last year, I am indebted to you and I want to show my appreciation by keeping you informed of this conspiracy. I don’t know when or where this plan will play out, but you and your associates will need to be especially careful. If you need back up, my associates are available. All you have to do is ask. Don Esperaliza hugs Don Del Vechio in the garden as appreciation for his honesty in revealing the assassination plot against him. DON DOMINIC ESPERALIZA Don Del Vechio, our families and daughters have always been close and greatly appreciate your honesty about this plot against me. I will follow your advice and be on the defensive. Salute. (Raises his glass of wine up in the air). Both men return to the main ballroom. MARIA DEL CASO ESPERALIZA How did your talk with Don Del Vechio go? DON DOMINIC ESPERALIZA Very well my dear. (Leaning over to Carlo who is sitting near him) Carlo tell the guys to stay on guard today and I will fill you in later what a little bird told me. CARLO GAMBIZZI OK, Boss, I will tell Sammy, and Vincent and the other guys. I have a gun taped under your table if their is trouble. DON DOMINIC ESPERALIZA Rita my beautiful daughter Happy 16th Birthday. Are you having fun? Your gift from your mother and I is in the driveway. Here are the keys. It is the red Camaro convertible. Godere. Enjoy. RITA ESPERALIZA Oh, daddy, a car. Really? Oh my God, I am shocked. (Rita runs outside to find the red Camaro and there it is sitting by the front door) I can’t wait to get in the car. Wow, the engine sounds great. Can I drive it home Daddy? DON DOMINIC ESPERALIZA Sure Rita, take your mother after the party and you can drive her home. Godere. Enjoy. Several hours later the party draws to a close and all the guests and God Fathers leave. DON DOMINIC ESPERALIZA (CONT’D) Carlo Rita is going to drive her new Camaro home with her mother. You and I will take the Limo home. The other guys will take the Lincoln town cars. RITA ESPERALIZA Oh, daddy I am so excited to drive this brand new Camaro. Come on momma, we are driving home in style. DON DOMINIC ESPERALIZA Don’t drive to fast daughter. I will see you both at home. Carlo lets get in the limo. Don Esperaliza begins to walk over to his limo with Carlo walking in front of him. Rita gets in the new Camaro, and her mother gets in the passenger side, and Rita turns the car on and there is a thundering explosion and the Camaro bursts into flames and exploding in all directions with Rita and her mother inside. DON DOMINIC ESPERALIZA (CONT’D) Jesus Christ…maronna mia! Rita, Maria, mannaggia. (Shouting) Carlo stay away from the limo. Quick someone get a fire extinguisher. Rita and Maria are burned to death in the Camaro. Don Esperaliza falls to the ground weeping for his beloved wife Maria and his daughter Rita. VINNIE MAGLIANI Boss, what happened? SAMMY THE GAVONE GIAMBELLO I have a fire extinguisher but the flames are too big and hot to get near the car. I am sorry boss. Who could have done this? CARLO GAMBIZZI Boss, I looked under the limo. There is a bomb attached to the gas peddle under the limo. DON DOMINIC ESPERALIZA Don Del Vechio warned me the Gambino family might be planning to make a move against my family to get control of the Staten Island garbage routes we own. I blame myself. I never thought they would move against me so soon, and at my daughter’s 16 birthday? Mannaggia. (Don Esperaliza covers his face with his hands and cries into his hands) FADE TO BLACK. SCENE 7-INT. DAY- THE FUNERAL FOR RITA ESPERALIZA AND MARIA DEL CASO ESPERALIZA AT THE ST. THOMAS ROMAN CATHOLIC CEMETERY ON STATEN ISLAND. On a rainy, cloudy day the funeral procession of limos heads toward St. Thomas Roman Catholic Cemetery on Staten Island. FADE IN: DON SAMUEL DEL VECHIO My condolences Don Esperaliza. I had no idea that the Gambinos would strike this early and cause the death of your beloved wife and daughter. I am so sad for you. Anything I can do to help you find revenge, just call upon me. DON DOMINIC ESPERALIZA Thank you Don Del Vechio. You are a trusted friend, and someday soon I will come to you for a favor. DON SAMUEL DEL VECHIO Thank you Don Esperaliza. God Bless. DON DOMINIC ESPERALIZA (Whispering to Carlo) Carlo and always beware of your enemies, but most of all beware of your friends that are really plotting behind your back. DON VITO GAMBINO (60) GOD FATHER Don Esperaliza, my condolences for the loss of your wife and daughter. If ever you need a favor, do not hesitate to come to me. DON DOMINIC ESPERALIZA Thank you Don Vito Gambino. The flowers were beautiful. My best to you and your family. DON DOMINIC ESPERALIZA (CONT’D) After the Priest’s final words the caskets are lowered into the ground and everyone walks back to their cars. PRIEST Ashes to ashes.O God, by Whose mercy the faithful departed find rest, send Your holy angel to watch over this grave,
through Christ our Lord.

Amen. DON DOMINIC ESPERALIZA Carlo mark my words I will get my vendetta for killing my wife and daughter. CARLO GAMBIZZI Just give me the word Don Esperaliza and we will make our move. DON DOMINIC ESPERALIZA No, it is too dangerous now. We will wait a while until the Gambinos feel relaxed and then we will strike. I will ask my friend Don Del Vechio, and his associates to join with us in wiping out the Gambino family in New York. FADE TO BLACK. CHAPTER FIVE- LIFE NUMBER FIVE AS FATHER MARIO GALVONO, ROMAN CATHOLIC PRIEST AT THE CHURCH OF MARY OF PADUA. SCENE 1- INT. DAY- LIFE AS FATHER MARIO GALVONO OF THE CHURCH OF SAINT MARY OF PADUA, LOWER EAST SIDE OF NEW YORK CITY. Editor’s note: Father Mario Galvono should be a male actor in his thirties, however, the male actor that plays Antonio’s is the voice over when Father Galvono speaks. This means the actor that plays Father Galvono’s voice is edited in later after filming with Antonio’s voice so the audience can sense the reincarnated image of Antonio. FADE IN: FATHER MARIO GALVONO (36) CATHOLIC PRIEST My story begins when I was born in Oct. 30, 1980 in Yonkers, New York. I grew up in a poor Italian family in Yonkers, New York. I attended Yonkers high school, and then went on to St. Joseph’s Seminary in Yonkers. I was inspired to help people after my mentor Father Julio Batucci inspired me by his example. Bishop John Joseph O’Connor appointed me to St. Mary’s Church of Padua in the lower east side of New York upon my graduation from Seminary. FADE OUT. Flash back to 1999 upon Father Mario Galvono’s graduation from St. Joseph’s seminary. FADE IN: BISHOP JOHN JOSEPH O’CONNOR I want you to revitalize St. Mary’s of Padua church on the east side. It is an old Italian catholic church serving the local community for over 100 years. It has lost a lot of members as they have moved away or passed on. You will need to raise funds for a renovation of the church nave and it’s roof. It will be a challenge, but with your enthusiasm I am sure you will do well. FATHER MARIO GALVONO (20) Thank you Bishop O’Conner. I will do my best to make you proud. FADE OUT. Flash back. One week later at St. Mary of Padua’s church. FADE IN: FATHER MARIO GALVONO (CONT’D) When I first saw the Church of St. Mary of Padua I was shocked. The outside of the building was dark from a century of car fumes and coal burning in homes. The front door was stained and warped and the roof had a blue tarp over part of it to prevent leaking. The entire church structure was crumbling from age and needed serious renovation to prevent it from collapsing. I prayed to Jesus to give me strength that day. DEACON JAMES DEMILES (40) Welcome Father Galvono. We have had an interim priest, Father Rosso for over a year and have petitioned the Bishop on several occasions for a permanent Priest. Finally, our prayers are answered. FATHER MARIO GALVONO I remember Deacon DeMiles giving me the tour of St. Mary’s and making excuses for all the disrepair in the church. DEACON JAMES DEMILES As you can see Father Galvono we are in need of much renovation. Our congregation has shrunk from 2,000 back in the 1950’s to 400 active parishioners. Many have moved away to the suburbs and others have passed away from old age. We are an old Italian church that has stood the test of time and weathering. FADE OUT. That Sunday so long ago I remember my first Mass. FADE IN: FATHER MARIO GALVONO Deacon Demiles where are all the people for Mass? DEACON JAMES DEMILES Sometimes in between the major holidays our attendance drops severely. Many of our parishoners come out on Christmas, Easter and Italian Saint days. FATHER MARIO GALVONO We are going to have to work on our attendance I see. As Mass begins. DEACON JAMES DEMILES I have the privilege of introducing our new Rector Father Mario Galvono who has been appointed by Bishop O’Conner. I hope you will all give him a warm welcome after the Mass. FATHER MARIO GALVONO Good morning and may the Lord be With you. PARISHONERS And also with you. FATHER MARIO GALVONO Let us pray. Father we ask you to revive this church both in spirit and participation. We ask you to inspire us to seek to establish a capital campaign to rebuild St. Mary’s of Padua. We ask this all in the name of Jesus Christ by whom, and with whom with the Holy Spirit all honor and glory is thy name. Amen. FADE OUT. SCENE 2-EXT. DAY- SAVING A LITTLE GIRL’S LIFE ON 8TH AVENUE FROM BEING HIT BY A CAR. A month later. FADE IN: FATHER MARIO GALVONO One day while I was walking down 8th street on the East Side I noticed a car racing at high speed down the street. As I looked up I also saw a young girl crossing the street in the middle of the block. Without thinking I yelled look out for the car. She did not hear me, so I ran to the middle of the block where she was crossing, grabbing her around the waist, and diving for the side of the road, just as the speeding car whizzed by. (Breathless) Are you OK? SILVIA DE COSTA AGAZONO (10) Thank you father (Noticing the white collar around Father Galvono’s black shirt). FATHER MARIO GALVONO That was a close one my child. God was watching over you this day. What is your name? My name is Father Mario Galvono. SILVA DE COSTA AGAZONO My name is Silvia De Costa Agazono Father. My father is the butcher on 5th street. His name in Gueseppi. FATHER ORLANDO GUCCI I am glad you are OK. The car was racing down the street and he surely would have hit you because he was driving so fast. (Getting up and brushing himself off). I will pray for you tonight and than God you were not injured. Give my best to your Father Gueseppi. SILVIA DE COSTA AGAZONO Good bye Father. FADE OUT. SCENE 3- INT. DAY – BAPTIZING A MAFFIA MADE-MAN WHO REALIZES HE IS DYING OF CANCER. A Godfather comes to be baptized. FADE IN: FATHER MARIO GALVONO One day during the week a black limo pulled up in front of St. Mary of Padua church, and parked on the street. A well dressed older man with gray hair dressed in a three piece suit with a dark tie. DON JULIO FRANCISCO (60) GOD FATHER Father Galvono my name is Julio Francisco and I used to attend this church when I was a boy. I was baptized in this Church when I was a baby. Do you have some time to talk with me Father Galvono? FATHER MARIO GALVONO Sure Mr. Francisco, come into my office. DON JULIO FRANCISCO Father, I never had the opportunity to be confirmed as a Roman Catholic when I was a kid, and now that I have terminal cancer, I want to be confirmed as a Roman Catholic Christian before I die. FATHER MARIO GALVONO I can arrange that Mr. Francisco. Would you like this to be a private confirmation or would you like to be baptized during the Sunday Mass? (While sitting at his desk Father Galvono begins tapping the fingers on his left hand on his desk top). DON JULIO FRANCISCO Because I am well known as a Don of the Francisco Italian family of Manhattan, I would prefer to be confirmed in a private ceremony. FATHER MARIO GALVONO How about next Friday at 2:00 in the afternoon Mr. Francisco, and I am sorry to hear about your cancer. DON JULIO FRANCISCO Will I be required to take confession before baptism? FATHER MARIO GALVONO It is suggested, but not required, Mr. Francisco. DON JULIO FRANCISCO Good then I will see you next Friday at 2:00 Father. Thank you. FATHER MARIO GALVONO God bless and good bye Mr. Francisco. FADE OUT. SCENE 4- INT. DAY- HEARS THE CONFESSION OF DON FRANCISCO, WHO ADMITS TO KILLING DOZENS OF PEOPLE. The next week Don Julio Francisco returns early on Friday before his baptism for confession. FADE IN: DON JULIO FRANCISCO Good day Father Galvono. I have come early this day because I have decided to take confession before my confirmation. FATHER MARIO GALVONO That would be wonderful Mr. Francisco. In the confessional booth. DON JULIO FRANCISCO Father forgive me for I have never taken confession before. I don’t know where to begin. All my life I have been on the opposite side of the law. I have stolen from many people. I disrespected my parents. Most of all I have killed dozens of people. I have cheated on my wife in our marriage and I have broken the sacred vows of marriage. I ask forgiveness Father. FATHER MARIO GALVONO It is not for me to judge. In the name of Jesus Christ I forgive you your sins, go in knowing that you have been saved by your lord Jesus Christ, and say 100 Hail Mary’s for your penitence. DON JULIO FRANCISCO Thank you Father. I feel a weight off my shoulders. Praise be to God. Amen. FATHER MARIO GALVONO May I suggest Mr. Francisco, perhaps if you changed your life around and starting doing good things for people this might improve your status in heaven. it is sort of like karma, what you do in good deeds determines your afterlife. Don Julio Francisco comes out of the confessional booth smiling as he goes to a pew and begins repeating 100 Hail Mary’s. DON JULIO FRANCISCO Hail Mary full of grace. Hail Mary,
full of grace,
the Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit
of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners,
now, and at the hour of
our death.
Amen FATHER MARIO GALVONO I kept Don Francisco’s secret confession until the day I died. No one knew that I knew that Don Julio Francisco was a serial killer. FADE OUT. SCENE 5-INT. DAY- GIVES SHELTER TO A GAY MAN DYING FROM HIV AIDS AND PROVIDES SOLICE FOR HIS PARTNER BERNIE WALKER. FADE IN: FATHER MARIO GALVONO In the 1990’s many of my parishoners were Gay, and HIV and AIDS was rampant among Gay men at the time. There was a stigma attached to getting the disease. On one occasion one of my parishoners named Tim Rey came to me for consolation. TIM REY (35) GAY MAN Father Galvono I recently went to my doctor after being sick for many months. He diagnosed me with AIDS, and gave me some medicine. I am afraid of dying and for my partner Bernie Walker. Can you help me Father? FATHER MARIO GALVONO I can pray for you and your partner. Do you have an apartment? TIM REY No, when my landlord found out I had aids, he threw me out of my apartment. FATHER MARIO GALVONO I have an extra room in the rectory that you are welcome to stay at. TIM REY That would be wonderful Father Galvono. Bless you. Everyone is turning against me as soon as they find out I have AIDS. FADE OUT. The following Sunday Father Galvano delivered a Sermon that got him in trouble with Bishop Eagan. FADE IN: FATHER MARIO GALVONO Our capital campaign is slowly improving, however we need more of you to bring in your families and friends to help us succeed in restoring St. Mary’s church of Padua. Remember sisters and brothers our actions on Earth determine our rewards in heaven. It is almost like the Buddhist philosophy of Karma. The good that you do in your Earthly life follows you to the hereafter or Heaven. We Christians believe in Resurrection, which is coming back to life after being resurrected by Jesus Christ in the final days. Karma couldn’t hurt in doing good things for others and for St. Mary’s church. Feel free to give of your time and treasures to help us rebuild. The next day on a Monday I got a call from Bishop Eagan. BISHOP EDWARD EAGAN (DIOCESE OF NEW YORK)(60) Am I speaking to Father Galvono? FATHER MARIO GALVONO Yes, this is Father Mario Galvono, Bishop Eagan. How may I be of service Bishop? BISHOP EDWARD EAGAN Father Galvono I received a complaint from one of your parishioners that you were advocating Buddhism in your sermon on Sunday, and telling people to save up karma with good acts. That is not the philosophy of the Roman Catholic Church Father Galvono, and I want you to stop mentioning Buddhism or Karma or any of that crap. Do you understand me Father Galvono? FATHER MARIO GALVONO Yes, Bishop Eagan, perfectly. BISHOP EDWARD EAGAN Then we will consider this situation closed. Good day. FADE OUT. SCENE 6- INT. DAY- SAVES A WOMAN IN A BURNING HOUSE WHO TURNS OUT TO BE THE MOTHER OF DON IONNA. A year later while walking down a street on the east side of lower Manhattan, Father Galvono sees smoke billowing out of an apartment building. FADE IN: FATHER MARIO GALVONO Mother of Mary that apartment is on fire. (Running into the apartment on the first floor) Hello, hello is anyone home. You have a fire in your building. Evacuate the building immediately. Inside an apartment Father Galvono hears someone yelling help. FATHER MARIO GALVONO (CONT’D) (Kicking down the door while smoke is escaping under the door into the hallway) Are you alright lady? Come let me help you get out of this burning building. The smoke is getting heavy. (Taking a wash cloth in the kitchen, Father Galvono wets two wash cloths and puts them over the old lady’s mouth and his own and carries her to safety. ANGELINA IONNA (75) MOTHER OF DON IONNA OF THE BRONX. Thank God you arrived in time. The smoke made it difficult to find my front door. I panicked, and thought for sure I was going to die. FATHER MARIO GALVONO I just happened to be walking by when I saw the smoke rising from the building. God was watching over you today. ANGELINA IONNA Are you Father Galvono from the church down the street? FATHER MARIO GALVONO Yes madam, I am the Priest at St. Mary of Padua’s Roman Catholic Church. Are you Roman Catholic? ANGELINA IONNA Yes, I am Father, but I seldom go to Mass. I guess I just got lazy? Now I think I better go every Sunday to thank God for providing you to save my life. FIREMAN (50) Are you alright Father? FATHER MARIO GALVONO I am fine. Maybe this kind lady needs help. What is your name again? ANGELINA IONNA I am Angelina Ionna. My son is Don Vito Ionna from the Bronx. FATHER MARIO GALVONO Don Vito Ionna you say? Yes I have heard of that name. He is a very powerful man. The ambulance arrives on the scene and takes Mrs. Angelina Ionna away to the hospital and that is the last Father Galvono sees of her. FADE OUT. SCENE 7- INT. DAY- DON IONNA REWARDS FATHER MARIO GALVONO Several weeks after the fire incident a black Rolls Royce pulls up in front of St. Mary’s of Padua church. Father Galvono is praying at the payer rail at the time. FADE IN: DON VITO IONNA (55) GODFATHER FROM THE BRONX Excuse me Father are you Father Mario Galvono? Sorry to bother you while you are praying. FATHER MARIO GALVONO That is OK. What can I do for you sir? DON VITO IONNA, GODFATHER You don’t know me Father but I am Vito Ionna from the Bronx. You saved my mother, Angelina Ionna’s life during a fire in her apartment building several weeks ago. She could not stop talking about how kind you were and how you risked your own life to carry her out of the fire and smoke in her building when it was on fire. FATHER MARIO GALVONO I just happened to be walking by that day. God blessed her that day, and I was his instrument in helping to save her life. How is she doing? DON VITO IONNA, GODFATHER She is well thank you for asking. Is there somewhere we can sit down and talk Father? My associates will remain in the church while we talk. Angelo and Ralphie, you guys stay here while I have a private talk with Father Galvono. ANGELO CERVATINI (40) CAPO Sure Boss. FATHER MARIO GALVONO Come into my office Mr. Ionna. How may I help you? DON VITO IONNA, GODFATHER Father Galvono after talking to my mother about the fire and her almost being killed, I had a dream that night we talked. I saw Jesus Christ, who came to me, and talked about making amends and rewarding those around me for their good deeds. Jesus said, that if I did not amend my ways that I would burn in eternity or be reincarnated as a cricket in the next life. When I awoke I was sweating and my heart was racing. I thought about what Jesus said to me, and I decided to make amends. To begin with I want to reward you for saving my mother’s life. I wish to make a donation to your church in my mother’s name. I notice that you have a capital campaign ongoing to repair this very old church. I want to give you one million dollars to complete the renovation and repairs to St. Mary of Padua. This is my way of thanking you for saving my Mother at risk to your own life and taking no credit for it. FATHER MARIO GALVONO I cannot accept so much money Mr. Ionna. I did what any man would do under the circumstances. DON VITO IONNA, GODFATHER I cannot accept that Father. What you did was nothing short of a miracle. I insist you accept this check for one million dollars with no strings attached. FATHER MARIO GALVONO Well if you insist. It would solve all our renovation problems. We will put up a plaque in your Mothers name for this wonderful donation. Bless you Don Ionna. FADE OUT. SCENE 8- INT. DAY- BISHOP EAGAN’S OFFICE IN ST. PATRICK’S CATHEDRAL, NEW YORK CITY. A month after the donation is made by Don Vito Ionna, Father Galvono receives a call from Bishop Eagan’s office in St. Patrick’s Cathedral. FADE IN: BISHOP EDWARD EAGAN (60’S) Hello, Father Mario Galvono? How are you today? I hear your capital campaign to renovate St. Mary of Padua is coming along fine. It has come to my attention that you received a one million dollar donation from someone who is not a parishoner of your church. Is this true Father Galvono? FATHER MARIO GALVONO Yes it is Bishop Eagan. BISHOP EDWARD EAGAN You know Father Galvono a portion of that donation should have gone to the Catholic Diocese of New York. Were you aware of that? FATHER MARIO GALVONO No Bishop, I was not, however this donation was very specific in it’s application. It was from Don Vitto Ionna of the Bronx for my saving his mother from dying in an apartment fire over a month ago. He stipulated in the donation that all of the money is to be used for the renovation of St. Mary of Padua, and no other source. This is why I did not contact you regarding the donation. BISHOP EDWARD EAGAN I am a little disturbed about this situation Father Galvono. By rights we can seize a portion of that donation. FATHER MARIO GALVONO I do not want to tell you how to conduct your business Bishop, however the donor is Don Vitto Ionna. Does that name ring a bell Bishop? He is a very powerful Italian underworld Godfather in the Bronx, and if you were to seize his donation, there might be legal, and other repercussions from the Godfather. He has the right, I believe to restrict the donation in perpetuity to St. Mary of Padua. BISHOP EDWARD EAGAN (In an angry tone of voice) I do have the power to transfer you to another church if I deem it necessary. FATHER MARIO GALVONO You do what you deem is necessary, but neither of us are going to be able to change this donation specifically charged to be for St. Mary of Padua and no other source. BISHOP EDWARD EAGAN We will see about that. I don’t believe a parish priest can tell a Bishop what to do. You will be hearing from our lawyers soon. Good day Sir. After the conversation with the Bishop, Father Galvono calls Don Vitto Ionna. FATHER MARIO GALVONO Hello, may I speak to Don Vitto Ionna please. Tell him this is Father Galvono from St. Mary of Padua church. DON VITO IONNA, GODFATHER Hello Father Galvono. How are you today? FATHER MARIO GALVONO Not good I am afraid. Bishop Eagan just gave me a call regarding your donation to St. Mary of Padua. He wants a portion to be given to the Catholic Diocese of New York. He may be able to follow through with his treat to send lawyers and have me transferred to another church. DON VITO IONNA, GODFATHER Bishop Eagan you say? Really? Let me take care of that problem for you Father Galvono. I have some influence with the Union that is working on the renovation of St. Patrick’s Cathedral on 5th avenue. I could threaten to hold the Union back from doing any further work on St. Patrick’s until the Bishop backs off from threatening you. FATHER MARIO GALVONO I don’t want to cause any problems Don Ionna. I just want to make sure St. Mary of Padua is protected from St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and the Bishop. DON VITO IONNA, GODFATHER Let me take care of business Father Galvono. You would hear from the Bishop again. I promise you that. Have a good day Father. FADE OUT. Several weeks later Father Galvono hears from an Associate Bishop Green at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. FADE IN: ASSOCIATE BISHOP GREEN (70) Hello, is this Father Galvono? This is Associate Bishop Green. I work with Bishop Eagan at St Patrick’s Cathedral. With the recent Construction Union boycotting work at the Cathedral, Bishop Eagan wanted me to tell you that he will not be bothering you again regarding the donation to St. Mary of Padua. Have a nice day. FATHER MARIO GALVONO Thank you very much Bishop Green. Good day. (Taping with his left hand fingers). FADE OUT. SCENE 9- INT. DAY- FATHER MARIO GALVONO SAVES A PARISHIONER ATTEMPTING TO JUMP FROM THE CHURCH BELL TOWER Several years later. Father Mario invests all the donated money in renovation. FADE IN: FATHER MARIO GALVONO At St. Mary of Padua I used the donations wisely, and after several years the bell tower, roof, front door, and foundation were all repaired. There was enough money to even improve the altar. I thanked God every day and night for this blessing. Angelina became a regular member every Sunday. Sometimes she even brought her son Don Ionna. ANGELINA IONNA The church looks beautiful Father Galvono. Strange how things work out in life. If you had not saved me from the fire this might never have happened. DON VITO IONNA, GODFATHER Yes you have invested wisely and this church should stand for another 100 years. It is kind of karma to have assisted you in building this beautiful old church back to it’s original beauty. Every time I see this church, I am elated and as I get older it makes me think about immortality, and the importance of trying to live a good life. FATHER MARIO GALVONO The struggles and suffering of our lives is embedded deep within us all. Christ taught us to love our enemies and embrace the love of our neighbor and the need to make sacrifices for others. ANGELINA IONNA The peace this church brings me each week is something no one can buy. My son has changed his old ways and has tried to be a better person so as to find good karma that will make his life better. He is afraid that he will be reincarnated as a bug like a cricket. FADE TO BLACK. A week after the bell tower was blessed by the Associate Bishop Green an incident occurred. FADE IN: BENNY WALKER (75) CHURCH SEXTANT Father Galvono come quick. Someone is up in the bell tower threatening to jump. Come quick. It is a young girl I think? FATHER MARIO GALVONO Call 911 right away. I will go up into the Bell tower and see if I can talk her down. Father Galvono runs to the bell tower stairway located at the front of the church. He climbs the narrow stairs to the bell tower. FATHER MARIO GALVONO (CONT’D) Hello, I am Father Galvono. I can see you are troubled my dear. Can you come into the Bell tower and we can talk. Please I beg you. Let me help you come back in. Georgina is a dark haired Italian girl with green eyes and a short five feet two inches tall. GEORGINA GALUCCI (18) Get away from me Father. FATHER MARIO GALVONO What is your name? Do you attend our church? GEORGINA GALUCCI No Father, I am not a member of your church. My name is Georgina. Now leave me alone. My life is over. FATHER MARIO GALVONO Why is it you feel your life is over Georgina? GEORGINA GALUCCI My boy friend Bill got me pregnant, and now he doesn’t want a child. What am I to do? I cannot bring the child up all by myself and my mother is dead. I could use her right now. Oh, God what should I do? FATHER MARIO GALVONO I can help you Georgina. We have a program in the Catholic for unwed mothers. We will help you through the pregnancy and after with housing and many support services as well as other women in your position. It is all free. Come in so I can help you, and the baby to live healthy lives. Reaching for Georgina, come on trust me. Give me your hand. Father Mario steps out onto the round base of the Bell Tower and attempts to pull Georgina into the bell tower, and at the last minute she pulls away and Father Mario falls to his death on the sidewalk below. GEORGINA GALUCCI Oh my God. Sweet Jesus look what I have done. I hope he is still alive. I must go to him to help. (Georgina climbs back into the Bell Tower and runs down the steps to the side walk where Father Galvono is lying). Just then the Hook and Ladder fire truck arrives as Georgina climbs down the Bell tower stairs. GEORGINA GALUCCI (CONT’D) Father Galvono, Father Galvono are you still alive. I didn’t mean to cause you to slip. Please forgive me. (Taking Father Galucci in her arms and crying). I realize that you were trying to save me and to get me to realize that by having this baby I would be doing something good in this life. Forgive me Father Galvono. FATHER MARIO GALVONO I forgive you Georgina. Promise me you will have your baby, and take care of it until it is old enough to be an adult. Amen. (Father Galvono eye lids close and he dies. FADE TO BLACK. SCENE 10-EXT. NIGHT- NIRVANA. FADE IN: FATHER MARIO GALVONO I am floating. Where am I? GOD Welcome Father Galvono or shall I say Rita Esperanza, Rex the golden retriever, house fly, and Anthony Castelano? Life is suffering, and reincarnation is returning to remove bad karma with good karma in the next life. You have lived the span of five lifetimes Father Galvono, or shall I say Antonio, and finally through sacrifice and unselfish behavior you have established enough karma to enter nirvana. Welcome good spirit. FADE TO BLACK. The End.

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