by Dr. Pelham Mead

Stay indoors, isolate, social distancing, what the hell is going on in society today?

When one country drops the ball the rest of the Earth pays the price. China does it again by eating every creature on the Earth be killed for food. Bugs, frogs, birds, slugs, when does it every learn?

So the Virus comes to modern cities and what happens? No one is prepared. Even the CDC is caught with it’s pants down. As for President Trump he was watching cartoons on TV when someone told him that there was a bad virus in China. He never paid attention until Feb. rolled around.

Then it was too little too late. The virus swept across our nation like death wind.

For all our modern technology we were caught in out-sourcing and did not have enough ventilators which went from $25,000 each to $50,000 each. No masks or gowns for hospital workers, what a disaster.

Now we all sit in home looking out the windows. Our President is busy lying about his mistakes and shouting at women reporters. The best thing that could have happened is if he and Pence got the virus. Then they would know the pain that others have suffered.

What happened in 2020 should never happen again. We learned the hardware that we are unprepared for a pandemic or flu or virus attack on a large scale.

UNPREPARED….the opposite of the Boy Scout motto- Be Prepared.

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