This is a science fiction story about a society of Hawk-men and women who fled the Earth to avoid nuclear radiation to live in cities in the sky, three miles above the Earth.

A series of nuclear attacks between Botswana and the Congo in Africa set up a series of misguided missiles that land in the wrong countries. Eventually, the USA is attacked and they in turn attack Russia who attacks China and on and on until no countries are left.

The stories of the Camarilla are told in the year 3550 by Goolin Bandoor a retired Meraki General to his Grand children about the centuries of the history of the Camarilla and their cities in the sky and the mutants on Earth who lived underground to avoid the radiation on Earth.

hawaii volcano
Nuclear missiles first sent by Botswana to The Congo and the Congo retaliates with nuclear missiles back. Some missiles go astray into other countries causing global nuclear devastation. Out of the ashes the rich and powerful flee in space ships to unknown stars leaving millions behind to die.


Written by Dr. Pelham Mead III Camarilla Commanders of the Sky

By Dr. Pelham K. Mead III (c) Western Writers Association



Note: Tiego Muagi is a heavy black man over 350 pounds who had a thin full face beard with very dark skin and short hair. Azuel the Vp of Botswana is a tall thin black man with thick curly black hair and a clean shaven face. His skin is light brown and his nose is too large for his face.


The scene opens in the palace of the President of Botswana.

AZUEL (45) VICE PRESIDENT OF BOTSWANA President Tiego, President Bakomito of the Congo is threatening to wipe out the country of Botswana with his nuclear missiles.

TIEGO MUAGI, (60) PRESIDENT OF BOTSWANA I’ll be dammed before I let that idiot Balomito of the Congo, blow up my country.

Tell the Generals to ready the nuclear missiles aimed toward the Congo. When I get done with them they will only be known as the hole in Africa.


Yes, Mr. President. I will give the order immediately. The red button switch is next to your communicator sir. 2.

TIEGO MUAGI, PRESIDENT OF BOTSWANA Yes I see it. Inform me when the missiles are ready.

FADE OUT. Narrator: Meanwhile hundreds of miles away up the African coast north of Botswana at the Municipal building for the President of the Congo.

PRESIDENT BALOMITO (55) CONGO Ikolo what have my generals determined regarding the Botswana nuclear missiles?

IKOLO, VICE PRESIDENT OF THE CONGO (45) VICE PRESIDENT OF BOTSWANA Our satellites tell us that Botswana is arming it’s missiles, and aiming them toward the Congo as we speak President Balomito.

PRESIDENT BALOMITO That bastard. Who does Tiego Muagi think he is King of Africa of something? Tell the missile launchers to activate the nuclear missiles and aim them toward Botswana.

GENERAL TITO KABALA (60) CONGO President Bakomito the Botswana President Tiego Muagi has launched a dozen nuclear missiles toward the Congo. We must flee to the bunker Mr. President.

PRESIDENT BALOMITO I am pushing the red button now to fire 24 of our nuclear missiles toward Botswana’s major cities, and utilities. Let’s get to the bunker underground quickly. How many minutes do we have?

GENERAL TITO KABALA Six minutes Mr. President. Hurry.

Back at Botswana in the President’s Palace. 3.


President Tiego Muagi, I have bad news. The Congo President Bakomito has fired two dozen nuclear missiles at Botswana’s major cities, the palace, and all of the countries major utilities. We have to run to the underground bunker Mr. President. We have four minutes.

TIEGO MUAGI, PRESIDENT OF BOTSWANA Damm, that fool. I thought he was all talk. Now see what he has done. Inform the Army to brace for a nuclear attack. Let’s get to the bunker fast.


Follow me Mr. President. We have just a few minutes left.

FADE TO BLACK. Narrator: Five minutes later twelve nuclear clouds are seen over the Congo, and twenty four nuclear clouds are seen over Botswana. The explosions are so violent that man, animal and plants are swept off the face of the Earth replaced by sand dunes of nuclear waste. Death is everywhere, and not one person survives, even the Presidents in their bunkers. Radiated air seeps into their bunkers, and they and their staff all die of radiation sickness with seared lungs. Black rain begins to fall and sweeps across the land. The black dust from the fallout rises as high as two miles above the land and the sun is completely blocked out.






PRESIDENT SOBA NGENDA (70) ANGOLA General Bagamba what is the emergency you called me to the Central command post for?

GENERAL ABDOURAHIME (55) BOTSWANA ARMY President Soba Ngenda, I have extremely bad news. The President of the Congo has sent many missiles to wipe out Botswana, and some of the missiles have veered off course and are headed toward Angola. We have 3-4 minutes to do something as a counter measure Mr. President.

PRESIDENT BALOMITO That monkey face Bakomito. What the hell has he done now? Ready 18 missiles to fire back at the Congo immediately. We will retreat to the Presidential bunker underground in the meantime. Keep me informed.

GENERAL ABDOURAHIME Yes, Mr. President, 18 nuclear missiles activated and directed toward major cities in the Congo, and the Municipal Presidential building, and all utilities.

FADE OUT. Narrator: The Congo receives not only the Nuclear missiles from Botswana, but after the first attack of nuclear missiles a second wave hits from Angola. The Congo as a country no longer exists. It is a desert waste-land and no one survives. A nuclear cloud head north toward all west coast countries in Africa and on very deadly cloud heads to Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia military command headquarters a day later.


GENERAL ASWAMI (66) EGYPT Prime Minister Abarou we have detected a nuclear cloud headed our way at 5,000 feet above sea level. The best we can determine is that several African countries Angola, Congo, and Botswana have released their nuclear missiles at one another and completely wiped out their countries.

Animals, people, and plants are gone.

Destroyed by multiple atomic explosions.

What should we do Mr.Prime Minister?

PRIME MINISTER TOMAS KAWALLER (50) The best we can do is to warn everyone in our country to get gas masks, and go indoors or hide underground in municipal buildings.

We cannot stop the cloud from descending on our country. Hurry, we must prepare for this disaster.

In Jordan confusion exists.

GENERAL FRANCES GODARDO (55) JORDAN King Farouke, a nuclear missile is headed toward Jordan and it seems like it is coming from Egypt sir.

KING FAROUKE 40TH (35) JORDAN Egypt? What the hell are they doing? We have no quarrel with them. Call the Prime Minister of Egypt immediately.

GENERAL FRANCES GODARDO King Farouke, we do not have but 4 minutes or less to get to a protected area such as your bunker. If we do not hurry we may be all killed by the explosions by nuclear radiation. We need to run and maybe you can take the call from the Egypt Prime Minister there? 6.

KING FAROUKE 40TH Inform my family and personal guard we are to flee to the King’s bunker.

FADE OUT. Narrator: Four minutes later two misguided missiles hit Jordan, and the country becomes a desert waste-land unlike any seen before in the history of man kind. Sand storms of black dust, and sand rip across all of Jordan killing everything in it’s path from radiation dust.

Meanwhile in Italy, the Prime Minister is in a special meeting with his associates when the General In Chief of all Italian forces bursts into the room.


Meanwhile back in Italy.


GENERAL ANTONIO GRANDOSO (45) ITALY Prime Minister, Sir, Egypt and Jordan have disappear off the map according to our satellites. Several African Nations have also disappeared and Atomic clouds have risen into the air two and three miles above the Earth. Several clouds have crossed over the entire African continent already and may be headed toward Spain and Italy and or Greece.

PRIME MINISTER SISTO ALONZO (60) ITALY What? What are you talking about General.

A nuclear war in Africa? What does that have to do with us? 7.

GENERAL ANTONIO GRANDOSO Sir, a cloud of black radiated dust is headed this way killing everything in it’s path, and causing black rain to fall on the Earth. It is radiating everything in it’s path.

PRIME MINISTER SISTO ALONZO Whose fault is this cloud?

GENERAL ANTONIO GRANDOSO Egypt or maybe Jordan Sir. No one has survived the nuclear strike. We could send some nuclear missiles back at Jordan or Egypt, but we think they are all dead already.

PRIME MINISTER SISTO ALONZO We must retaliate immediately, and then seek shelter underground. Inform the Pope and our Nations leaders to seek cover underground in our subways or municipal buildings. Activate twenty nuclear missiles, and send ten against Jordan, and ten against Egypt. Let me know when to push the red button.

One hour later.

GENERAL ANTONIO GRANDOSO The missiles are activated now Mr. Prime minister. You can push the button at any time. Meanwhile, we have but a few hours to seek refuge from the radiated black cloud of dust coming our way. We must rush to open the dormant bunker from centuries before.

PRIME MINISTER SISTO ALONZO Hurry then. Gather my family, and the imperial guard.

(MORE) 8.


I believe the Vatican has it’s own underground caves to hid in during the cloud assault?

FADE OUT. Narrator: Six minutes later Egypt receives a second wave of atomic missiles that kills any survivors from the first attack. Jordan receives more missiles that destroy the Palace and all the cities of Jordan. Mountains become valley wastelands, and desert dunes become crystals of glass from the high heated explosions.








FADE IN: Note: Vice President George Marshall is a career politician. He is short and overweight with a balding head, and wears thin rimmed glasses.

GEORGE MARSHALL (55) VICE PRESIDENT OF USA Mr. President we have a world-wide catastrophe in nuclear wars beginning in Africa, and spreading to Italy and Europe and even South America in Brazil. Errant nuclear missiles and bombs have landed in different countries everywhere. We have to protect ourselves and our population if Russia or China get involved. It is only a matter of time before they are attacked and our Generals tell me that Russia will blame us and China also.

Note: President Mark Backrand was previously a General and is a tall thin man of 6 feet 5 inches tall with a clean shaven face and a scar on his chin from a War injury. 9.

PRESIDENT MARK BACKRAND (66) USA George, We have known for centuries that one day some third world country with nuclear missiles or bombs would make a mistake and attack another country and then it would escalate from there. We cannot sit and wait to be attacked. Tell the Military to go to Depcom 3 immediately. Prepare all bombers on stand-by ,and activate all missile cruisers and submarines. We can all least provide some counter-measures even if we cannot stop all the nuclear missiles and bombers from reaching the United States.

GEORGE MARSHALL, VICE PRESIDENT USA Yes, Mr. President. I will alert the Joint Chiefs of Staff immediately. You had better gather up your wife and family and head down to the White House bunker.


Several hours later in the White House bunker.


GEORGE MARSHALL, VICE PRESIDENT USA (CONT’D) Mr. President several nuclear missiles struck Los Angeles, and San Francisco, and another batch struck Virginia near the CIA headquarters. It is possible Washington, D.C., will be hit next.

PRESIDENT MARK BACKRAND What about the counter-measures we took?

GEORGE MARSHALL Yes, they worked, but the missiles and bombers kept coming like ants to honey.

(MORE) 10.


We don’t even know where half of the missiles are coming from sir. All hell has broken loose and our defenses are in ruins.

PRESIDENT MARK BACKRAND What are our options George?

GEORGE MARSHALL Well sir, we are defenseless after all our nuclear missiles and bombs are gone. America, and all of the other countries will be nuclear desert wastelands where no human can survive, or plant or animal.

PRESIDENT MARK BACKRAND What the hell are we going to do?

GEORGE MARSHALL, VICE PRESIDENT USA Mr. President, do you remember Operation Star Bound? It was a scenario when all hope to saving the country was lost and our country’s scientists and leaders needed to survive. Remember you set into motion four years ago the development of reserve interspaceships to evacuate a small number of leaders, military and civilians? Well now is the time to use them or die.








FADE IN: 11.

MAJOR VADIMIR POTESKI (50) KREMLIN President Trevenko we are being attacked in all our major cities by atomic warhead missiles. We think they are coming from the United States, but we cannot be sure. They are coming from every direction and our estimate is their are thousands of nuclear missiles in the air now. What should be do Mr. President?


Those sons of bitches. We will not let the USA bury us under nuclear waste. Order the military to release everything we have to counter the Americans. Inform Admiral Boganiski to send the launch signal to all our submarines around the world and to air their nuclear missiles at all the major USA cities, especially Washington,D.C., and New York City.

MAJOR VADIMIR POTESKI As you command President Trevenko. I advise you to inform your wife and seek refuge in the Presidential bunker ten stories below this building.

PRESIDENT BORIS TREVENKO Make sure all the Generals meet me in the bunker planning room immediately.

Narrator: Thirty minutes later the first nuclear missile hits Moscow, and then another, and another, until the city remained a pile of rocks, and the river Moskva ran red with blood.









PRESIDENT MARK BACKRAND Does anyone have any reports regarding our country? What the hell do we do know about the whole world being radiated?

SCIENTIST WILLIAM LAWRENCE (60) Mr. President we have several options.

Saving the USA is not one of them. This nuclear radiation has killed millions around the USA, not to mention around the world.

Operation Star Bound is up, and running.

Another option is our DNA research in modifying the human body to withstand radiation. We also experimented with creating cities in the sky far away from the radiation on the Earth. Genetically, we have been able to create wings in the shoulder and back muscles of a human so that at high altitudes where the air is thin, a human DNA modification could fly.

PRESIDENT MARK BACKRAND Men with wings, cities in the sky, bullshit.

Let’s get real here. Having wings, and living in the clouds seems like science fiction, however, taking space ships aimed toward inhabitable planets out in space seems more realistic. Only a select few will be able to make the trip. Those that can afford to pay for it, the Scientists, and rich leaders that are needed to establish a new society out in space. How soon can we leave George? 13.

GEORGE MARSHALL, VICE PRESIDENT USA The spaceships are loaded with fuel and food, and ready to blast off for outer space now Mr. President. They are located at hidden sites away from the major cities in America. Boulder Colorado is one major space ship site, and another is found in a corn field in Indiana. We have about 200 space ships ready to take our people into space to seek a new planet to seek a new life.


Mr. President, I need to inform you that the CIA approved the list as to who is eligible to go on the Space ships, and who is not eligible. Many Scientists involved with the Cities in the Sky project and DNA manipulation involving winged humans are staying at an underground lab in Canada, and in Mexico which did not suffer as much nuclear damage. The black rain which is full of radiation however, is not able to be controlled, and is blown around the world in the jet stream, killing people, plants and animals on contact.

GEORGE MARSHALL, VICE PRESIDENT USA We expect there will be rioting of our civilians and military when they find out that they are not going on the space ships to other worlds. We have prepared for that eventuality, and have send specially coded messages to those that have been selected by the council. Any rioters will be shot on the spot by the military.

(MORE) 14.


We have several divisions standing by to protect the space ship take-off platforms around the USA. God protect us in this last ditch mission to save American.

PRESIDENT MARK BACKRAND What about Russia and China?

GEORGE MARSHALL, VICE PRESIDENT USA They have similar programs with Space Ships ready to take their leaders, scientists and politicians that have money into outer space seeking habitual planets. Those that remain behind will have to live underground until Scientists figure how to create cities in the sky high above Earth, far from the radiation. DNA modifications have successfully created humans with wings and new muscles needed to have enough strength in the back muscles and shoulder muscles to allow a human to fly with wings.

Creation of the first city in the sky will begin immediately while the DNA reproduction of a new form of human with wings, smaller body frame and the inner brain balance to fly and glide through the air.

PRESIDENT MARK BACKRAND That is truly amazing, but I have more faith in outer space, then I do with a new species of bird men living in a city up in the clouds. Let’s get the hell out of here now. Have the Secret Service get the helicopter ready for us to fly out of here. Are you coming George? 15.

GEORGE MARSHALL, VICE PRESIDENT USA Yes, Mr. President. I will be there right along side of you and your family and my family. We are part of the privileged few.

The Helicopters are ready now to fly to the space ship departure platform. Good bye Washington, D.C.

GENERAL JOHN SWEENY (60) Mr. President, the rioting and radiation infected population is like watching a zombie movie. We have to take special precautions to get you to the space ship blast off area. You will all have disguises when you leave the building to take you to security transport vehicles to the space ship port. We may have to shoot some civilians in order to clear them out of the way of the vehicles. I advise you and your family not to watch this carnage. We have no choice Mr. President.

FADE OUT. The President and his family and the Vice President and his family embark on the helicopters for the space ships waiting to blast off.


PRESIDENT MARK BACKRAND Look at the damage the atomic blasts did to Washington? Not one building standing.

Half the city is under water with the Potomac river over-flooding it’s banks.

Look at that the Washington’s monument is under water. Amazing and disgusting at the same time.

GENERAL JOHN SWEENY Shoot those civilians that are blocking the road out of Washington, D.C. Everyone get down they are shooting back.

(MORE) 16.


This will be a difficult journey until we can get out of D.C.. Sit back everyone and keep your heads down until we get over the Potomac river. Does everyone understand? This limo is bulletproof, but not bomb proof, so remain calm.


Later at the space port.


GEORGE MARSHALL, VICE PRESIDENT USA Mr. President we are cleared to enter the Space Ship. As you know everyone will be placed in a frozen state to protect them over the many light years of travel. Good luck. I will be joining you after all the passengers are checked out.

PRESIDENT MARK BACKRAND Thank you George. This has truly been a nightmare. I feel so guilty about leaving millions of Americans behind. God, I hope they survive long enough to implement the DNA bird man alternative with a city in the sky. I am without words with my sadness.

Oh, well time to board the space ship. (tears run down his face).

MRS. ELIZABETH BACKRAND (40) PRESIDENT’S WIFE Mark I cannot stop crying for the people we are leaving behind. This is so sad, I will never be able to sleep at night knowing these people we are leaving behind face certain death. Oh, God, forgive us. So many of our friends and family are being left behind.

(MORE) 17.


I pray to God to give us grace and forgive us for abandoning our people.

FADE TO BLACK. Minutes later the first of thousands of space ships blast off toward the stars. Millions of humans are left behind to die of radiation disease, starvation, and murder.

PEOPLE LEFT BEHIND (Looking up toward the stars) There goes all the rich and powerful people of the Earth, and we are left behind to die from radiation. God curse them, and may they forever roam the heavens with no place to land.






SCENE 1-INT. EXT. ARIES, THE MERAKI CITY IN THE SKY, 11 GRANDFATHER GOOLIN Narrator: 500 years after the great space ship escape from Earth, three miles up in the sky lies the city of Aesir (Viking Heaven), where 10,000 Meraki (Hawk-like) men and women live, far from the radiated wastelands of Earth. Grandpa Goolin( a winged Meraki-Hawkman) is in his holographic home with his grandchildren in Aries the Meraki city in the sky. Grandpa Goolin is an old Meraki or Meraki with wings, a full face beard, and wrinkled facial features. His hair is completely white as well as his full beard. Marie is a young Meraki (Hawk-person) and Granddaughter to Goolin, with small brown wings and long blond hair. Her, Dillen, and Sharp are the Hawk grandchildren of Grandfather Goolin. Dillen is a short Meraki with brown wings, and brown hair with streaks of blonde. Sharp is a little heavy set, round face, brown wings who speaks with a squeaky voice.

MARIE (9) DAUGHTER OF GODAR THE FIERCE Grandpa Goolin please tell us the stories about the history of the Meraki -people, please. 18.

DILLEN (10) SON OF GODAR THE FIERCE Yeah, poppa tell us how we built the city in the sky, Aesir.

SHARP (12) OLDEST SON OF GODAR THE FIERCE Yes, poppa Goolin, tells how the rich people of the Earth left everyone behind, and flew off into space never to return. I love that story.

GOOLIN BANDAR (70) RETIRED MERAKI GENERAL Gather around me my beloved grandchildren, and I will tell you the stories from centuries ago. Remember before I told you how the President of the United States, and other wealthy politicians, and Generals, fled the radiated sand dunes of Earth to find life on another habited planet in space. They left behind millions of people to die of radiation sickness, with no remorse.

Fortunately, deep in the ground of the Earth, Scientists had began fifty years before on DNA modification in humans to allow them to fly like Meraki .






One mile below the surface of the Earth after the great exodus from Earth of all the wealthy and political people in rockets headed toward distance Stars. 19.

DR. GLAVIN STROOD, MD, PHD, (60) Dr. Greene I have a perfectly formed DNA modification of Hawk genes and human genes. I modified one of our volunteer pregnant women with superior genes and DNA and inserted the Hawk genes for flight and related muscles for wings. As predicted wings developed in the fetus. Now that the baby is born we have a prototype to copy for producing other hawk people.

DR.SAMUEL GREEN, MD., PHD (50) I hope all these years of research pay off for the survivors on Earth. The clock is ticking to get a city established in the sky miles from the radiation and black sand deserts that have occurred after the nuclear disaster years ago?

DR. GAVIN STROOD, MD, PHD Have faith Dr. Green. It has taken us almost fifty years to get where we are due to a courageous decision by the politicians many years ago when a nuclear disaster was predictable. We may not live long enough to see a new species of winged men and women living in the sky over Earth, but it thrills me to know we provided an option for thousands of Earth survivors. We must work fast to avoid radiation sickness and death for those that were left behind on Earth. Already other scientists have developed anti-gravity machines to life a city off the Earth to remain in the sky powered by solar power and special generators to provide electric constantly to help the new city in the sky remain constantly at the same altitude. 20.

MS. EASTER HOLLWIN, PHD (45) Dr. Green we are ready to replicate additional DNA modifications based on the success of the recent winged infant. Just give me the word and we will begin mass production.

DR. SAMUEL GREEN, MD., PHD I have the clearance from the Ruling Council of Earth Survivors to speed up the reproduction of DNA modification fetus’.

You are cleared to begin the mass production Ms. Hollwin.

MS. EASTER HOLLWIN, PHD Thank you Doctor Green. I will keep you informed on the progress of the fetuses that have modified DNA and genes.

DR. GLAVIN STROOD, MD, PHD, I am glad we decided to modify the growth genes on humans to reduce the skeletal size and mass by 50%. A heavy human would never be able to fly, no matter how large the wings if the proportional body weight to wing span is too large.

DR. GREEN, MD, PHD Surgery may be required to implant larger deltoid muscles and shoulder muscles to enable our new species to fly easily.

DR. GLAVIN STROOD, MD, PHD, In time we hope the DNA and genes will adapt to the need for larger back and shoulder muscles to move large wings. The circulation to the wings seems to be good and that was another goal of our DNA modifications. Once the winged children begin to grow they must be kept separate from unmodified humans to prevent conflicts. 21.

DR. GREEN, MD, PHD I agree Dr. Glavin. We have anticipated that problem and set up separate homes for the new born winged children. The biological mothers will be allowed to raise their winged children to age 12. After that the State will take the winged children and mentally train them for the challenges of a new society. Physical conditioning for the children’s wings and flying will take place from age one. We anticipate adult winged ones will weight 100 pounds or less with the help of our DNA modifications.





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