by Dr. Pelham Mead

A college student at Hofstra University on Long Island, New York becomes involved in a Car accident in a heavy downpour on Meadowbrook Parkway. He car crashes into another car that was spinning after hitting a deep puddle of water. While his car is upside down he hears a voice. Stephen crawl away from the car. Suddenly, the door of the car swings open and his seat belt releases. Again Stephen hears that voice. Stephen crawl away from the car faster for it is going to explode. Stephen crawls as instructed and suddenly he car explodes into a fiery ball.

Later in the Hospital, Stephen ponders what the voice was that he heard when he was trapped in the car. When he returns home after a week in the hospital, Stephen encounters a stranger sitting in his kitchen. He is frightened and tells the stranger to get out. The visitor explains his name is Michael and that he was visiting Stephen on a special mission. He tells Stephen about the voices he heard while he was in the car upside down. Stephen cannot believe it.

Eventually, the visitor explains that he is Michael the Archangel and that he saved Stephen’s life. Stephen does not believe him so Michael summons two of his Angel friends Gabriel and Raphael. They appear suddenly with full size wings. This scared Stephen so much that he begins to tremble.

Michael explains that Angels need human intercessors often times when they are saving some soul or delivering that soul to the other side. Michael tell Stephen that he and some of the other Angels need a place on Earth to use as an abode and that he Stephen has been selected as a human intercessor to help various Angels compete their tasks on Earth.

Stephen is afraid but dares not say no to Michael the Archangel who is dressed in armor and a short sword in his belt.

So begins the humorous adventures of Stephen and his buddies the Archangels of Heaven.

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